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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ '!' ii s. r r i: s The *vodb;1sd ti a adop e$'riThT 4841d AI lent in the City of tii and.high y o0 nznibe dis"a, ean Yesol ution cIosiflF! certain r7! rnd rrolitir'g nu.11ec prthfrirvea rccount Influenzap i - demnic. CCommissioner Bursas WHEREAS, the said Board of M ls 1 ~ defllwn resolutions Coemisionoor Taylor. "To the Boards of Commissioners and Aldermen, and DoroE~f Education of Biri4,%&am, Bessemer and Jefferson County:;fiiEREAS, a serious epidemic of influenza, a dangerous and highly communicable disease, Confronts.B irmingbe ~and vq,el~tyj ands.'iERE'AS5 the serieuw spread of thlis disease is due to.peonaic contno$ betwocn people clq,. ly assembled, and the vast eff iaoio and effeotive.general. measure to prevent or limit *to.t read is to jr event or limit as far as posuible such contact; therefore, BE ITB hxSoiV1:D hy the Cozmaittee of health; ad interim board of health of Jefferson County,. that we urgently roecmumnd to the City Coumnission and Board of Education of the City of Birming,. ham, and Board of Aldermen and Board of Education or the Cit of Bessemer, and the Board of ducat ion of J,:fferoon County the ncce..ty of itm ediatuly con ing all places of public asse_ hi y, iwaluding the schools (public.end.rivate), =churches, Surday scooels, theatres, moving p y'etnre shows-; si hahows, ostreet fires, stain f airs, fraternal o rders, etc., for a perios of, wo wuecs fr C+ r~oolr ' or lunger as a;he indicated... ard, Chirman; D. F. Talley, W. I. cA~oy, one ceJ. lBoss;ryder." IBitii i 1. l I):/i the o.olit. i if ftre r it;!"uI':isjh:p as follow;s: Section 1,.,..t all to"; ''.( C ity, oar.jual is i 1 rivote, I od si ens colleges, or l osed for.n nod of two LeorO)tc /i, t 18, of s.:. shzsh.L ic;;su;ebly, holding churches, _'i"lay school s, >s:cztt'vG, movir: a, 'in_.s:dassow s, ro I irs, carnivals, Â~' toral aco'ern, otate faint, t,., mc.;=d to refai, for the same.e.-iod of time, from. hoidirL a(ehags, assei:lies;orq -,in:cs C 'j. c.,ranier, or from. 1::_:g anything:':och would trot to ca-t s aahof 1.ujle anad xii o nfor tine tie *-riod 0f time, Section 3..a.;' person..fim, nauntoa n, unas. o, ucoiat ton or:: arner.; ip who violates any crovision of this rtielutina sta1 be pu:ited withi. the limits::d as provided by Section 1216 of thc Code of A'labama of 190',. Section 4. This resolution and the provisions;~d penalties thereof, shall be and become ffective on and after midnight October 8, 1918. The resolution was read by the City Clerk, thereupon Co:,missioner Taylor:-oyed its adoption, and upon the roll being nalled, the vote was as follows; Ayes: Barrett, Burruss, iornady, Taylor. Nays: Hone. The leth was then announced by the City Clerks whereupon the President declared the resolution adopted. THlE POLLOWING ESOLUTIOZ44 W~a E IPARIATELjY BEAD $:4Dl ADOPTIED BY THlE UNANIMbOUS VOTE OF THE COMISSIONIRS. BE IT B3501.IPB by the Qemmdim$i0mof tinh 0*t o.f lwnga, that the *pOlion -of the Ceisi.. eioer ff u 70 sei no r~T,Â~i aoeu~ ~ - crl 'i finÂ~ and se nteno;Hi the week ez4ijag4Qtob 5 b ',s k;8r. ' 'r Fines and Sentenees.

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