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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ orw -a-. ) (>! t)A()O(14s<)At>A()A()0()Ot) <)A()A()A<>S1Dt)Af)AUOI)A<>AUA(>A -+ OUT FISHIN'. A feller isn's thinkin' mean, Out fishin'; His thoughts are mostly good and clean, Out fishin'; He doesn't knock his fellow-men Or harbor any grudges then; A feller's at his finest when Out fishin'; The rich are comrades to the poor, Out fishin'; All brothers of a common lure, Out fishin'; The urchin with the pin and string Can chum with millionaire and king, Vain pride is a forgotten thing Out fishin'; A feller gits a chance to dream, Out fishin';. He learns the beauties of a stream, Out fishin'; An' he can wash his soul in air That isn't foul with selfish care, An' relish plain and simple fare Out fishin'; A feller has no time for hate, Out fishin'; He isn't eager to be great, Out fishin'; He isn't thinkin' thoughts of pelf, Or goods stacked high upon the shelfBut he is always just himself, Out fishin'; A feller's glad to be a friend, Out fishin'; A helpin' hand he'll always lend, Out fishin'; The brotherhood of rod and line, An' sky an' stream, is always fine; Men come real close to God's design, Out fishin'; A feller isn't plottin' schemes, Out fishin'; He's only busy with his dreams, Out fishin'; His livery is a coat of tan, His creed: to do the best he can; A feller's always mostly man, Out fishin'. -Cannery Notes. I I 1 I I I I BULLETIN OF THE Kansas State Board of Health. Published Monthly at the Office of the Secretary of the Board, Topeka, Kan. S. J. CRUMBINE, M. D., Editor. Entered as second-class matter, March 5, 1906, at the post office at Topeka, Kan., under the act of Congress of July 16, 1894. Vol. XV, No.8. TOPEKA, KAN. August, 1919 CONTENTS. Morbidity Report for July, page 114. What to Do with Venereal Disease Reports, page 116. A. H. P. A. to Meet in New Orleans, page 121. How the Scarlet Fever Epidemic Got Started, page 121. Why Not the Schools? page 122. Man's Most Ancient Enemy, page 123. America's Host of Unmarried Men, page 123. Sanitation and Salvation, page 124. Luke: the Beloved Physician, page 125. A Judge's Decision, page 126. Tweedledum and Tweedledee, page 126. Smallpox, page 127. The Heavy Hand of Heredity, page 127. Oh, Bliss! page 127. Steady buddy-There's a come-back! page 128. Keep to the right! Look well to your well! The vaccinated are unafraid. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Change them with the weather!l The way to prevent is to vaccinate. When in doubt, boil the water and get vaccinated. Honest, now-how many and how big were they? "The fool hath said in his heart," there are no germs! Look out for oily oil-stock promotors-most of them play the "shell game." The few jails in Kansas that are in use should be cleaned up and modernized. It is more or less disgraceful to have typhoid fever-for it can be prevented by vaccination. Kansas reaches another milestone on her progress upward-compulsory free dental in spections in the public schools. 3::03

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