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ï~~n uflhllO....'" I " w " n obtained and turned over to the sheriffl~eus Irving D. Offer. Alanson K. eel States is now in. le ex pres'sed th0 eepinc It Granite... -, ". 5.0 4." 5'5 follows:,igmn.ih.bnra.Jmsopinion that the world demand wouoftexcui 1ra.........,Statement regarding the murder of A atradFacsH lthrmaintain prices of merchandise toaChianWD rr Jordan.........." '4.6 4. 4. Bryan Nelson of ityolite, Nev., August, A. CatradFacil.Feceevel that would prevent business tallg hima;Jr Juab..........6.1 - 5.6 5. 09 and sent to. Fort Mede Md. tobe ures such as followed the civil war mitte0, N. W....,64 6 180 Fo utrdot egansWlimA I~w.......5..0 80 rmremarks3 made by Jefferson mutrdot egat ila.the result of merchants stocking goodsf theo h Millard........5.0 4.' 6 F5J. Howell, I am confident tat -e i Wiseman and William A. Wood were at high prices and-n tondr.''.L ig Morgan......... 6.0 5.65.5 one of the party who assisted in the discharged at Camp Merritt, as they the loss from a wide margined slumpn d i h f- Nebo....... -7.0 4.2 1,.5 robbery and murder of Nelson and his wish to remain In the. east. with the cessation of hosilities. WhilHeer.Sm i N. sunpet:. ",: 6.6 5.6 9.0 partner. He did nrot mention but the Col. Bionnie's Uegsaent. merchandise prices will not breakpbia tt s-N. Summit. 6. 5.5 5.0 one name-that of Nelson. In reiew- h quickly, he said he believed, they+ iovrde Yr Pantk City... 7. 0 6.0 7.0 19 hi s alis~~gm f Te13rd regiment antra~i Saturn ia lu fU 6 6 0 8.0 lipatepois nth aeo day; eventing, in three secti~ ns, un- would, gradually seek prices nearergr fteW 6. Pluto.0.:. 6.. holdup and robbery, he mentioned Co.former levels. Labor will never beassatsce toRc... ". 6.0.5. der command of Co.. LeRoy Bourne, a ttewgsefciv ro o Pbiiycr Blb80 60 6 that, with two othora he fixed himself arrvin atOdnTusatveigo the wacrding tir coa.l.Bverprdo s ua. 1. finanoially and that Nelson and his Wednesday morning. day thut willsee acodn leve whir ch il em rns tWo Sever...........1.1 5.o. prr wtbe pt otof eth eay, ei he do h 145th regiment. As there1 medium between pre-wascjendlramsH 8~SJie.6. 5.6 1.0 meaning that hq with others,: eihe i reported 1150 Utah men. in this regi. h rsn lvL Hwvr Mr. M- l fSl a 158 umt.,.80. 60.0 soortabdhe toethlvigment, these may be sent to Logan to be Cmssi eddntepc oseIo ge;W n-. Tintic.10. 6 5.645 8.0 (as per his remarks to me) a.certain [a aihddnoexctoe: Toel ".5.N ' * kind of a knife-or-stiletto-so that -su mustered out with--the-145th. 'The re-. cheaper.labor until aftet there bah e i.C i b; Uintah.........t. 71 5.5 13' pinion would be deflected upon oth- minder of the regiment continutes been an appreciable drop in the cosc o f akC 0.,.Wastcth...,......8. 75 6.0 8.0 sa and as J. F. Howell wa nta eat with Col, Bourne to the Pro- of living. ofLgn et iws l"gon. *.... 7 8 6.06 10.0 vicinityr at that: time I don't doubt his silo for mustering out. F o:'ret and Arthur Parsons. president of the l-I Lte rr Wayne_........10.0 6.0 9.01 'taemns tome This statesment was i tiange, it is expected the 143rd will cal organization, acted as toastmastr DCnda Webee........4.0 4.7 70 made to me as necar as I oan, reer- tdulge in a pare through the bust- land thanked Mr. MoaComtas for cotn ulca tt $s.tal~k Cilty,,-, 5.-85 11+.0 5.5 her about or near one year ago b;e- iness part of Ogden. No definite -Infor. lng to Salt Lake to gtet acquaintedTedr oe =, Og.e _. -..48 10.0 7 6 tween Jan. 1, 1917, and:Jan. 10. 11119.1 motion has been reoeie a4 to the. with local trade conditions. Otler 'ee od ~,, vove....66.51 10.0:.0 Siged this 9th day of January, movement of the 144th [(Cxllfortnia speers of the evening were the Re.prA(urfl ~,9 ~10,09 10.0453B. ICEI 'r'r -.7, rizzlies). Thi 4eimeua a n r ttw le1a.Davies. Who pid tribute toOu thoh Mur~.....12 10.0 9.0!!Utah______ men in it who may be deflected Dnead Seldlerg, s j% the Rev.'}P.A.1 rieout..tbp third columun of figures in the coprjjp Logan, 288 men arke destined for Itsknwhs uetwaPac ti tte e 1a.l for aig.table--shows.,the, proposed ~ 31!I.a 11 Axnerian tLake for mustering ou.and!t teosbiltls5~ hubn.C, unamum legal,lety now bsing l> dvo- whf,, iii 16 are to be dropped oft at_______..- ernn of:a ee~s, soe seaieol maen ofthe +state.t Camp F~unston;, snlcodho L)Abidl smbo+in thlese or" sma sii- * ~ ~ The western artiller,,te.n TNDwerGden~he ic lar" pr _7Ypsed,Inslit;levis. will gI.W I iv~ en "shore leave" this week,. to visit i! I fltUIprthtC. presentedOOL rk aan dut d~ur at i JU dwtrelae and friends in New tha ist the sosslou opeing eqxt. Meisis~.ork andto 'see the sights," even tak- ffj~j u ' u onr.w e0 E oe~~~s a.tefr. G. Gowans, Md D., state superin- Ilog in Coney island. The entire brigade IIi atemmbr Ie t Is not to be assumed from the dent m'of pu is truct - Will occupy 10 special train, though ~ o t i ea column of figure that all the rural publi jp Indicated on the time card as threetoyutetc asshool dilstricts, in -the state, ihtopaigt h ebr ei trans in so many sec-tions. The rout-wshsote exetoe ea actually_ breaking the cal p rofession in' the state, for active t tg -of the trains is west Shore from Maj Ale Iuinoe "Ihepeepubli -r stat laatog ti noe s oooa In ho naugurating n pro- doboken to Buffalo, Wabash to Chi- fleer sanitary corps, is en route frombc eouin ter et,that some of them are. Thos gra of healthl education and health rcago. Chicago &Great Western taoe tu4t~iini tepbi h~~,i San Francisco to look over the hospi tthant ofre negrtir oiggwwttOmhUir t I oOdn.that areu,v!no as f rule are -a-e doa ciclretter addrsse,:to ph3s- tlr situation at Fort Douglas, to l cjsmah o n, aludtne the' large corporations, such clans and surgeons of the state and iLo~tn pepear- ainc port to th wardprmn nted-~Fri~n pc~ dour-btggra re earmn o h rat tth railradrs. sind"rtral or. r o,. eai'suability omakin thiera hoigua t Bu'the praeet state law permits sind a~ nl yor.;D.Cw paraitions ion nertain the soldi ery do.ux-th'osi ~ iite~ ta tre ais by v an amoun sucto b Doto-Ude log the 10 days or two weeks they are fgeneral reconstruction andinens A temxmm ev'fxe to i "Dear Dco-ne separate detatined at the Agricultural college, 30~ paiens acomodti5on nohfa ffce frg ierie antr stsn sinking fund for- covleri on amsediansyuecopy ofealt prior to demobilization, and indicts- 30ptes, wt u 0o ad c me the, bondedh inebees of the may- bulletion med pical sp cation helt tions are that several hundred people though more are scheduled to comen ulcbtw.nd trict. Further, a school district may suersions and pysica edcatn n fronm over the state having relatives or and there are 19 medical officers et.sei a n re. with the consent iof the, property own: the sfcl.te prgmcn not_,ou itribe friends in the regiment, will visit Lo- tioned there. Visiting hours are 1I wsfrsco erar as excpresse by ballot, levy an - 0. made efetv inad most ofel our districtsoloin s ls o dI~ioai aoun. ~- t e~ed 0'unies the 'physicianrs will co-operate garled h oesae ir pm. donaly.cnt F olig a lisdth ofth uliaego mils f o udng puroe, ands also with superintendents arnd boards of wired for reservations, and It conaokcst ahsrie h th Pes ce "5 ne* fr ulign upss addi ton: education in working ouit the details, thourgh private homes would laeook asor day from the east:sicrexes ne r certain conditions, an diin ilyuntgti oc ihtes-be oedtocrfralthe 101pl Manley Coultra,, sergeant majofrhitasn na al revenue for current expenses., ilYt rtgti oc ihtesi wh proeose sto aefo l hepol headquarters 361st infantry,.u oeta ear The contentioir of the school men is perintendent of schools Inr your dic- the poose viig the town while Frank H. Brooks, sergeant,.. cosldbth the that when the -legislature of 1915 trIot with the idea of co-operating lIn tiebyare there. andt lastingrw. hrer lowered the tax levies of, the state and a scheme under which something can- Eugene_ C. 36thina t. piae is~ theproortont~l, i thor atleat, n-be done for the children of your com- Tw Pa ' Drc th ' prtonteyinshar a Iui, n-muit who have remedIable defects? Tw aoles Grante. G. 361st infantry; Joseph Binri. stns creased the assese valuation, they Juthyocn c-oprt wilo private, D, 318th supply train; R oy. treated the schools unfatirly. It isi ar- Just hwyupan co-opraen il of some A. Taylor. private, B. 347th 11 G, sued that the' district school levy was course, dpudpothplnofhe Paroles were granted Yesterday to B; James Zisios. privets, M.?lath' - hebado 01- decreased so as to raise about, the sup rintendent and the numbler of twvo erenmy ales sctraesce, a (le-; fantry: Vivian Montague. private,Brsvebn sen ss amount as It had raised in pre- physicians, taking time district as a mn604thegnes1noA~eE1 u rri iceding years. But the co unty school whl woaeilngthlp mnad hrther teckman,, anvae As- h engineer;Atets oiei,--te~olwn wasenirey emoedandnosub woleThs wo heathedua-trian, who have been iim.pri msoned in the vats, G. 160th infantry; Loa aebac statute was allowed for it.. From that tion, while a part of at larger program p nin forts.Tep roe t h n B.Dnlsn.rvt, -0t anwrh for extedin public, Th aoe ere Joh hank Coalsoaprvae,30t 15an year, it is asserted, dale the present fo xedn ulcschool work, is granted on instructions froni Washming-caM.TnsChre1.Si ne financial troubiles of the Utah school the part where the work anti influence tori. It. c'. IGraeske was a sausage~ cArthur Slack, "private. M, 305th i-o h atL t. systtem, which are Increasing year by othdcorwliemstproonl mkritreeplo ofalcl.ti- aty iorsW d~lascn te let year Th schol ren ay he lgra fel. I is n te diectInterest ofn tire k6r in h concerni. ie texpressedahis G~er- liuenant I, lld infantry; Leo J h eea o me-lature cutand should-remedy this by childreir thenmselves, and conrfiudently nc yn i Itsisi agug hc oss segen, D, 36s Infantry; Vg permittinag heavier district school rely uipon time generosity and Iruomairi- unsafe, partictrlarly In handling food- go Wesigard. mechanic L, 363din levies. As shown In the third columrn tarianism of the medical profession stiffs In this couintry, and ho was In-.fantry; Charles 1. Calles, private, firl of the above table, It is proposed that to make the medical inspection a stic- terriel iast May. (I lacondi was ordered class, C, 326th F. S. Bo.; Albert Jone.1 Ua C lB a sliding scale for, miaximum district cen." Interned from the coast. private, headquarters 321st field artl school levies be fixed. The basis '-- -----lryDaiA.MspvteH.32 105. would, under this proposal, be thre as '--' Tae ad Illef aar iifry; ED ard BMspake. prvae N,31SHNI 'of seind valuation pr~ ato school Takenee in Radr3t naty l adsapir rwn -population. As tihis idc ~ss the -, -- VYUL JVLI 17th infantry; lYandesd pniovoiCoi n casunli JUEN maximum levy would decreae, so as. In a raid on premises at 511 and 525 priLvte, 1, infanty;nanra; Buooih omadn E to make it possible in the majority of west Second South street last night a PU t O r<x private, 1, 361st infaty Bcoa Epeiony St. di~rtes to raise between $20 and 630. soud~fl nr deue uncless coonf Nau Otty:E neprae. ra, M,3 1n2'n Mremibers of the Business Womnr' 4 Pioni 'torr-stake.}ouninr Men'es troi i chnge in trie ubocy of tire juvenile law I,sell jitst as he went over the topwth club lnet at thme;Comimercial club lst Y eun.r tdl~ies' Mhutuaul ltninprov.'enit beyni tire tramisfir of the appointing I coampany. 362d Infantry, early in O- ~y1 u Iniight I rl listened it lecture by Joiri assocationrs will recommnence their lpower.- - tober. is leg ws "badly tonr butir 14Wlini D. Spencer, wino sproke on "Essuentials winter's work with int conioirt officers' Mermibers of thre conmmittee pointt is recoertmig.Uth for Fiemininse Siuccess in Moern Busi. oeeting in the slake Irouise- ilmnlay, out, that itmanorch irs the proposed -(tae rinse Life." Mr. 'Spencer used lharit Jan1. i2, 1713, A special mrova n has method has hmt with simoces in t the tel illustrate his tlkI, rund said cheer beins.prepared Regular Ai. I. A. seet.(r tuiesswasCueof heessrrtalsforsins Inihew~rr~i er ine ollwin sruectioti oa schoiol execuntives whosem ~ (emsfe('s - sucessr: This wesr inhe first meeting of '1'realkay. an. 1, i,1 d~ties tiris similar to thos+e of juvenile Watch for the first, im Whe you the chub held for-several ntoinertr it I The re mlan moaerthrly reetingt vi 3 judtges, it' cannot bet viewed' as an. honasen.t~ ad g16" hs 1ainu' gesio waOflatne.'h wmnvtdsgnsaehg ret ilb ee npriet og R ndlr~~e+ J to continue cointribtnitors 1o the child w itntey htil,. Siundlayr.Jan. 13 at S0;45 -l'rof, Gleorge Corny will O trsde! at a4d eget a.-A deftsaa5serc n welfare fund. te help hsaintain soil sup- the meetingt rernni addresest KVwill be1~u~e~'iees IE port 4a ll'eee erphsm. which they haeIgvobo'rttlv ue Tvg h i l rd unrdertae en, ind to rs tine ALJtC. Ol 'flr'. 1e. P. 1'Af. Levluim, pi tI 5)is* __ Ve l.e e ie~ltlont beefisis l10 Wurn far w1ts a~edo ice.u4I an QEp icy,- of the stale Indossa t ee etled5115 1 a5WI 55 tJju t~hnIlren eea e re murtlir to M t se the Jtrtenlre ilterma e.O*bUSiM4 1 * ~vhe pon Wa. 4*4.-dveoie. (rdei.,an' iniu,. 3. S5~~e~ry ~ L PaMWM.495 ~ 31eSamota b

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