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ï~~ JOHN B. GARRISON, M. D. 616 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK HOURS 10-12 30 DE PA TELEPONIC 1470 AF, ~ ~ '.f E i Dr. Royal 8. Copeland, OCT 9 Commissioner of Health, New York City, My Dear Doctor Copejand:- ___ IVESTIGA This terrible ep16m i rf- fluenza has unfortunately been fol&owed (rather, aaoompanied) by a mortality fearful to contemplate. The people all over are stricken with terror. I have been glad to note that you have not yielded to the gene'ral hysteria and have not still- further caused the public to be frightened by closing up everything of a public nature. I confess that I have been looking for some word from you telling of the greater efficiency of homnoeopathic medication in this disease and possibly suggesting eupatorium perf., arseaicum, gelsemium or phos., to the public in some way. I know that you are fully aware of the greate~r benefits of the similimum for I have listened with admiration to your papers laudatowy of homoeopathy. You are in a position now to do a service to the people and to homoeopathy by endorsing homioeopathy in this disease. The number of lives which might be saved is beyond estimation if homoeopathy could be generally used. In the little borough of Hopewell1, N. J., there are three physicians, two allbpaths and one homoeopathv'f Each one has been equally busy making on an average of 80 calls per fay covering an area of.a fi ve mile radius. The allopaths have has many' deaths while the homoeopath has only hd two and both of them were foreigners who would not obey any restrakt and would get out of bed and roam around at will. That has been the record of homoeopaths all obver so far as I am able to learn. I hope you will at least say that you believe in the treat ment homoeopathically of this disease. It is a great opportuuty. With highest regards, I remain Fraternally yours, * 1.. - - *.~. ~

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Courtesy of: Correspondence, October 1918, 11, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

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