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ï~~lttrr _+K a r h J.,... c'.. t.e...d~c M *. 1, A~.. +." i....-+. ]1 1,1nf >1 CURB_INFLIIENA Healt h S o 'H as S$ peiyl S -. ----f,iMdTt Pe ra Action. WILLy QUARA TINZ 'VICTIMS 'L oa i.',Authorities } Take prevenive1 - iirs Thos- filndtt city Fromn Epidemic.As a result of the prevalence of Spanish influenza, socalled. In various sections of the country and the fact that 14 cases. supposed to be, this particular form of ail ment. lhave already been located in this city, the board of health. at a special meeting yesterday afternoon, decided that active measurea should be taken at once to have aL U cases reported, in accordance with: Instructions received from the state board of health. placardin g of houses, carried on and patients Isolated in the,1 mannoer prescribed for contagious dieeases. _The.-lnhtructionxs received -from -John. T. Black, commissioner of heatth in the s tate department, direct that all p bysl. clb~ns must class this grip, or epidemic influen~a, the same as all.other diseasesI that are considered is conitagious, Heretofore, of course, such has.not been the -practice. 'It was stated that fourteen cases had been reported up to last night. Soine of these, of course, may prove to be other forms of sickness but, in nearly every instance, the attending physician seems certain that it is a genuine case. Whether these represent hUof tbe'cases in the city can not. of course, be stated at this time. 'Wili' Planned Hems&& In order that the general public may be safeguarded, houses In which there ate cabes of this, type will be properly placarded and tbe patient isolated. A general notice to this erfect vriii go to all physiciape-this morning with such recognised symptoms as are known. in order that the attending doctor may b, assisted in his diagnosis of thecases that come ~q der his attention. 'In its notich, 'the board states. that.' Spfanish influenad' is very prevalent in certain parts of the state and announc- I P~p~rim@zt COT lIONtHllSf Pen is e nen [ I~ndon, Sert.,n9-AlexanderUPL l Begnsk,.f al ouss ian premier, r EEL EIEI t the lot-Allisd b 4or confer- I eIatI snce o os Co here t y thatthlr. " memlt efa of the olid.cditituent as-. iemblyi ere meeting eoretlyinlWest Havn tudeftlPetition Rtussia and attempting Vafl taeweruuncnt for-the petoraTh E I& U t,- ~German." Ol..sdes. Daily Bombdr -ing NOW UP TO SCHOOL 'BOARD Big Glerma44'owne afriotio N.oes tu Much E ntliIAmstsrdam -Sept. -'- '- isd air- siam- For War lb atz - I men daily are bombarditig Cologne, Coblend and other German ltowns, Against "Kultur." killing or injuring many persons, Isays the Het Volk. I The newspaper saythe number A petition for the total elimination I of casualties, published lbi the Ger- 1of the study of German at the West ma&n newsapers rd much under Haven high school is being circulated thel&tuasl toal. I adde that many by hinany of the students of that instiesints t of the towns that are be- tution. and will be presented to Edgar 1 dog raided ar~e fleeing to Holland C, Stiles, superintendent, of, schools in for safety. Weal Havenwithin a few days, it beecams known lastonight.eIa tile peti__________________________tion, according to a member of the school, does not have the desired effect, ' the same will be Ie IY ~ COAL IN; residents of West Haven' for their sigWINT R'S COALI~t nature and then will be presented to the West Haven board of education. Just before a committee of the llstudents, s ecretlydiapodinsed.sst et near St ithe best Sli means of totally eliminating the study 11141 EU fhlIUL of the German Iang uage hereafter, a ' notice was sent to alI the pupils of the - -- schodl urging them to."do something' immediately. The notice reads: Mayor Hears How One Landlord redThe At-era raid 15 over, alI ed h xcitement is dying down. Wors Hs Lttl Inome Shall itpsInto the realm of things aoroten and' shall those who dared to Scheme. execute it have dared in vain? Will _______ Ithe school drop back into the old rut 'and continue to teach the kaiser's IanCOMPLAINTS TO ALDERMEN guage? If you would have it so,.1set the mtedrop and It moat certainly Indigemat tents Seg They Will Ask 1Aercn ad at theKfnit language abolished in your school, 'do Some Drastic Actioss li City something! Start sething!" GovvkmxenLWahe Patriots' Aid,.. _____Anotheir notice, already drafted, Accodingto tr trg Wh gnwhich will be freely circulated about Acodn t h- m h n West Haven, appeals to the residents to oeared at Mayor David H Fitctier- assist In the campaign to have the aid's office yesterday afternoon, the j study hereafter slopped, h apa rent profiteering problem in New Ha-. follows: Teapa yen will- be' brought forcibly to the; 'Citizens and taxpayers Of the town atteiton pf the 'City Fathers' at the., of Orange: Do you want your money first meeting of the board of aider-'spent to teach your. own and your men In October. Thee visitors neighbors' children the German lanstated that it was their iptqntion togug 'while our Ameerican boys are present a petition before the alder- giving their lives tq Stop the spread of then ad to appear In tet son end ask' that damnable kultit? It is up to you." the ght to plead for sorti action by Silo $e o t theIt, towards eorrect- 'At he Sa ' of;.O l'Wr i c, s. f a~ng.exi t-th c is'non uwn,.it,s'st5 hibythese aeunlan- Ot ~- res b a I'" Showing t4Gamns 4 '1iWest ss. xr * * A " c* fS. Qunioeo h etrns inth x taoonRinen " " NW neirohng operation is about comnplete and.4 h fail of this omentarily expected In thee Allied cagptahL d by bhotit mat thei by ii here Ltonj a lan ho re rdnt lance h ta the fins ln an n workingon the case as is Superintendthe clim rebeing ant Stills of the sole*, but, as, yet, lcertain localoare rty nothing in the way Avideneo toitlhg to show. the Ideutity. of. the person or m Are Powerless. person aresponsiblsehe ed ice re Pyweress. theft was unearths~~tes-ae ter sta at the pres- It Is said, however, that the student re 14dO ilng' th t can body is split into two factions, one he altTitle P, tov bd demanding the abolitin of the study. are a any sort of or at least for the additiQn of another is no why of meeting language' the other, the mirority. It is and there is nothing tot clmed, backed at present by the facr. dlord from evicting the oly, have clearly indicated theirhdesire efuses to meet an in- to continue the study of German as if this action is taken heretofore. This small body, made up With the reQuirements entirely of but 13 students, it is claimed, tinexcllet 'uthrit anot ishtocontinue the study from on excellent-authortyanunpai ic standpointbutthey asye been a number of sert that inasmuch as they are so far eoplb h ae been warned advanced in the study, that if they were eavs th eir rents as ces-!icompeled to start anw won some other ne~8 sr to be made f language, it would b& an injustice to t. A few rooms have them. or. some qther ver-y It became known last night that the s moe I t is claimed, poem,'DeutschlandlUber Alie' was ters then, pieced on tihe discovered to be in some of the text renth hincrease, the ius-I books. whichoare now strangely missing this actio being that and, althou ghno general protest was inotSased _investnment in moadeto this phrace of the ease prior to the theft of the books, it is said 'or's 'ice it was ste ted that many pupils individually voiced he' at'-wdelcthere had indignation. 'eciable lncrehse In the, eiale nraei h mlnts that had been Check (busesg Arrest, 'e*tlve to the rent situ- John Sello will be arraigned this 4, that nere wets. t- morning before Jo Samuel. alihts frorthape ple In all Hwoyt ini the city court on a charge of ty eve (tday. This 1 passIag a worthless check to the htweuuel, that any of gIamounth of 5100 on "'Samuel Medinants hat' stated that cw an oautomobile dealer. Mello.. take actIon on the mat- who Isa real estate dealer, waskari 51ttttil0K tobereeve,rested by Dleteotive William Deskin. 'will be ble interest. ha coptnitee aut g ' t."al,hSrelirted 0,? no tr for the claim rtitd fin_._ t hc nthr r 1s wt w w we owrna wm n Clemenceau's Speech Ia $ade Answer To Audtrian Peac Paris, Sept. 19.-An official note i5ued tonight says tl Minister Pichon, in acknowledging to the Swiss minister th Austria's peace proposal, sent with his letter a copy of t Journal containing Premier Clemenceau's speech in the sena day. The speech, he said, constituted France's reply to Vient '-We will fight until the hour when the enemy comes to that bargaining between crime and right is no longer possibl of the main phrases in M. Clemenceau's address to the senate Belgium Sees No Basis For Disottsion. London, Sept. 19, (by the Associated Press).-'The Bela minister, in discussing Germany's "peace approach" to Belgiu that the conditions cannot be taken ads a basis for any serious From theedetailsfurnished by the foreign ministor it appeal glum received no to osition directly from the Gerlr ment, but that commun c T direct channel. uld b War ToZThe End--To Very End Of Ti Clemenceau's Message To American New York, Sept. 19.-President'Jaco u thurmahr university, wh arrived here todar'a thr5g monihs' tour and France, said he asked Premier Clemencearu for a Ines American people and that the premier replied: 'We make war to the end-to the very end of the end." The next-4aY President Schurman m t hi'saal Fpch for ai milriniessage and the generalisslio reiled: '"ell tie Act.iricans to send as many men as passible ant the alleged al The result followed 'Wipo that therets f 1Arsl'r [ LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER -A mamma. e meri n sq c ""': i 601 ----t -- -

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