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ï~~ utti is y Iif awes ioe e by the pqund'Wnleeu othrwisqe tditd wraplia............a. {.d, 14 e.s, ci4aears).1? iiT tled. l fa.r ece tten 0se.4 1It 1 bise. 0-e eaM se S am.......h."... d /leroanafa prie t dwto eiieltatn. wh lh may ho eseso useree1 d are ele M shat mre Lso eanmecWpree..tntd Rev. George C. Vincent of ones they' announced their lnteatioo,of Preehyterian Church. Rev. remaining. l'hompdon of South Baptist Tb. men's behavior, togathet with in Arthur Dumper of Trio, their handling of the oheck-girt:aroused ol cathedral, Rev. Roland C. the crowd and several threats wire St. Paula Episcopal Church shouted. But cooler heads called eq all nest 0a. Randall of the Anti. hands to recognlse the uniforms Worn gua These men will *o. by the men. and prevented an attack on ucoed-.msch. done. to. stip.- thema until. Lieutenant Harris and four Uies and to conserve service policemoen arrived. ing the Aeeda ad extent With some difficulty the nei4ier. Sea'7orc arrested and taken to pollee headoseph T mey of the First quarters. There see of themn pedd di. Uemedal Church. prest, with, the police to discharge him: ah, ansooiatio.annouce that Freolit him get back to camp. hie *for loc0al1 istorn Will he said that he bd been selected fsr as issdciatton 'Leiding Non. ctficors' camp. and had written hbee.tq *at 11.4-ceck. In the in- his folks about hieseod fortoni., He, oChurch Tederation. This feared' his predicament wosid lose him lowed by a luncheon anid his chanca for advancemnt-L he p0 -ter both clergymnen apd lay- lie, however, held the pair W th":20 edEloch. Rev. Roy I. officere arrived frees camp. htive secretary of extension The officers went tnoKinres etabno Federal Coenoili of the lishment. and after an Investigation.f Christ, in America. will declared that both men wnnid be seert th sesebone. The plan to be masrtialed. Ac they were taking the sa port of a nation-wide handcuffed prisonere from headqoarto make more effective. icre one of the soldiers eheuted to Lieu ohproh federation, the con- tenant Harris that he would "get him'' fidll religioue forces to the fsr locking them up. the war program and to The soliers. the police learned, had efficiently the problemns been aesigned to ride bach and tent.e follow the war. A request in trolley car. in the vicinity of amps coed that all local pastors Raritan and maintain order among asod more representative laymen dier passengers. They were detailcei " church attend thn iatter also to watch for evidences of any bootlegging that might be going en. r.. The police declared" they found se a AA u d portly filled flash of wksky tin. t truere foeo tete.Bt.i reuaing Girl Roughly was maid, showed evidences e!d drinkin ad by a crowd of angry ens. Exception lfn Blclng Reatrictiono Idward Htailers and Leuis In a report f a meeting sf the Camp Raritan. whe, it to Mayor's Cemmittee en fNational. Detached and tore the waist of fense. published Saturday in the Nfews. ri when eke tried to desy it wee stated that no building may hr soc to -a cabaret. escaPed done Is excess of $2,n0e in Newark In dling last night only because the futue, enlemss rdered directly by s aiforms and the speedy sr" government Agenicy. without applica potlie" They were tahen tion having beea made o emtt r-m tiaL mmie ppointhdby the ayr iwas snobdule go o&M There to an cocep n 0 wahr iniqg t c!amp i withinawek after 5nlo h s p less than $2.n04. which applies sely to he hot sonducted by Patsy repairs of or extensioas twe-tuistlng' ito Wis ioisgto street. and buildings, so that all sew' building enter thOr rstaurant. where a work ether, than ordered b the gov. irformanon wae gyoing on. erment must go through teNewk,stopped y a young Wospan committee, the state Councfl of Do. of the cheek room, who lo- fence and the War Industries itcdsd. en that the roles of the est *ntohibltod the proqence of men there. The pair de- Confesas to Heinousrim.r.buate tetothe cof-sheL she held her Cal W. Htchinson ef 8? liberty trent of them, and, It is al- s trest. a foremato employed in opa. of r used force in pusihiag her the ship yards, *ne held-ia PS.ce baji, the short scuffie.. the -glrs rin the First Preciect Court today after tbrn- -. having sonfebsdd to one of the' most o-in- the. hallway attracted Ieetraordisaty add repoleive ches-ever o l sldr.ada ocm o,.0atsl"o.tebaab: lc egthered poe., ~ tl fer. he rorieorad. 8i c s ewli ge tohe agreed ihe * to go away..lbut In loud at sece. Hail wee set tarnishes.' - 14 Be u Deaths Remai nFew Dr. avtd LCooso n,,,, ^ ofechools, was asked today what the in TenayFoursilttowoe in the schools with it. W ig lacea~iC i 'r'pac tothe isfsnna;outbreak, Sand ismeusse whather any cIon towatd closing any f~n I le ---_of themws aj contemplated. Cenfirm Hor P51eC tss T sFar Ins a statehiet previously srafe hy Isaac Loewensein. secretary to the -Reported "1.52.5. Btoand of Education, Dr. Corson said that the question of closing the schools or any if them, had not arisen hero. Tlieeei Wor Maintins L a s.the number of pupil. affected hy a 1 ardMaitain Led te dsease had been in no instance at all alet-ming. Actiern toward closing Low pesc Bal andFew esk the schooie would have to be taken Sew enchBaliasdFew seumsiaby the itoard of Educaien. CeaaInsee ieanichOffiecs t.e Dr. Corson added that children who JW Ne A sesd re B appeared to be developing heavy colds. Mel ine~....mepe'en AreEn-or who showed any other signs of poe end, Ds 18d-W Weed ON css sihls infection, were being requested 5ehsls a Veo las Dr Ce to remain away from clasesn until they sebees es et.5syaDr.tscsn.recovered. Theewoe no authority to "-- make thie request an order. be eaid. Fivue hundred and one new roses atDs were added to the Health Deprtments QuGryipisa "' h (records of influena between seen yes. tra n-the csame hour today. The AdD etsDo o3 iotal Numsber of persons ihue far roe M DaeDats ro to3 ported as victims of the disease Is New. CM I.Ot Pute esy ark is 1.611.meaeinlddh7-stmas een Two deaths from the diseaeoand itsomn e cmp d s lurgin asportloe pneumonic somplication were reportedthirty:-foupreon. f promfluen aan in the cams period,.nmahi g the total pns-uuoadeInthefpasIt twenty-four thee far officially reported to the do- hoae. The nmbe oftnewcaesyhow. partmect since the beginning of the eoer. he e meonees-egh e onthreak ten. One of the deaths 0. isfitihns.ban tenty-sen oypeumbt o cDred at Beth Ierael Hospital, which in l the Ijamnd weperiodas-onempared with aiso repcrted four cases of the disease nearly 100 the day beforn. Thie n received there. The City Hospital re.hv thnhac.frbhyfd htte ports twenty-one sew cases added to quaratik'neaill norehey lft. th the filly-slt that were under framtmen quntlasffier.zoostontat Cal thr.yestrd, and no deathe among Critrhlow of Butler. Pa.. whe came Its canes, down here tn assist the camp quarter The ward tetal is 489. the additional master In the subeistence department. twenty-fins in ihe city totat being is among the victims, as ars three New. made up of the reports from the two arhern--Corporal George Parst. of 15 hospitals named. which are net divided Heiler parhway. Private Charles Bee. according to ward origins. ton of T1 South street end Private There was an Increase in the number Joseph Xeuheui of lillSouth Ninsteenth ef cases of pneumonia reported in the street. One from jinaetit is ale past twenty-four hours over the sum- recorded. Hie wae Prate George Wolf her reported in the previous day and of 40t Livden avenue. The other Jersey night. Testerdayn report gsave four men who died, were Privaten ECdwin NH tases of pneumonia as having deves- Mathews of Camden, oro Ptt, of Oped frem Influonca; today's report In- Jersey C"ity. urcoyey Krihoshy of Tren. eludes eletne, such roses, four being ton. Henry P. nusht of Montclair of bronche- prifumon Ia and severn of the Willialum emth cf Bridgeton. John H. lobar type. Anderson of Ashury Path. Irwin Vearney mansy Cases Wed Insfluenes. of Hemlock. lenshlerdtsr ef Jersey Bot mthe death list and the pnen- City. William F rncton of Paterson MotIoa, hnwevor, remain no nearly and William Oleak of flaynce. negligible In this city, as compared with the experienres of the military campes b and of other cins, that Health Officer Wvomansi.Colege Cloned b Crater confees to the hslief that a D-isaenNwBrn ik large proportion of the cases reported.osaei e rnwc horn as influensa are not that dinses"NWR~BIK c.3-nles at all, at least atIn its epidemic form. HWWU0WCC i.I-nles Bacteriological emintion of the Is prevn Irc n this city, no itro. IMabel blood of the patient. he said In egrre- Id.tDouglass. dean of the New Jersey ment with the statements of other au- Coliege fir Women. ha. closed the cot ihoritien, is the only mey in which an legs for a few days and slhoved the girl absolute diagnosis of epidemic Infle- studentse to oitoitheir homes. ensahban be made, and he admitted that Tbherreare ffty-four mcmbers of the probabiy not more thsn ten per cent. freshman clase of the rollege, and the of the oases thorn far reported in Hem.- eases of grip acre numecros enough to ark had been subjected te this loet The mahe it enpedient to discontinuie on sudden adenesopieto prostration, bach. eroises for a few dayn.! head and lag pains, high fever and -c-"-. ether rymptoms that moceesor ie.s coo. so Eiei Sbiig aetly appear in epidemic lfluennaBoonrptcjSuiig arc net entirely absent Ie many case mt olg aigC of heavy old, with bronchial compti mt CleeFcigC-~ catlenes, which Is by no means identical ---- with epidomic infleenza. iBOSTOiN, ct I i P.-Pnmumonin avd Dr. Cr-ater said. howsver. that he influcenza arm cnthr Increasn Lvlowell. would far rather have fifty perr cent. Tail Riveor avd othcr ivniertl e-tics more cae e rported then actnally exist in this state. n-hle thi of reee of the specific disase thsn Insint upon within the Woton distric-t has remainrd enoe ominute enaminatinn. which re- virtually stationary duritng lie last quires considsrable time, and thus run few days. This is thes roerlusico of the risb of not getting reports of half the State Department of Helth, hesed of the real caesrnbecause of the so- on reports from all sections. trume caution that would he a miatloa.fmick Cillegeaoabnroi.&4"aU ie h~iemnly unlder such a the State Health Departmeni today for rquitment.m oremnure. "Sudden increase here dr Ahout forty-sight hours is required mends the presence of a larger force for too proper completion of a pac. of worhers.. thin telmgram sold. tsnioloalckl test ef the disease. ande dhere are not enough bacteriologists in the cty to make the number that would New York Has 1,000 New Cases,!'herulcd. wthsufficient r pid DeatyToein Ct bv 0 "enable the department to beep a close DetsoleiyAbv 0 grasp cn the daiy situation. Few.. - physicians hae the time, In such a NEW YORK, October S.-Nearly it000 situation as esae at present, to make new cases of influenza and more than their own tets in liicassn even if 100 deaths following the disease hare they had, in the majority of instances, been rported here within twenty-four the necessary equipment and cape- hours, but Health Commisloner Cope. Menaceland continues te Insue reassuring Pet WeNwach Shipyard sBan Pew. statements. Reports fromn Washington represent L'ne of immunising vaccines has be. thattbv pidotlo n Ne lan a gnuasand is increasing. Dr. John R. - tat hunpiomo i NwaEgladadMotand a tango number ef Z. i. C. the North Atlantic States generally has A. war workers are among thane wheo mat~lrialg _ ship productien, j have submitted to the treatment. many of thesheipyard workers being amsog tihes.stricken by influenza. Camp McClellan Needs Nurse,; Phls, kpt v to, henot the camse t the lf. l. Pot.Iewar yard if one Submar-ine m.l a ~eat o Boat Cerpicate. Dr. Henry H. latch i~1teee~tI ase ye. Doyse. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWS Bashing Company as a rdn was employed by the News tional Bank. Whsn thee consolidatod as the Hai Banking Company he con the new institution usth age when poem healtbhfto retire. He had risen to ii, head peying tolier. Mm. Luff Is survived by daughter. MrsCarmen L a non, Chester A. Luff. vice will be held Saturday the home. -Burial alillt Pieasdt lCemetery. Anti-Saloon Man Scores Sunday Samuel Wilson Write that "5Vicious"t Pern May Be Seen ANl Sendsi Copy Also to In a letter written te Di nan of the Department of P a dupicate at which was s cuter. ~Henry Macrneon,I non, assistastssuperintend Anti-saloon League of calls atiention to the "cab.anw itvcou mle ascompanlmente. dancing enes and enlawful cale wihmyesennasoin the city en any Sunday recalls the fact in thse tct before ho has brought sec' to the attentin of the dii is'my duty to do no."Ha recnor flatly that his dept been "neglignt of duty.'. tDirector Brennan said t had received thu letter from once"-mnsing Wlleon-a did snot enpect is answer it ceined reporte on the cot places mentioned in thesloet nf his department. He an Wilson would have to sho 'for a little while the sol l.e ntecbrtpro ef late the iid lhns bsen oft: the vernacular. the shy 1 epecially on Saturday nights." as Mr. Wilson l letter. Efforts made this aftsrno Prosucutor Harrison were was vet at his office who telephone. Mr Wilson reclsn his f IDireorBitrennan. written aficer the letter toot oftl letter he rslstatenio eral lawlsnnes otn the pei liquor Issiee,inv he eci) in doing huleteotn Sot. to the lae ' At hatt ' i've thrnt Itiedepsiltment e -ti ofta eatecnnont olf trli the d'e,-or wocult cotif> slrictiy in arc tda".'e wit Ahoit thee cvi he let 'he mpresgave out nn the dire-lot had lestiel cr cabaret performancesto prohibited in order that criminate mirging of the he aeppresel. smaongswith wit the isle of alcohoill Mr. Ottiiscv lhnc saysle vatched decelopitente clvr aed has noticed the graft thn lid. He mentions ith. locations of ssvereal place has visited and which h violating the iaw. nclsnY.Wloonthee matters to your amt my duty to do. Inasmuch the official of the city nwh frtrs sblt o h of the law. I am aiso eel of thie letter to the prnse, picas, who shares with yot of firer the responsibility the law is enforced whniaeegignofdtoasI meet has bees." Industrial Branch of Y. A Is Formed in Ironboc The lroenifood Commun dustrial branch of the T.3 argacjsed last nigict at a m Down Towo Club attended PAPER R es.:,l0 yer ge.'J rents whena eke eneared r s l Tw ace. flin cal Newark I FllUto w w ao soar and later nark City Hta. tohss Doesn't Want to Interfere 1wI osnal Newark etinuled with - R four yeares llbu t Loan ~le. County irced him to is position of Chairman WoltnExlis yhis wifn. a mseldon. and Expects, Prohibitionosts to W Funeral ser--_____ alverecon at '011w in hit. Tkian Majority ad Peaple Fevrt Ropubliese Leadnons ya Clamwnn". rThels beeu. Will BasBat a 1 r terosu Day sad Wishe-ge Cabarets Mabii ef Ortakiag DytngGOut. Bncaune of the Liberty loan dt' therena iRepublicans will eeinletheir ca es Benna patn tis tllno twelve daysa omaenitght of hot and strenuous campaig formnced Inc andplenty of It. Couniy Choairm. Wociltoti said that the campaign w Over open Monday night. October I1. wi seerlmeotiege In cariosepants thu city and that this will be the ord Prsctrof affairs every night until Elcti And whnat'smoe. Mr. Woolaten en retrre.the county comittee would 'hoost retr arn-ad-iruly' give itsa etire support Public Safety. the Repiublican Prehibition candidat eant io Prose- for thu Aseumbly. Hot only that. I Samuel Wii he prudicted that the Republican tick dast of the Including the Asseemhly doisgatll New Jersey, would u-la and win by a large m test perform- litil He gate reasons 'why the Pt ad remain hibition tandidates Weuld sweept and drunk- coty Ie of liquor. ""I dcc'thelileve it would be right cir ofplaces start the campaign for noteactil at' n ight." He the LiOerti Loan campaign In oce sm that twicesadji oltn 'A sonst hcodtosdrive ipn cos, we will start is c rector, -s It peignior ibIt0.n1 heavy I thinkht tells the dl- weeseais en short: that we rot pertinent has sught to hasethree weeks, but It ca m hisirav e-be hmipe that Interest in polt and eteat hethis ycar wonit beInttense an yw: a nthat hee The people have had thnir mind ont ndutofihe s Mar and they won raad abot pc iduc fro te ntics. Thi orohititn tandidatcosit ieo said that so over the top in good shape. Ti to i htwon In ts primaries and Republics ow himalthat must feel thai a majority of the vet. It pedal wabutoIntheir party are in favor of pi tandn.oute hihition. The majomriy have doltc andhe iniu,' what they stand for. and Sunday Espant. Prehlittee to Wtn. alms in thoe 'If they want prohibition nil rig the Republican nrganization has tos Loon 10 reach will support the candtdates. If a n 1futile. He loriry of the voitrs dent want th on railed hy at the celcion. thai Isn't oar faultb pern..oally. I bslieoesthey will. Th. rst lettermen are hundreds of ham tocrats in favor Immediately protihition who will vole for iht Ice 1n theltWith th eiesoad Ihe Repuhiirsv i to the ge hlh il~"-el-nvithe tircehi's t- w rt of icesed beloeeIn majority rule all vntlng I ry. epertiliyr litmi I r uv-ot epentoo cec il l Ay onraoryi han thec ciil hi 5yiovare nasori hesuoreit -Oeile% Ither- aresittof yer d he telieved n "I"-." Iie!r v in Iiia yico ccci mntif a '.t-1 role fotoohe ilei ccnpiv, >"aln~nilec atItheevic., left iesr 1 orsee it Ct I t-cicet p t-- " 1 I -.- in 0.e lclns115 ill 0 het thecinos Idryartnd.aii -geplaceccet Tic* er, he i50 -1cthe. llieel.ii. rotation hat Other:-co1er Is the esn1.a tern thct ail man liehiIt, hoc he ltrlilhitilti the ciiy be vodi. ean thatlthe increase to the 1ndb- yrlprceof e hinhy eod fancy driniks. tsesmight lot 'viheeler of the glass of hellt dancing andL the veshneea n inhat beverage.- bell 1teanatsclAla.a -turn-- v-ndl-wyrynotI iheveragee ntitd thetl vktre poplt who are m lhet he he"noyirood mccc" vow arc saving and ye thai ttmeepeclics it o icrtuontand Itiat even sal liflicet of more ums ihycc-lass were cutting t amea ant the ihabit.With regard to Quo falt e which hec he eplained. It sand to be that a r he says, ane could throw a 'lollar bill on the' I snd poy for a round of drinhs. Not ye: 'Ibring tow, he acid. Withthe inceaseInl etlon. ae is price, he added, it takes ii and $4 as you are pay u-haltn-eucn-rnacovered by 8t. io carrirs the enforcement:dung a copy eetrof the Shot by Edge to Open tas a county loca ficia Caidwell Rifle Rant your depart--____ ~- Governor Will Also Give Addy M. C. A. at Ceremonies Set for Satur. atr. president jstone. will make ano ofihelanspect ninpapy; Don (of the range. Ldttnasal Colosi Wi of the 'City lam H. Maci eof the marl"a ata inadustrial Iis in - hirge of Che sm -rthh. dii 1L4 acy F ico~n of the nay, will arrive too T. I. C. A.: f'Washington toStorropw atditand Is *l secretary. aomeaaad of the. an semaing rho has ibf charge unil $l40onq ofa ethe gqf s ie.UM tteq 5 ietr Jose itpenee ts.t pt.W- d M 4 Otfficers of ths e Wit!who wilG am - ~ jeetooaant J ln and es

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