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ï~~ " esa "vv:s ro for Cambrat, eares.aiding In e Brit. i.would n " tthe It the 1161C of a.,~a itural obstacles is sampe it true Iritish are push,. thwest of Cam.,men are fightof the Scheldt;D TAKEN~ me northeast of itlying defence. fLille. also is ibral operation.. d the highroad inbc-s. and the Iis useless to:of Douai the On the western flank of the C Verdun offensive the Wlrench ai over the heights -behind the k line. l'romi the Argonne. e Meuse, the Americans are foi way into the Kreimhtid post ground hss 'been gaided neai gonna forest, but the America' Saturday apparently was alow, the irst two days. With a /R0-mile line aflame -o its entire length, Marshal- PAX German commtand in a tight each of the four sectors threaten bases and valuable cation lines. The German probably will have trouble in reserves to the beet advantal Allies are in a position to sti Andre sectors if Marshal l~ necessaryZ. In Mauedonla the Allies ar C.ontinued on rage 4, G caira e-e pushing indenburg it of the ring 'their Mn. Some the Ar. Iprogress,r than one oer almost h has the place. On,he Allies communicommand alacing its re. as the to on still chW thinks tpresing --- infuse French Soldier impagne with New V MIen, Show Sense of Liberation 'ears of Deadlocked Fighting aTribute of Honor to Miss Smalley,E York~ Author and lournalist. Who Se oa Nightly to Fighting Mlen Regard less of Enemy Shells [By G. H. PEBRRJS] *1918, by the New York Times Company] fsvtdsaos borsai by A rasgeisat with ibd New York ARMIES, Sept. Who must sustair I are dis 11 Ridge yostor- well as obstructed. o thoe e the squall of of fortune is a double aid. std bombed over- SOLDIERS INV(GOR~ the ground onl In large parts of the arna td passed to the Isomething like a holiday abroad. Not that there cou universal co-l actual Idlenese, but every ta orning fog %iad come easier and a thousant the bright sun- wire visibly relieved. As ot hour of 5assalt northern rivers, when winte dvantage. for it spring. th~ere was a sense o1 ance and blinds a breaking up of hated bon inners, but the page has been ice~bound fore iservation. earle- years. of artillery fie To-day the army disinterred tthe momentary a wakened giant, It shook 1~;round forces is and laughed aloud. I saw a:he crippling of sand German prisoners start ot fine weather backward journey, and also a consider- seemed to reflect the prevale~ Jto man is quits Wode by the number ofsr lifferent to soot- never was there a body of set and pec-lo~s glad to be rescued from th~ conditions these services. " Every considerabli __ an occasion for a general wounded and prisoners go mass of the armies moveu tery positions mupit be bast ~E. for new. Old amps, old dumps. oli iquarters of alli;tuer stthe oliously familiar, are II Itoer atthe abandoned. Company will The roads are full of this Continue for- The barren woods, stripped with -an age of deadlock he Providence suddienly slavw, with 'col-or. ig Bulletin or miles of chalk-walled lanes I t suserb- It was death two days ago t I tosubarib- head, already boll like the Lions have ex- a distant incredible of their tenants are taking on the open hillsides, and ii ten in accord- occasional "arrivals." as tht lung of the man shell bursts, watch 1 rocie passingt drama of the al it that "pub- balloon falling from the sky I tinue sending serpent, Its white silk pal-ac e ~ breaking globes of shrapnelv replratton of the enemy raider. And aiws,subscription are going forward, and the n4 A tor.'*railways are bringing up t, S for. ~ shell boxes. ose renewal DEVOTION NOTr 'ORC and who havs There is littie Joy in.-war. carsec the no vrtanth 'p~ri once forward forget the achitects of tis price for the men who as I write 'are t~~l*-~~ wounds and p5atte b* h thatther 1"y could be bought., For theme contlnpitF of lifting on thle eu-ala.,!iT e S igor After ughter A$SEIBLY PLACES fiassj ouraed as Ippiar torn TED yesterday ipiit was 14 be any ik had be anxietes ice-hound -yields to INOT TO BE CLOSEII Restriction Because of Influenza Believed Unnecessary Now. 15 MORE DEATHS IN 'STATE 14, mber.of New Cases saller,,fDew evey,.' Due Probably to Favor-able Wethe.-Pshlcad lHealth Of R Sciats Confer oa situation at Gov ernsor s Ome, Opening Mas Meeting o Fourth Liberty_Loan at' St raid To-night Campaign in Rhode Island On; First Figures of Drive to be.Given Out Nect Tuesday Uberation, Immediate closing of theatres, churches, I.Chain- schools and other places of assembly be. four hitter cause of the influenza epidemic was deemed unnecessary by public officlsj Itself. Like and health authorities after a conference stiff limbs In Governor Ileeckinans office yesterday. veral thou- Woonsocket, however, took such action g nterof its own accord, the ban going on at gontermidnight. even they Fifteen more deaths were reported in 1mood. To JUhode Island during the day, though ain aesome abatement in the* spread of the un fae.jdisease seemed evident at the hospitals. idlers more New cases were not near so numerous Ir countrys as on some days earlier in the week, due Svictory Is probably to the more favorable weather shift. The conditions. A continuance of good down; the weather, physicians say, will mean furOlDd bat- ther decreases in the intensity of the ly changers contagion and will also be of great parks and benefit to sufiererp fromt the disease. orts, grown At the meeting in the Stats House bt-heartsdly yesterday. were Governor Iteeckinen. Mayor Gainer. Dr. Byron tV. Richards, movement.- secretary of the Stale Board of ltealth: and scarred fir. CarI V. Chapin. Superintendent of acfare, are Health Fn 'Wei city, and Mai. John W. ~he endless Keefe. M. D. hove which Following the session at which rec. show ones oinmenilations made Friday by the remains of State Board of Hieaith were proesfited, me at least notably the beards request for the isa sun bath suance of a proclamation ordering thedifferent to atres andr dance halls closed, Governor y call G Cer- Beeckinan issued' the following stateke child rpn men t:" -a sausage "The Mayor, city and State* health satke a smoke thorities meet 11th me this morning end le,. or the it was d*:ided to Vold In abeyance, for apor around the rime being, at least, the closing of ys te gun theafles, schools, churches and places of i-row gag public entertainment. It Is, ljpwever, of sh piles of the greatest Inportance that citisene abt.. fering from colds or any symptoms of In-, 'E iluensa,should not go to places of publtq CPEf gathering. I most urgently ' request t4iat and I mstall paces of assiably, pstrtliou pY' oof isiS Of piaces of amusemnt. be weel n~t4 Qouid be be end that oerroding be prereated, 'J 5 victory. the also applies to tu'ansportagion ooa~usRes taking5 the Extra e ar s should be put o n doutn ps oh alone It hours,"~ there I o OP OsITIOIITo tm a 1" mOAcnwill for Oposition be closing stfnoli, tovn And I oern rs houses. hu re'e r ier fig~,CoL.,r Con... Pon age IpLZ., I Two't Insurance Companies Enter Subscriptior4 in City for Total of $1 30,000-C hairmnan West A nno uncas Banks Will hoan 90 Per Cent. of Face Value of Bonds-Indus trial Committee Plans Complete, At the Strand Theatre at 7:46 to-Fight yesterday morning at 72 florrance stresl the first big mass meeting of the Fight- from which place all the ac Ivies of that ing Fourth Liberty Loan will be held. branch of the campaign will be Airecte5. The features of the new ioan will be Persons tdiepiioning there shguld say clearly set forth and the pecesaity for it 'Woman's Commnittee, Liberty Loan'. 4 explained.' the operator. Instead of giving any num. The speakers will be former Senator ber. Henry F. Lippiti, who will preside; Harry Dr. Margaret B. Hardman., B.trming Parsons Cross, recently returned from ton avenue, was the first person to sub France; Ma). Csglpbeii of the Canadian scribe to the new loan at the womani Expeditionary Forces, who has bsen committee headquarters. Dr. Hardis wounded 18 times;, former Governor visited,- there early yesterday rnornloy Jambs H. Higgins, Assistant Attorney and bougiht O worth of bonds, saybt General A.. A. dapotosto and Thomas F. that she expected to fake more later. K~earney, labor leader. The Providence loan committee to-mac From 7.46 to 8:16 there will be a con- row will open its headquarters aI cert by the Cranston Constabulary Lib- 116 Westmilnster street, whef'e State head erty Loan Band. Another feature of thle quarters is " located. The industrial cots evening will bet the singing of the war mitts. will also be represented there. songs of the Aies. by the,Liberty Loan Stat. (hail-man West announced yester, Glee Club of 110 voices, under.the leader- day that the fourth lean quota ft ship, of Loyal Phillips Shawe. t the toV~l of BtlIUvlIIe. which was origi The campaign for- the fourt~h " loan got aiy Set at Si6*tOO, has bean reduced dtwyysedymrin nRoe$.O. oIohrcagshv e despite the fact that no fig';madeIsin the town and city) aliotmete nsbsrpln itb vnotArs until next Tuesday, word Wagn t cpinc a t Lod S4. L 0., IB will hot ipto stat hsadquatters early tit day ea LlbtY Loan mass meeting at tb of bon rebassBinaery Iheafro on' the evening of Bun maZtii pakr n ohraSURANC COMPAI~ BUY ranteuieants Ite the affair wit beac Two substantial pwrchbos~ beth of nlouncedt soon by the committee I them by insurance coupSNle*, nwec(' ir- chattgel which i me eti of; WalterI ported. The JR_ pde IlI gns lltrplnee dandlue (cha an,. Harry SterlfIn Comnpany, through, Pree tt er a L. Crl(oldblatt,. (* r Frank. Merms Shepley, gmade -the first.subsc011t0on at Feiilst nanSad -)enry P. Bolta. the National Firchange fManic. It,wag UBT*.IAL COMMfIT'~lifl for $ilOO,' and was obtabld b ty DIodsid hav, een upee ytei Jackrson. -lee y mi W. F. hlazeitoti. eneral ngoo U440, duentil iconuzi eof the I.ibeaty L t f aNJhsl A ia e4 ae ne lnonOC ntI Insurance Company*, O"y, *s rS-cnl. v a o~ of the 00 empley i e oe * wrh 0WOA h n. o' i ors alsmns.I Ifalos)3dhag~Ban. ~lspountrQ: 't.e.,.an work will begin to-so irer~iat~)I15 jt' sp pof - 0111an e i stemgorkedeoutten4 p ubr ei p 104!whih 0- no teols temtosbrke ot, the4 it n. to n it 1. In 1o n at. well lAuti l oa4' nfred as respopudent Panicoo London. F dayI on th Rhode 4 Fail Passingt Disbw Causes Defer ben1. The troll, tlop and,Rhode 1Li. the qparte tlon stock has t~ot hi bean dafou from, the r tion 'and Ciii,, N. J holders w ciki notice Treasurer. UNITBÂ~ J era To,the Tractis Your t announce tbg, part to pay I it co sid~ratio dead. upon th C. e / 'toner I stto C, 1 s1,1 a i w I nd th4 cqil wdok. Tis week +wil be I' grttover Ott rlyto. educating i l-e~ Pli, e )besr s Igthe nsaty pt 11/07/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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