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ï~~ inouncemen 1' Resign i;es Smith 'o Chang Campaign. and Harry the Democrat Syracuse tomoi to with f.a'.-,Uogq, oh3.'m.a =ittee, ard se' tiding in the d;n' consider. amon am for the stat at its meetin settled. so fa In advance. the:cept the chai,ommittee. HI has frequent I apparent the I be eliminate y Mr. Smith o ty to the part; will receive a to be takenb ign forces wit mant-governor Wkl's Sign. it lect. vision of can rge part of th 2 made again the campaig s still undete - the Madiso der, has bee f the speaker g dates for th 3rs: Alton F ck, Charles Blauvelt. Joh entine Taylo 111am Sulser. ion plans for I after the Lib d has delaye ut it has give se time to ge of "campaig it are bein vith particula peaf to wome;h is at head.Ily and is aid its drive ft,0ming berty Loa] Beatrice Pc d, will come t r the auspice ddress a mad ie interestsc Joseph T. A:t Seven of of the Unlitd in Albany t with Mrs. Ed Miss Mary I of the Y. V thes are doin doing all the war? Appeals 10 puLWc ID useggalE G To I eved ~Spread Of Intbrenza W a Physician Says Public, Should Awaken to banger of Dis ease Before It Is Upon Us any Preventive Measures Help Prevent Inlfuenza It Suggested for Lessening jiability of Contagion-- Keep Your Hands Clean. f Spraying of Nose and Throat Proves Efficacious. Keep Your wadsOut ofdtour A well known Rochester physician -The mouth and nose are the great East Carefully. Don't Overeat. e writes to The Times-Union as follows, portals of entry. You can't get in- Don't et Cld. asking that his name be not used: fluena or any other infection except Don t Cold. "Editor The Times-Union: the germ enter the. body through, Don't Sneeze. "I have heard a great many a- either the mouth or nose. We are Dont ouh. orable comments on your attitude continuously taking in millions of 'Don t ave a Grouch. C' toward what seems to be the inevitable germs in this way. But a healthy Sm. ic epidemic of influenza for Rochester. mouth and nose to some extent will --" r- As far as I have been able to see retard the growth of germs which en- * 6r JWg?f?1g 4 d?f 4d aL4di e4ettd 94c tAren. < thas one can associate almoet with I-. L YsedaO ote.wh a at ee h muhan oe n tettoWiftheyasos w ibtskeeplthir to d. t? d P4 tt d ist e stehtthti t. k.. ae. N.. ca.... 1 *.1 p* ron= * **e wIth a tide. 'Logically the thing for us to do Is factious diseases and not contract i 1- "Yesterday a mother. who has a to keep the mouth and nose in as feetton it they will but keep their boy at the Great Lakes Training Sta- healthy a condition a. pcssible and hands clean and keep their hands out tion where influensa is rampant told prevent the unnecessary entry of of their mouth and nose. te me she had just had a letter frpm her germs. "At this season of fruit it is quite g boy in which he says they all are "The hygiene of the mouth uf- the right thing never to eat Taw fruIt r having their noses sprayed out every ficlently well known not to needape- or any other raw food without thor day and much attention is given to ciallzation here, but the hygiene of the ough washing. Next to the hygiene of is general cleanliness: that since these nose is not so well understood. One the nose and mouth the most imporiy measures have been instituted the new of the most important functions of the tant factor in preventing infection is at cases have dropped from 200 in a nose is to filter the dirt and germs out to keep the bodily health at a high a gived time to 30. of the air we breathe before it enters index. More ill health is probably * "This is quite remarkable and I be- the lungs. in comparatively pure air caused by Ineliscretions in our manners lieve shows what can be accomplished it is usually able to perform its func- of using our digestive tract than by ty it people will but keep persistently tion with little artificial assistance, but any other cause. y close to the scratch in personal hy- in our present civilization the air D Comon Colds..h giene. which most of us breathe is sear- Don't overeat. Chew your food "I think you could do a great corn- charged with enormous quantities of well. Be careful not to get chtiled e munily servea if you would keep at germ laden dust. AU persona wouldt f*r ***al h*urs after caung a full d the matter' even to the itint of being ho better if they washed their nose out,neat. This last is of great and vital - considered a bore. more or less ften (at least twice a importance at this time, when we are e "People are so terribly busy about day), will a tile normal salt solu- asked to conserve coal. It is especially st other things which though not as Im- tion. (A half aspoonful of salt to a important for young children, elderly n portant are much more attractive that pint of hoiled ter). This is best and persons and workers when at the r- they are going to let this thing go by most easily e by squirting into height of their fatigue. Most acute the board until it is upon us and each nostril a medicine dropper infections are ushered in by symptoms n then they will wonder that something 10 or 20 dr of salt solution. This of 'commnon cold' or are contracted n was not done to keep them jacked up. is snuffed ack and, spit out or care- durng the bodily depression which ' I think this is a great opportunity for fully 11. out. comes with an amite attack of 'comce you. If I can help In any way, com- " es are simple and effective mon cold.' 'Common colds are a very B. mand me. methods of prevention which anyone broad and easy step toward other and A. "Very truly, can undertake and will feel better for more serious infections. A close obn using regularly. servance of the above rules of hygiene r, Some time ago The Times-Union "The only effective way of prevent- will prevent most 'common dolds.' published an article from another ing the unnecessary entry of germs These may have their Index of Ima physician in which he advocated the into the nose and mouth is by forming munity materially raised by vaccina-" following preventive measures. which good habits of handling our food and tion against 'common colds.' Finally, d are repeated for emphasis. Read it our hands. Too many of us have very if you keep yourself well and form n again: unsavory habits when-it comes to our good habits in the care of your nose et "First, all the germ ca'tses of these hands. We go to our meals without and mouth you will not be coughing n infections enter the body either washing them and very carelessly stick and"'sneezing millions of germs into g through the mouth as dirt, or dirt mix- our fingers into our nose or mouth the air for other persons to inhale. tr ed with our food; or through the nose under the least provocation,g These Thus you will be rendering a comnn. in the dirt and dust which may be are very dangerous as well as Ary munity service by helping to prove' - mixed with the air we breath. unclean habits. It can safely he said the spread of influenza." r Howe's Pictures Show lea to Kaleter Falls In British Guiana; and show them how a famous FRENCIITER S Scenes From All Over Montana cowboy ropes wild animal. - 18 In the Rockies with only a lariat as a W orld; Here Oct. 18 weapon, capturing bears, pumas anti n Canada lynx in this fashion. "Up in O Despite their advanced civilization, the Air with the Marines" Is another big feature of the new program. This c- the ancient Aztecs were a bloodthirs- is the most sensational aviation series o ty race. This is shown by records ever filmed. which have come down through the There will also be entrancing now of centuries. The ancient sacrificial scenes of southern France, In natural 1- stones 'are interestin. examples of colors: "Scenic Distortions," an ex- Germany's Peace Move e their religious cruelty] Some of these traordinary "freak" Iln and an aol Cue SpnL dstones are shown In Lyman H. Howe's mated reproduction In clay of tite fa: 'pauses Stepuhane Lu o- picturesque tour of old Mexico, an in- Mother in the Worldoster "Grea, zanne To ChangeaSubject -. teresting feature of his newest Travel Mte nteWrd" Teuua E. Festival coming t the Convention amusing Howe animated cartoon con.- of Address at C. of C.. Hall on October 18 and 19. edies round out the program. Mr. Howe's picture tour of Mexico Luncheon.ciedfo al h is but one feature of his newest Travel Haeyu ubcbdfoalth eg Festival, which will take audien bonds that you can pay for during the Douglas Malloch. the lumberman at upon a thrilling canoe trill through coming year'? If you have not you poet and humorIst, has been added to weird tropical fungles of Sooth Am are not doing all that you can. the program of speaking at the lunch ii- ti 7 -,..."5..:,N..:i.. i e _.,.ti.. r.. r:'.. t i 1.1 -I * ~ e Season'sF4 Womien's andP Beginning Torr at 9:,0-A. One: bun'dred, and ten (ixio) be; most favored materials, and colors, ar -low prices which are from eight to- tw regularlyl~ell for. 39.00. 49.00 Including Suits regularly The. Suits Were Tailored Espey Discriminating ii. t f. r Does One Smal Satisfy Yo As ypur share in Libel Double Your Std fis M.ALL 0%55 G.aÂ~.s:w ol 1 'r, w RlR$T PAFHT CHURCH PLANS CENTENMIAL i-I eon at the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow noon at which the principal address will he made by Stephane Lausanne. member of the French War Commission, on "French Ternms of Peac@e Mr. Malloch spoke in Rochester a Services } W i gin Sunday year ago at the annual dinner of the Advertising Affiliation of Rochester. With Addresses by Dr. E. flrt e W ife Buffalo, Cleveland. Syracuse and Chicago, the other two' speakers on A. Hanley And Former this occasion being former President a stor8-Reeption Mon-, a y S.,H apvre Ieto neoef. lt- day Night tMinisters. Mr. Mallochha been on an exten-._-, sive lecture tour, but owl ig to the First Baptist Church will begin Its prevalence of Spanish Influenza It eastern riles, he cancelle hisen- centennial celebration next Sunday s o r gagemots and intends spending a morning with an address by the P-- - few days In Rochester. tr nwlii. a "nt... "' the.0Dr. S1 0/0 2/2 0 0 6 L IBR AR Y O F C O NG RE SS N E WSPAP ER R M ochhe last worde. A Re-v To Bow: Red Cross Gives Si Home-Each Box and W Rochester Chapter, Amer Cross. is already at work Christmas plas One of then seein It that every so ritory covered by the chapte a Christmas present. " Red going to help the relatives ar send the boy a present or society proposes to take car themelves, Reguelaons governing the of Chrismas parcels to sold i i _

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