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ï~~ie largest and foemost exhibit boys' ndhildren's Ovrcoats in Louis uille, dem-, nstr ating remarkable values at to$25 1Ne. military body-tracing oflels, trench models, belt."l1around styles, half-belts; double and single breasteds. Selected: fabrics in Scotches, cheviots, plain blues, grays and browns;-.overplaids and khaki shades. Sizes 2~2 to 18. An immense variety; $5:to $ (;.... _., A rwwr+::. -t- --- EPIDEMIC $IT TION CONTINUE TO IMPROVE Monday. NEWS OF LOCA CAMP By CHARLES E. JO NBOEKE. Further movement of raining batteries of the Field Arti lerv Central Officers' Trairine Schoo to Camp Knox at Stithton will b n made next Monday. if sufficient b rracks are completed at the new c ntonment at that time. as is exoected From then on batteries will be moved there as rapidly as buildings are ready for occupancy. Col. A. H. Carter. commandant. had honed to move in the 2d Battalion this week. but water and seweragre problems thwarted the plan. The 2d Battalion went to the liardin county reservation several weeks aro under Mat. Crane and will not return to the local station. but w il complete its course of training there. It will be the first section of the school to move into the permanent home of the institution at Camp Knox. For the present the members are in tents. Col. C(arter sent down a school battery of enlisted men vyesterday to care for the stock and material of the 2d Training Battalion. He exee:ts to forward another training battalion to Camp Knox next Mondayv The tschool buildins at ('amp Knox are beingr arranged in four crous. each arouo bein so situated as to form a regiment )n the event that later it should be decided to make a regiment instead of a. battalion the administrative unit. The school 'headnuarters in the center of the four setions will have an observation tower where officials may observe all units of the institution at work. For Overseas Service. Twenty-four officers from the Field Artillery Reolacement Depot and five heavy batteries that form the November Automatic Replacement Draft for overseas ser*.ce. They are: First Lleuts. William A. Gas. Lewis H. Rusga. Harlan A. Russell. Hans S. Rinrland, R. L. Hevel. E. K. Jones. Richard N. ADppling. W. L. Liddell. N. F. Phelps. W. A. Freret. C. H. Wagner and John J. Rawlings, and Second lAeuts. C. R. Stotts. H. C. Quackenbush. L. P. Somes. O. Z. Ide. O. L. Holmombe E. L. Heneger, Albert Jensen. W. T. Matlock. A. D. Douglass, B. A. Lacoue. B. F. Joyner and W. McK. Hutchi son. Six First Lieutenants were promoted eto Caprasn. yeterday by War )part ment orders. They are: Gortner Beck indsay I. Sharpnaok, Samuel D. Jack. son, Joseph P. Savage, George 'B. S Hale and L. J. Colohower. Capt. Carl S. Jefferson, formerly as. seitanst general counsel for the Chicago MBlwaukee & St. Paul Railway eport ed yesterdayin compliance with Wag epartmetn "oraders and. aesume h duties as War Rtsk Insurance Judg4 Advocate. Th4s is a new office r.,ntl ~cueraI Cqurts~ Cr CITY RESPONDS AGAI TO RED CROSS Refugees of Belgium an To Receive Needed G From Louisville. As a result of tie second held recently by the Ame Cross for old garments to to the sufferers in the wa countries of Belgium and sixty-four larre boxes. al size of piano boxes, were packed and shTinned from last night to Newark. N. whence they will be sent Mrs. Matt O' ioherty. wh charge of the collection o rarmnents in the Louisville was assisted by MIrs. Fra and a corns if other enerre workers who literally sco attics of Louisv'llle house old clothing durilne the last September. Packages of and descriot ion were tak reneral collection room 1 Fourth street every day of nailn The hundles contal Inr which had been discard women and children. Hu pairs of shoes were among tion. as well as warm bla material which can be us Beirlian mothers in makin for the little children. "Surely there cain be no in left in the city."' O'Dohertv laist night, as sh the heavy iboxes ready fo overseas. "Lou sville ho not, only sent in discarded but many garments and at were practically new. wi Bard. apparently. to the prices of t ese articles. Vv Sthis shium nt a splendid and our tlanks co out to Sville neolee who r slonde " erousl v." ' SLOUISVI LE PASTOR A GRANITE C Bu WILL SELL An overwhelm holders of tlhe I, house Company terday voted in dissolution of the final step1 affairs of a corl N a principal fact APPEAL Lo the world's lar ket. d France The stockholc ifts four hours, the of approximate in attendance. of stock on th campaign shares were v rican Red 12,030 were cas be sent r-stricken and 3,294 share France. - The stockhol( most the of I)rectors of carefully Lbuisville ilty to look art J.. from ing the busini overseas. meeting the f ()o was in )f cast-off delegated to: campaign, work:.J. C. nk Dixon Farmers' Tots tic women Larimore, nma: )ured the l'eoples' Tobac wives for Phelps, manag t weeks of Tobacco W\Vare every size The first ste en to the affairs of the < located on three weeks a r the cam- directors of th ned cloth- plan to that e ed by men. of stockholder: ndreds of grew out of a the collecr sons to quit tl nkets and time, as the t ed by the company has g clothing past year th was stated b old cloth- the' present b said Mrs. in view of co e surveyed ture will ten( r shipment unfavorablet )useholders in view of the garments, the higher a hoes which loans to groi thout reprevailing Ve consider o] Sshowing. The only I the Louis- company is rt d so gen- ing stock, wh amount, $3Z0,, $1,436,000 being Keller, preatd DIES ghat the ase ITY, ILL. Â~; 0 el assets, while corporation a local real est Home For 346,000, while oay awns r his beingI lacate n d Frato tr4:law. Lu-A-i f!tAW t. died sud NOVEMB~ERj b, 1918 SOSoi AN HGSI ARE ITALS hrapud Il NEW CA$XS FROM DIS ECRU Reports as to loc grow more encoura the new cases reco: ber eighty-ei ht, th from taturd y noot oka'ock. The deaths from pneum nia, a also include deaths been report as day. T AND DEATHS ABE SHOW ASES. LI health cotditions ing daily, Though ded yesterday nums included the time to Monday at 4:30 numbering ighteen rid five fro "flu," which shoeld have f Saturday r Sunhree days from Frintil the ya e hour 129 new es with Body Wi BD SBe Brought rial; Funeral T Morning, e Rev William J. 1 Dastl r and evangs.i,t-..r y. e,... ' m..l 11/02/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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