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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ NY2~G, NOVEMBER 1,.1918 "FLU" STATISTICS TO-"DATE.Xheic figures Tare for twenty-four hours endling at 9 in Iesa it'otaluinot! Datp Caeecs IReieaei, Dies inoies Os 7n)ioiidDrulin October 2. -1.. October.9.'.... 1. October 1. 49 1 October12..:65.__.._ 1 " October 13..- 7 October 14..149_. 2..:.-6 Ociober 15....182 3 538- 492 9 October 16....112 66 I 6511 584 10 October 17. 180.. 24 830 740 I0 October 18....218._-45-_ 7 1040-- 8 --7 October 19...173 20 8 1221' 1022 23 Ociober 20.25... 1246 1047.. '.: Berkeley II~01 SSHAYOIIHCret I: 00000 are.coilths eptiteosto in thesc O1this o i IS O[SrII[ cF1U sto erh se~oted7 O[SII FI~1 isuren050no poriso 00 SOte S a utisoe Todaoy's' eport:.1 ]iurie( -')-a unon~eien tl~t-id L- O t oco.ioci cc"1 ILL whmcoc cctoo: o.. n u s ct toot __.t ese.ers_ -.o GflOW II Chefoitf. olice X.iic1 ) 07mn o0 October 21.".362 ".25 18 1608 1369 43 mllrof-crileto. Ohic cat ercoocOc l iosrnte cxt1 coitthteoc to arreste October 22..450 72 18 2057 1 729 61 0.10Int 5s, and tsar ricndsot, rcei voccijposeswitot ccci totl: ho October'23...391 42 18 2448 2059 79 1I'r'r~co4 X2sioo,tI ll tnsi Oohhuoct th t mint no tr October 24..578 89 23 3026 2P5 102 Oh. sttr to.5hpccIcc, pooh0cot refraiced 0froct ckstctcc oes into October 25 ".. 518 145 19 3544 2779 121 hcouse, which llh ood nred t: "-the-n ciy o Pe xtoLod Octobee 26:. 234 11O 18 37781 2673 139 oscobbedt foocicioct cit oful}c pcyro coctccso 1.0 the hloolt teparroos 'Octber 2/7........ ar I) o stccof ctendcO:toc, c,l ainrder. ioutbhoutth io et scof c i lltocato Otobr 28..100 160 22 3878 22'9 161 'the111 1. octccc romthecoo cc i )arwsecooher t oferoed who havt October 29. x.401 1 34 24 4279 277' 185 700 pi'ti il!Adioimn~r feost eiheteit cr chocightl'sOIY October 30.....217 337 34 4498 2618 '19 cottcltn"o f te ar,-c- c 11 ak hil egl in t oc od odcy ptcktctiPti October33..21 7 255.27. 4715 253 246 "Iodlctit"in~ta all Pascos fho ppea raltc t. lpomber 1.194 178' 26 4893 2547 27' IttIf, li..ct,1 chairmaofthe led LQtEv0t i; i S OWN. Thsefigrei11} t, 1:1),.r.,ocosco.<rt cccdeprtme t, n osth *Reports to the Boardotf He lctch. li'et ig resi t 1of) tine. new coic.whc wi t today cp )cll:0 ihctoit 'ao cc- Novetober 1..133 308 18 5026 2547 '90 At tl ft~~t]nvyr~~ln Crese in eoto Â~tol case.ohreslt,:;0NoSepaat fgursofto Snda. code cc. op l ciietad h nu.I ocdot to ii., h t ti ~ o tlt cdPc 0 - 1 - rler 0\1or. coccooc lioser, cciii poced frsthe ccc tooc n-ho-s I.,!,n,.oChurches cr woenResumebed housohd ~rhsd c 3cci or c;cc to L...eS I u, VYttI i:Â~t, stccpc. t "ucct oct d c-nc o utcc toalec. 71ti apr ccccche oSan Jose Coditions AeImproving I ot~1NrigBra crlc h A ref ISSl:,yl ol,:nt os cecc us-, ttnansan Fthe ia cctcu c h cn ciw Qin~O~tO ilte;ccuc;45"coct cci " cc' c.. cccc l-- o ccoc twi-llicc-icicnagecrcculno, cte cool Doc SAccc Ncco tc O A-cccc. tcccchcs ciccicc a bin 1 1cc t i000 ccccc "ccccccctiO cilcO ciiecciiivt cluila, oei lai~c lit cclcti of o rcc ii c h-c-cPiccw)dq tayc /t hok ofli oruc.acao ws oed i oo ccc cIciiopig ll;1 ew ls 114 tcil 'i.narcn- om ofcersier J uhoccc i,,c icc --c ~c-cOn to cre u ricci cin pat" o i rcc onici nticoc o cc. o iccic w ereo rted, whciOO ccoi r)thc incciccc cc-icc ccciii of tilt tohtbclcuo cpccci t lI wi th ILcccch c. e o. -)ste- --ertr:ad it ol nth Cornz h otoit-i t-,Lcc 11" icocilt 0 co. ci tt,'. s w att u icic t ccci nttwtllon 4 V~ nire trrd tn h _Iicc:it +"i icc- i iiiilcc c ocii - icc--ichi cit sfosthe10oct 000. iciccot i, ttil lry-dl~ utti n Athlurt ocs i,-.- coco.wccdohcr oso e cl citoor c',to Ocilic1it 1i0iIhonxoJ11clot1iti-old 1110 l~ i-iicrr t tenc 'I 0ccc-ii cciii i 10 otith c-cc- c til tt' ctltSF 'lDD 'nliw hr tttl~ r ILWTHCSS w0ecc-co Oreccc0c cc icc tiandc..cco-icciThccnche1, lccic..lrrewiti cr-tiicccii dtoahock ct-61cc 0oh d nfit,, ii lilsl ii cirh cicc..ici ~u oldtn cciip Inr"nci1111, i:i icicicci th coat 00 i- nrthcc.icic-c:iic!i5h1: 01 0. r}ta ly iisi 90 )Mot' voun odo t a;,ln xu cuI fifrstOh-)'"..rsrilecO ciiiicxc-:ccirideIcctccir tic icicici that0corcactcit 1 tts isci-t Ot i hO tolch h,ittllrcna t ccco" vtcicctictabot lt it!lcocsn oilh hn4j) l a 100 rl i Thew -k t atalc, il.ost tt trt, ii c-c cicci iisd. 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