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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ TO T2I, PEOPLE 0OP SAN FPbAMC'TI300: The epidemic of inflenza is on the iwane. But it has not yet passed. There is still much acute suffering in our city and great~ need of volunteer help for those who can not help2 themselves. Men and vgoaen;ig and fre~e for a f ew days tosezrve in the Wnae of pity and for the public good are as~ked to come forward and offer themselves for service in the homes of influenza and -)neumonia 'victims. There is somie danger irn this service. It is not as groat, by no.eans a' gr et' as may be generally supposed. Faithfully co stt weaxing of thZe:mask gives almost, if not quite, positive protection. The requirements upon those who volunteer are robust health, good comion sense, and a will to serve. I a advised of the need of those volunteers by the Boars c f Public Bealth v ich has so skillfully directed the fight against use epide iic. The authorities of the Red Cross second the call of the Boer d of Has2h. Therefore, I, as M:ayor, respectfully call for such volunteers, men an d womien, as desire to ":f fer their services for the care of influenza )m:.tient s in' the homes of -those pat-ients and request, them to report for duty at the special Influenza Headquarters of the Red Cross, at 1030 Mission st reet. _TA>Â~Â~S ROLH, JR., MY:Ct Jj 6V, 9 -

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