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Al issO ) M'whey ose geer bets t takes a lot of amhilinout000of thoe to I.rtnns rr n elKlt, ivothen fellow. Itgden I Maycto- r mocrt-leemit il e t d o t o t.l s# rl m y teu - s a l a n a s, f o r o l l h i s t ss. h s e ts ol s t o e ",,1,rn a grn. Are~l l~r oe aenyflemO e w i b c ispe0 o- ae oeo ftt o Awo. forbe aloways 1 actioni, W.if,r 000000, o toorIh py,r sumr trig u o Wrs0,001 ueasm domlo Is oven. with Pa a -Oft prs.bos t 10 ongot tind or r that doesnat loot its, Utah. 0oo otrunrs are bogleotiig sorbools will hate 1 'olot.a taw oamo aas tthe oig tp rito fthese who hate faco e rd ar4 00-tooe 000 ty o -urOct eb al. tlOtotheor pe h anhoges 10 their fah whirecafh.t l~m ant rr OOn i,. tmo- nn;u al t t i wg awy i,,1caomoot or omoe-ongimtterctet teoc taboO.rt xpeiece t Oi~ rnnrh.II, het erwtct il0hb e eonngtt t he $k grew g or ho grw "Kid Macloy. who ftoMetkhn spsar- Stripee. 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Wills-ed the 'dope'm willbhoWt a rmy a Ios time than the mit he shoeuld toss quick. buttao oce io dae t wis BEATbo ha'eer meoooedod in Btta js-ringsobhm detailed AS4GLFRSTO BETSt0ong Welterweight. Williet is ass. ts-d t aam. as GIVE toQdUteMpNfrom-that t 05 ar pi t dts- bodast to iesti Tr-samO oo GVEEQIMET!Oegn sonwartee not up- h nms7oo~o ~r~mbttr Is0.r r.---"-0athm" mystory of the rng.- offiloon. 000.. t.o._.. B uptidWih lbe Jie(lama *,aY.tlodogp.ohtuit-Depsywo..-t.o.obseg.uo Ot~moIteoote l~oeod 00tsl fas Utoat w 00* oft toelows. it etpeoted to be lsmgtea.eeos eo LrngtreFaonc-r by loo tr~~. rssonanII leo otl(faC t ii AN1111, Bootom.t f tsiA tooueeHooedb t 00 tooa ae ia;t o olcr 4"oo Â~0 yte ok The objection of memoy'reoug Irish-. 'I h ev-I2 oO&m.. -11I rL.ieta11lk nalws o- ~ dI% a fleIoein et h rm ne t het pe ottone at Grint nlnomsa, tt.t.-are ottm t od e- OM~jf "lt.. tt Ottlo rishn hotlilty to the war of. Itoe hor.oi t S "0 r tdo.lest lsemooto osing mthoyery, sad thet-a:r ut~tt _m r n. ~anRrata 0 8/2 3/2 0 06 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M- rilo I.' rtoo laks 0naeva l.,... howewoc, kes Pror1es,ular With onl Comm eCrowded-- sin's Cup Meet, On litg Golfers Enlist. all etbor spoils s-re O the aceount of toe Spaish tollttle getters one stilt enjoylng meto their beam's sooteaL. oupitr Pttoties tried to etarass golfers last Senay bet lde't hoot it asothe 05 Po ro0000sieut 's it-sly as etor, rot rains hart bee a toot. to torss nand oreod Seattle, nrwer. hate btto dried op for woeks. lopielt's fCop YarnoW. ti the captais sorp eompotlrmembeso of tht Jefferson Ilf Club-started last sa entrants and many olose 90005 All finet roeod matoho" moot I oft f oaor tofore today..s Seesme of lmoS Tesphys. omi-fieal stage of theeteod orap for the Times trophic ii adotffthis week. with;W..S apposing Dr. Hfoestsonsod A.,PB tted against th. wlaer of the cia and W. Hamela-tth. e had little diffiuelty In his ith's match agstetSpemn. by rle upand three to play. touslso who inlay fom the0 1I0. te at th. top of his game1 ad bo birame a emtlfnloeitt lard motch with floey. 0 s- s was expooted. beat A~n d bp three tpand one. *Mo St wthb me alt the ay around" Jim fiihed up iebtom01fat0 bots Childa 10 a hot favort the prise. fotiorset Park Golf Clot lost to best players test wetkwhen )riswold and Boo Sta.10 jotd yrThs istter t.onow stationed s-ealtaineing oamp at tpo noiwhtileGrisweldtepoo0to e battls to a fow days ten Camp ettysberm. Pa., where he benmembor of the tatetorps. itoryenwgol otarms-are "Seattlaemd..0tettg stoftad shoenwerkttboaddie boys boatth olfad Country Cle. GLORY SUNK THIS GOLF SHOT it "Bomerkable Unole Is ladie by Utah Golfer. fa to orn na gifCo oureart egO to bo carefully recorded by sver y organisedolub, bet whe arn has e haod In aiding lbs bail to drop Cino10h obeliot sesworthy of widerrnown - that is the roasefi tone cm teefromiJ.W. AhoOtt. cithe Golf eod CootlnyClub. who at. ethe following fas: 1. Wattle, a resident of Dgdqf made a maeshie ohot from i-t to, destined ton the grees lit away. TheoblOs-ilckotnet ofiag Is thiscaeo, was the Stars ant 4floatog item a twele-fec opolo. ThSenatioal emblo. the bailtoIaIts fold$ as an so pde -mighttap 00astos-ry fir trpped it l01e a pldmmet tat. FKEBONATUorFOc. to Tby eeeoaoooticmmt PALI8 t.L iS.-W. C. Osrer ed heie for timpereonatitg as offier. was returned to Ceosi bt-5y to. LMay, e specialoeficte td for that purpose. Burner hain theeontyjail Oere metere Besides pessing Olmset as. r. Burnor is olleged to tort.. various smm of moser a sst otoots. O6KB 07 LDTI6KY MZDAXBS.'.. aoLb th

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