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ï~~ amuitlat' witn me American Woman's uilding. a' c'uwg ', aw.v,,cw. should n0ur the saVie depag't- accumnulate nA~ip The organization adopted a fur- County Chairmten. ment, at 710 Monroe street. where. we.a to, Expluide Hiuns. ther resolution declaring the feeling Following are chairmen in the The Red Cross 1s expecting' jnuch Them re sinrhtFa 1le on' of ' lermany, with jof its members to be that all women various counties: salvage lie the result, of the recent 4clined t yptie' eibpolaonfoteIwronged physically by a despicable Crawford, W. H-. Schwenrk, Bucy- ward canvass asond ucted by! tl~e' mrcndsr olf h appu~-POldtoa prowerful enemy in t~ievoridl w r~bo rgarded mss,, Defiance J. ID. Serrill, Hicks-,W~flijif'5 service committee, Council but.. theThtrisnwi pdsrhch nav drif i-vIw not as s iamed, but as wounded. -iule; F~ulton. C. 11. P. Waltz, Delta: of National dofeniso. curried Inthinraloci lpft t siede the league. In- The r'esohattion carried a clause im- HIancock, C. F. Coykendale. Findlay; Collections are being made i n tli "eia tii uetIn her urea- ploring the ealte to confer such Henry, Roy' Buck, Desht '' Ottawa, Fourth' ward under direction Tcsrone oftis nt to enter the drawI status upon all Women legally, j. 'IE Brunner, Genoa;:' t'ding; MArs. 'Pred Struts. On lri'-day, in cantbimrsetost Ai ~lzain ndGr rs. Lulu. '1 eason. county James A. Scott, Pauldin-, utnam, cinots S end T In this ward, a caourpol t hoe oeo Plt ot doors, will find president, gave,,port of the,na- Frank Remaberger, Lei:. San- 'age 'tn'vasn will be miade ni. Aein 'fiilr Q~ O~pnq.T~ei tional, conventidi held at Evanston,. P.Cat r Froitoni; Wimst, o01 opnodusky, leadershipu+tot. W1 of Mirs. S. A. cesi om."i ~I~inoter pssile u. 111i, the last week in December. She hams, Amos It. DeWees, 'Bryan; tar and.Mi-s. WV. P. Bolin, captins. vs cn~ ' elne I~a~i~ Gemanysaid that three delegates from the Wood, Tames E.;Lad('. Bowling Miss I~ea.noct Tucker and;torth'Aeia peleso g reaamaGeranyo W. C. T. U. will go to the peace con- Gre:Wadt i.P eiU-worlrs were biiun Wednesday,and thean enr isiot rin peace. ference In Versailles to plead the per Sandusky.. T. W. Warner. is Thursday Ii Precinct 1 of themitirwabtael ni-itrsso oe. Serro'e chair'man of the Toledo local cons- Iori ad hetoc hog h th league of n-also that the national organirnatif mittee. i'ttir' ene Sot loliiolit tee ilsn 0r--(%ed gutarntees the has pledged the adoption cp 1,000. ' ofhr' Tender Sepo aI~~ Ird, Germany bene- Frnhwar orphants and has raised ofmn Cetillewns-mtirhd Tisv w~Jterest and. an, well a fund of $3,600,000 for reconatilic- alE XIol the famcily to have to blIg Chirist- owntoils tl ADMITeds LUt furhe Non msa. with presents g~alore. But, C is by openn en ~~wpense wftl further tionose bills, after Chrlias. hATIThhltion, of fod1 i w t q r -army andl navy, 0o' Theo Toledo unions will contribute boih the 1919 Christmas Club of tien' pportuitwilegvec tld.a She citn two. complete libraries for use onl hNIIr r Commercial Savings' Bank and Trust to prc " hergi upon the pur- merchant min'' ships plying' be- Co. and next Decenmlir our Christ- prcaesplean t we hs onr adIarp.I I In ecdvauice. Club clos9es Sat., Jan. blocade sianalsd s r;s ease many times ization work among Toledo's for. i t ______ l" to h aeofaf Ri! " ---i cotamerce and bln.oawmn. ~ litny io noutrly ~Lh1nin the past, sand ---- i SaloonI Men "~'b Acknowledg,I No mnaeitIoakivra bupar of thewo'd m a euds - OITIN-BT I;'thetr a~s a, rally~lng centepi l~alaei, Switzerlapid. Ilil. 9-.. -+ - ---ll..4tiht a competernl deputy,~ li: Iis- fipi 'altirs. dlscrds of the league o cf attm WNether saloonkeeprs who sold rears Ilsd ld Icknow--he also Lno.Ji.9-osr prn.ldetirlropla e m faea9)A P a e t h d r.on liquor whiile the influtenna closing knows esuch as any station- indrio:0 'lc s, 1ec enft provided ite t Prget ssiahlniate r order was in effect are entitled to master, which means his memory monn adtrnmie )qgue. Germany will he K~arl -amarz, the Czecho-Slovnak rebates of th, license tax will be Is a storehouse for., 'sgraphical oohgn crepne t%1;a satn, nso matter what premier.' decided by thae oum comimon pleas facts. Ecag eervhC..'' victgrs 'assess hem 1to-... ight zovolver shots were fired att Judgea H11g1s "ain'. gel. 110 line" for negotiatiosbtee h - - -him, none of which, howev im. took Their decisilop _will determine railway guides. If they amen't (copse f itolt S 'effect., whether 314 saloon mien will recover inflammable, lie believes they or", inendeantScais, LL USES. approximately $18,000 In license al ih ors i ieo.BtindependstScnlt'r OH O RTAR BATI'ERY fees for the 18-day period they, were 'mention ansy crossroads to hint cans appelttewri SUN TO " KILL SELF AD'T EUNSO ree lsddrn h qtai and he'll answer quicker thes tome.ensa.i r tine, muddy shoes are discovered in a pno"h itr fteP Lydtia '-Hall 68, wife of W. Uii~Ascua rs.' ' At a hearing of the case Wednes- ballroom. The ssoigrahdc,imbpt herself In the right' Columbus. Jan. 9.-The 308th day- a~fiernoon 'before all the judges If pete Hecker of Scissorbillprotintretmsd hu; day morp1ng at 9;30. Itrench mortar battery mentioned in in Judge Ritchie's court, counsel for Jucinhsvoaeph c fatroon.bu hecsu i~s nopt intaintly, Washington" dispatches as being the saloonmen admitted thatjaiquor -April 1. 1843, s amended Feb. to havebenfw otde,;,was committed in the,was sold in many saloons during the '31. 1900, Marshal Bartley lookse h br ahnt hsh S CR.Saa.1360 laeontelitfrerycnvytime; they were supposed to be once at the name. of Pete's home ~o sal i.dywt; art, Side. Illness was home, is a part of the 83rd Dirision closed. 'tw anbgnsetigthet hand- (atk?,Hr Bele 'r.Hail's husband is trained' at Ciamp, Sherman. It is The hearing Was adjourned until. on cuffs ben.tstn (samttmnan Osa neatr Jackson,. Mich. made up 'chiefly. of Ohio isen. Tuesday morning when exarminatien "e t's seae," mulises Bartley "TO denetSoitit sg - ~ -_____of the saloonmen is to 'begin, get to csobl ucin 1 nsdhaitwudn the judges ruled against argeu- 'iaeaTld &D~e a n siyppsalt t-eaehd mentsof Atorny Sioit tahlthatget"- off, at. oskie's Corners, I'll until thegvrnet'-bl the saloonkeepiers should be allowed hieab '~frmJg ap the nwpplplns eev a legl preumptin tha they billiard champ, and drive six miles the Spartcn.Teeuf not- "bye th resuind lrdte ths,~iesn "That's a pretty violent presump-nrt-" emo fltan to pay out public money an,., f a ltienalr nkie'cl ~ 1 1 1Judge, Ritchie said..- - axesi HQ' t et? ulntyfi'mn"cnps I'~~~~..thF "bldAe fact that a saloon-:Join tbe '1913 Chi'l~tntl'Sea vings':men ins-h acoiso a.~~r,~aa~.kee Club of 'tbe 'Commpraal 9mig r as c Beap rlin, ste.telalrhj e eprsold -liquor to Roine of his } rs opy ~ o $'.eiI,4su addition. ~~friends during the time his place and next December you will get waaree lsd oehm tecekt a ortxswt,'gi h'freatog PIvu iull s 0de tcec opa or ae wtTess ofp right of a refund?" Stahl asked. O.Cu lssS. ai Hl., *rdpnet Scaita ';"1 think it would." Judge Manton tic' 9f 'rp: u said. ' IT 'Oumu LD mInu The g$ euhso Uth'~ L t e After admitting that -erhaps 90 t9Pin,-lyalhei aG '.ercent of the saloonists sold- -i SA E ERE eve againtS ' Koebel. 1349 Avoaldal,;,johnaTx'is. Sat'. Jdn, Classes' to 6, "be ' ' w', ~ - 115 rre sito,. weeldy. Join at our, b at he' "si eSq'51 JE '~ ^WelPrk ap Th-o oush' B an9. & Trust p. '~ A ltrk'C 743w',u; Jonet a r4tet radicalht04t ~~ 74 Dom John,' - H.' n' Ernest'p' 91~d~e O,.rchajrd, -Otto P. oh 'r ndto r e LelI ti~l Jt t svr f.r tt,1... entiret he a T eeumueh; Homer W. kLQI John.48 n 4.'laborer, Mau- tioa otae SIA 4es' L%4 'y grda;Fanttr. > ' ne, i l d rt Y;41 1 PrdrW 9S80. 1," o raday Frankntl.".i To jl~ ' t ite:.. J ud.r"' y, 41, 11 Pa r I '.

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