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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~" jL,III 'CUUIYlTfi * ' ElÂ~m. The Evening H raid Grows Just Like Los Angeles *xLTT.f TWO -CENTS a.45 Te FRIDAY. OCTOBER 11, 1918 TWO ('1lNT qSge 11~cot CGUNCIL ACTS TO PREVENT SPREAD O NL H C) 0 z G) tl z Col b2 r1d ID!AMT DITTINY SAILOR LAD ILflhITU lvi ISSUES DEFI TO LOA DEDSKINNY SHANER, WITH NEW 4 Miy to Sweep Forward to Quota Despite Health Order WTn the Liberty Lose In Los An!glsm eaderenbso -bed by $26,00000. and with all public meetings coiled PC afttr 6Â~ ocinkthis evening, the gesnece Liberty Loan committee tolay besan the gigantic task of putfng Loe Angeles over the top In the bmof almosnsumountable dir - Libety Day witnite ceiebutaedetoemor-em, but it wilt he a day without mneetings, without the blig miitary parade, and with cc work being done - for the Lutes-ty Loan except through the industrial and prerinct orgaonations. However, the airplane flight over the city wilt take plate nae echedtled. the IM planes frotmblatrh fid arriving oer the city "otnt1l3l o'clock. Land returnieg aboat 3 o'lc.BANKS TO BE OPEN 5Ya-l Every Loe Angeles ibanc witi beRihr met-isg until a oclockbin t5enennoo Torumeantc 5eici i h The day willbe arstate oliday.D1utSkinny Shacor's get a rvl thei beon eatto thesaln iI.1111I. Lienks ""Wte' a sailor tad. fellcws. U IL IIIO I only Insead af hemn' oat on the 'This Is wbet-c patiotic Los An- O E I G F I G coonutin' deep bees In the kiedergargales citizoesbae' a chance to show lon. Naee's Rtchar-d Truman. And eeba.t they are etude ct." said H. S. Iflfhe'rn st~ one hantilt' I-yeat--old. Wants McKee, chairmean of the cocmmittee. to sell bands same an Skinnadge 'We caned bhoid ney meetings s srbe- aselnan e cause of the t-uing of the health offi- L U II crdis' bao.,. cial. s Itis p totheIndvidNow witatcha know about that? to do his part without any arging. 111 il r In the little saseal hctps todayUP TO PEOPLE rJIsIIltl I tight Ino The Evening Hotad-and 'We hare at-ranged fat- the hacks I L IU IL pipes op big as a frog that he kin to stay open all day. Every soon who PO T NE beat Skinny all toeconitbosecoes gettlo' can toast go to his bank tomor'row ____ct-disifesomebody would laeetiro and make his subecription or douhle his potntalt inchis bet-n polper. WThe opening of the California Lib- Gee whiz, hide, won't bin maw faint tt~ety Fait-. scheduled ftotmorrow at with ongotolt when site's seem his 'We had planned tdlSel lit10,00,00 Expoition park, maa today officially picfture and eerything? Her nuame's wet-ic f bndstomaO~.Theeonpost-oned octil Satat-dey. Oct. 20. Mt-s. N. M. Trumeano and nbc liron at and wmcen of Los Angeles run maite The postponement was made in 2t1 Sooth Griffin avenas. this plot rome t-an if they will ocit- ccmpliac with the request of the Ya knaw what that Tt'mnme k id go to the kanks ancd make their sub- heaitb authortieswot-king ta previent care? Ho wacts to he In afunny" scr-iPtiole without any fatthor urging. Influnzna here. rlm hnb esbg l at it is tipp e e alized tlbsetriousness The fair wan ready today for the asolSknnyhend hrgtscbi. Aepltat's of the situation, and we meet not let erheduldopening tomorrow.accord- the lin naid Srigh.Top theadt'tEke Pt-nuaQi~ie being taken to pt-leg to R. W. Phidhant presidenot andthlieepuedrgtote ies vent toe spread of lefluenna stop the dir-etor general, and picture-takere and eerytbody. wot-k me are doing fot- oarfighting -The potponement of the Liberty -Irve been ros~dlio' abot Skinny and men at tke front, If the tiek was Fait- ma made cheerfully In ohedi- Shrimp ener since I1 waa a little hard btefore, it is.loire nas hard now ence to the t-lng of the healuh rum- sharer." he hoape. "Sat Skinoy ain't and we muets@howhowige ee issioe-.".aid Mr. Pridlium. gotoautbinonoteI'm gi'toasell try the way or. meet the situaution.' "I wish to take thinopponrtunity t Liberty Bods. too. Whi.)' the - $26,000,O0 TO GO thank echihitare generuiiy fey the first to gire tee a etedik"' Spaherrittiocs In Los Angeles city hearty co-operation In the fair aAo- Cm o us, he's aihome prod BEACH HOTEL RAID TOLD tN DEIJEESUIT Mrs. W. F'. Abbe Demands $200 a Month Alimony from Rich Husbnde HEROIC SAN MEN SAFE Southern Californians Among Rescued Yanks in Argonne Frt-st Rattlo Anti-InfluenzaOrdinance Herr i toe hordinae rregarding ptrellno f influrenaadopteoj bIvtheis nIIp rConeil ioda-t: Aens'rdinasece to preventths spreasd of the epidemic of leflu' coos in Ihe tilt- of Los Aegels.The emayor-so ancunil of the city of Los Angeies do nt-elie as folloms: Section 1. it shell be uelsmful for any peren, fit-enor ncr pot'atioe to beep open cr to nause or prmsit t bekept open, fey the purpoe of permitting the pubictoeconeregaten these' inset- theater. motioe picture thester, contest hellnShow nosemusemeenplace.nce-och. scool.nt dance hail. fair, eohibitions Cheers Ringi for 'Lost Battalic geroun to the public healtht for' Persoes to conregate icnsetplaceor epniaces cot specifically mentioned herein. the hteltht a~m~ cer eshail gire eotie ehereof in the Public preenseticy the posticg efeseine sucSeh netice may he dhsected to specific meetings t- met- be by Proper descriptien directed to meetingsingerl Section 2. It shall be uelawfut fnt- any persons to meet ao' nather together in any ef thi Plates enumerated or refst-red to is SectoncI of this oydinesnue NEWLk IHEALT H n '.r rut ubi.DdLLIseeandeinadtinthton y priore-to n iliesn feseport elateo Publiirsont i iin ih, of the health commissioner as in the opinion of the healthttomn- therein t-revided.rR An aftermath an thraiioearstrest San Sernardiro wao ringing witht, missoner. iis dangseostothe Section 3. Any Per-son. fit-om at Waldo Fenten Aiih#, Lon'Angeies I praise todayoelite h erors oftile "Lost public heaith for pet-sento con- or corporation vsiating ant- of A b- -. rapitalist. in V'enice tout Mar. aftet- Battalioun' o efbc'rgrri tat-sot. gregate. until each time as the the provisions of thin osdincanoe the polics had pseorbcil cisugttitie Whistilesowr-c kliiino arid bhniin health commissioner shall hare shall be deemed qcitt- of a mistransom of a hntoi hredronni and wcse ringing end ii- siini'tti'ai- iled mith the countcief the city demeanos. end uon c coneiction Officials Unite to Support Corn. claimed Ioaveourlund him w'ith a0Ictdrnt of the was in n'ihwheSaties-Io Los Angel esasrepcotnstating theref shaii be punishabtle by Yoaung wmamas, eas'rreirddtodeyinerdice soon plyeat- ohotrn port i that, in his judgment, the den' a ineof cot more than firs, hue' msinrPoes ih we Mr.Juainit Ahioicfiled suitl wmil pen the city one the tup in its' get- to he eapt-ehended freo the ' deed dollars t4W)f. or by sofas divotrc in the Looe Angelsriber~cstty Lean driue. it wao predicted npread of the epidemic of infia- Prisoemet in the city jail tforo &Dses bnddinudrmt-otfi iecneo longeress.u'P eiodofot moe thr.snix (6) 'Jann&ine, ncm-nimrn caliidrd tn1fap.LRA hrre- inm h When, in the opinion ef theIsota~rynhaccsn J. A. Caldweiiad.aIm-Ilimen Lrolled'ompr.-________te!_moths._rbyothsch _an lie Hemniee~tseo sorscsc.Itre-nrc the Important doeegc other Woman Innbecormpitint,. of netbetne-a. Hiadayo Iicrtreidfiihm-etc f the in th Thedi'nrndecmet at the "Losltettalion" was mice#d. Wilsonl in N. Y. Pfi Tl nl an epidemic of influenzin 1acilngen ht"nl~eDoeu ad Abe weeIta SERVED ON BORDER 111 lAn ce-ieerW rtheyae nt the VenCeatdell ndter -cs metoti o omay AttendaLibety D lT ll U Tj TOIU The city councilcidoteId an emer.nthnm of j. CadOne onHth dreHddand Sixtieth Infat gH N LUE lency ordinanee-, nffrrvreimmediate-;7 nlgt of ay 1.tIy, which left Camp Kearny cc July Da Clertin flf iiigri iingc City Health Caomissioner. AT 3 IN MORN IN G 27, tic had kept Ctopany K at the D y CeebatonDr. Powerscneery'uthortityltoact Accrt-tding tnoGener Williams, at- Ienib Neimenrt. N..C..inn c J&l~IivLULALlj d hiItuxit cloned at 3 o'clock tIw ton-cy fcr si-. Abbe. the alirged datitt the- pse-wat- dss and soob NJLW 'ititI 1cc I11 -Ptd-ntN 9 dy other-woman isfromeanuFracccoi ~lcmr~hiseacnbt r.Wiut-odIcli ill N,-wAllthetrs.mtion picturetouo Attorney Williasstteid thai he! How many ciae Bet-nt-dintosmon fi'srat-i l3:215this alitf-c n.lie iml nr I R nl dance balls. concert hells. talon.extot t-dcin the divorce pt-.the old componrtmecwith Stromee! mrilstelt' nenl in the % i lilfAs-I I flf III Il hibittitne. rulir eand pricate echoolA6 reedlegs. tostimonyr atthe beech pci-'in the drtspct-ee fight of fouardaystt-tia haoi,,. SPRE99 II INE L. iha he-hamaseme-nipplt-es ate ptire to lbs effect thtat after the nr- land font- night-s cs the "Lost Bat-1 He will t-emaintunril Sunday eaci- hibired ft-em openinsg alter 6 o'clock ret she rantthe end ofthe Venic;talican. uasesurrounded on allesidoesi -noon. Althnogh his trtm was ___tunfigt. pier. climbed he the trailing, cnd was', f set nin!not to- ang ntlhehd o-The Califaroia Liberty Fair. eahedolketfoflnighrefIti In t-foest, ssoyt a Inulre. ctntirhdcm Ijntssterntrin rt-lee uesiteetore~aien cely~~~~ kept from SfNingiog hcree.l- Ninbhe lass mail, dated hept. 7. b s-;salted with Col.]-,..thHouase, i t-acs A\hI hi't',t r i.i lao p ie d.orw hsbe a the ocealnby the Intecrferonce at the 'pn wssil i I sd that hrwoculd alt-nd th th bet-r4(t-iiel 't~pn mornic.This waxatieged oc.inthe-rpnha tiltenthrc at-tine t iskit evnngand chat tort-cw night itatiroft tO alifertie t-bs'rit tee to' LOAN MEETtNGS OFF Alrnthe, t im led aIh fire l fteney he wold attedthe (Combus day rcsohat tho ia'itimchnfluerat-eetl.Alt Liberty Loan moetingswheiha.'7 thmccn be sisoioed officers end severalof n hebceleibrationen ta lie tropolitus Omc-a itt-mit -aKan,t vdlcn' r s e In doors- or ut- adors, ate catted oft. r11 aed the woman. who game lbs name hueIt h uf Mrs. Srnnne were sake-n b. t- pit-esawent onver with Capt. ut-coe h rpwsbaeb ca rac-.a iiUnitdhtits ccpublic hroici t, ' -. All'rulnaycrts. nst-eel care,)illinJly ot fe ecosopony had ThI a soas~ig wllbet- c I' ieu liuc.ers and sother n-ehit-lee need Judge Rennie and Abbe, it is claint-c. in Jir'. Mua athe pre e ntt-ecua-intaifearTpibt-cbtrunspurtanill Ic inibiLcc wa fne 100 wil se aegien preceded she ofce t g f, r'-riod' te y-nti ins t t- i i - cni uchre she- dieuuaso i salc tatpcioin matb a suspendedsett-nceocf 00 daye. PASADENA COMPANY patcyetsMtnIuiu is mat- kaluing Irutdwi,tthr governrme ahoff wit nh sWancd matet anod WAT 20AIOY That Companc I of Pasadena may garet Wilson. hect-ry Tamulcy. Ifixilgther-caoncreatreuat S200 r isiitnecedrich lay before being,%, WANS M AIMNY hare been with the "Lost Battalioc" Near Admiral Ot-arccn. members of th usl. treirnuexpese and St a ued Abbe it o thb3100.01A. It it said, is indicated by the farttshunta l bt- t sert e rcice and yrese repro- dayfr tn- uheiet.'ire. -Nnoipiblic gathrings nf tot-kind, with an incomeofat$goa amonth. He let- tram Sert-g. Hat-aid Swishe.u o n. m setatires.,- ON%1lrtc t-rt-e iiI 'lrucret-r otcf-. hte nor r udos ilb srtrdft-nm business. Mrs. Abbe hldSppai e. ~ ~ iermilcr~l. asks 1M0 a month alimony, ponyaterd tntet-k.. -os 'Ll. Rcast-an.' Intiun's The intitations issed by the SOnothec Mre. Ahbe. who ires at 40 1North wleskoCarty1.wShhercompay llgeHonors ILo jipeceni enr Fct'in wstrrc.bioi h Corerneegeer ' w-eeG);lrnhh i theaii nishiCop fort St. Andrews Plaen.maefotut- chat-geeslr fCopn miht sa101himn4i i'r~e ilaiclic h s-mkpWs hen the complaint, she first being trurnwp~t man of San cure- Gerry's Memory rtiaunrit-iii.,4,Nuedico. 150. Nod- f'ernlfuu as the- huat-or tomorrow based en the Venicie affair. The nut-dice. WordCity. and.Sunit ciu ue. In. haveenrotrcallyul and the launching othor chat-ceowntetaciety and in- A dispatch from the front says: -eaBuca-N-Snill hrstrictlyirptivtae tempeance Oneet th ct-elsy 'Msaj. NWhintiect-. who as a mell- That Ptirate EdmciundSh~ieludon 250 PHYSICIANS OF SPOTPWR chemat-ce OeIn the c ety ~known New Yorker hid his ent-se Ge-st-y. whoasedeath occ he liaccie- NATION UNDER BLUE Tb hectycount-il tan cururod Or. - effects tbld imtoaatn Chtetidhofh-an-cnoltd-rcndherbi. 'FIGHTING EPIDEMIC Powretccatnd utayct-Woadma~n of Ito.. ofetot h a odher. before Leo Scroee of San Beroat-dino. Cal.,. weeksmocasuaies, wiuvn a net-hew of1 ohrthat he had orcetaken at- sad. HismnJee tth dao.A. hlon ertat-uof theLnberticsuppti o feli prev'entit-e moosother woman to Vernon acyd they had I h worasata'.'i' llucTO)N. Ont.Il-Two haunt-coi prute-ut thy mity's healtb goturrrudkrtogAngelesbonrd uf education, becameVutune tetdiuc wtbe"' of the four days' seice ar" united Indrrdanod fiftc rhysicieco of she Uoil- %ilt~so h riac Anet ran uoety her aftctu dyn-c reewatdaItd'knaon toduy. dnitate.%s tuhbli' heath sietrvice. as- hiacuoheilby1' flue oat oatmre tc on the morning after the Ventre epi. declaring that theyt ne-r- would Young Gerry. 24 yet-nmd. famouse ited hr thr Red Crues.vlnerr ttiip-otmnncm-tta hh leedhrhs a rend nst hecon b ui er.a h mysiin rrs and tht-cmiurcutof na- inc dais, nt-both fine and _mrc;7 rend whoet, ielth abet-khusband FWKILLED sa n-ie ranero '0ifPrmunna met-c PEW stt- en-coilticssai dcci-uee. ulloet taing uindytseveral cats and bruiseundtciiiSner-yrdino-reas a o llg.mdeter rrescifiethtircionomue-nGnrlTeunil Iis y'-rilreanf her ho had been to a room w tth un dicymtnhwhiherietsasnscheeredar-'uid'n atPi-ifsy uu'hesbnert ether woman and theeybead... I rvtWh TIfn kf I.

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