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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~HOPE TUALT RIP - - _ __ Veekly Payment Plan -Makes It 'IN MASS ACHOflSElTS FOR FL ReeiedFrm utid- AND COOLER. DAYS ~y or ou o B y Y ur ullInflutenza Increases Alarmn. We know you will oe-pleased to inspect ul feig inglY lIt Philadelphtn. for men and young fellows in EOER 277 D Share.of LI ETY BONDS7 DATHS: RYCMSHtSit tree you're going to buy e dr more W5 loeAdShw is of the "Fighting Fourth" L erty Loan. 2,O ~ ~ ~ - U d ~ a h tIs H ut-frd, W h e re ive D ie. a ndde rcwe aran N e ity109bAnd ericotoahanthtoere tweoheooliis nota 009 meicanI her who i Boston. Sept. 3.-'T'he aid extend- Each conveys style, color, quality and picwotyf lehiast allao i lariteek to and ed bv feder-al and other coutaide work-1, orstifcin least a dolar -a wee to $50.00ema in Massachusetis to the state au- yu aifcin thorties in orgaizing the camtaxign ond. caaist Intluenza ted the state deartery glad to be able to offer the pitiriotic bechedt banntefoeideic fuother this ct advicinity the opportunity tooreda. hTthe denaten cc cote condtions to Bostotn today as iniii Liberty Bonds on the easy payment natet inucithieaseatons te%,r-I. awe.ropolittap diwrit aed throutzhout the.CUPL111 a week.ta ___ it mkin th ForthLibcty oana geatbigState Health CosanisniosereuErner makig te ForthLibcty oan grat bg.R. Kelltey In a telearse to Oceseon - 'lew Haven, we-decided to inaugurate the veye Getneral Blur of the United States - paypnt lan o b foud. ubchehealth service. covernne the payment planto be found.situafttio upt o'clocktodavdsaid: Th Lite G e s - ac*s"dspostfonIto ta it es a tof Beak gystem, which we are idQ6ll 1prove ou.intsesthereotar.0 eweas pidf - e itl isfactory to the people of X'e n, a beedcP.Influedza. hee aeobt e aton-00 I we expect to sell thousands of Liberty Boods dcan.exf clud nin henmberacanuito-19OANESR T merts. Nuriesand doctors mos.ur ittly needed." 1wausdand proved satisfactory in formerTe state deecrisnent of health to Velvet Frocks for!/ounlgl' r an cam ns by the New York- Liberty Loani and strpenss tresen~red hvieoos odhfrs repes al Ne Yok Cty ank, ad b.......not to governmentRorevice. who oilt mods frsreet wear now. reprne g al Ne Yok Cty bnks an bycooms to Massachusetts. Tt-noaertcIto in Bo Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, tions will he refunded to physicianshdSeg in an DeriPtbrhadBfao ihna P4 hocr traveling radiuc of Jeseya 1bSerge Dresses Boston.- Befors 'starting. ahyatotans jre DeriPit brgt ndBufloshocld wire the deartment fur toLoan Coupon Book is of vest pocket size. Each ',b'o'k contains fifty pages and. tutio.sEitneatiecoya eigfl. -ooists of a stub'and a detachable coupon. The book 'is brought to the bank with of'Herstaicomtt.eeonve arahi des___ nufntv. Issued a statement tonlehi adposit. The method is so simple -that it involves very little'bookkeeping on the part vrisiss against the opening of churches I depositors will not have to stand'in line for any length of titpe when they come to The governor's council at a spectal ec their weekly deposits.sesotoaaprried 40,0 for- the can of ths emergenc public Io el m t~ of one, two, five, ten, aend twenty dollars, resfsectivel cunilhd lbe1Ie000 t h be used in the purchase af the beads. as followh:tade ipht5. Sept. 30.-Four hunU OOW...dead ad cixty-six nanr ares of Soonvinh influenza were reported in Phila-- $1.00 a week for 50 weeks for a $50.00 bond ittohin in the laet 45 hous ean Int2.00 d 66 914 t is 64 10' ceaseof t00 percent. overth same 200 6 444 1004.00 bond period ended. Saturday night. to the it00 ito $100and one150.00bond foutrtt naval district, i74n ases.. AL -THRIFI'metbLf buying Liberty this easy payment plan, undoubtedly you can buy more d ~aietroda 110.e he'DE ELAN G ermentt recommetids that the bonds -perhaips a $100, a $500, or even a $1,000 bond. IPhys tans acid tonight that altlPIMNIAN of the current earnings of the people. hs ctanweecrandthsfe n tsbothPRINTING iterference with the regular business Our Government must raise about 50% more by the rrete and tat the deenedfor ccv nes tpscst annoae sns' if Liberty Bond investors shourd go sale of bonds this year than it did last year. Conoequ. hPhthlt ee iap 5ooulrococo"L " -withdraw money to buy bonds. ently everyboedy should plifi to-Jbuy at least 50% more rh.'h city an appnutl for nurses was Alknat 1t00 t s es o f Influenza I Bank,l1uc Second National Bank and LbryBe tiyarus.lsamong the school children in CamnMorris Plan Company are willing to The WEEKLY PAYMENT PLAN described in this d,p~. J., have been reporteO and thc ba of education Is consideringx rty Bond investment in this'way. in advertisement will help you to do your part. cloitn the schonos& Thirty-four and o hep th gret case w areallrsobqer., In that rity are d alsrerandto elpthegret cusewe re ll Think this matter over seriously and act NOW. Come Inu witif the disease. Thtere are han-. ___ into one of the banks namned--helow at your earliest wuan n Addaby health autihorities ',Ileg the 48 hours endtng at noon tocash down in full now you might not convenience, and place your order for Liberty Bonds rct the m.yttssaenu sure. reae33ani eases77. sported at nore than one $50.00 Bond, boa with to be paid for in easy weekly instalments.3 hnI New Yok.Sept. Si-A casas oowdeaths71.577d Now Yrk, Ssseep.3-Aal ofeum ase nwi50767.n 694 sew rases of Influensa fcr the Thn total numbher of tesluenarases Cajqp - ~ ~UU~ilast 46 hours was rncarted hby the In alt camps was 72,127, said a state1~L hA ENheal1th dspartent today. This is a meet tonigttt from theoaiile of the SECO D NE HAV Nesightt dserasse' l IneS ltarotay's ist surgeon general of tne aram.To Thesnowcaens oted a esco ertedmon ( e I tx tat. Thirty deat-li.during the last 45 sew2 ad*trseortndoday osea24 d NATION L ' M RRIS LAN Sors wee reprtad.than 1,000 new eases. Camp Pike, Ar- T.~hk BA KGeowisa n Wimix, n knab ad 1t206. Camp Ohiidotn. Ohio. on BANK C MPANYWilmington. Del.. Sept. 8.-Spas- 1,200t and Camp Jackson, South rarcsO influenza is aiarmingly onnthe to- lma ' ti1s.. tPnecmonia ease.saencrease here. physicians reporting creasin~g it thesePIMSbu th de h ~~Ts 135 CHURCH ST* 317 STATE ST. more than 2,000 oases. Four deaths rate contieues lo. at~det APOTHECARE'HL Ii lssacn54 th GecaChaelfrom the disease hovesheen reported The highest drith rate reported to' n Opposste the reenNear napl ince sBa eday morning. The Wit- day was fromc'ar nx. Neonersneyt. 2Caa_5~XA se mingt on coantry club house and the where 64 soldiers died, and oheenx 86 apS new Cenury cluharentobeconvert- to Camp e iluns. Msachusetia4. the _________ ecineta hospitals. Woehinretos has epidemic Isnamost severe. Camp torvens heen appealed is tar nurses. continued to show s marked nterreosn - ------- -~-~--s--------------....~...,.., rseceeuhi newua-cases.enaonly li7 heing retported a The total of terceansa. rase* reported tor. at the lFast Pearl sirret, Mrthadit ekanananwh. ThsmIff"'*inth. Itarol'iro&hi cmpi_1,77.wth1._ rFgopQ churnS ond Clara Rosa Man- Monareand Rb.Te HWIFUNAACTS ce, Drp~ees (sssuisTa Cbaow A case of pnecmonia andi PCI teaths. N L e if'srvvdbyhsmohrShields. JamesWalen.s.eThParesedred.Deereqpw In Cases. More tbnanoo00exraanurses haves nn heesteseMrcin rdis Hull el ohWie *"dJoeph an-___ 'Washingfton, n. tn-Moacthan heentsentitoyariouseramps. Itcse48ai~~ Ma- ndShersites.Ms.Hari Htiret.JseS hie adit fn-Staie Health csssal"lsser 11isek 20i0o new casns of neanish innuens tonight.and authority hoe bnen given O5U onMcr s fBokn.adMa~lTint rornsstastey. lv...StseIi. were reported lenin army casps dur-tonengagnloaaly as mcan sareneredMorf omatil.NY.Mr.InThIteetwsinhemyyIsusStmn.Z--11S n a e iWIWh# -r--1- - - irfr. sn- Ii (n n~n- e.A ddilanal hosrital fayttites are (vs.1issniand MieE eig ITOWEiI-Ths faeneral nt Prin. Mar-!sAN0i.-5-0he faneral nof(C fibsnnftlse.fnnuol.nonstgoc b hn aiphe e'mast ati tutted Snt0t-Ahlaragein-Glerner;eesle 5BnsPa I I 0.Toee as arelyalin-ed es-Hao Lange -wilt he held thin oaterl os a ai h rel o-per Inai nItbaul -irrided -chages In temn- I ear in thr number on ca.-rnctre-gosi ofSrele I iroto ofernae ~n nthepesdeno a non fininihsmaraar- Srinrn of cent.-ttf alt cases of inflcenss cre fantl erauare.ntoh they wilt hr acme- IOoeleh Inlunoenoa in Ohion-i i or- he o reultP atonsnaoh blofahe, iillid veseWet a- eyelBrahes 11 'km "teci wile p neutmoniaas practiclly thle ena abatInower Tuesday Ini the Ohia vat- Icnrdnd by tletot ibord '0 hralih Sijttesx Attorney A.Atc n te ynno.faThert. C. 0. tane.o iWest2:30 ol Bock.rsl30gs im tet ed a 1rto.-tyTennessee iand the Middle Atlntie today. 21ilncroP eenbliingrecionyird 1. irnianent borrislee aila n H taoen Methodist church oaltiated, at his suinoer Same In Mt. Oielv - Widest publicity ebonnid be elventby1n(iireAnd.1hitcher Wednesday In the ntttlinve tlIrnIihe lyIfnthr 1Itoen'e e. tagn. atotrmicytclttryan gaitars tram ohsecnal hase acted as from Snarl disease. Hse s 5inoernsurviodehen Telke. raflno in nrbAtsnncoani lntiAoimoirvs n Wioite--icnigofisrren.Wnvn guardot f honer Sr the greave, where vhoiPtwife. U lnI~vn Ange. ooeynn emosiplic g atherigslenders Tneltindmis aongme noth wAel andcmantin n alli-nngdl phi-ail 0- cP000gslaofedis nsinssh tope onere naca ded.Intement woe dcceahier. Retta, andthreesytsaeern -d ete;mdl tatc gnl otoiisbcts ' hedwr.e h ie h otm ks mnade In'rvereencemetsery. and one brother. The interoneni Will ease. Jeteairiftmi, Atcoitsnic. ryl eritepIenOcori en nonia.Te sdib adsandohcd ~e k - Tamer mac a studeet at ohe Newton he in- Evergreen ceesterciy. - -scenhaoole sibr.WsweHnyi o ed on st airn.eas, e n.atsnsrh S~tdnhN-'hsOnera hsidc ~ tlic Evns soy-i-edhs hoce t te fcibanth atgoncerallobe mr en. "'alltooolH oniIrrn o VI 1-instaermn,u-lbeahsedSp. Technical school. Newtnte, Mass., when NOLAN-The foserat of John J. PAIU5OINtESBYiv Uta F cltrm---klo Weather bureoau. In Sufield lbshe irtrueth from In- groatiof lota itclsendtesfcd Os centrIcoed Influes onwhiehresultced Noian was tarawely aneandddyesterday U___ -- t. a. Departmins o, enAerio-.r' tfluenzua ocured today. 0tone ne his arreswa mi.e.inktsidetin. He lae bsdshis moning roon the Sme of ms nr- Laseerto &Iinseln a nirl,rtn New Haven. ent. o. Thinhapipened ouayana e father. It. W. Tower.,onen Oster, Miss entm. 493..Enistreet, at 9eec oclock. asde lliwes'ss F%-.-msObsevations tnit. 0 at L. ini.,cth Nerwalk. sent. 00. ---Influenzas ielsthat be his o ee ade.s - trace Too-erad twa hrothers, Frank and laiser fromnOt. Patrivh's ahuech Amsterdan. Sent. IC.--Nine I-co-clit. crlian aims. hwdainrsetayih wi xrtdte ereW owrnt9ocoknweea ihms h snocnnon Wids. ceni at te no-eait ad tw reof-il wn hseeylhtil niane Pmart obernohiph ~~~~~Pac. 70.Dlv. Vol. Pr wesenctealehsn ni ced n-cthennnrupamhin aor soraiantts aIUn-i atnealo Pore oqinlocit. celnhr~tiiyi he he He.lof the cueinet. Sagn no-t -ni ~kice Atatre....-n.o 79 F I1..00t ear repcted, The ephoalo erin*aru4y naleIn ra Brow. wh did Baurdy tflGar7hnFaterConway. The decearn i-n'lieiininc M. Starbwhiosy Iplier Of Atilntir ("ynote12s6dei n6on) Pc.'lde srudg.ection have been elonenan died Saiundayunds. th Blgaianle arin thtv an (roodet r se o oatn dr.nLie's1.H held this aey avfromandthe coteem JIn whletnSthe.s Minister libenodieft. leader atfthe Snietn.... 30.12tsfig W 1)on Nlear niheringe. _____JJ~ nu.atk2 sclo. OTcO he try ave will eldwasmani1-tedSobytmand Caud.ih toraetanp~ary RAVA. in-I n- PBfflto Is.d.08t9 Wt.140Cee incseeaeterlno n cn1 Li k the ca n ateIEvergrekenThemetery.nt wl ft 5rai rthutee.Ie Issuioveyd hy from Soia~. All their onlitir"I fionliM. 4-ninnoin. -3i. 26Ott N it on NOT TO INCREASE TANKS5ekdidhis parrenP.Mr. and M rs. PtrmileSwho were settt nrleon wvih tne iChicgo.-20.2954iiSnF.0t, 00Ce atr he EeeeWilia..r BrksdedNolan. and onevsiter. Miss Mary leadeore ohmnBulenria inet i-he beHnt-er.. -30.22 4t E,1.0.O00 ilnudy 0.erssass Dreide Awaleng~sr Sixtura atr rifilnsso nea-oan itoal3haebenvaaond TeT.Blt.. 0.9rs0N X 0 P.0adyinLaieserlr K i monia, He was welt known in this ';-Th uea fW in kw restohraean p1civind nl Tlille Herfol-..0.1t 0 fNWSE.t.0.0 P1t(idy O ep rt. oCarmet, where he lined foI mnyP. ONeil -wilt take Stare thisniorn-_ryishis and uartlcuinrly thy mnn lte alitrs..3.01v.no70NIP t. n nA~n Cloeyt-intivhes of the Oermano war de- Every suit.d years. tHe wasa emronho mae ny insat 8:30 cnn1111 n.., t.. A.- i inA -.7..a,,A- onNY n-Is no c ' -.atrment have submit ile maino - Fraternal Benefit League, and his loss of his rnonthoi'. onnnnntar it vnfmorn- is meansuthat will he keenly felt. Beside hsla vesn. and f Innntfr iedel erin i e Iwidow, Mrs..PlienALKelly Burke, the Alileglon.:00T Toil ~T ( ~ 'i0P oP~,OOi t ~ cn:n iany en-cale, helping to lick teKaI r decaetd leanhe three sonstBarry M. Vern hieghm n..LIBRA RY Ov.a. F CONGRES NEWSPA ER -RM a lnonii wa n ~ and PFraSkJ. Burke, of, n:ein Oc ewclths

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