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ï~~LLL iri AV WV47:IiL. 3 'Q: AJu tIiLIfiuCt (1 IVI ~drns greatest Nation, but it will not #rna~n s: f w ti e fail to furnish' the oney,-for defraying the expenses of the 1&mnot through yret, and I will be in ire -fighting -again, just as- soon as Wijt~e-fRll of pop,' is they way ('orst~ iward 13. Bowmvitan of the Eightyhd Company, Sixth Regiment, United tate d4arines, writes to. a cousin in oa.:The letter was sent to;11r. ofopes, who gave' it out yesterday. -Wounded, t4oftier'n Mmngs! e. "I, Wa wounded at Chateaai-Th lorry on e6",the Corporal writes; "high cxlosives 'did "it. -Fragments of thme< fig st wif-, got me int the right thigh.- it was o t tcienms, but the next shell-gas ~ahospital. Several iar ge. pieces edg~sdthoigh tie right cu tp =t ay i 'Usr'es and arter ies, an i v4{ ge resulted- #n' fat. th~at ie I: t c o.Aen iii. sutch sii aicr t t _pto s1 r the' doctor to,""' iii' 4 {~ul ~an 1eg.i But whr~g iwt~ d) h W,0ondrful healing ern; Â~ e o~ 6tihv 'ep ahia to do, 1 'am [1Mtio Mt' IttAh' ie~ d fight wit Li i o1 r Ina p" said -Mr. rHonea -! mL 1m the pigl of phi'. tt a yin dowr on i tiff -Sb ftf aft~I eseof (' ecurit y by rf~1 soand;}} the Kaiser's peace j~~~WU & fearof theSpahs n I te -rtnti fle tt'eneh!}p th Cda ia. RVace to, face a:thousand times wocr e aI eh In luensa. *They are not 't~~Ihey mire, not laying down. xis re nlote sa ying 'campai -n a t a 31~lI because of enemy's barr age.' Stiy're;fighting with the 'old pep' b;wrage;.high explosive shell,= caeliquid t ire or gas at~577,. 56 raised up to last ~v~949OOt was raised, by the pee#t according. to figures an-,=' V Al. ~atlier 'of he'adquiarters.;am t' - 46 scar cent: of.Texas' Quota;1F rOO. New'Mexico has raised of: it q. qota anpd comnpara<, te counties in.. the drouith4 in of Texas have -reported ~ s subscribed than counties.. YtrtLons. Arizona has: raised 23 asf-t quta' Louisiana 32 per" ~Ah~n~16 'per cent. ' ttlmes to Lome across,:r. Hoopes reixr;te Amnerican Chamber, of kt'et.,tthe, City, of Mexico. The pc ethe, A. C. o f.C. had -, O4 #n Liberty loan of 4;1 a ton, 'letoy the short cotton crop in Texas and Oklahoma, which cottonseed products dealers are uonable to satisfy, W. I. Yopp, a local cottonseed preducts broker, siaid yesterday. 'This demand comnes from North Texas, Northwest Texas and from local points' Mr. Tropp said. 'We'c couNHi ell twice as much as we are able to get, There is a strong local demand for cake with which to feed dairy cattle. A great de-a of the cake is also going to West Texas for range cattle. While late rains in that section helped the ratige, they were not sufticient to) produce enough feed to meet the situiatioui. 'T~CiS alsoi a strong demand for cake in Kausa s. Back in 18 - the corn ctrop in that t ate was a total failure= We asent a a r;nthrougirh Wnnsi a nd;:1 or, (T octltor~)n.orre rinig cakre a t a g..Va.ton, We, e id hardly Soil a a aweekI tncoto.aL time catti' ers nave. be n educa ted to% thevalue f v R..:.or. feedlnas purusezas.s and61n1; w 1tU l f-c 7tfobence si t$~ tn. tihe:niibs."' CCEPTANCE. OFTRAINING SCHOOL APPLICOATIONS DLYD Aicceptane of-apiio an for isnfa ntry, Lan.t, c,1oois bavre been;ma.ttrlly det la LII bvthe falue of-locWAl xmto I t rd-_. t r y-th xami ig board or. Ue,nant Cari ce L' andern, presid ntr _the board, an.once eterday. Iplete. are bingheld 'b e rthe - tcare. of the exemption, boards to flmrrmlsh the order numbers. Lieutenant Sanders is awaiting instructions,from Washington to give, hlm authoritj to ask for the ~ der number. Since the establishment of the quarantitne at Camnp Pick,, recruits for the of-' ficers'- training schools are being accepted in the.lobbyof the,Adolphus Ho:tel. Most of the applications are or. the infantry school..Under the new conditions of the, examinations the hours of the board; are from 9 to' 12 and I to 5i. Lieutenant Sanders. said that he will not be able to receive men- after 6 o'clock. NO SVNDA " S hGO ON ACCOUNT, O I F V ENZAOwing otesitua tion with regard to the in(iuen a he unday scho lof St. M~atthew'g C e:rill not meet Sunday mnfing and',"t~echolr festival and home-comlig wetk wichafter revmontths' ton WWaIt" sta dun who denied having sent in a call to thepolice,,while 'Mr. and:Mrs. Johnson were residing inii ount Auburn. The city dlrectory~ was intrliiied in evidence as sohwwing no ":1r.4. Walters" living In the Mount Auburn neighborhood, that name having been giveni by otffIeers as having,tent in the call that caused the investigation. severs I affidavits from absenit witnesses as to character were intro}laude Hymen TPesti fIes, Claude Hymen, 1i-year-ol'd brother of Mrs. Johnson, testiffed that he was staying at the home of his sister- in Mount Auburn- wheen the officers made their visit,.1ie said that one of the officers attracted Mrs. Johhnson's attention at the k-11A; 01 the hous tls -e %;i iZli 1 A _1 to,t1 whn j Th~t 1 oet tonheirotheof than.." e found I s._11.f th.. pol cement_ is._ oo 1 t aI I'a o JI~ l tI la1t 1o,.,r qirn w canin gntr toernR ofters~s 2 id hheardthe o t eeutside, leaing v,. b ih t he ha nothe oy i-u hort lue,adthtwello mdedi a;cIC sid e was ah "liar s ay o-i hist- sis-t~ tne nacanpart of t [ c'f ~-"iditv-t" Attu tr du~ r Ig tci 'aL tsai she011_t a. s'ncr. he A tblp.[ Olevia Coffeit. the. -yeAa r-oI l au...rI txrof Mrs. M. Cr. C off l t, was th~e nt a ithess. She w as nt-it sworn nslya y i1wther w, sai~s1vinmg this point because..Of i erlyLa Sh1e said h hdbenlsho Ir a_ 11iitheMyosnn-Lontson t hevii ofithe offiers to yo usthome "Welli, Shewas in (h itheeqn ith m toter n my joldr Aister, ~whn someonet knacked on t~e-or,"he se bogan. "therst ftoldmyfisers to answrhte" call.,Se Idabutktscmenbackhand saoathhreed fatdersime.wndsomsee "ne mmnoc entoItoetheoroomshand metn th metand thy askedter ifoa an +:e hd been. theedadshetsasoono.amTheyckÂ~ aid shsaitalirenfathmen started toaseing more,questions." - -She $9fId that iVfre sh'o was not in the living- foom. she heard part or the conversation in the, room' adjoining, and while pee is gInto the bedroom' saw one of -the officers ".turn.the - ase.upside down", and go- through the drawers 0if the dresser. She' said that one of held up.-.he picture of "Minnie, -who lives In San -Antonio"and made some remark about It. 'She didn't bear everything that was Said, she declared, but. she did overhear one of the officers ask' het- mother for a match when he.went into.the kitchen and that when he- didn't' get one h ~ lighted his cigar from the stove... Because of the -Illness of Clay kyien~ -1 oodbrother, who- alas.waspres> ft httime- of the -o fficter.'' vist to - the Ia to tiltr( CA NA. St-rg tee nthi the Do eor)n T tion o speak thcii" Mecthoo In o rrnI ho Prot bt Berg Sr I (ci till

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