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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~MIN rity by D.J B. hiodesit. show,""u ' TWO REGULATIONSLET 'ubo heben on, dancing, with TF Dr.o h 3700wrkr sea;tals a Health* twny-ie ae en wouned, nine ONINFLUENZA BAN Cmisoe ln nThursday. 'p} have' been killed, and- thirty-Qo died - During the "ltu"epidenilcs in Mllw-ou'- ni In jerece, while ten were eltkd for Quarantine of homes where there Is bee no lens than 18.173 oases were re- ti braver). Infuenza and that funerols of influen- ported to the 'health departmn.LDi rn-pneumonia victims be private. are Deaths due to influenza and pneumo- It Cream City Laundry. ineltiiBcodwy 330 the only two reguilatinsa loft of the' ole numbered 1j073.. vi F OR A NEW- SPIRIT~ Reconstruction Problems Engage the Attention of Wisconsin Manufacturers. ASK LABOR'S FRIENDSHIP Believe, lso, That Claims on * War Contracts Should Be Paid. -- At the annual mneeUrti of the Wis~consin hManufacturer** avsoclatboheld on Thursday In the Athletic club building. WT. L Davis of the Della i-aper and Pulp enonpany. Eau Cialre: C. A-1 IJohnson of the iaihol ilarhine corn-I pany. hiadison: Frank.1. Sensenberen-1 ner of the lmberly-C~urk compapy.t Neenah. and Otto 11, Fuik of the Allis-1 Chalmers coapaivn. ooae terms expwedere re-electedl direcloro.withi Water Koher of the Kohier company, Sheboygan. foc the full term of ive yeare. while H. J. Hirabbeime of the LA Crease islyw compainy was elected director In the place of his father. A. Hirebbelmec. of the sanie company, who resigned. At the eubeequent meeting of the direcoore V. A.Johsoiti f Madistnoas elected presidlent to o.uccril F. H. Claoseii of Horicon. Judson iG. Roseboeli of the flatten Psi-er comnpanny. Apple-1 ltn.ricelrerAdent. end FIutik.. ensenbrenner. Neenah. twan re-elected tceaaurer. - o secretary oa- electe4.. the choice being left to the executive' comminttee hecauite of theo requestt of Wfllianil1o. Bruce toi N- relieved. un0 the ground that the aioociltin it, 'grawe io the poivot ohee it c-hould have the exluiv~ e ecvice-of-it rtnte one In that capacity. Pleads for (te-operation. The ann-elation banquet vasc aerved in the ladioct dining cciiiot flie Aehlecclub end' ithe h'-iieere enere n-erre a.IW '.Lbabh. 'i-i reidit 01, the Allis-Chalwers compiouiv-ktenalori ItoV '.IWiletiX. Of KAU i lire. and, Jchn IV. D1,esen. Chicago f(ormer1 president of the ChlcAgii-how-her of i commerce. meniher of the endootrial cetatlooc committee of the t-uwbnec of Commerce of the Unitedil $ttesc andI president of the National Il-id li-ordes ueeocflinn. Mre. Osbbuhbgananalyii-on'!-e new federal retenuie taation mnni: owo oinderconcideratice b y isoiterence comnmitee in ecocco. tiillcicretit exampero to ahon- fiatoi-aii.-cnpree eel lhe working of theeox--ers profits fgaturree. whlie hSenator 'il lix mode a plea foe the releition -.f tIe o-pirit of ct-operation, a locrh had mariked the conene of the Amnercan-onllo iith war, Inthle ctilliurl of the worb of ceconalcucln and cesdlooiixeiit.Ilie declared tbe nan itsee-netroet ihel grvecemeol. in cecitruvot lie voniol fntbrie. was by ceccinarciicathe mien101 attitudeipf nien of 0 ailrn toward polite cctice President OLeary eoiohof ie siiai elements in cecoii-tiotio onas-Firt. he prompt adJuteciiElf claims 0a.: cuing untder the noopenocuit if nor! cuntracin: seconid. the immeMiate pas-I sage of tegielattion relatingiiitou nfinlobed contraLcts, third. li penrlyrele-f inoveenmettcontrol iof price-. aod Industries, fourth, the re-employment of laboic. and fifth.oariangemente to care forthehoandseof ruh-cn irnoc e n the prenentailtin of their! bewt cliii.I Foe Federal Rail Crporaliesn. Hi soltitonof the cailroad pcet-1 cm was fe-I-cot incorpocation. pecmiubin n opool interests. regulato~ry fed-' crat conic--I. safMir deal tl itrotee oand he formution of acocporation In he inoen as the Unitedittestim Rany,moan:.. or something like It. ti-it -spitat mood on thr value nof the icseni leskonuacl wuitheh-intertate c-mmece cmiiuiori on-cequal.umbec of menfi--n thstoeailoaods hemeli-c nnthe ditoicte. 'If thie war ha.n taught he any - hing." President ilaiteen in bin i nul Addrennsidl"tio 'he asage of the war intistries hoard -l1t for thr ettlemetlof --iesounder crcontraels and assured it f beareres hat winnd tram Wutitinitlin juno re-I t~e a httepotei arti ethnd of settement nf clitms wan rowing brighter. to the readjustmentt.- imdusnialI elathons. he said. the idlea of the dlvi-I on of uurpluo pronto tot-teren capitalI nd labor was gaininggro-unid and lStore Closes at 5:30-n-Except Saturday-at ELSFCHOCLATES -Twice a year, and well wor wiigfr u ' o t supyfteesappt well known Manhattan Shin iF H Oh Boy!Here it is again -tht notable Gimbel -Salleoff M(anhatta" SHIIRTt Youll be as -enthusiastic as we are when you have seen. the.shirts. Youtll be SAVING money by spending it during this cut-price sale. 2.50 "Manhattans"85 3.00 "Manhattans" 350("Manhattans" Snappy styles in fine Made with French"' Made of heavy qual-Madras cloth. choice t5 urn-back cuffs. best IS ity Madras cloth. soft f of French soft' cuffs 0 quality Madras cloth. S French' cuff models; or stiff cuff Shirtis: in s m a rt patterns; ls p 1 endid assortment L a 2.50 values, Friday regular 3.00 Manhal-2 1 1 of snappy patterns, at-I tan Shirts, now- 3.50 values, at$4 and 4.50 "iManhattans" $6 and 6.50 "Manhattans" 75c "Holeproof" Silk Striped Madras Shirts. -~ Silk Sttiped Madras, also French turn-back cuffs. largc Silk and Linen Mixture selection; $4 and 4.50 vaslugs 3*1 Shirts: $6 and 6.50 values- 48 o $5"ahtas lg lSilk Striped Madras Shirts, French Socksree )r.3 9 C $5 "Mahadtasen( Hle pro.ok nseod:c~ tur-bck ufs;5.0 vlus, t- 98 wee n ladn n aturolpoo So s izeno9d: too12 -turnbac cufs:.00 alus. S. re ilarT ckadtyar a 5 eI. In "Madras and Percale"" 2.50 "Heavy Madras" rglrToqa~ypl tSr i Shirts, under Gimbels label. 159; Shirts. F r e n c h turn-hack 2 Fairs French turn back c u f f o * L cuffs: regular 2.50 values. for regular 2.00 values, at- 0J.- at- l"je i E I I Ili I 1 Women's -Coats HALF-PRICE FiveHunredCoas i all-an evry ne R IC $225 Costs now 112.50-75.00 Coats now 37.50 Five Hunded oat lflaU-nd.ver,one Ise-j-s $195 Coats now 97.501 65.00 Coats now 32.50 a sensational value at tne speciai clearance price. The seasonts smartest models in Velvet, Plush or Fur-Trimmed Broadcloth Coats. 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