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ï~~Battleut-ty ht Poe the,terday tngham aturday ty realoqaulred * tent= addiBonds *street ttervate rg the Amorlto, and tlat tile to the (ltd tot for ttte Idod to as reat. make Wisont tr'entchatto. a d wtttn loot-it'l~tlerty o Cottaot-oton, Murray flochalitet we,ot r daysi. Re te ral he inst yet to toota i tootiva itgyesVenter'd Iron C. T. t nortO stubImaefotitwi1ptiotie: t00. W. ly mobtine ia tIve of rmtaa. tatrmae Forth engham. to the it estee egrave failure limitt to mertae gone to stag my at hiOt agatn. oe the r ant, Arlte Barber,' Martin J. Lido, James Weathserly and B. M. Alitn, tame at-med wt interrogatives, aeewers to whsieh were readily ssspptied by Prep. ideat Pevear, who had evidently equipped himself with a store of informatin en the eshject. At the Outset,.lHugh hiorrow of the setves to employ thse., huf w n't oaftfirm of Tiliman, Brsadtay & Mtorrow, at- Pee for nsetae. with itfrt,,woeate torneys for thte company, addresed the sartng 40 t'ents an hour fo,' "t'fa-ttrre. ceomtission briefty, deviaring thut "e -Up to taettembier I. the rev"'ice thin 4 ifttsaveraged shout 8.liesra'ett. aresapartng herettneontnfrmalthafn' antd thtat tent vety fariteoe ~.,t'tea nrhbeause wftithtittwould bean cotditione. ItdoubtIf the 'lb for oaher act of dieveurseey if wen didn't. The iadusti-es here are otorat itngtthta ft hope.s ad desires of tht compuny are par Pont of normat. We ore toitto our the ame s th hoes ad detresof tmoet to handte the talutotild en teseathe he uteiteydal"gefOctoher itwe addsd anher _ rnts i the nity.hour to tits pay of the tae. co. too l the At the suggestion of Dr. Barrett, total tincreaeestnenlts~t 14' icntrtt It, IPresident J. 01. i'tt'ar thee took crlts att hour, or oearti- O411't'ti at. rThe the floor attdtat totedeltasregard- averafe tpay of ouretitiolee on teow it leg te tresoent sot o ften ents atehoer."' hie y his Whenatsaked whaft Ioie to-taer company, atid tow it mas affected by ear monttby' Mr. l'et'err eftti tihat the offered itttlltotty show- amountts varted. aetd eahihitect fit.ltltoatax that the wages of etettloeeehad tees tttg labia ehowiug toe'tflee tt' In hosed. eroased Men Inrtttolittssra'iae of (i dr.,,ynn s' enidanenvahat ilia 'ompany years. stake $tit.Si) a monlth;elight'Dm,s had attempted to getlototeemloyesttoee50mahe Otateiamontt; soee' eaYt.ttttae meet the prevent shortage, lie statedi11t2.66 a month; tie yetare. 11116.06 i itat tins sert'-In it9liiiety tiormal, hut month; fine years, 8100.9i e month; fottr begun to decrease ahoutl tte firet of this yere,80661 a month; thtroe years, 11.t.4 year. a ntth; two yearn. tnaks 22.0eoa ilh PEVEAR'S TESTIMONY "This Is exytuetaieeofoertimtr, which wilt averaege h7 minutea a dayiey ivy, "On January t. isle, lit e services was saitd Mr. yanear In ogattga. I itteto 13 per feetItertmal.,nitt tebruary 1t.1tsnot intetitlomsailyhlitdereti Ilterrvte percut nertnaie tt March1,e6l)trrcoatlbhiiiwethaveadoeourttest." normal.' said Mr. it'eoar. 'Thefti sits BROWN QUESTIONS I'EVEhIR reta1iobgan to leans t.andatelml put on d At tie point, Comesletior )trttwtt 7-vent an hens raise lett dditilento Iliafired questiono at tt'. f'ea'etr. 1-et Incitrease granteidutt Outli. 1 iiil. Co~mmiseioner Irewnat "ito ni uthtIn We also etowod a hottas to ol leonwhoitti.sboadad lttdetidtnesof Itte odidn't miss over two dart' work lit pastyt tnth. lit April tte torvice droppetrd a senear: 'Il'otrteen miioen dotlars." 00 iper test, slid In lay it wose t.7 per hBrown: "Are rote gaying linlie',tde telel. O Mayth6we pu on anosterIn-oil estok now? creaeno etan ttour littwageetout Iseoar: "No." the strvict felt off to 01.2 per catt ftr tCrown: "When did you pay your Inet Junte, 36.1 taenr ent for July asnd ft.0 per dividnd?" Cntt for August. teoar' "In 1914." "LltlitItthesttf mett. the es-oie fell trown: "Whaet is tevalue ef the tff aaintshetbtutpti. I itto 0ter anst, cotmpany'e roperty?" and we added atotter 3-ceat inareasestoa meter: '"Th honkt tatle 0n06,644,1113 tian in tite aeraee oerits mott th. bliv'- In Jutto of til yrer. ft twtll prohatbty lg thieemoththeoemploys oeref-. hew ao terrege of several thoutsond ittently atteedintg meegs atd eur mmv- dollars at thitimte." leeu iocessaitly suffered therefrit. Aheut prow: "What lto the Interest on the Wednegadar of lust week. infletenza hit teede of the tcompanyr?" us, 6u 'lie ndeveloptitng ettottghoetmets. evn-r: "r49me, i ttititfred and eIghty. attias a reult the srie titeli eatonlir taten lion. trel. t~ttercolttItertial.tivea: "Whtat rglet~ftntoveef tin yo INCREASED WAGES lot?" "As far as our rnsoserces would alit w tVenear: "Thaet vartee. tietttof If lto ueshave ieerean wagesto hod 6 Isaretfsome4% tier e't-al ntr)lottte milthut stter Inedustries heroastave 6e mycet. placed wagon so htgt that If's lpractical-. Mr. 'sitar tp thtrnedttoer f it e iv nut of the auestion for cur raompaay vosnatiton t. aComtplete ftatietttit oaf Itte ta get now men. We have exertedl gur- j~sedssaeT HEALTH OFFICER'S fPORT There were reported te my off ice today 62new casee ef isftue'saa. I imagiee many of these were holdewers frem Satusrdey after,...nad Sunday, as very few eases were reported Sunday. Tweety-throe hurial permits were Issued for persena who disd of In. nuoiadIspoeth nuoi ae eeoe rm inf luenza. There is eothing sew ie the situation except the lerge numher of deaths, which we had anticipated, asd 'which mitt prelbably coatisue through the sext few deys. Ia the meantime thsre seems ttotoe a steady decrease in the number of sew eases. It is entirely too soon to soesider relaing the measures that ae eIn farce fer the prevention of eontact is crowds. Is sewesal smaller places surreounding Birmiagham and ia adjeining ceunties, the epidemic seems to he Dr. S. W. Welch, elate health officer, was hsre today cesnferring with me over the steation. He leaves tonight for Huntsville, where the altua. tic. Ia very had. J. D. DOWLING. M. D., October 14. Health Officer. r ROBERT W. EWING Thr e shr'ri5 aif51tere W. slwisg5sel of the asses widely kae ae'Ilaet selaewrrsIllrl. aae a dat Meesdey mraeg 56aae rly htert s sctIfirmeary of 5sfisrsee after a tea daeyn' 555ee5illet eld f4 roem she reqidenrea0, tet1i1 'thlrslirek s"6001, anaih as C s'e'leck thins msralae. tier. I~lddteson X. sserrellrs'rter as she tharl of ech4n Adcntt-,ef~lrlaelsg. saserseee lwill fell loats 5.lmtwssd emaetery. Mr. ifoi enusrtetrod byla ie wtdoel ai see. Itotacrl W., Jr.; hisamther an. at otelor. the latr rotidieg it Dallas. Teexus. hir. Itwiig weestprstminently roenected it te hbetloms world of ltirmingllaal ttavng loon proatleant of Rtoherta & Ben, otto of the ieedlnie tltlonery. hook and tffoerayfttg hoses of tttttsouth; for ib.' let 16 yetare. Ieo wa. trior to ta lttle. geneal mtaneager of the il tlttlttletoNews. An it "vinietworhertto teas ever Gus. gytl lt mro yatriette, taterast and pride tltlrttt lnattatihatn Mr. I:wintg, aed It eat til thulttiasm tndt busitle tit.cooiribtiotilarely to the uetmas of emany of titrttitgttotm'amotivaittable achieve. nitnl of it ptblit iI tern. lie corer tired of hboostttng itttioghgattiCdher lateres le took ani atfie ttteroot to every. liing Ithalt tddto uttittiid.and mat tittely. known forIisauntitrintg efforts findt etterity. Anstafte dairtetr ofilia Morehaats' t'tattllttftr'r it e tviegsChtamps he loftti iii" lt~prloce spots Itttmse wilts whom hri r'ams lit 1lttl itid c am, truthitilly hobelad Ihtult hetti at iths pst 'if day, cervitng tie coutiiry, foeeasa attincirelymtalet Intoilt wtrk of his deitorlfttvlt agiig his fultl IttoInthe loti'vrltttI ottolvtie ClitteItotbeament mitttl to vry etta'n, t. ttorgaatetn Cie tttcr.'l itit aof Alalttea In handling %%it' Ce1,nivos Otoettl tel housands i-f ditlivrsmworfthof 'Thrift lelattpe tans tit-tenusldlthrouagh his direcltiot.Thea War lti'tttgst aletteheadqoartrt tetll he 'last-dtutil ftor tie funeral today. The pallbearers for tint fueraltttday mill ite ichard W. Macset-.rtttk Notmiot. Jr.. it. TI. Them.,hMaj. i. SM. Totcttvr JtttteeC. Otetlt. It. T. Andterson, 1: t. ifleon and iHiltl iergtieea. Mr. ifl'et was a prmtmltttimeteher of the Chrcb of tire Afvvaet. altd rmaoteirdatnatoat of ilit hest.'hisses of lilrtitetam. ieto'smate c ttlierof the itolary rth., l'haetanr of Ceelemers. thoard of 't'do, Musone sad yamora Temple. Reeoltloe adoalatdt by the l'rinters' cltub, of owtith ite wanesie moembeor, show tie sstreint In whictmhe was Jatd hy the tohnentehotattse In close contter witht him Ill a hi tneos and partonal way, The resolutions follow: "Wherea, The t'rittero' nb of 1111rtngisam hbos teartird e'ith it'deeet retrot of the deailtaaf Robtert IV. Eintg, president of Roberts &Aitotn, and "Wtheretas, Th~ti lecv'ognisedtitMr. Ewing a loaetr lit tic tatinting toduetry In the etatcttnitrtttg toIts lu evotiaon to the work cod atweto pamitg the-way to tighear and beiter etlmadatralo, led "Wheretas. Ti lrtto ti e'telteof the 'ct that tothytatreti of Mr. Etwing thIs associatiotn hue loot Ottc of Ite osacctina mamhbers, wit,,"artel-ligeet and en. thuniasticr'otti ho 'lalt etasglad to "Wherese The mcavhrs of this t havt sufforedtAt.aprso00al lotss an his deth;tatryft-r e Itt-i "Resmlved. livtietr iter.' ectub of Birminghaem. Ttaot Iteisla tosake puhilo expreselinif.threthigti sble nand parmenalea''Y Ie alit-h it helds Hobart W. Otwing, atii' It "Restolved, Tht ans a fuetittr mark ef repect, alt work Iaftotheprtenting tlanst tf titltrdaeehtesupro lidurieg the hour of elt fuetrat, and ho it "Rtesolvad. That e loyof these relttont lte tsluto the tress ef the cotyted a.'aay l i-c t it tiebereaved fainil'. lit oe thlilt- 'rittrs' lubt effers ta alt-reittai~pottvAend aetteleteere "BlveMmNt'ttAt t INTCIOS CLUB" WHENTHE 1 " r d I V; I I, d t, a r e unit/ ySnug a a httg in a r These areo made of medium weight cotton, closed crotch, S with nary a wrinkl, in the fit. Price $2--cash, of course. other. $2.50 up 3 million, y to gober buy. '" another bond 'I U~RGENT NEED FOR COVEY OF BIRDMEN VOLUNTEER NURSES FLIT ABF OUTD BEPIT 'The esaosotee 5ea nrsng n-- n-see eg the Amserleas /led ('rose regaessethet alt ehoexwho havea taken thbe ecse is elementaryhygiene seed home were of thm akok. alec first eai.caese. ae welltoas atlltasdleesnhe haeohad prertel capertesec Ins urssaa e.vesestrcs' tet-r st-rvire satc,makieg.p_ plestseessto she t-aerotvsc retary. hame stmve e eeioa. l. f.C.. reom 150 Uows-Merx hellesisen.rhshea Min ts 0155. 5Miss Itelen itnelerse rhsssmaa L & N. SHOPMEN GIVEp FOR BOYS OF FIG HTING FOURTH Mrs. M~ortimer Jaolan yesterday rs. received a check far $t0 fromo the Shed Croat branfeh at Lieseetor: $1.70 from the Phssnix olub, and 1itt from the men empioyed In the car department at hs Louisville and Nashville shops at Boles. The doneation from the Boylese work. matn was receivad through Frank Meetdcrsoe aed J. IK. Pt-toe, Sheret men hawing taken up the nlletbonasmong the werhltett. This mloney- Is heisg,3ssed Is hup tobacco for the boys of She "Fighting Fourtha." and tire. Jorda, asflairlean of the comnmittese in charge of ratslag this ftnd. has he"d very aucoeesful, the response that she Is getting being spiendid.' eoedhag ht.sNaStsand, he said there was' mar to come. Up to 'Saturday sight th enlmployse of the Woodward Iston sempay had flirselsghsee rltteeee caw aew seand without bitching while hiersa SNe ss lta'e piey hide esd srek le She risds ahore. Thts tees dt-esesrtrst reserday msc aig whensc Payet-sciield hldm flitedr boshee vesr the MastcsCt'5y methae t-eves rssa t rhIrentot t be bloced o5 r wemtes eeswreams wish anxety. Net that their darintag pleolt ewtrcenet spprrrisrd-qealsa tecrosirery-btelocel teabbtesSe are getisga*'lrplse roe" and ra viet-w ermetdeltl-defying leepa is a Insist sssehaeet msaset. fLtssessss Isae and his squadron atsr pabout 10a'eek Fen - t-nay msrals andIn spe of a stif mold heret- reseersed eiat-abt5 -lay t etrt ichi ss whys cteldas. After sesareoud few hat a boerm e o. 1Thewhelp scevyc lit outsforsea t 'ltni. Mien. GEORGE H. ESTES IS SERIOUSLY ILL Ueorgte if. Eteot-nf lbs Eatte ReelWEsstate ated I vetranir agenny, asd oe of the ha beet o it uetoseseolanIn Birmieghate. Is fet-tusty ill at his home aa Ohs CoatIthligtlutde. i-lahas hate ncl. linedeitee his home for about twoa weeks with pleurier itetd compitionsbut it was teotteattnityeeterday that any -sot. preheneletenunitfelt aver is condition. Mr. Votee underwent as eperation Is New Y'orb four oi-fOva months ago for an infected Lip and Jaw. 'Which it was ifeared at the time would develop into cantoer.,'hot when he racoered freom that he end his family btteievd that he wasetirelyncured. Mr. tEtee is ae ardeat preohibitiosist and baa been very active In Alabama poltics far sen-eralI peas. During the last feer years he has bha ec rtary e f thesetataemdtmoeratioceeeutive coeIsa xteae for of Orip should he takoh in larger, (lensethano presortbe! for prGf'Iat~yy tp.Â~.Ag-z t % 4!ot, SU 1t't.O ILN 11 N ' u ', r 0 c h 1 n e d r 0 h 1i 'n 11 1I *WMN OKES INFIVENA HAMPW0fI{F lAKE FIELD WIlH IE1EPHONE SRIE RENEWEDYIO People Asked' to AidGo---- ern entby-Avoiding Un-s Rainbow Division Deter- necessary Use of Phones mined to Raise Quota for District in Fourth Li- strehere d fak fith of urepeav. herty Loan Campaign said Chief Opertor iMrs. Llosootet ant Age-Herald raporter who liappeneet to drop 1st the telephoe off ira yesterNotwthsandng te Iroas tnlucsaGay afternoons. "Tiherpresents about i has made among their workers, the i-er cent of our regulsr workieng firce womae's committee of the Pouttbohr- and you may readily seaeitem erippledf ty Loan campaiga entered tupoa the final we are to handle te increased voltune week of the driv'e with renewed energy Io trata. th tksnal totott ad a determinatioa to bald op thetr eto trantese girls.n of course It mesld hein ha effot-t te put Jefferson county help bet litile to get isnxerienced ones.'t e ver. Whe the roll was called at hsad- Officilts o h company are I e that many of the bet workers Is tataltu-eaakn the0 are eampaign had falle victims to laflsensta, extensions and hatterments to imperative and unavoidable work necesary-I or somne mambers of ther famittes wet-nt do ithItandthrefrethe coldmeat wtar requiremensts and those of esdo o rt tfoadthefr pes notte otl emmercial ietltttrics. With this tat por fo' duy. he~ piaet erepresent ehortage of laor hit-deete lflunot easIly filled ad aecaresult a short arses the sempany aplocis 1tinsh puhihat fore took tha field. iu helpa inte eituatione by using Ite In spitseof all of thatsshe women made telephones only whenattbsolutely neeegood progress durlitg tin lay ad re- sAonrtgtc Pit.hhteen ~e ports at headquarters Guitlg the after- loteg distarseoperatet-, tho offtce has noon shamed flee rasult. teetn swaespedl with olut-aftewn catla. Hngtotl eflin, t 4 o'cock"One recevd eeco for the shotatge of opera. riatonl~elit. t Cninor, hd 'reiedtars.", sleat ei, "Is titat ofletenza has reports ft-em booth wet-bet-sahowieg scsred ttem off. Ottlaisseiling teag hostd salee during the day amouneting dielace c ails have hetd sc many death te $32,000, which Mr.e.oflin said would callo te answer thet feet- of Ieflueca he Increased to at least $.16,000 when alt may bane kopt soot of thete at home." reot eeI.Mre. Spell, tcoutny cheirman, reeved FOUR-MINUTE MEN reporte ef subscriptions tenea tsdet- TO EXPOUND TH of Birmintgham mouttihe ntiL..Ja the second weeh of thle ramlalga. FOOD PROGRAMM WOmnworkera at Atianiavllle and Gar- F _M E dendale stated that thtey teed qitwarts because the men objerted. National Food Administrator HoorV - "I appreciate the wet-k of the Rainbow camleon People So Make Great division cadet- Mrs. IV. I. Otitlth. gee- VlseyEfr q seral In reotmand." saha Mt-a Solon Jatohe, s te aibsrman:I "C realise hew st-ve Food hard It is for 5t-in to reevame In air-- mingham, where their work te house-to- At that-requese tflt-rhprt Hoover. oahouse canvtassineg. This sistafvery tts- lineal food admino-trnter. thy four-wIncoeuraging form of lIberty tote work. eto weof the-reoallfo en puhlic inhacause day after dat- the women get to formatien will dee-ole the week of t0,the homes with very little htope of sell- tahem 20 teofbheepltnation of the neIng heads, or If they Se sell. Ittis rsnre a od reom or11 n h thlat the GetomleatlntIs larger thttan onlfin rg$m8feU~S n h ow $10. It takes a grest nany boats of ittgent necessity of conrrrattoe he every the smaller ttenttiionathoes to make the way postle. aggregate sham bip"lIno She hunedes of The tenk etfe the Americao Teople thousatnds. whieh was the ret-ordl of the Rainbow for tte first wek of the cam- Is ounlined by Mft. ooer in his let. paign." let- to tho four-minute toe as followst Mrs. Jacobs Is.ttrghag the committees "Our government has tu-ieItw~li 17301.00 In olllconotireto putitt odd rsytthingIons of food en the' lelioatd our on elsn this eek c-bfor te Liet-ty ioaaneor, army he Pren. Thin ton m1o r ~ie appeoling tee theer to hetpremseliton every- ttan we shippedilatoteitar adt our tIbody the urgent necessity of raising the greease feoot aubpyi'n appreoitmutely tile state's quota and thereby encouraging eeme." and helping the hops Isn France. Home yards mill be dietributeal throeghta____out the United Staten attttwilt ho huog Confiscated Whiskyty I hekthe o ltlyhoarpeah in the iniiulrsonhlt f1601.0Is Sent to Hospitals lelilgent people to toninue tegets neoitntary rfforitpoorretude hr a natiotn Crimial Judge J. D. OD~ebw of Nash- tu roederrre foods. This caralses t 'ooat vile hs snt ll he onfscaed iqu eesvedenow will saettie umaeelirreand titl ha e l inlensa lqo the rapidity and rompleteans of our nicin thnat town oat t otat patients tory depost-te directly on the degree of at the powder plant" ead Harey Ma- oar effort, ad that this effort hecothe Naith. 'The jud e. Sf fouse.I,prescribed a permtat respossibility for everyone It to taesott doss.hut eves so it of us." Cook somte etrye to pith a stunt like WH N edeeulslWithout euggeat~ag much a Chlng., stow 1Jei~a.J many sew cmomsmouldAen-lap. hke toh same nourse' Weedlwe tammaneedewj'No. it, K, n-sgr~ wolodismaC#145 tet a... aa a eo stt lg yptts ceadnoses te veaset INSURANCE err- -aed,.n-..Me t~oesti hae q s JUST I PHONE -M bansSe.17. potpeceL. baieet lI~ arw$ht m ased. o allst momber Inemwo ' dvi bhle Iso ename 1 ta )etst 1, *D~,A5 -DRU 0 5.~c.3r.& $thS 09/20/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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