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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ teeee C~lon 't'.J ( 6on '" + their inadequately h efre pad th1Q ght, ut no fore le ofa~rcinf back the Cier fare hores stbtotfoafae~ng the tamoua city of;Rheim~s. ' etal h len '"THEE-_,_ SMILES THAT MAKE US HAPPY." 1e wrofteAeias asc f9;-Gernlany'e I.h ilhf ______________ notable because ohs of the reahe. itnnfrl h de I"'A witc diiin hea!8heltered according toIn-. E,NAN 11i7A fl e tpifl battle at ant important O h ot h INFL wiUt pout, ever having beatngn GhllA e nt itecne h anpes~to" SI"I " ILTUtUSTOREah BELGIUM, befo e, the division,tf sto h BrtsrncanA In eri att UlIOAer,~rn HOLLAND AGREES ' mo bitterI~l Germjan Connr attacks theipran aia aton. t ghe er- 11111 legesm an y st UiI1tI)Praised by French General. poionintenih on.diShje dere } liP ihu lnhng onws ftei araems o-,ulChege Daiiy New.. ______ The efforts of the two jatnits were Uofca eot "raemutcn Copyright, 1913. so noteworthy that they were praised ands. She denies Na 's tl1ut THE HAGUE, October 19.- Declines in Deaths dNe pG eond thrred Natio Ca Itl u8Over Holndr ofalprisaeai e ublicly In an order Issuejd by e, opeey6 nm.ure beon th iiadr f-alprisaeN.i commnand of the 21st Frencl bencuhbtw n 33 WIII s In-rourth agreed that Belgium must be Cases 'as Result.Qf,Rigid Army Cops with which the ercaa Issities.m fu y restoredi by Germany. wer andae the North sea.ld ser,19.-The dis- L.s~,ta the qpeegon of Belgiuma's were Oberd Th f ne A slaidv-" te -a been dy Lon r ta. Its suffering, all 1! ether- Prcutions Talc nOn Octbe bee the 3dv ~ v meia li od t saesnh irn-of on /1;4k," aeals", rsf agree is4 gnalr lou., h a rrived'duin4 the nigl yef venth hour,,tm.t th.ra.k:,1 ttpisq the ifa-, r e nea ti l' ( "' this ~ the ' on6r~o( aiis a ~ i t hu4:hs rcelved here TOTAL B 1$,v plI Belgiii, t~la the't '-'~pF J that Germany,"' V 1. t~7~#wsitnie~:e*' ~ ~ g~J ota a ie l bae or iliator)!~~~~ ofe r- -y s the elgin~n ha,,, u i he enemy., a hieolTb dayfl it 'flao ofe umre- When,flad the el" Begin;:ffer i matte ani efts$nde4 advap4e, on;the Duc1 rnie erS willo recall ni an the urt td aOfOtt d)ltb hs Ip er a epatioS.. Confident "hope akin to;, ssnrancee siopea to the fioirtll. gie 0 qaem andthe. urtinwent tdown on the "the offensives, -the heavy fides,rg fourt liberty I. a*dl, the deportatipas. the eacectfione. that' the high mark has been reached It,ceompll All Tais. forhlbrytnc~npi~tgn, a the destruction and burialr of i'n.the Influenza epidemic is felt by ' 1 A aneE unomelally estim ted that the natialn'p property, the famine conditons, 8th lvsoatettfrf capita had aus bdml.ta g h oigo icr the health authorities, based upon the do dt Dvsin at In pecdnt forga Charles, ~~~~~the people,. especially the " Wal- det eodadnwcssrpote ti sndayt cmptayorn-BwenBuead ober 19.--Oer- 000.006-at least ix million lbt excess loone and the Flemings, and for the pas fot-ih hor ~ as ordered Into tbe line on the Gemnrssacdssm a Berlin tale- Iof Its quota. they agree that before there Health.Oficsr W. C. Fowlersaid bate nig t of October tl-7 to ref'eve under tha ate nrh u sreply to Pres- The District li rty loan committee can be any question of Hialiand con itionst particularly de late the Cuta h rts r ot trogl pr- anounedtha. ddifonto~*,, lending herself to -peace hiedis- last night that he felt assured that tions Germany must olbhriy an4 his propheyd as printed in The Star 3 iinadt ilde~eaeyrpdyfo h oa cation nf cruelty tal, Washington.'robskbly will!ly declare that Beitidm sh Fdyatnot he ellt]ta fro the crests northI of St. Etisalne Th Mac riehsb Lt it would. notda afbebn totoe the 'effect~e tnt and throw hi bick to the Alga of111 an th ase n ilvesi~~credit for $5,000, 00 worth of' bonds bersodanidmlfdtn-n a,s e Jran whesi ich wer b g hy m conditionally with- full -'Inde- the epidemic would show a marked Al ough beini under fire fbr-the flrtChenigtmlsat aa 're eranwic wr bug y m ailors~ pendence and without 'any oco- decline iln the.number of deaths, as tim, teyugslirof, Gn rads.rfarer at Te only wan hc t ese 'm ' noti oeny dton wusticer i u csso rc nth 5 h. rivaling in[ thtea combatve Poeatjnto fTo at adfrther at she andywy nn foie thetseme. ' Not ol detiton watieve. l a s new- spi t land tenacity the old a d valilat IrmCeegotwr ebemy's atarva- coldianity claim such a declara- following forty-eight hours. ad been regilnents of Gen. Lejeiietita,.omplit~h- roulteBiihhv,; bufod.astls heay ton, but Holland herself would verified..# 'ed all the /aket set for them. Department in W shington to arrange never. feel safe from German "a "oal hgnelcmadighe, Reported. a subscription fo them. As the Navy oppression If she were in any Hepitdotthttebrmtrm "Torp ll thapp toe cmading the van eal ih ie neaten pat alisc legs way to attempt to exonerate indicating the increase of the deaths amys corpsis hppysio tof adres he ml fotIntre-as ber 19.-The of- plc al pegs Gerina'conaluat with 'ejr and new cases had staggered and. was mtot cordilearonf his becag-wSouth ffoalencienne at W1iison's note with Washaington anks, this sum. will to Belgium.'. now slowly but sureiy falling, This service, but the. past is proof of the wieigthewdedi nreceived and show up an the istrict's- final count. is giving encouragement end assurance future"~ Gera eessadhy to the health officers that their strenu-.eneybhn h tmr eras reached in 1). C. Kep on Buying. ous wotk and rigid precauti ns' have ~ unGra oiin, wd rn ato h m ati h o- Although the ople of Washington produced results. 'v4cn ofGie Rtes riThe SEr For te twenty-four hours] from 9 >h itr fthe Champagne bat- TeSl a enco tenwpprknew early ysst ay afternoon that U lILIl lfl o'oc rdanihupttecre-tie,' which, freed,Rheimas. shows the acaiuaintad wihtheir city's quot of;$2750i,0eO had spondin hour last night th re were he reply, whicha heen easilly ove ubseribed, they did IIL lU U1I sixty-si deaths-reported. For the are- sensational part played by the Amer bhadd not stop buying bonds. Long lines;ceding wentyfu or... '~c loans While the French were heldJ 't Berlin dlatur- 1of men adwome filed Into the banks Thured night upto the sae oru yitogGra defensive pool ning. until late into th night, lending the tIf Al P fI Friday ight--there were nl t-v ln the American 3d Division at-, last doilsar they uld spare. to sup-U>fhUIIY ".li cases, he decrease was two tynn a d on a two-mile front peat of 1.. 11 of Council Port the boys w cagr Afgting and IH IH LUUL cases. Soyx ae Py, broke through the enemy I lrli tidPriuar yitefun Isiblntg'e anve the seven dieats asscoped B1UO ayfr Moont and ilye vcdes a. Tis AI,-tbr 5 Ssubscriptions w so greiat, the oem- day to noon, Saturday showed svnyto gl the formidable lilhts of, thAtIPeh o:rtins w~riclr- 'Btece n t 1 possible-"u~ th eneen twet-fou hos rome ith to five on anal oneh at' l Thes akeraing the re- accurate estimat up to lb idi ght of a preceding twenty-four hours-iey rai edvaltos turned the German p'- ame l ogtefo ermany ieading what Washingto 's total '*oldbe. prsien Mad Mediator one death-a decrease of ourteen. tionp In the mountain region east the German re- Tbey went to b ' aseuredpiioiseyer, During the same period the tmber of of -Rheimns and forced thema to make scesu ntercm son's questions. that oce more a National splital Then Huns Inaugurate Rt-new cases recorded was 744 a~ against a rapid retreat. Gemtmkn Iea '/.a'tnat, the had done its all.. uh 934 for'" the previous tweoI ty-four The attack of the 2d Division was nueostnsada armat iveiy was,~aa' ~ hour a- decrease of 150 case. preceded by the preliminr clern igofvoltcctra meet 4'g of the 150,000 P~ra Bought Bod.r'ls olicy, WrtrS,.Tee wiere no new cases 1eortes upa of,the German 'first reid sec allotte goal ue Cen I,etra hih-ar rolc"b roomy report on t'.ot only did. ashington pass Its, -en ssÂ~ alotdgabut t boasted lasVnight '"" ' lgBrownlew's Condit'. wires. This opaera~tion was acoom- igh ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -;- aprrRi-o ery1000nliul ubcl"lpga al e oTeS~splipheed in a few hours. A general atx nCan-g~ h stdines ti. ofy neryu~o dvda usrb ppa si ~tht h uiy Commissioner. Luis Broawn= h taco was launched on the nsormin~ of rahdt uaii ie tst nes te ors--showinf. ci fly tha the rank star aaxi the Brew Yerk Tnibuee wh o October 8. The Americans errPptt thi nwpp"r, and the as well the men of wealth jwas taken ill wit the i'nflue sa Fri. awsay 'all resistance and pushed saesad-atr t emi tus such~ that enlisted their dol rs to fight, BY ARTHUR B. DRAPER. day nooin, wras 'sting comn ortably speedily. They found that on the left hnrdp oe' eet twaded within a One of the live iest spots In. town LONDON. October 19. -In view of 1at~ ihbthds ebhbtteGra iekona h ofhsgetlast nIght wast he corger - of -1"1th the reports from Berlitr as to tie poe- indicating. that lie is sufferi g from Esa n trench was pouring In an en-I otGa t. lhe was made street and Pe neylvania avenue, the dies'naml om'Ailn r rmm-hn n s l 'eproaches. 'where scores of l'sons' who stopped sibbe modification of the U-boat cam- tHe diseasse In trs an mil formt thouigh fisren rom machine gusectl tk Out. ' to study The Sta a war'map bought paign, an article which George Sern- that there' was a noticeable tad en- to the left, the Americans sent over l~UfWS FVR Baden, th m omTe an'd ralinet fron of contributed to the Voss Iche couraging decrease in -the nu her of detachments and soon conquered it. f Bademap an witite the' raid Infoft 'aoef Zeitung assumes new Interest. deaths from the i fluensa, as weli as a 0th'e war must tion ofp a n wi had g athee n Hr'Brhr'dcae nter a more not iceable~ decrease in. the Observer Is Mistaken. King Ludwig of a total of $ 0.000 in-last-minute sub- title that the- announcement oaf ruth- The facct that the majoiyo the 8 apid was the advance of the 3d Y n "if" uendobrff scrptOn fte'ou nleeo h less submarine warfare was made at nowcases beiIE treated at the Div iion that the Amnericans had.onsibiiity rested r e thempaign asIn acteds at ths the beginning of last year at L me 'ntd ae Public Health Service reached the German observatory- on 'h eibt Gran d I enStrofe ally' a eneat theioa ment when lermony had esked Presi- enliergenc hospital at 18th s t and Bland Mont before the German coin: I or military a-. drive closed. A ritish" rmy officer, dent Wilson to mediate, when he had i.aaeu r adt famtdntera nwwa a a 41 mattersy 'lhewh had been list ning to the women already consented to do so and when much nilder type than cases treated paned. The -observer on duty in th e whowee igo ndicatin thst-t e viru- towler saw a large number of Amer-D c-~~ tthe recrimina- I speak, mounted t e rally wagon and communication of both "G a a week_ g,,,,,., _.__ _,_._. led~ McAdoo remained at' tle. woani's " The orters to the armiy eomamanders, ed and th~ room given a tiinrou I ai-MBtEIllEAQ'~ le lia headquarters and autogrrahed the Bernhard says, are a _lop to that 4-" ing and 411 the sunlight possi a for sesuwwo BrnBrn'honor - posters-.wh h were given to rectlon. and If a etcp is put to the a day y~ huh iatai DWX D r'i~a GL&1L RNE coe 5te tilBan last note Duringh toheat cond fereta"r- b-oat barbarism It w old be another, flu...t Dunn thimte tot Adoc Secetao from o n would thits be elimi. '. emnrtieetI in uliau o do-also visited he wolnenhe head- Warl~ Sets.. -~ Eo y nsated. Halt* Mob& Thie Cut Esti-notenFacralyis icharacter, al- Quarters to connsm anembers Th'o raim'htee- ~ dI~~n ae. igt lnadtegnr dereal~~~Th plai fromlsn ments ener was the sold fzoowtq usm~M~s ~ ae n no h nrasstldd kej inC~ltigusof the committee, d hrt the few ibo- While Berlin is body, r thte I-ba at a, Dr. enla,i ~bYRotbr19-elho aoai rcsit tustria-Hungary of tboa h lia te s. igant the abolt oetrwrn ortlv tshe cannot ~ one~TeWrl ohmite l- i gis boueorhwo "Black lnammie#' of the o3 Vir. Co fasOnar Copeland tonight con-Whrvrfgtntae thatIf ernany ewe, lst igh hatNls Geoge he aisr an th ~o~ibl trump ofginia" type, assistes by young l' war traditited health authorities In Wash-oftecapririts tent ilso Geead Dwyidow of e -42 'Manila the boisheyiki' set Landon an its workers employred in the' mse - whesiadtenubroaidpesrentert deny alrn ene,* bough pi5O wordhiof speak' to ~ iLl told tar's2deot at street b twee 11th l5gtioi whIsiae h ubra ply aleraata mf onds.the Wago' C dent to- n treete, une epo ar- casep eaa i ewYrka a separate peace, ' " ' 'Â~ In' r'esad to the Sihiner lntersiew' sraelen madue t ater the o nuna nNwYr twoi etn u sfs neat~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tov hea gn ' 0,.ad ixdtenme tls nstd hve i in- D. C. 3ninsn 'an.jdold aera-is-n cidSoptch peoyerb that ntin of the-influenza ep emc 1lO4I, fxdhenbrat1 wieteale otnet a mind, pa we I as ' &a. eow doe't eat -.I -wouldn't are 'ervi in the mornings and after. 2503jtoifmthGmesn run, atacordin to IWashigton Ina is a' xaoeeded lie tossrnv n ei i s or noons,. in the rear of the- bu dIngs, nC~ u t the Washington fiein diat lent of -the &ni by at lat so, I ^reonr4' Qf blamed hn N one 'ee.i proo ch eco end other hot eoo ishing 1"l ed.tscut. that in baf o.....', _ " "'"h"""~ t, Op j 11n l,+aid on 'icond a- donil sta~tq~ Dr. Copeland said. ib'th!1 ~ -~10/3 0/2 0 06 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M -

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