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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ets Cot se ers, ad talo two laeus Â~0-Gr M. alant and F. Malone4 Clabrids t Wdlson's it..Th* E " fy ca w @,etm"? n tral NewS. the Ford, Moar ela Bne And wa perated by )axe Providence, ' with four-od~f'n WAIT3D: Camp D 3evens. Fabisit Be,,FiC Jaznesi W. A. Smith. and Fus Roy SGerman lay, the drivger, ado not seem to havela 10.-Gter. M. Galant and F. Malone (Cambrdge Lt ilsn'sTho' Ford cat' was evertured and treat anal. its occupants tattered over the toado a Copen- way. The 12s-year-old boy riding in tralI News, the Ford, Miss Belen Barnes ad o Germn Riley, the driver, (do not seemftohae shed in the been hurt beyond being Severely evening, shaken u The passeIg in the n Gazette Packardwe severely shaken up and shocked but not seriously enough in. re that the j ured to require their removal to a commences hospital. Both automobiles were put.gut of commlission. The truck of the ChelmsLNG PU ford Spring company was quickly pressed into service to take the invEImP- lured women tb the hospital but the truck met the ambulance from LowMi- ell. on the road and-transferred its L.-German!5ed to the.ambla nelS reveal a is arentl in- TO BEIEVE CATARRH, for a fur- O ~ CTUH -.,. CATARRHAL DEAFNESS able referforua AND HEAD NOISES the Tag- Persons suffering from catarrhal imaginarY deafness or who are growing hard of from some hearing and have head noises will be )e, for ex- glad. to knowthat this distressing aformer am-!fniction can usually be successfully former treated at home by an internal medig a picture cine thaUbz many instances has effalse Paa.- fected com plete relief after other ring peace treatments have failed. Sufferers who ring peace could scarcely hear have had their ing learned hearing restored to such an extent that a Wilson. the tick of a watch was plainly audible seven or eight inches away from either ear. Therefore, if you know of Vossishe b someone who is troubled with head which grd- noises or catarrhal deafness, cut out States from this formula and hand it to them and you may have been the means of sayWilson was ing some poor sufferer perhaps from his efforts, total deafness. The prescription can y the Ger- be prepared at home and is made as follows: oday," the oSecure from your druggst 1 os. Parave a gov- mint (Double Strength). Take this assert its home and add to it pint of hot water and a little granulated sugar; stir unn the pres- l dissolved. Take one tablespoontful four times a day. rints an ar- Parmint is used in this way not only tthe German reduce by tonic action the inflamnathe German tion and swelling in the Eustachian a President Tubes, and thus to equalize the air if Justice. pressure on the drum, but to correct any excess of secretions in the middle ET SHOWS ear, and the results it gives are nearly always quick and effective. MYT Every person who has catarrh in any form, or distressing rumbling, hissing sounds in their ears, should give this recipe a trial.-Adv. Frittng frorn Lpetatment vizier and ter of T rSent of th\ re tte says.binet proof peace on.r that coun- * situation at per says. i buat o l ais d oi Ict ew ould -i n to our armies at the ";; yaira ' s adefeatmo.a at the ofuhe fi. This- Liberty day comus as a test of our patriota. people. A e we willing to t uip our, soldiers doing such heroio r on the various battlefronta, not in our money outright but by Y---4- ing a part of it at a liberal te of interest? No risk, no gift,;erly an accommodation to the govzaent fighting the battles of Liberty. Let it not be said' that Lowell has ed in her duty. Let the men who ive the money whether, they are rich Spoor come out and put it down nobly Sthis glorious cause. This loan will probably be the last. as the struggle nearing a glorious triumph. The pan who subscribes can claim an hontrable share-of the glory that will be siurs when the powe'tof the Huns shall have been broken, never again to hreaten civilization or any large portion of the people of the world-not Even the people of Germany. THE EPIDEMIC It is hoped that the epidemic which as swept this part of New England for the past six weeka is n-ow on the wane. Lowell has certainly paid a heavy toll to this influenza scourge and the end is not yet in sight. A large number of new cases is reported daily and it is noticed that the disease brings on a very great tendency to pneumonia. It strikes chiefly at the langs and the heart, whereas the origInal grippe of 1850 had more the character of a severe cold that brought on a high fever with a disturbance of the nervous system. There has been some criticism of the a tion of the health authorities on the ground that its preventive meagSaes were not sufficiently sweeping nor enforced with sufficient strictness. some people favored putting a card *m the door of every house in which a case of the influenza was found; but this would be a very extreme step that might perhaps result in the neglect of patients and otherwise do more -ss rr- than good. The board of. health has also been criticised for not putting Its foot down strictly against holding wakes or any assembly of people where a victim of the disease is awaiting buri~al. The people have been cautioned repeatedly against such essemblies and in fact against assemblies of all kinds; but unless compul i t I I I a 4 t 1 1 I o t ax was, reminesa t~elarine player starting alone down the streeL after the minstrel band is six blocks aheed. And Hen need not tear about. the effect of the president's reply oni the allied, and American armies. They seem to skip along toward Berlin at the rate of about 15 or 20 miles a day. As regards that aeroplane trip fron England to France in which the aviator carried an ubright piano with him landing it' safely in France, while the poetically inclined might regard it as a the "music of the spheres," most of us would feel that we 'buld rather ride over in t.t particular plane just before or just after the big music box was a passenger, rather than as the piano's "lumper." One of the remarkable things about the conduct of the present war so far as America's share in it is concernedand yet it is not a remarkable thing when you stop to think of it-is, that the struggle seems to progress to a victorious issue in favor of American and allied arms in spite of the fact that certain pickaniffian republican editors are continually telling jithat the men who are directing affairs at Washington are woefully maisnanaging things. President Wilson asked the German chancellor certain questions because he desired to obtain some necessary answers. When a crook comes before a decent man and expresses a wish to adopt a less risky method of obtaining sustenance, thp decent man has to apply the acid test and see how sincere the new born desire is on the part of the crook, In the case of the chancellor it'sis as it he had spoken something but had "mumbled his words." President Wilson believes we are living at a time when mumbUling one's words doesn't go. SEEN AND HEARD Put the stamp of sincerity on your war economles--A Thrift Stamp. Clinking Liberty bonds dollars beatsa. clapping for Liberty loan appeals. tim My bho *ho~iFy 1 y5 But I ted a ' Since *iye h.Its The boy who yeterd Caressed' my lips *W i'' And aithOfllth' mY,h' I knew that-,h s hert" part. And- I blest that l r am givingthe youth In the face ofi tie- word It. fiat. As he bared his a, 1 To win a place in the-wOr With a laugh for.- thi I am giving the lad wabs Be half so.bad as I thous And if ever his heart If he rambled wild, hechildAnd I only lvedhim I am giving the boy school And if ever he irked at Or his lessons went am 'Twas a very small chap my lap For the comfort of m I am giving the boy wi And who hurtled back a: day, Like a wild-wolf spent And I sat by his side, w pride And filled his hallown I am giving the child mood. Who sweetened my slee my food, Who brightened the And I fretted away suc day. As he lingered out o I am giving the boy b pride, When first his little leg That garment of yot And I laughed to see glee To become a two-les I am giving my child I As he rambled andI whole in-doors, In sient mischief p Or clung to my skirt t Of his little pink t, I am giving him aidcl him well. Through sweets of he of hell. h all The new warm Held.And it nestled again Men give' but a man crimes. But a mother gives times The boy whom she For tender axd small - tall.' abo to her e " -DMUND VA L123y do not when we nts in Tur. Hot Tal a.of policy.' Q Hby "Handy Andy" the saddest Folks, do you remember last Winion with this ter how oold It got and you couldn't at, in com-. buy Oil Heaters or coal for love nor Weye of the money? written his Well,. if you follow my tip right to be with now you'll escape all that unnecesse when he sary discomfiture for I've had my.... hte leave, boss la y in a supPLY of Oil Heaters-- 2 in Lowell good "toasty" stoves that will keep ime he on- you nice and warm during all those was 27 years cold aays aneo. Wfe" was a, 3"5.01W broth= i i ir MrA'I' ynn, who ABSOLUTELY HIGH GRADE Infan I,,, o h e S 5 i giAn rrisd - - cwi~.: 4f u -rt as -t ae ad it in e -u" T "I t to get the pubUc to observe any regulations of the kind even when the violation thereof is attended with serious dangers. It Is well for every person who is attacked with influenza to realize that this disease is much more serious than Is generally supposed. When compli-ated with pneumonia, the danger is tainiy very grave. Many patients who'-ave appeared to be on the road to reovery have been suddenly cut of! by a sikg spell or general collapse.,I the patient Is to be saved from the amt riousa consequences. this must f 1 1 t r -"-xtscaios- retuee us e for every Amerloan family this Thanksgiving. Notice to squirrls--nutshells are needed to iake gas masks-c onserve a nut and win the war! Eat the other kind. wm In Paris you can get a course dinner for 88 cents. It would be a coarse dinner served here for that gladsome 'fgurs. / Flying is new said to be sae as walking. Wh ch may be so sIx days a week, but the gasless Sabbath is thq pedesltrians paradise! End t$. dslial and tsee'W -. 1.... us.. t9. th -h t tA s a,. 1 1 1 1 V M wo Such a Pu e wai a flsherma wore her hair in a net came round to court ] a few things he said: "My love, you hold my heart. 'Although in expressing "mysel that you will save ing a 'crabbed' old': stick to you closer th WilT 7 )1~ t" C;'f'1" 3 | e done in the early stages of the -be-Lawrenc. liquor dealers appar-.y have a good frignd at court in he person of Robert 8. Maloney, comnbe: -e a plea for the lqu og which resulted in the salaooi owed to contlw3y to do bus; li'., 4 a, cue il b a

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