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ï~~::;,Y Â~ I:.R'v l Â~ s Â~ AGAIN MEMBER WOUNDED John B. Logan Has Been Working With a Machine Gun Detachment. LOWLL tRI'J EPIDEMIC '1S HAD, ITS RUN Sporadic Cases May Be Expected All Through the Wimter. tcHESTER c.R.A.. Norember 9, Set t Demonstration Here. for $ sand Soldiers:omlng.JQhn $ "Logan. member of 9Battery Dr. Simpson Believes: That Chld. F, field artillery, was injured in action lamp Devens With in France Aug. 28, according to a tle- ren Will Be asafe at School d of 80 Pieces. grain from the War department at as Anywhere. Washington to hi. mother, Mrs. Mary E. Fleming of 10 Raymond place, off --- navy day Is on again. It Wept Third street. Hi. name appears 'The Influenza locally is 'golng 4 Saturday November 9. In the official casualty list today. He out'," says Dr. Charles E. Simpson,rk the beginning of the enlisted March 29, 1918, and three state health officer assigned to the io. for the benefit of seven weeks later went to France. In a let- cal district. tions. The Y. M. C. A., Y. ter to his mother under date of Oct. 8 "It is doing here just what It is do. ights of Columbus. Jewish '4 in elsewhere where the epidemic has rdr Salvation Army, rgot In and had Its run. Of course it will be present sporadically el anity Service, and Ament- through the winter. We really haven't Association, been without influenca since 1889 an Army and Navy day was 1890. when we had the last real epi mSept. 21, but thdy was.demlc of it "As a rule it has usually struck um enza made necessary its In winter, rather than it the early Today, Benjamin S. fall, as it did this year. Thedisease aldirectoreefWarCa rp com s in virulent form. according ti rk, received formal ap- Dr. Max Rosenau. once" In every gentp Devens authoritthe' to, oration. "It has been figured out that the dis. ado conetago ther e"t' ease has been about Seve tisues as in cn.ectiion with the severe this year as It was during the e. It is felt that theevent epidemic of 1889 and 1890. This Is due a contributior.and the either to more contagion this year ci all tmseven organt ations. the fact that there Is more moving ed to make the program about, greater activity than charac so. terizes us in more normal times." Oees.iheaded b their Relative to keeping children frot Deces. r adpo btie,school for a time. Dr. Simpson sali aes from De parade that. In asmuch as there will be cease 9 and friends of soldiers-of the disease throuchout the winte aown streets about.0 there can really be no more chance e afternoon. Their objec- catching it now than later on. People he South common, where who exercise precaution, use their. Byroade will tirect his common sense, will not get the dis in in a demonstration of ease. he avers, Fifteen new cases of the diseas Yw dwere reported at the office of the healt willhe a band concert departmentyesterday, making a iota also a meal for 1000 men, of 0657 since Sept. 19 There were aim ). Thompson will he chief two deaths, making 351 from influenza Harryst nof ceremonies as a direct or contributory factor Harry.P Ptts aud liutithi The Isolation hospital will not closi 'homes J. Fitzgerald w i. this week. It Is said. There are som, ea h s.t erys avwseriously ill patients there and it ccof tacthcoysDheL.cwould he a very grave risk to movi ly of tobacco. Dudley. them from the place Two new pa Friend, Albert 0. FOX, J. lents have been admitted. and thre George F. Magutre and have been discharged since Wednes ale the committee of ttiy. The number of patients still JOHN IH. LOGAN. stands at 14 ITS TO he makes no reference to his injury. OCTOBER SESSION WATER TAKERS The letter in part Is as fol8os:.OF'A. 0. H. COUNCIL esent time this year the Just a few lines while I have a The regular October meeting of th nent has given in din,' chance. We have just come back from Central Council of the A. O. It. wa batements to the water one of the sectors after giving "Jerry" held Wednesday evening. Preslden lty the sum of $20.e5.71 his bumps good and plenty. I haven't John Kenney in the chair. Under the n abatement and in dis. sald much in my letters as to what I reports of committees many matter three months of 1918, have been doing, for reasons which you of Importance came up. Chief amoni scounts and abatements probably know. them was the large amount of as follows: March, I am with a machine gun battery ne wi t the epdmic f niok I, $513.79; and July, and my work I. to keep "Jerry's" air-za. Thecommittee on rollfofnhono planes where they belong. There are and service flag reported that now the p to the present time., eight of us in our squad. three of whom the ban Is off they will ask the coun ch abatements and dis are from Lawrence. The last front we cil to hold a mass meeting soon, whei 1.487.87, by months, as were on we shot 4000 shots at German exercises will be held and a flag wit] ruary, $7990.48; May, airplanes. As a result of our work the gold stars will be raised to the mem ougust. $7350..L3. t No. Germans are getting afraid, and they ory of those who are entitled to there tal of discounts and hurry away the moment they scent who have died In the service and wh, ts $9044.86, making the danger. Sometimes they fly high over belong to the order. The cohnol in r 1917, $30,532.72. our heads and either drop bombs or tends to run many entertainments dur play machine guns on us, so we have ing the fall and winter months. Re AI STORY go to keep awake all the time. marks were made bye President Joht I suppose you read about the big Kenney, John O'Sullivan. Thomas Dar IRMAN ATROCITY drive we made and also the battle of sey, Philip Harley and others. the Marne. I swam that river. It isn't Ii Housqutme of the 47th very.big, about as big as the Merlr. TILDEN STREET SEWER ded last July in France, mack on Sunday when the mills are ngers of his left land, stopped. We drove the Huns back over Jng friende on lrst the Veele river, and I don't know, but A DIFFICULT JOB I soon live in Lowell. t think they are going yet. I am in a The Tilden etreet seerer recone true chT says Private George nice little dugout writing this letter tion job is proving literally a stab into coundh4 in the neck in and the boys are trying to think of the dark. For a distance of 107 fee now in a hospital in some late song to sing, but it Is pretty new sewer must be laid, but.beyont hard to get one going because we the end of the cave In Commissloner Oermanq placed two haven't0 kept tabs on late music. Morse'whas.not the slightest idea as. t a parapet and speared Wei--.A,we-are ai working hard to the condition of the old sewer laid ti,resence of 'American end this' wa. no matter how long it 1840. That this too, fs in bad shape hi,dies, he says, were re- takes; if wehpys don't end it there are surmises. If' It is found tjhat over' 10( vhen the Germans were more bacl'in the states that will. feet more of the line is weakened, of field. -- Good-bye,and 0Ond luck, broken, then it will be necessary for " Pvt___ "__..him to appeal to the council for mor kR COUPONS Prvste Geerge Beleh. money. The state department of A letter received in this city from health has practically said that thu SUED THIS WEEK Sergt. John Sullivan of the 4th pioneer sewer must be relaid wherever it i, s e wg regiment states that Private George found In b d shape. It drains a large ordan, sealer of weghts Brick. whose relatives live at 117 area of thecity, and health conditiont has Issued about 125.- Pleasant street, died or disease while would be seriously affected were the )ns thus far this week. on the way across. Oct. 11. The young sewer ttpped up. sents one pound of su. man's relatives have not received any per person. Howeverofflcisl notice to this effect as yet, and KEITH THEATRES TO not only to residents ol have appealed to Mayor Thompson to......... those of the towns communicate with the Washington of- CLOSE SATURD, Lowell. It Is believed lcials for confirmation of the report. ill go into 26,000 fame- His Honor has telegraphed to the mile All B. F. Keith theatres Isthis eoc.y before the work is[ttary authorities for information. try will suspend performances on Sat urdey afternoon, Nov. 2, out of respec r 'UPWord has been received from the for the memory of A. Paul Keith, sen r UP ' War department of the wounding on eral manager of the theatres, who diet K Aug. 18th last of Private Alcer B. on Wednesday In New York. Telegrams K WELLS AGAI[ Cate, of the headquarters company to this effect were sent out from thi 101st infantry, and that he is now on New York office yesterday. r weeks the Cook wells the list of wounded-"degree undetrbeen heed to augment mined.""-. eater supply, but Com- His father, ames O. Cats, of 10, Bow- EA R II ne. tatethat, within a' den street, was otltled of the woundbe necessary to "hookl ing of his son about a week ago. The R S F| i r. n. ErLE ry sqply, from_ the day before however, he had re~eliVed. lae Qtfboulevard w.ell three letters from.his son, dated, re- e! 1 l1[r L g a. drop,,T.p sp'ectlvel, 'SePt,- ISh. 16th. and lIrd. R I1 iVER LAD ll v~ze rseroie.....In these letete he stated that had been|, n--II/ l,il = =- -,"7. *= ga ssed, asnd"that ha had been in a boOl -___._Â~___ "= r -...., _ _ pitaL.He wasn'discharged, but later a]......: ','. ':-. 'a gas boil over his left eve caused him ec.... This. Is i t.f '.:ATTHE Chester Clothes READ -the clo advertisce in this paper, an WILL FIND a ad relatil men's all Suits and coats at $ thing ments C newsd you NOT single ngr to wool Over20. wE BECAUSE fabrics a have advanced sky I,2O0 WE had on the floors thousands of yards of wo huge stocks of silk threa we ad vertised,that we

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