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L i3eeisl, -A( coring to ai. report mail. to tile Uulfetd States IuI'tiitl alth S ervice,, tile epi*" demtlc of, influenza In ilpulill lis.l F 114 W lYtL I LL ali "' wn jm;rnngC ism-[us tirav * It Tyr -tT -~ L terculosis, A stioilar sasociatton he. tweed induousa and tubersculosisa was recentiy madle by Sir Arthur.News. iolme, the chief meeal otlerr of the Snglish puhiic. heaith.service,. In his susiyais or tile tuberculosis cathwrcte edl Slates may profit by tile..expciieflce of. other countries Surgeon lit neral ltugiurt, Blue of the United tetesnTiublie Hesith Service, has just Issuedi.a 'warning emp hasizing the, need -of upt. ci pascautiona at ".the l ileaeit ' slag " Ilzerieisce seems to -Indiicate," says the Sturgeon Osnerel, "that tieredil whoce resistance. has been' wecksaed - styles And airincuive ieaut,-.WK: fT Have anysyl.f1b~~~~ ________cildreaiticut-ricest' Amost uuSi lo.ppoiunityfor,Holiday "tr Main Street f Walsenburg, bCo. "'....rSO * 'tour Dollars[..Tradeyour LibertyBon coupons for War Savings Stmps:. - December -15].- Interest Day on al-Libty-, 4:lids of the First and Second Loangl and on Bonds ono-erted 'f rom these two isc<usa..Youttcao on that.,; fate cash tile' from:all Liberty Ponds except the original issues of the Third and 'otirihi Loans. Ac December 15, falls on Sunday his year, your coupons will be hopnored on. De&((mcr 14 ar' 16. VMlAtf WILL, YOU DO WITH YOUR INTEREST!? If youi are "true blue" you will ontinue letislatsioray erve Its souuiryt you, will tavs lthse ltecouipsasthebr. pct' gioat or mall, is Wear. cico Stamps or Thrj ii Sumps, jlgtsir 1111 e uters nut. Ii your coupon Is only for a dollar1 awt iuY ftour ''hif*Ss ipsdal i d the Ntion'fiancial giti the airdition o)f a few genaica. -It the Interest amounts to 1,000 you may stillinvst the ful amouni In W. S. &certittuciee. This is ihe Itieto 1idi'p your. stale fulfill Its 1911.,S, picigeur iess thea, a iaosth remains of.this -year. " Your. ~ile has an honor to uphold.. lie -war record bas been good busn far,.otlt it c iifal. NAsice-the Interest on your Liberty Bonids Out-your dil.rit tover, [Ceni let? our sdollars desert Jest because peade is In sighs! rep them cu ist-sias ugy as a Task AIsis I. inservice!. V4S Liberty..Bond -Interest.... is ON"vJ? 1;Ideal Principal for'W '5: Su TI W - b -- -10 0 - OF -OCAL inTEREST rnv TL*'rZ c4:1 L,.Y an avyvs yr inn ruses are }rryulrar" JILZIL i- ".--=- p a. re---^ r 8 r'.-I., Im 1 l 't' 'illy susceptible to. tuberculosis, With +,8011108$ of its people' rescntly effectel wish,,taluasc, this: coutry ieqw of "ter &edltlqvas favoring the pprecdtvI tuberculosis.",':One- Miln n.Consumptivee iii the.*'*United States. >"Theii you consider this''.a' eriuti menace?' weenasked. "Is my 011011~l it. Is, though I 'hpaten to add It to (ti4 Silnctly onse agalnst' which. the petite can guard. Qo far as one can eitluse there are at. present about' e1111 crsofttbruut n e itlit States.. ThteresIsin fortuwinisis,to cosupletC cteoeua available to dhow isactly the number of tssbsreuious prsoonsit each statetleespitlot fae ct t 'd~ most of the states have tusse the ieesase e lefoiotable. Is. New York city,, 'Whets.' reporting 'bhaabeell in furss for many yes, over.8it000 case's s'f iil bercillosle are 'registered wflh i riii pa riment of Health:.':These flttir with til, situation 'believe shut lbs at ' diloo of unrecognized sod-smie rtied cases *ould "tucks the numbier icsurer 80,000O " The, very raretut 'hestti seedn e,coudbcied duringibe hustal'two. years In Frcmlngiis,.?si"aas,.reveaji-i;Xiramec AtsbetmI oa-saeslonii ilon qf apprbxImately 15,000i. If theso proportions, holdi'rue' for thes Uttted Statsan as awhole they,would Inil',sr' that-'about. one, in every hinir4i.-s-re aons' is tuhsrculoiis. *Heear of ibis 'constitutes.a- source of dangier, lo-be guarded agaist.". In his stataemsent to the politeic Sir-' Some People we ""Knoi sv~ad eWi1Potb e niWe.I WillThProsit bt eoaringeen h clsk~~~ni~ er.1tet Thire is a purejylotial It took place in W eent. arern:ttfteer ir v3.r'tr Notin some faaai'lce.. i place th1e 1oc3 cdE::"t 3wrsC T oi are. asked' to investigate.,it. A Aeked to believe a citizen's word,'""';. aTQo on for,ln' a.citizen's.statemtent,:.-, 4.. Any article that is endoreed at 't' I\- t home + Is msore worthy of eonftdeao. ~hen oiie you know nothing f uiqe.Cd toi I"; trid 1, T. LaughilinSixth St., says: the bklo,, "3.p '9tsavy lifting-and working In, a tn ~tehserycri'I o'fol stooped 'position caused,my back to ron become lame,.'Iwas in: misery with ground ~ i 1~o, Oti5A l,ai.I' thei.'babin fnmy back:.'My kidneys d14 not act tit at all and. the se-, rttotus, of tsn passed too freely. I bogtfDoans KldneyPFill. andUssaf nrs*anand Doan's rid me ofSiky Chlr the lamepesanti pains finmy back, Ini nrnve andlv 'ont II t {U ii V a ^auw as va+ w w-a_ _LW T. ON - i'. Lausghlin Is only one of-'many Waleepburg peopl ecwho hal, grate-'.U:iendorepeltoa'sKidney.Pills, If your hack" achpes, if your.kldneya bothber-,you, don't simply ask fort..d~-rpmedy,ask -d1iastity--toe DOmtkR KI{DNEY PILLS,"'thea muse '5.01' 5e v - vi.. 51 ',.A 5hz.msaw~ 7r The reason we. so stroriglr cbmr ind frail, sickly children J'is- because -is a. remnedy which, contain'1eef'nd Codi tones, Iron' and Ma ianese; Pepto ates.t -rophosphts- aabt-~LO-Oi--t1 -:veer needed to-' build 'theti u it isd~Iicic

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