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M frnoponohnlammra a odtfsrwti er r$O$" Eprecd Gsecal Lafayette, presented to Protect others by sezn n held for Tom Fargo, a Slovak. killed 000 more tons than we shipped last by a great nephew of Lefycoughing late handkerchiefs or In action In France. Marblehead yer Apply inSfa thiith a afte lte hc lei ebie has, with /Danburvtp. gonover the ht. an Amea ropd a d bemeds. whichtopoIndbendbasaleaoMeet of this meat supply, pania.,..strdtaciyInsist that whoesver entorethe sick feop bondss, { Aika eularly pork, wilt cams from ate state Teeslopmrent of the allied l ooc shall wear a gauss mask, Trophy train brought out thousandg ofOdtho A nd thein" emiHenryio ghting machine, Baker declares, which may be made of four to six ofnt Ohie nhhinmero a stan asoneof he arves o tols f guze nd hie shuldon Sunday. While the train was male Oct. 16,$. ekS.o ase. - cover the nose and mouth and be her- 6,fie.9pber t 4ery Spe r(1o 'the real story of the war. never tied behind the heed. -hnawsol- L'.will he told," he declared, "bhecause Theme masks meat be kept cleanbodwasld W erdcan cochveany. ooc-ption ' - 1-OISrew. 1eaP.FIl oB..who died of f& u rr lSad tc t I CRLAM1Me-Ndromthe thinga that have been dons. Ta iseederei OKeep out of pneutmonia at Ctehap Perry, will be UNDER1TAHE A AEII issnss eam "Take the matter of extending sick room unless attendance Is jateto oBri.Nersa i 1110 55Cer ietBt ta deaondemee iwrsneed et betobjrari onetosaos hsbebe saytown. for burl. There are no cases wb ~aw TC ai~ear& metHiler for slow development in Do not handlriscles LocalofainfAueRsaest>eitherathe Provin W iles, but under the stiap from the sink room untl they, are Grounds of Camp Perry, It is re,.Is.OcaL Want AdA,50 p er, war rivers have been dredgedbe. booistoreaddo,-Miisliffeetive May I1l.1. -. Installed, warajiouses visiting, city has re0ved word that her bile- Ons Ters. Two Times 1 I ATqCIMy.0"iu end similar facilities for Call a doctor for all Inmates who hand was' killed In action..11forsish been of oeee. to Sewln enormous quantities of show sign of beginning sickness, ihna-Mr. med Mrs. Peter Berry, 7C Line Mahne Cs., $ 1e r' E~vddalmost over night. Keep away from crowded places.116 South Eizabeth-et. have been In. Three Times or Over. recivo'WARsa.54 q sstems fote ecent See in it that your children are formed that their son. Corptoral NO CHARGE AC CEPTED " - psltdistribution have bees kept warm and dry, beth nib,~ and Arthur Berry. died in a French hoe. FOR LES THAN 2, DRAPERY day. -,;. pital Opt. 13 of pneumonia w,Aehwmaryel that cannot he Have sufficient lire In you/! home otherI~t are In France. 2a.TwoT0 above rates apply to all else SLT C1 jof the movementt of men to disperse the dampness, Open PstClies-.Psrtage~tp, ladled. eidoaioc ets anep stE. XPo IAES~ANE C iaipiLover the French rcade. your windowe at night. log P!ort Clinton. gets a silver star Cart OfThanks. In an~bi&sd X dayyo ma se a outrsid T Wrke; Wak t wrkLwedgo itotions, for which the mini. PERINCED Syyumyeaconrsd ToWresWaktwokIf for Ite bend honor fag for having mum charge Is 16ents for 1e lines, its.e..with roada apparsntly deserted possible, sold more than 60 per ant more and $ casts for earl(kditionat line. itS5. for hers and there a sentry Wash your hands before eating, than Its original quota of $20.0 en00s.hvgdse sspe ud.But when dusk begins to Make full use of all available aun- Fihdlay-.aarum F. Ntackio this wituike adeese0"04nchred Aethat 'hee-y ( o tewreads otlddsnly aii with shim city was killed in a ra~ilrosd aocident will hebed ft Aqwise days teem ++ Do not use a common towel,: Ab anstc. N according in a dab ta ht, They sh ee eseeea" 1Ultlriftt FNmou. GennaB artillery was noticeably Ins school and te KiF~d Plotse 'Ithe weeterfi edge of the oity. owned' o o heaboesraes~''ue sdosay wsetadHBum. - I Company's club house were closed, by Jame' MacKsnolc. destroyed tv'8LAnta'" lt q 19 edOW aitrte.ews-B~r o nd Those in the secretary's perty who Unless the epideveic otops. there wIlt three large barns, several hundred itt tM.hi les i! spoke mo freely on the prospectsI be no services held In Itemford tone of hay and many farm imple- ptint, tonie 1pR at bw late roi LABOR ERS - fo peace. lared that they did not churches next Slunday. ments. does. eI$ r datrs hetave lOr ar my, as an In Maumee schoolsand churches Napise-ad anehr tJ. eat;adas, ea et, ugisya army ould he definitely brought to1 have been closed, thro action of 26. of ltidgav~Ille-t, died at Crest~at a a, RP N ERZ Waleer ect{the talk of I20015L E. - -l rpec may hv had In thie count Wt,unonoflcr,ne 10/2 7/2 0 06 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M 0. 2 Lf I, I. a I. IV h IL d -PORTER AND CASI' WASH R. } STtJRDEVAI4T. JONES CO. 1214 JEFFERSON r AVENTUE. BOODY HOUSE DRTQ~ V~. erg Â~0AM ADIP1OI~{' st (I. s rns " lW d e ss Ga,.e4re~d h. w t l w14 weker readtis leers. Aedrece P. 0 tale, - a f11. i us~ts.Re Apellds h.Oter cea., Tool Makers FOR 75 ILM. FRENCH GUN CARRIAGE. WILLYS QVERLAND ' CO., EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, W. CENTRALJ-AV. m in we Its I sr. end vcirae Cs WANTED ' OR VERY IMPORTAN1 GOVERNMENT WORK. TOOL MAKERS, MACHINISTS, ALL-AROUND MACHINISTS, MILLING MACHINE HANDS DIE SINKgiRS, TRIM DIE MAKERS, DROP, FORGE, HAMMER MEN,

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