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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ 3DAY, DECEMBER lI7,~ 1918S. PRICE: THREE CENTS, Finds'or f4IREJ STARTS IN BERTH OCCUPIED BY FAMILY PARTY IN TOURIST COACH SPREADS TO OTHER SECTIONS. IITE HOUSE MOVES Toe PARIS ____ o i.t Y lNmmi(C1flt~d Pre v. \V I N N I A i. \Ia tijioha, IDec. 1 7.-Adlv ices rece~ived I Cit.' tccl I (11 C I I IC (I lt 111(ic1 I)v (lie col' a tou t~l' 1:11 1 j. 111. tfor bocfIuto and ti say tlhat 1:; p sse ngel's abtard II~ t toiCh oaIi 811.' ii1i. 'IlR Ii'c. It wa.s incicl'i, stai'ted tiii a 1)1er11 occupied~ byi a taiiiitv pail tv and (thikly' spread to the rest of the Coa(1h. Other cars on 11h train escaped (lamage. ASK QUARANTINE INSTEAD OF THlE PRESENT FU BAN. SANACk' U S WORKERS GET RIGhT ON JO3 School Teachers t~Help' Old St.. Nick iA Waking Care of Kiddies.: t a liilll)CIII S I l1i11 to [Y('- _________________________ ' -Iii on' iln c.'lrruboled b- "iear nt (lu. I i ' j*.'ll yearx oltd. lPlesi sobring imp a pair!.a. n " t u nibar of lWal Ihuanlunrn aco, In- Ig(at'vershaoesana panato1; 'r' Mr (Â~ ":;,,,, ludIalg Ebruler tarn, tuokiag the board gull anditatill soldie'ra lane and aafha-u "ta oirn- lrinti7a Hoame chtecker(Aand check~erboard an ahok or two and n.~and..ottne.or i n.. ullc and nutsand 1 get a lit tie sister (??','ao liflunacoean ]oibohe.1'eaoe;1e raposiha fo (1 pattio tn ember tieni troo."r 4t~( hsafternoon that more thantill0Streat,, 1 t luontl anle awulibe preent,- 1 to the,X,,a h)all l boad rnorrow me 'ninai f~(ath14been tho de,'n in If r Ar1nomwol('C ienw iao't It ton." thai we ha ebeen maunable h. d y Mr.0( ~lIN! wItlsh ave cll a fr itbent."'Lda t h.; of a the nfant satdManager iE. Clark...Walker of of ihose rp oint e l to h1ndknl ( e all tetrtdy '31 c x i~~~~~~~I h lutSag indtheaters tatla kngil Dual- d ll l "l1%e i-Iot %vhy: h teronid-t'(hattit liyevetral are and Th jollyao'e enlst hnndhget t nut,i lt ha' n a'affixed.'"n pc~ls } "'7+honepetitions will hove na atach dtsen icttera frorn;lit ft t teti'So efcii on we an renter onl a d041101?tanc. already werq *1W It r} 1n1 latacit," cabal Dr. J. B. Asadersoi r na tV Id ot dra by' the dz ht otfficer. wheae toed oet thatP4 'eed out bye kiddleF t1"3 Â~. lI0tto:. pta ~ ~ ly iteba 'wilstasid Pa bsltly h in wl tyon umtl eary in J. 1r' '1,.., n inary, tuest. lihfir uthoriy tha&n tus' teistprQsetins * 1 +re l tautself ittervatoese. Ai'roUp of publicawesat &A"1, a "The pa'allle ceireiating. anti sign- 'wi11itantdle the nit lIli c4rt*00,Wt" ig l!p(ttln nihtet.sdl a '~~2~' lig hepettins igt Jstas el Snta (Claus and 11;3 etl e ' ":t'a ~ aAdotiar. Ic good. but it is no good nc eds. Miss helen C,":'O i'll'4pri~l *0s adama.pal of the Lon elI cool wi ltiha4 elllly Tile ituation is gailuilg nicely.'comatnttee. Mrs ' L.'Sli4 "l a ~ Pt"~.; '41 Why not let it continue?" ' ".W.A or ~bv'a~a - 4a..**Tenty-One New Camera. byn n olcfg~C"I4 at..?: ' <b '; ( -se 4- I orthiit i h,, ti, had b een 21 new cases o'f inflenxa diTribur tio ChrQt'~ 'ad~o.twao of pneumonia antd four deaths ferencno Monday""'_-- retnated to 1the health, department.'WC.A'heanarih pt'W rot. hia benutiful 1vie,anod their. low' s oiww u%1111,01Presidnit taWlson In "lit'- tmpro'ert t iIn the epidemic wotrk With thn G ood '' u-lure. an iterior aba-s. slut<owe oneof lhp luaiu sotl lal ppitaed dronang sitaaatiaan is steatmy and eontinttouts."Social Service bure~t.Tt',he.~Gto sauil lur. Atnderson. "The ban will re- bellows-a Chronicle "edltoii1 Mai_______________________________-n uantil after tihe first of the year, Rilll'bnt'glad to'racelve'cpt'r tms 'ars II aaa i -' tItteI 'ai'.tarlTe t-howeve'r' of toyoroftitty etapeclnu}lyfoi'rj#. r 1,) rit:,- JI}1'ri). 111ilt W 10 i 'v )Q1!1 tia"la't t utedicai assaocittion, stated sa. Itisat datalIN untaare'atatl aa f n aaltn aau i wa a t- ) 1 is.auarnlng inhat In Itiatopinion,-therb taaan}' int'ra'si n;)I ap aaatanlri af i'u'' at - ift (ia'aaa'etitini, 'f.'ait Iuanas 'altr tent and alut.till indications are that t1,nt" s\3,at abinaitn, %t'-ttse ti"('a'' tutu - Cat ''+Iilal t lnaltorite. lit lt"''"; is't ahi coltinue TRUCE DOES NOT TOAKbj THO'S' WHO" OF GERMANY;.. HALT B RUTALITY OFNTT.I KEY TO MUDDLED,.,LlTICS.. OF NAftTION Am.% I

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