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Clean Many suggetions for r di~a, afer. giborn rvote Cpu -Co mlro~es 11* f u pee so y milk and c enlenmonade, mn repor.ts of succos ut apple Corlgdr N- it ne its of, drgo G t radlo r,. do en ~:0'~ a- anti-grip del while alcO- thonof remedies have 'b rede0I studiod foi I~ A ~ at..at4Yia1? by.l an -,Ri T' ana 4 4 - ho drins (bose).7. make you by the aeryice" sine the t t. or "', e antn Ra si to the diseaab eet pdmc none-of hich ht v, Iii been deswe of.suffcienat I p ta c ". -- ---I ~4id given:.t as to what )ibaaser" folgn ~ a acm w a. In } t~' if-ou get szsuon " enao to fevmope w e orn ti * " ueaa may. begin~ so a common tax lps with results which re not, ea - r more seven wfith fever, av fable Poi! the use of yailia a:' '!;; aohtlt" of. the.serumnbeing ht o erci 11-. ' yo n ae easo* tsuspect you used-am 'a 4jrevonttve or *ciulato had the disease do -a o~co the tel- agtainst fahe; tniuenrt Iii N o t I gi. of tbe coutry. Distilet H. II~0 * rt to the yard 4 tor or nurse f'owler--satd today that rde 11 Ver STORE or to bed and call y r phyuitan. he knaew nothing of tI~et ant.. t41 K TR. that bedrom aU times -is that: so far;as bie wee ession 11 we ooded with fre hf T by having advised thO i ocul stim ni ex 1%.iI the Indoworape me.and there av 4niOI. ~t~. -;plenty dolot Ing to keep ports on the sudoaess th atn It pBlain wa rt ely.-_., -. r; * y alt plain bland f teuch as eggs, DU1IUI B;e "soft toast d. k.' ye at hand p eces cloth or sott GOO C *I -- -1 - tohold ov you oasor mouth.*U y o ~ uh ne or spi and.I jho {1wo clth 1,, " l,,.. Rh Y e Q-ybu.h yo eR:1w "1elw Il f 4! '..!, ti I t stl fo Suda tie 711 77G lettn of pre- T is0.C r ~ ~0 3 0 2 0 L I B A R O FI V '' i) '4 "r., fi..1030206LIRAY FCONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M 41 ~H~

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