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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~,..,i LIF ORNIA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH I NFLUI!NZA A Study of Measures Adopted for the Control of the Epidemic V i~ 'r~~~I ~Wk~ ~L A~4~ I J WILFRED H. KELLOGG, MV. D., Secretary and Executive Officer r - rCalifornia State Board- of Health -JANUA~,11 CALIFORNIA STATE9 PRINTING OFFICE SACRAMEN O _ _ i -.;,-.t Y T. _Y' -,.,. } =f_ _ ',} r. Â~.+.. ^ L: q } __ a,'_ __ *.., _ k _ s..-'.' r __. 'f- lye -:.... -,:e.,.4 {'.," '.X -::.C. r R! YY;L ' kZ! Â~,. y yi a i w _ 'ot k;.y:..:'y i,ir., r, 1 5'; "; _ t "?{: >o -;:;; -,. Y ":.;'r _ '+"" Â~' 1 ff; x y.. z r:_..i..i.... C L' " r Y.!a i''_3,'-.r5 _ ",R-. A..; -r,:.. '4 1.z. t Y... - - v:, fLr _ M y -- y _ _. Y.ja i.:..'. "r-_..,. -

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