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"to, io tbi saal b,,t.. tpoll.the ' bers hip. honor roll of the Red Cross, Govr iir.r 1ist., comuiaont I i#etir we.,..l..4'fo the *n-, w ays-the letter to ssrnDloYers. Siheets neys r1 the sitate Tiotifyim. emnht'f'mt W us yer: PresI&.t; l rs. 'Belia Mar- containing:these signatures be April 1, 1910), unles~s the ong hilaLf tie.b-sg> ~ e54or vice president,:tr. Eilj book form. fl1&itkin8 je- arprtonocvrtb ilen.mny A. f'gt Soit;. Juni r vice preident. {aia pr ppritose tocftr h i tai of. Uigp chaplsin, 'rAetsCry treaa-.m1anent record. and each p aw- iotlc ps.I.wi ll. titero ore oryu S?Q- 1.; M er i Ennie Browml conductor. Mrs. citizen will want to be enrolled. l'acl. the 'expense of ectrt tditing fuivefrh (asztwri l ~guird, Mrs. Lolle Ir nrnber will receive a button, 10 4,tion lfybe issued by me?.ponyorecet. -~~s Sles n sgtr Ch rtmas tuberculesi e seals. for let I a U.. p 1 anddaugterters,.acid a wlfldpw,flag tor' Christ t e ~ar-;aa of pj, estetonSunday' mas week.' This. is camnpaign. a f h t3til Worpsen We will.not t ke. pledges".~ in. os Il at whftch timne the fiolow- KIDADTW~TlTTIESI ~ ter~ wor EW OY G..a Aa irer t roi, Hlermnan EN O L XURIES off.; on recordIIAL RJ_ RE the rr: nfltir.W w OF TEE R DCROSS iUnow dur lai ertaorl;,ia4 watelt i rank.Novit:-w...:. the Nation Ad~ tom: c-.:ft14 Wtrb;~~.7.t~s trustee..C ide fSlir n - -- ae oa fotr t er,~s ")~a m.ca1'u, ewnmina 1 S f... s..,.w C I e Cart. ': E "i 3}r.J. I arrow;' 1l. G {. f r Refu ees Are: Sept to Desp~ ln o Sient Pash ---wllI.. inr- GFECOA; Nov. 10.--tgy Mail,- 'S A )Css ~.gryill b.e -tra wlCiden'f Italia.. soldiers and. of SACtAL; uCal WA manta and" Rdeshmeetwialdrefugees;are,;returning here.from arsetve uos', beer as read.vmo the eeliog's entertai1rment. ~. Red Cross summer camps. ' teniporarily at noon.,day ~n the WSU bread om tlinon return d Sunday from a Wholesome: food, *fresh air '' and.Industrial Workers o W 'ld con-Ivsdwr e's without. six week.? trip to Columibtu, Ohio.:' outdoor exerdise have i ilt: them up spir-acy trial which ntet yester-rieb a pussescion Mir. and. Mrs. Ver-non.Wb ipps of Staples.. I o trong health Among them is the'dy'neter totiel is, Minn., gwee guests over the:weak-en d at dy the.A. Wilifams home. 1 lttle 'daughter of. Ciri-C.iri,. famous The ia1 comitte;'. rePr saentingwstakm got CIGiaude Faitz-d -has transferred, here,Italian -air-ai in'killed intac'tron forty-fet'; of t he defe (inmtm Contin- w d only. treo Vaneouver~ Wash., and Vejit to work ( Genoese. 'mothers are emphatic' in ues' it.:.a to 'conduct a "tea+ t de ves t. 1srday for thbe Great Northern. 'raise of the American Red Crossfee, tiryM.cecunl Ithd n ~at H~voarryn Johnnsn. wh m. been- cAmps. Many of. thecotnu. youngsters, flow for:;tm of th:e defendants qua neT. Cal;, received an- honorable 'discharse. war orphans, will cniu'to be tboned +1ii a' ine veriremen closely. ~recently anA 'arrived home this morning, cared for at Red Cross winter' sta- One oi the defendants., Join' Grave occupation ~~~The L~adles' Literary soctety held:. its' tion8 now: being- opened up invan-woita.lbryo bal niacm i ~o reua ousil nth cec sections. ao, itcuard Carleton, ersae h. the Brit- rsoam of,.ts. hig aschool Friday aftern oona nadto, h e rs is c aretdr las nigt n c rg o an spet the iafsemnoon w "orking in, the I diin h e rs scr etdLr atngto -teously. surgical dresing department of the local rying rdlief to. thousands of babies v-iolatin'f; a. city ordinance re;ulating artlcularly Red Cross Te'n. membe rs were present. -A and childre'n throughout. Italy. ' the di, rlbittri of handbilis andifbsnmmeigt hr-tWic. tRm h Rd.Coshs.etb ltrti Te unshe- b ne-rules' bthey besiesd meetin e tashe mt v'ingAs oeteRd rs a sa-.ltrt 'Teyfrihd i) ew thte y decId to diotinues te: metinslished a children's health bureau to each a'thei~ trial.a citinue se aterIutlatr ehldas Mrs seA help needy mothers in the;are of 'until' U urday 'orcauwz' Gr'.e wasnd ee- of stre pea ldnwsas eas their babies. Milk, and war clothing reqtain& to b! present at. con ar ad te-of J.lCners ha' ucae h i r being supplied. American Red 'Spir'aCy ial i. the T niter' Slats IMarston, home.. comn.r Harrison 'Street and Cross nurses. also extend advice to distric-t Doo.m Eve'rett. avernue The 'family 'expet to In nteat omnt ofr eattenation make' the place their..bome. ectS"" ' C0 young++p mohr a omuiycofr - Dtatat r.' Merrill Woo4d. cats. health rffiner, ences and in the homnes. PU LEO' SEVI ~ Relie coiL laorst Fridey eovlfenngo the 'eek Italian doctors, teachers and localunithe th: eding;ls rdyee~h" as.compared jauthors tses are gIving every aid C PN UOTF I) bl it Engineer Willlamn Struck returned to 1 A' " grippe misc tteaedst- to~ swek. after. two lt' v"aca" A D O dIAefl[ RO ER BROKn c4l, enitherEThrm~rn r he ul! t~C b a rn ts ofd a ba y boy orn M onday..l r l fh menok' w h d ie t Tr a n igh, s op;t Mr. and. Mr.NCalsAaret ete.'So ad.d a e ti nne [ r ia y evennin g' for a Miss_ 1 r this1... /..tAm."..a.oio.L n n ~ IiteGr.t Yo rt'h-er;. J'l ie ) F'!I roce.". ites Is~ l;ire sooi. f.Ir~!4 P O,~se sft~r whods -xvIInd3;r':TV b";,t+ 4 ih r she4 wiv si. -_ "rashl -m-''s" "" w ine #om h sc l "'re fiaot-. -.... --- ""_ Ba: w~r 4 yeuarems'simay^ t rh~ ati.yakg B akp }- ila dressng W m wn jm Aoi. I ' k~.~ '. _f- - I ' A s-k."._1"r Brown, whw caJI es?7 a " " t * er 4r. t "A~' p f!A-.2 noa- r. 0:- a 7 d ora-r' r;, d s - w

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