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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ ROCESTER TIMTES-S~ON: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1918.; n Take To Voting N( LNSFR Adiin }vdec 'o The Manner Born MANUPIE pdei ear y a Polin Plcesan, fr M st art Opr- IN T SChOOLS O L Over-Night Dropping Off in Death Toll Encourages:Ble Les With as Little Trouble as More Experi-s' That Conditions Are Rapidly Approaching Normnj ed Male Voters-Morning Voting Public Schools,ofWmen's Figures to Date Indicate That Rochester Suffere~ Up to Expectations. College at U. o R. mend idyi oprsnWt te iis M1~echanics Institute Re 'iethe women's 1a' minutes before the prlL opened opesnuFvu.laueoa fom he3fal- urautzth 1p.u the i"e:.eral re- that she might claim distinction of be- Lqst.LAutt Sah 2.49Echa sowed practicall y the smie c n a'-tl:ta ng the first nvuinatt to vote in her dtsl cholsOpeoMnda dnpak.Gaantomaso. 35 days, 33 Gor- Ior cases as the'corr pondi reo D ciItt-1t -b astract, ifnotin hecity'. Shle had her Schthls Glpetnmao.d17yday. 33ark..24 hours earlier which ifliude 4; he fnew - s-Acreletsire to lie fist anher district bran- dnRk. roll Wa3 17dys 3 or Snayfiues tedet vaa~ fed ~lrailiyut6 clc. nd Puli ~hnl wllopn omr onEliark.T hte. 1 0 alwterilly less. Over night 109 cm,,+ ".1 '"i he a-k ug ve-ry 'little timge to accomplish muornang, The State Education De- street.L9 Influenza and six of pnea0 on r~rs it d hen parirnent wall not attempt to make up JosptA. ag s 27. 1078 Deweyreotdwhfieeasfomiiu ';~~r trw t';i- A~ tthet 7;7ce of Election 'oUUOWs- t a, hoghcoigo ~Olavnue. en flsand three ironsaa Pu~noni i.11rtI<th t'-'t.{b-e- n pratita-lly no cons- by dferring state i~aminatioa to a. Elizabeth Ferraro. 24. 60 Miller sre fitbecame obligator'ythr hr itrof lt'-' Il~utatt -rct pttorao In some later date than oraiginally scheduled fioalna Celentano, 34. 189 Whitney been reported 11.81 ca~se~a ad3 ofte a. Qit C ltiits nacusbers of ari thereby extending the school year. street. cases of pneumaonia. Deaths, a-' a--c'ft ars -tecat ian buardal had failed to brang thaej Ta- xtenal the echool year later in Florence Ii. Master. 1. 88 Prospect fluenza have totall- ed andf10 n,i">,a 171. als-u s pinroprkeyss ntha theFm for the opicn-the unauaisr would have a serious cf- aHoy -A. Young. 1. 339 Central park. "." ipneumonia 130.~okn f a fetuo grclu alscinsb atnlaNcc.6,10 mrse Fra odrlftn h 1,!" niie's chnama tah irr> calls were re:red;witiala-ldiag from faarrnwork toys in ste'rLsban oamou in:-. -tir amase f rciytriout -I, (r de a- utofat vyal ua ihschools of huch 'treet. npnaunced late yesterdayafetto.t wer'1(ritlamachinta ~ttproper ha-re w othe Fa~te. ' lahnaore C. Mayer. 5, 291 Woode nclda h poiinthtCide (",,;,;. Cl,n!ifti-a: T!.;-: }ear the use of the s+,a far ns Rb-hester is catnceraed.' streti l.Mdir378 4 Py from homes where timsu~p~.j - rn n-htsa laa~ ulrra.Lrl a -S ip -r cdtti e- the ot06tha 5 nri etatta.will not be permittead to re~ont of the 19 tsa asls ix file'1 tea adipt '~nit l-atn ais tt ohps-ran"fatr the:lizahtaaaaF1. Georgens, 21, 151 vtllalschool until the disease has~ 1;., ' t."! a -s:'-aaaof 5 haalg this yeir. u.11,- reef a(,f tiae pr -r at sm i te a al at '-a-h.erd r m thi h m s i th- 1,isttanakata la'of the ai -si nt a -arIthui. i-y a-itt:A~a nthony Jasautis. 32 229 Joseph at-e- Brighton has also lifted the rsac laI iai-Cfir iitit(- I t tar:c the wsat,-' ihaud the iha I i~a-oafler Tharks. ag a s no.. toss wiach its board C teieI.G ibr k? 8 akof hestha a ". r l" i:.r-e. taaeat:s aa.aalel ilieninsa iof the at-rl~a t t,1-.uaaga.t'.: la a'tris rta.a sa-,shile t.Gibnse.4.65PrCoetsaoty dtr R cetr to a- i--a1 w 1; t tatly to la-asciiolta t -ll-ia ota catttn. al ing s-h-a-ic on 'rhanksgiv-avt ve. t-hno,9 1 htdalc t ii l -''irga pvs~an a- Yas -tlyn V flan 9 1 eming- ta rstbep toskimp out teat -;e e I! ti t: l!rg 'r:ta n!.VY ar' tly. t ti n teLdetntic. flotur for reopening of al s w" t t{! t'!. -Â~r! h-1' ri1" st:1 - -hers ssereeitn ew itCa --a i, f the irahlarns connected Mray Jacks-in. 33, 459 Clay avenue. lcswsfxdtesm -a++ a -- a a to-s tr:ir tin et aiaaa'afihas--iI o aros tamile l.itria. 4, 1t1Itrown streelcthi.vnig t", ' - 1 tala-4a l a iis! aaa al-. C-t a.(t(f,hag tt del astla t-hers %% ho have been (Carles Ii. imna(r,30, 420 South aye- 'irtually every rlace affects!byth ell, I r-tsainsup f pone s.- to-le drftesr Thfl-; nulorg!nevar-reit a losstoe Rodse Zlrpolo. 13, 761 Flower City closing orders will tak~e advantg f r l...r fn~ tuin po o..,edatct.Teatoi~saea ostt athe opportunity to resume operaint { a ithts fasteces:aanlee i-tr. r64. 55 Frank streeL. 7ocokthseeig r -is-- it - a -ir iTli r Tr'p.i1ltmr anaa!t.ensiorra'lc aSonie taho wsreine iaas anurses and Julia Jlabloska. 60, It0 Watkins Rsrcin pnfteaao n '- h:!-l-o a,. - ai:" l aar:i a-- a-rl~' w e a-t I-lc Ily bare a-f goia1g i vatrest'-li-aia-ahais ois a-amm an- 'tRriton poitte i1 Kkr I~ia ~iai th-uiiI~ Ia-latt i ~i-s nhs" C'-are Lucarelli, 38. 166 Atkinson eflza victims still prevaiL ll. n 'ii a r:"rtr -.e a5c^1'i".11all sm-. the riastartary.~ap.-rint-Riient \'a'et casis atianti-an Dilm A pont,,2 360 1-2 'Je f unrlfuseesr-ty pivt n r1 "r, w'asa cr w~istribars! toWilliaoretrA. o thffetr'etall ther rules pertaininge. allthtoulfuneralnng4t of," ht:.:I I-v~i, w ll I~t r","twc! thereand in ahrr'itere are-ti-nra. influnzaattitiro Pt-linpersonsDtedyingetofpcontagiougsofdiseagies as t I-- -c-a- t-I tt--re an- ii aha-e iier ar iats -f nltiaaazass l Sialtata 'aatii-r. _.a. ll ('als-in stretet. must he observed. t r a-- t '! t:Ikats- In cbarlt iranot be lpermittedti aft!-tad schaool. Mari'eathaw.a. 4'2 Copeland sir-cet. Tettlnme fcssf0re 1w. 'a ins--" -- i sri- ins sat!: - hnaF rt 'ait.. 'aroa-lhal.St-10c15. ITheat. F'om Lobarse e ntesa.etoa nu br fcss1 -as; anal I aaasif bulb-atiapl stt-aaewr-.l iilihOp Tiiomaas F. Hickey an-iet-ria Tuha-h-. it months, 88 Central Co date indicates hat somethigls th -- ei~irca-a-iias of -aa tai i+ in Clhe nonae'l last es-ciing thattpasrachial Iar.-sp ssin, 4 Witi sih street lonhhas een eaffcteciby's pie IL t r(: ar-..aa ins at tl',etiaaaaliiaial. i chicaaitsy anali.C'atholc hirepgh schuni ion - of Firank Maso-n. 31t. 39 Lily street al~' \asanaer 1. nereaon or Antosnioa B-sea-. I. 1411 Davis street. course, a much Smtaller pertag daAI.JNthemaef-ialor-a--nin e aIs oninoCl-i., ludt-C. W.iseman. 84, 37 Park -than has inuled in practicaligevr theeferd________Is___t Vauc --a'." thr i HADHI.1I U 3 rit tof the bbho{,,:a neeat for rett-4 -acegia. 1.,2 9 Ma-"ire-street. ohe ya1twahere the disease hbee and ~li~dirt up f th s 'sersXho hile the overinght influenza report pinesalent. wu~ ~w~w-whasr elaen engags-i in rainislering to IN MpLLaOL tienit:k sciriia n luerara and It's W et Fishing Up There At ConestusELOEpel~cna Ithq ofhcl:al orha-in srniiting churches B tL o sL ns5 o beH ae Bu )rvteJmsJbMly 'tob opened a-ill go into effect next - untiia tt.adtie ra-taia--ts his peo-ple Just back from Conesus Lake. Jim gave Jim something to grabbeis Didn' Care Particularl\ thai. sehie they hate been deprivedLosiinrstghs'fedwthheDItspoblettb o o u hn H -f vanmitiaition. by i na- aoof thisclosyorsineesigh. rinswhl hae flhadi m po oflathatgewol -ogC-d hen H ratg o churches, the holy sacrifice of an account of how he struggled with haehdioeofasrdgethnh Sie.tauiisas hi-a-nreuay offered and finmally' captured a two-h1eaded flab. Jam landed the fish and altog Â~1for laem., an-I Priests and nuns has's Jim had gone up the lake for a he hasn't brought it tack to towh ass oCrw-tlast'nartitee n ias lsowihsrthual mat nlInquint week's fishing, word ha-ving claims it is one of the wall-se ie O aaf-n hitaicnitahlaslrndte. been telephoned down that they were variety and swears withalth F.;1 'a1 -'- a i1;:" ia ts has l'ier itoral alrita-atioti. biting after a summer of inacmtivity. veracity o a disciple- of lsas a lto all hi. aaOJ" 1vfl lon t m1-nin-h, a4y Jim went up to get his rill of fish- that it h a two heads. --i-s---I--afla t-a -ei.- aa-f r Inlrrre- rrf rrmaied ues nsill h.e.resumed.. t' +Â~ -I Â~+ Geor. IBarlow Penny s to conduct J( a..,.., n; -J. Frythe club this year.:+,r; niDay classes at 2Aechantcs Institute [i BRO 1IER TO.M ETHER tI -a l+ t,,wilhltie rurrned tomorrow maorning a- a a tr!is a aiia - t an-I nigiat etigars'stomorrow fnight. "" t:'" " a ""''! *: O hi+I 'nion Free School watt re- Private Frank Cohen Meets Powers Hotel Selecteda Corl;~ontnti,~rot rncina-r.SchooiwullWalking Domn Heacnquarti s for Sre Intk'reopen tOmorrow morning. Street in Town Over There of Importaint Meeig I ar 1- l a natr1i Evening Schools. p-i-i Ih r eIa 't'0 Tiae.,-.' a... -. 'rm... ' n 'V'..TSt ill--c it--I Criss toflieli at befa-ec 0 02 2006 L B A Y O ON R S E S A E ena1 "1 in iihoasaaa a-l.I- is/0 /0 6 LB A Y O O G ES E SAE ensceta

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