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ï~~LIX: NO. 327. DENVER. COL(.. SATURD)AY. -NOV'. 1 9].8.-d.PA E&r Gilbegll~hteet-~ WS AS CABINET IIOEtW.GAN4LS1 l Iv~ PFRISCIL1.A veFOTO- 'PRI Amih Al euaIiii~~~ - -- Mrii iaO o: OFT,:;:= E TK IS.-. w~ AO Qmd1~~trttelv mmbro.2 ___r 3x4n. DiptA RuiUS K6ha omaic GRN)e I'ITci'e ruato ht a n fedun~h dSdpeid /C iA& JRJRE, gU yhwode,- n' ley,%~u4R~5.~ pfuu~a ~ en~odig W orn7191- r." ooI. - M -" '" aot VSO \_"_"_fry F 1 If rhi f e. Fre A (14L r - y g t Y "ATO sau ipssbom fSprudoriL ssAa re-SF ink an,~j - 4 ~ ei t W 11ui~dtaem s-ca, 9O Lul odr MAN Iflt.." ti4~rLJ..' O'..e.d~ilO~5 *s~ ' " ss~.~. r~mua~sg-~ eve( 1 ~. a 'h1t~eci. Ph -/ es' d t l e 88 th. Ai.t E ltrb 0 1 aais4 the f apiin YUNs 00yat tuneIIAiA GRANseh iO bs eIbSg oerq a t T a as.- - } tha S lt l majority 'e%" a kiT~a'twn~~i~ ad- TH IEY, - aa st tm lon hlnks l:e It addj,T..t evrse~ud o eeae nsvi no*G NItKS{,U. r;' l x t eddedede iO~m $~ ftia~ts ascam. terday afternoon th atct 1a"W k- on the 'tbrone IN Madia C'p:ft bad ured _,b.sss e Ahi t ' wi PeISD doshyts hefu-wsnt:en Su ma in s at Ha I ik hoL t, " '" ",., shot '-7 1,Ollld brig about the reYsut --N'' 11 ion r1 SOr R cIeSt.. i- that.of an saile - _ aa 4 ii t h sesdu tee iad l At OJeO4 " {.+ 1 r ' '.,"r"_ '::("'.- o.+tipifing m:fths. 1 ehh ''.} 'y ':' se1.'[ - toalsMsrp.ihpfhf"y ~ el sses~tre ofn. t',lu.2.Tw ny mreteman sb ains wr rurnlrdt olntsd out!that\neither New ITy r 4 itaica no seiiid ycslu:t0.; ~n 1A15,i.-ig.''1 15X5 C ar. 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The e'e- sI3.Ce ss iu hewder t rs i l5 ~ Te mpetla-a bc-h~cu ('mc Ved' Cos sm lm nA board______________eunverhas deeidt-o untaolsa S ere.. 5 it 51itentk 5t155O.EReo edotcsig b.ct-w,ts Sumarins at Theta kSow ttohlitle; +'" onlyt After thres andarone-halfd hrurs:of Di cilieorRe etance.,rnts slen cana a - ocnalkyeetrdayarte-t. ac J Smeo h eraswr axostrrrzdDnvrt etebr ea estles Z--- - too.sses, hut in-ad ths-Incr of_ ae aai an p- eiiock. the casen' boingviinto aonai-lthemselves ofthepecto celebraoy d By 1 OCIY7D PI[~e, t do smeithad, to' he appaen-tio e,--of tN that rsrouldn'thavle a..eas doesstdarehark.gtheya fur the tiling preveted adshudutta~s -- nT~l~alonnaay f u ~ moionfora ew tfal, nd f T kJari ta etT hat a s l erl-flf:3 nao'- t heao a~r eas~olj o offour niyears bmier s thusf aeanded -vduneThiss Lewin w been wenty.thoot-wf*eerns of thoo aands-tbruptampe 1 S c atlin ius h _olir1 rio-rmnt onho whfr enleo."_1._wheur-tlau-t*A -. l me sop e, Ifehmedreds of lnlluVsthe-afteetod l~FZr Il thte Tucrepnetetrdacgr"I was nut In the eulimerioerv - Therdict of - ated - POs!h usted.osTr he re an d a etdyol imaiea is u olnerdfr tby Miss Lewis withent-tha-Isast traeseered.by100 of.- Denveryetdy listening to an twaaloobespcothtJ - vlltaandishadfa ftaur sheaneerostiring -orat- eseeby Ihest Morris, -chairman of the toudhy Coiaiicil of Defene, at' opening of the ~ywudrsl an- loupation.oobanchedletsf aorio- British say it 1s not fair fIghting but tering a word while the- foreman of the meeting of theCivicend imeiel" association. Mr. Morris' dentint- more escasesto SelanheHoweverh ur ea hefndns.eato o heyllwgsoundedagh thhlpiqldedelre uc arla n as lent denunciation othe invaders. justifies the means. Thee you Dont- Miss Lewis was charged with aid- practices a those of which the c ressane nsseo ool b xsee do- 'T'he war must Dot end likethis." she plain that we shoot your men whilsen Roy Sherrill andd.George Ledaley Champs etreet, outfit is guilty were a of that paperej uellcloui and yellow but that I didnuhssvthcwg' atn declared. "We must go Into Ocr- ther are in the water. Why not? in holding tip W. D. Otter. Chicago menae to the state and the comma- attacks upon him. al~ papers in the spy cause for eap ntepc f ro- many; we must make them suffer and The men mght he a-red and fight utrvlne]is U-- si wr ied bybtwenty-threes-of the people. ion. expiaie their crimes" On the tar of anther day. We should be foolsteo Bred Gatesn o Dallas, Tunas, sad tea- The assaelt en the PostDaim. at t the leadi!ajwyers of Denver as at-,'Itis1 difficutte a hnte 0ts departure. she said, the Germans had let them. e hi nuoU nlsngto meeting of theCt-rio and Commeocial lorapi for s Morris. (iontsre aenPee. s pnTeceoftesbaiea- espt. association, at which President C. A. Morris' suit 'came aftsr contInued ______________ r0obbahr store of $500 worth of the fThs crowtoofathearsatmaltes. en-e robbed cet an officer, were Intosloated h i o pera l ocred Dunlwsy or Colorado onllege, spoks assaults on his char~oteft during te vi- otcgr"n leats Twenty-seven mine sweeping ra-ae owhthrftvwudb,* on "New iedaiad New Duties.'" repent campaign In wich he wan an teGadPaei h hdwwhile wiig o-h fr oreunfaandldato of lbs Democtratio party for d~.ffQ I the of the famous belfry, an angry cifti-on Monday, according to a Cestral a verdict chatted freelty with re- Awbeese Elisse e esllsgi regestOnh rn lc.i tpseo sspse t ofGrapoisneorof'thistats University, 'fbis)UIUUWV coo- see was declaiming against the in- News dispatch from Amatosram. porters and court alinches on the 'This.sasterly address by m e aer.. a te vaters. '"she pigs! The swine!" he They arrived in Dutch /waters freeorm fiesofte auOs heDnwyogtt onic l i s anhasbeen'emaployed on dosonsof - naymet Wiltenosotrayf The German battleshipinage nothing shout the ttylaLAmseria and the world in general,'"bw t lbC life nntd. ithey otnoiappnysh- pelgium andweeinere, sten iebue.btaigtat te ilenti I t weowtogghegawisher -fIssued Ord. thahadsip isyinficedupn s!the battle cruiser blackensee, Which, ieee ak. said 'Mr. Morris, 'baut it.wiii neverstet othChtaa - ___ erg hllteaiteiticu tfkeedo specified for surresder There- "I think it will,improve the lookS be In sight until~ Its eitezens deveIelopeed Temeil dler our dal-, were permitted to bb absent, dy mn f4hy hy wa enough ri1esous wrath to suppress '"e, lghtId-while their soldiers are pushed ioao rb~gdsre ae h oo-flu maesks."she told Dedety esheriff ylo"orats ae hsct h wrldtodaythehademt ohismI~n ire. tegtesavu oi;r eon i ision of Vice Admiral Brpwnleg Tm9ah a dossat pace to livesad enjoy Feal _:._.-_-_ -:-'.. itea r rt ii ouedtf

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