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But ICot go Bible lnsa.l Ut. have bee post- Gay~ edn was taken to poie4 's red f- t, h~tlth dviaion, however. whi ci n"i, ' poIn 'pitas Chatman wallret~ adi a ii sit iweP pusiheeuIt we pot., loch~ up in the fifth rcnl t-sr vas t1nt be ken.. to cor frni~.d -."v'i g t ad nrt fki, tknconw d;TIe mecting of he Aid Asso iation Ition' Il I d!cche tap1a~cinty tae >f ray ( "jr't u'no w, n w ot, furt he Blind has eon postpone until t- hrs reached g M~s antac l.diaiit, icplto t. ")ti nac o ks go S lw iet ofr Jr potipo.e- old 131 ale ou st Ct. hoon earsg freel.dvs t ld ec.lo spety o, tnso teAtrplg lSo A aS ih ooe ' ft sal cjdjv of. ok05 UCt thn~~~ Washings nt wili be veipnetodu113Sot randrnt~ tthe 'he~i hu xtrliln1 his ha gilty unt further notice. ' sou east. aril Charlsey ord ofk~f')nentg wa 't oe 'ice lWFCero,3, The blame m'ustgoJyour.,. D. A.R. re the years ld 1a1 ' c tesot llli'.s 'Th'so figureits are expected d'shriw 1+l r; rFlaw Chapte. D.A. re a h il a nt ak 1t r;P! ihas called off th meeting. ft r Oito- bee in the hands yon ory.__ int.'ri ittc haig nefet a the "w'Or O t tr that lblcw ou(Alrcrth;be 6. Tte tirlat erb r ugae a, physical cotndition of the,. go~vcra-; a 'I f mead had al l h ir, aterbr yin r-i mat h t ni i t ii ntt:+ arrat of ciilian i ttly i Y. Iever da.ifntetr'i.JL T ~sOctober meeting of the Nationaltac ohe hm. D rsy 'a a siound d. ltalizij. thtl rh tIun liv-' run is boat, with none to -Sod' ty of Daughters of Founders and Tee di charged with thpl e;Idg h(.lrt o hdarn wrkrs, XUhe e t' I would not mnourni fiy rat lots of America has been post- dan erous weapon. - tr the - Q;htalths h e wr ork~o er Jh Died pon d.',___ e -tr ire t-! Stacus omer roomsrao ofer to ' i- aoy I goat, which you mad dls- - ' ' ____ itet Wa~csingtonrhom offerd ar"ir " Says '~ ' The C fistitution.heptr, D. A... has EESTUY O0FENN tyat ~ nenug of heWsigo oe e sendi g 'an Ia1,f g Poste poned "thE" regular meet~ g for n tooik etililoye to livein t it. Many the i miot r's works kick up an wful Oct her IM'.Laga~ us terredent house-to-house c vass, dli;wel v t teleho th the fatal aure expeetted to the patised up up h 1n" 'fu 's tS com aSd'hu SO i. Wd Teax ay iet.pectlnIt was said today. fr' 0cm ldhu n,y let p. un jTle warmachine is in the ditch,~ G' sing demand titw j) okr ihan FUEaLTMO.b. sad 'aid ghastly wre ck andi Ve an of Fro ico-Prussian War fa 'liar with thae Frenchl~lg a *du F FU~A TOMORiRemOouW, i dlf~ ich. Writes to' Red Cross. ca ad the Beaulx Ar1. ao.11 tAr~ ~ ~ x h 11}tvindournsdin I - s inch this city has reevergetanae cus o en*..du 'Ifrle U.n C, a rudu ~k N tional headquarters of t e Red sre.t raiea diinlfe y1' '~ X.i WC. WAasJ1N. cro Ja Dhi cityheecive a0 ofie Fr rechanug 'and r tAL.uIOSeu i da evenings. Applicntaeintd h'4 4t D''e inSnoming 'teir from eaU tchlpoofceto he salon next WeneaIeeig I usr3sricsfrJm*Ire~ T~'~~ box 22, Domareat V. J., a vet an of d: I.n Iin t'. K' lii. (2,~ who wats dlrown-s LIEar the' Franqtd-Prussl it war. aelti g.the frerlmn. ' v, exti al Santiago.' San' Domingo, Augu t 't), org nizailon to t y to get h qjo 'ciien1 ly a ill be iield 'at the hone of Iii p~ir- Plot ble Du Iication ofte m heliting take car of Amer n s ob" D. ' BOY 'EPOR. WD E nd t h t eo Liutenant 0 hit tty. birok. ou~t and 4-ienlisted! In r; 1a-bs rand Red T tangle Out n Club rati Â~w louisl Ie a f 215 Nwptr pla e; tiosi. I Gu rd. soe he was ni u 04e wil be led by, Ewing Bumpn r Sbn i ' ' beog ste h ut, olio ing he quieting of >th b r- day afternoon. T be trains wil leaveo See n thi ciy1! tct.bee u haed th!der. roub e,. hes entered the! 0.sdalv i f g,,iine- Titisf 'nrl(ilntIcr rm aua o i from 12th street and Penns lvn ea I ~hooI. at ('anip P'ike, rk, e wfill n. ill..nd as commission a'. I ave tie at 1 and o'clock. Tb 1k lba h~ oninlsloned. a t 1eent Cnt Hi. ethe lsad Lord, aterjI'wit be from Mille.paof'o d lie Vie tI 't fUit tell infan r etal It gh oy.. is also in s y ou try near Moti t Ve on* ybe do iland o' ion.v 11R T8OE OR N i of sub h FF'ICENS ' '' - VERY DAY'O O Q L - mhen ' f I 1f. Subscriberst h qud fei " ERY CBI I ' t~ $P, Lie~ ss. nd, did aLc br1 ' 1' '1 D Lu I4 7,.' n, IA L Oct ~~' ESDA'SLS TE~LL, ' "10/2 9/2 0 06 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R Mi Engr..; iIs Carlw~

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