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ï~~ ~'-;A''doptd by tIhe ]Board of Health oi -teCt}.of Cincinnati, State of Ohio,.'- this 3tb day- o~f June. A. D., 1920. G'. A. FACKLER, M1. D.. President of the Board of Health of the,City of Cincinnati. Attest- WMiC'. NEBU., Clerk of the Bard of Health. His attorney stated to court that Moore gave the body for burial to a "man" then in his enploy, hut as the present whereabouts ot tli -"man" s-a' tot knowen. he could tnt tell wliai hecame coi the body The mother of the r ccea-ed wa' to, court with a receipt 'inec 1." Moore icr nine dollar;. or mr-tcplroper., a oie om~rint, boiled potato, are excellent tosecticide. but both are poisons and, it used. rare should be taken to keep the.childent and household pets away Replace any of the vacio-us agent= every- few day s until all roaiches are apparently gone. then,- resets a Fiw times es-er- thins- or sixty dias. There ino is- ton being bitten hy a bedbug. Vie {:n 1 that certain par-sittic disea'ea arc iran'nsitied bIt isiWhnt a neasier oeacri toit amnong our chidre~~ thati the combined mortality: of- diph- --' }_ ' y Shedsa, scarlet fever, typhoid and spinal " '," tneetitgitis atid swhooping" cough The.~ figures follosr -Cases Deaths Measles..................4156 7 Diphtheria...............258 2 Scarlet Fever------------..1404 2 T' ploid Feer------------.I19 Whooping Coughi.... 2S. 1 lcereliro-Spitial Meiingitis.. 1 1 10 CNINT AIAYBLEI CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN11 - s.. - 'CINCINWATI SANITARY BULLETIN 11

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