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ï~~ DISPOSAL. s Zitchen waste not only gives rise to - - nuisance due to the odors of decompo sition; but is a positive menace be- }cause it furnishes a breeding place for flies. It is collected in city wagons and removed to the reduction plant, where st passes through a process which re moes all fat and converts what it left v "Lam a12. e n C euuce irie nuisance caused by garbage to a minimum by storng it in fly-proof containers. Miany people mix ashes with garbage. This leads to its rejection by both the garbage and ash collector, thereby creating a local nuisance. Ashes and other refuse material are collected at regular intervals and are disposed of by dumping in spots at renansy as proviuea in section 950. PLEASE OBtY. It requires a whole lot of courage to hand an offender one of these notices, but that's what the members of the Civics Department of the Cincinnati Woman's Club are doing. We take our hats off to them: ' nearly twice what it casts to run;the;:7;t f federal government. In additioni to th. state and city health officers and organ izations, there is urgently needed afed eral bureau of health, to act,. so far as the national government properly may, to relieve our people frbm the dreadful burden.-TEODoRE ROOSEVELT. -'ii., - ) 4% -- o n E EPTA 1

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