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ï~~ 4 A ANNLAL REPORT of gases, drowning, or injuries, showing that 65 1, or over half of the deaths certified to by the Coroner had no medical attendant or there were questions of death requiring investigation by legal authoriy. There were 557 deaths in children under one year of age, giving a death rate of 67.78 per 1000 children born during the year, or 8.53% of all deaths occurring in the city. In 1 35 of these the assigned cause of death given was premature birth. The lengths of life of these children were as follows: 60 lived less than one hour, 5 lived from an hour to a day, 23 lived one day, 16 lived 2 days, 4 lived 3 days, 5 lived 4 days, 4 lived 5 days, 2 lived 7 days, I lived 8 days, 3 lived 10 days, 7 lived from 12 to 29 days, 3 lived one month, one lived 2 / months, and one lived 3 months. In 115 of the 557 deaths in children under one year of age the assigned causes of death were due to diseases of the digestive system, and the deaths of those children occurred in the following months: 10 in July, 5 in August, 5 in September, 1 1 in October, 13 in November, 13 in December, 12 in January, 13 in February, 7 in March, 8 in April, 5 in May, and 13 in June. There were 538 deaths from cancer, being 8.24% of all deaths occurring in the city. There were 155 deaths from suicide-1 8 males and 37 females- 8I of which were natives of the middle and eastern states, 3 of the Pacific Coast, 6 of Los Angeles, and 65 foreigners-no colored. There were 103 deaths from automobile accidents, 24 from street car accidents, and 44 from steam railroad accidents. There were 46 homicides, 34 males and 12 females; 22 Cau casians, 19 Mexicans, 3 Japanese, and 2 Chinese-no colored. Birtht* There were 8218 living children born, and 277 stillborn. Of the births reported, 995, or 12 per cent, were attended by midwives The midwifery question is a big one in any community, and while we have endeavored to improve this service in Los Angeles by eliminating the unenlightened and careless midwife, we have not accomplished the full desired results; but we hope the State law * page 15 for tabulation prepared by Mr. H. Sief, Deputy Registra ad ' ttaic~n

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