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ï~~3 e rpgyandBlawl said Ux entered the saloon at 8:30 eW.nesday evening end found ze011 meli sitting mwroul iat fable, wahom we engaged,in a Ne~,was fU.d $100 and '$1zdge Moore said he was Sorry tofe? is lilt a jail sentence po ziltpro law. me in his opinion the to~nasuat h~d no regard for the law the health of the community. "eter the, City Commissioners, met 4 revoked. Mre. tLackey's saloon me and ordered the place closed.,Lackey, 17, son of the woman, sbrgdwith serving drinks after =.nd-his ease,was- trantsto thbe..County' Juvenile Court. 11 -Morton, bricklayer, residing a West Sixth street, entered a G~' uilty to a charge of selling -in. 'Mrs. X~ckey's saloon on coral' other occasions after 6:80 He was fited $50.and-, osts. _ * Moore recommended to the City lTissioniers that the place be x PBEt.L CIRCUIT COU~RT. r'rt no Saran. Indian, entered. suit t eraday against thet South Covington 1Â~ 4Cncinnnti Street Railway Company 4 $10,000 damages for personal 'Ine*i%!1 alleged to have been sustained thei de Newport police patrol auto 2 p,d4-with a street car at F'ourth and; 'adlsoa streets, Covington. Deputy;..tSheriff Jule Plummer was conducting b% 4h plaintiff to the Frankefort Peniten-', -.we the accident happened and 'ae1othslife. Lone Star alleges )ne*gligence on the part of the company "bs'being responsie for the collision. Airvin Dean, thin jloseph Dean, l=,i~ught a quit against Josephine Cot'1and the Covington Savings Bank,, 'n9..Trust Company, acting as committee' for the defendant, a person of ensb lnd mind, for $10.000 damages for al-.lete4 personal injuries sustained, while " enaith defendant's -property on vnhstreet, Newport. 0. Barker filed snit against the uitfield Coal Company for $171 damato plaintiff's launch which was in to e Licking River and was hit by Rargem belonging to te defendant cornr lleay. ARMY,,ACAOUT F"FLU." l t'geon' General Blue of tire United 1 Btes army, Washington, wired Health tIOfficer Dr.. John Todd for the numnber 'i' d eths from influenza up to October:v-D ~FTodd replied that he had issued ~fy 'oertlflobtee of deaths of soldiers and citvilians at Ft. Thomas, also tht x.4 he had issued fourteen certliiates of v4eathls in Newport-and adjoining territo{ry, making a total of sixty-four In ";.,, nty-three days. LI RT BOD (~himnP. M. 'Witt of the Camp' ebhllCdunty, Fourth Liberty Loan Corn-. 4 lijttee reoeived.a telegram Thursday fromt D. -C. Wills, Distict Chairman. C~leveland, 0., which ladl,tes that the,vpanish influena 1 as bad in Washc nD.C., It not' worse than in Te '~htlegraminreads:. 'P. 'M. Witt, Â~4yalrmn. Mee Sir: It is hardly tibl County Ma;o in Ho' ha ena member _t~ air7 years. Shet had rs. onen Rtetet al. to Peter W. mrf line. a lot' en west side ef Ohio avene., rtlt,,of Her authorized Mr. Laffoon to Write to parker street;p #I- the President or to request an exres- it was pointed out that by bringing, 1c M]: auseer to Frank Mtlbe t $7t ISion of his views on the matter in- the Ft. '-it heil cars to Pike and Madi-. tin Olvee'maddition to Lck. tAut a ovobu1nih.cnray"hdno son avenue the compasywuda~r mulle 3. Fsx to Mary r.ino6. 5d~eat o oebto h cnrraodn n-cm n wudwr north -side of Linten avenue. being,LoI U formation whatever that Mr. Laffoon its patrons more convenience tilga"'by ad $Si n -i'u C'ottage Gre esub.; '0 (tax. aigtetase nLwsug r 10cns ad written to the President or that mkn h rnfrI MORTGAGES FILgD. the President had 'written to him. We Laffoon said he would take the matter Lar t&Roe tson o Elsabeh t an; believe that the Council' ofDefense undr __nierao _ JonMde oaseLneao d" should be, and it Is, a nonpartisanNVY a Frank C. 'Trautmn to haAntonie onsomeL ad opoiiclboyorganized by U. S.?tIAVY 1NEEDS MEN. & B. Co; 12000 law solely for the purpose of prom11ot. 1 ncv Beverly to Abraham Sliveeglads. log and supervising all war activities The United States Navy Recruiting Outer B. Haufll to Feed 6. Galloway; OLble in Kentucky, and It is not and never Office, 421 Madison avenue, announced Bertha -a,. )aOlli to Oermnsa-Aittsinifi L will be, with our knowledige or ccon hrdythtslsmnt nteUi A B.' Co.; $4.W,Turdy ha nitmnsi.teUi Mary Lusby to Peopes a. a 5. Ce.:;p$1.0 used or employed for flavoring or o~Z Lill. it. swift to Artiqir IH. Fsueht; $220,. posing any candidate for office. Mr f ed Statom Navy are now open to regisgym,, C.P;reinCetrtTrstConLoffoon's. actions were taken solely in trants of last September 12, between the Citisens' Hstinemtead Cee$Panr Ce Teachers his individual and private capacity. ages of 21 and 86 years, also registrants Annuity and Aid Assoelatlba; =11.5. Freank Dilbert. to Beadlog B. 4k L Co.; HARRY B. MACKOY, prior to that time, who are physically 11500. hlin oLtocan.&.C. RICHARD P. ERNST, qualified, but are not in Class i-A.- The Wila SlilngC ecln.. W. H- Mc.iNTOSH, navy needs blacksmiths, coppersmiths, Mtabel. 8. Winnig to ulana J. Domuher; F. M. TRACY. machinists' mates and boilermakers. $4,e.MOTGGE CNOLE.Nw" 0. WALKER, Several high school graduates are aobBikr toQ oes anOkIand Sing JOHN C. HERM#ANN, needed to fill the quota for the United JCob.; ke nPepesBn adSaig JOSEPH L. LUHN - States Naval Training Unit at the KenKage J a er to Spring Grove Avedue L. JOHN ALLISON,- tucky State University. Joseph A. Huessa to Faily B. A. No. OI..WR Jacb chfertoLe Soot. herff. JOHN H. CROWE. FIRE BELLS TO RING TAPS. Florence J. Williams to Henry J. Simlick; h eus fteBnvln no W itzes omstad C. o.. ocwod; JOSEPH HTE - SDED of the South Side Baptist Church for $a.400. Davd B Waheris olutee I. a. C.; Joseph Terlau, 28. 429 Russell street, the ringing of the Covington fire bells Jennie Snyder to Delta. L. A. Ce.; B.6, a popular employee of the Covington each evening at 1:10 to remind the L111. swift to Feurth Street Savings As- Poetoffice, died Thursday morning ait citizens to pause for a moment In silent sociatls; $215. is home after; an illness. of pnuumoClaaBFaha oCteCe$150 prayer-for our boys at the front has John Younger Cu Frank "D. Guoluo.' $=. cao buCto'ek. orboh David Duncan to Peter Bingess; $I,*.. ers and two isterm survive him, been granted by the City Commis-, He was employed at the stamp win- sinners. OFFIIAL'FOD 'RICS. ow nd ws kownto houand of Chief Teddy Griffith wats present at O'FFICIAL 'Fpeop"PRICES. dew n atknwnt thoufisango a meneting of the Commissioners when From the prices paid by the retailers, 0on- the 'employee) of the Postoffice within theowill wnsc isem etarin thet sumers may men what prefits retailernsICre ak- the last eight years. The funeral will hellituthdsignae tmerandgthe ing. Prices at 'cash and carry stores".ubould be held from the residence Saturday. relordt er igontefftiectaFra be' lower than at the Ithuet. which charge and at 2 p tm. intermentgo int Mother ofda deliver goods. Prices:subjectto market God.Cem ter t nMohr fevening. changes.Go Ce try The prices quoted on vegetables represent sale madle to intallers of good.eond stock C~" OE only on the wholesals markets Friday marts- BROTHERSWOUNDED.CVIGONN aE log. Ths range is governet mainly by quan-______ - city,purchased. quality anal delivery. Marguerite Winfld. 72. ereee, charged eteilur Consumer According to a message from the wthb lntoxication, one filcet 1 $ and costs in pays 'should pay War Depart mont toJ.T. Romn hrPolice Court. Rheo, uw reacued fromt the Wheat Flour'- nt to exceed ".Olei.5Itlo Ricer W~ednesday night by detective. '?er 1221 lb. bag.....- 5?'-a 74.3 a Oak street, Ludlow, both of ''hirns Vnate.SoecllWthdits.v Bulk. psr lb........ te6 44 Eme,2,ad5li,1, eewudC trnoVante"chbadwthdarlr Barley Flour- le.2,adAli,1,wr on lel )conduct, was befiirr Juie Manse,' rHe Per 1334 lbs........ 65 61 52 a i! In action in the battie of Chateau wvs given a fine of 1(8 1101 iicootu and soc. aulk p. i.......411a I5 6%a Thiorry, France, last July. fenced tnt fifty days in the city jail. sPer 1121 ib. u... 51 - 63 a e* Both were in a French militair' tro. Dr.IH. Cloy White. 1351 Decoorey aventue. Bulk, per lb..... 4%a 5 b64e t pital. but Alvin's wound being sigt.hhare ancaptadin. o enperts tohe 'aedv Bulk. la-r lb....... 4%4a u l6la C he hae returned to the front. Eimen;r into service in a few ds. Bulk, erlb.... a31 1 a- lost a portion of one leg and is still ictt Davis was appoivte.l ad iiaiifia,l a. Buoramee5;l- 1 in the hospital. Alvin is a member adh istratria of thu estole of John S. Davis Bulk. per l...... '14a 4'4 51ia 5% of the famous Sixth Regiment of Ma- osie s oacdlo )cot.tsr Stall r Bread- da mdl tLetrLHll Price ter loaf. 24 us. ]t a l1v4; 11 a 't rlnes. while Elmer was a mletiber of Te funeral of Albert..rb'icer. 7'.aOlho Prc per loaf. is us 7 a 154 154a t0 the Ninth Infantry, which nlhiedl the died Wednesdsgl at fo hi, hhomeo esi327neTres~gtu-c Oatmeal or Rolled Oats-"r Bulk. per lb........ i54t:.!; a 7 marines when the Gormaitu eesaewl ebl fotb ciar oo' RIOekge erl. - 1 10 trndrakerm hsMie.doeetat9Sillam. intermevintInMother of ti-id pcae-prb....__1_0_unebckfrmth _Mrn. cemetery. lie wao' a evi'newa bailiiiayor. to broket, siandard Mrs. Clara Washooch, -cite of Leo Weh' qatite. per lb...... 6%a i1 11 a 14 HaLLk D0'5VC- an. AS OLDIER nHok, died Thureday at her bone in Detroit. Homier or Hominy Gits- 15'Ltofl. M.J. ~~ UL~~l itch. She was a daughter of 'Mr. sod Mrsa Per lb....t. a 551 e0 a 7. George Raum. lB26itio Eleventh street. Coo. toranotatel esuar- Patrolman Nbe Brake of the ('tyuing- Iogtoo. The husband avdsevteral untail chit. Isibk s-rrowlb........6 ta P%!LSits1ton dyrsnsurvive her. nrsa~s-, o te to ertmnent rretil:t. let- SMrs. Sophia Mcefrath. 26, wife of Robert Whitelim r Ta 3 13 i-ifrom his aoti. N'i'it" rake. -McGrath, died Thorsday initamilton. 0. The not ima pe lb... 1 a13 3 a 3 wo I staiond a Cap H~ncok, odywill be brought to tha home of her Crilorerl. Pinto or ay woI ttoe tCLitHocc.father, Joseph Opcoevicef. 11. 7Jefferson Re tuihar variety. lb... Ski lt'. 31Ia 12%1 Go. He in a member of the Motdel Mn- our. t"o0ington, where the funeral will tahe Potatoes- cie'i itace Saturday.IntermeinMihler of (ind whileo rsl.. 5a3,a3 hn u opn tte aw eeeyniono-,^ He gives a vivid deev'-i'iuii of a Mrs. Fronces litytetisn. 25. 'ifa of Ceorge1 Per lbt In ta1% 254a -% great demonstration of machine gun Maylebom. died Thuretay at Ietvon oe in Steeded Rotles-' lvlnO h xdwl ebo Per l$iui. darks. lotea 11 14 a 13 practice hold at night at the comp, and Clv)n.tu h iy'viibyboght to the home of her father. Herman Koenig. C'oo. Prdlt.- is 51 explains how night barrag-e'was laid inston fireman, 30ti rionard street. The funeral lb.,...... lllre 1 15 a it out and the adocopanyil tiihile., and,.twill be held at the residenc. Fiidat" morning., ned Goad- how eaerly the boys awited theInterment osph in iii m. rJohn 'u dcemetery. FA~ned oot- hw eaerl th bos iwlle th JObDIhWO..4. iedThursday at the 'lTematoe. per 50'oa "zero hour for the firing if forty- 8:. EiahHciitsi. The body s-as removed Can 1: it 14 4'5rn. e teor -14 w 114 I it 1. eight Browning guns to begin, to hia homer10 n Watkin.sstreet. The funeral per;Mor0111 be heid at the reidsnce Satoritoy seen Pe.p per iaits 'un. 13 a 14 13 a 17 He predicts that when the frtlleequipl- a g. Intermen t in i. John's Ceet7. palmon tall rnk mn fAeia Alaska. lu-t. can. ITa 1u 20 a 22 eto Aeia gunners co't into acSalmn. tell red tion there will be a big tleppise In KENTON CIRCUIT COURT. Alaska. i15-oxn. 21ae =7:i"Ia B3 store for the Germoan army. He states Wrvaree55d Milk- Algn Ilneweesil. a-oe. ren. " 7;s.5 sbo'4 that no living thing can piusibly mone- iets croelly and wasting of his etate V 0.t the part of her husandid la Myers entaretd Ut'e*wt''d. v 1s- oe can 11 a 16 13 a 17 rate the new bawrraetnw' beii iniat.-suit aainst Henry Myvers-ta so. beoloe-di Charles' M. Honn, 1011tolorn and acknowledged that he had oral calls upon the Students' Army ne, a member of the First ).chIp "jabbed" Stansifer with a knife. Training Corps at the Universityr of Gull Battalion, Iry. repptdw~nddI Cincinnati for officers, aod the authoraction in France'-on wAlist t s. in v t PNEGRO BOYS VENRY S'HOOTING Itues have been, notified that an examtelegram received-from the War~.De- JohnCornt..15. cd Rchad Cains here in a few days Partment,*by ' iatve9 Thtutday. JonCre,1,adRcadCvnto-accept candidates for training camps Private Hlenh waaserving his fitrateti-, "n ugroes5' charged with disorderly for officers in the infantry, artillery, (Ibnt-ii1 t lt a - yi Conduct, 'sV, -before Judge Hanson tn- aviation and possibly othetr branches of COfflcla Â~0pl iln i zntor a mae 0a Volt- 'ourut Thursday. They the serlice. A libulber of mon have 1tu o I<,; - ' "a4 )ao doiig the shooting.en Scott been recommetidtd~ and Itis' likely that' znbnith.. l ' j' '&ae t 't~a~ acted the: attuitlif _of a considerable.,-ulbeyof the older ChattanonoaTeen..... B3 5.' Johnaoaiifite. Penn.T..2B f. Fadscoh. Ky....43 4. Caro, III...............1. News From Other Porte. PITl'tt'~.-River at Davi 11.5 fert ndtattionaey. Clsar. WHEELING.-Rvesi 5.0 fee Clear. Boys. R elting-George and Lydia. a'venue. Flarlsy-Obuillam and Barge. Leger plume. Strem oisi-7laoenos and Blit, street. Btrogan-Michael and Mary, 72 street. Rinsing-John and Florence, erty atreet. Dearth--Ernst sod Sarah. 141 Weigel-Jacob and Loretta, Girls. Thuman-Rtohert and Pleano at: set. Ecbhoff-August and Emma. ary streest.,Woifer--Clem and Verna, Mi Price Hill. Niodarhausen-Fred and Agne aenu nd ~4 Mees-ArturiandMa 1, 353 MEN' IN KHA1 Lewis Kremu. formerly book H. H. 'Meyer Packing Company the Great LeesNaval Station, on a briaf furlough. Krems has who are enlisted men In the aervice. three of whom sreIn Private Joetub It. Gramee Camp Shertmanscirk at toc No. S. has been stricken will Captain Robert H. Hillsr has ov'erseas. A cahiegrast' 'eceive bin parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. 511d Aroyeby place,. brought Captain Harry It. Gabriel, 7 strest. has been promoteid to Major. Ma~jor (taisiot isowitht Regiment Eogineern in Frane Caiticlo. oommiasocn in lbe training camp at i-i.ienjamiin County Draft Board iy. (heckler of Chev it oil Wiiiia, Perk into the zeraoti, Thursday cant to Washington to be at Ordnance Dapartmet.t (imge Denham snreet wausgtirn deel the 'Marine Corps T'hiirasayb No. t. COTTON. NEW YORK., Ott..- The was oervous and irre'guiar tot wasn tes So0thern selingu than the underto~ne was -rtouiaerc traile buying. tGenerilits ntricted by uncertainty cc to President Wilom's anwe IatoC overture,, ad pert oit he it tributed to the everning-"' o Pendiog developments In lb After soiling op to:9.:."'i(-o tag the early treading lt 'c Dist piut lteserallied, closinug t'.13 oralliut closed steady eulit.t 3 to 25 pots. The touhi u tor a decline of 'P pointn 1" Ali pots on covering b i a'ivu seiier. who were dinpt.i uit.1 ice from Southern cucr-. hat night and thsre was prrt..iui, a more optimistic tiewia f t Actirs months sooan.soldfr's. net htgher, with Jaouou'oo.i' StorcbhO21. Themoeurt thcrt asppecared to have r.:, covet. howevr. and prue. 1,100 it resowal of liquidatit.. iii selling. acompanied by i,.e large ginning returnsAa t rol pect, for the cold wve r vti It were dimitilahing. The o-iu "Iii Sround for the movementitoir' nnuaryselling off toN..' 23.211. making net deeiine' at points on thbsaite pcviir' was quiet and fluctuatione tenri was a moderate demand fro,'u ohile Southern aelling w.!11 deuco and tie undertoatno-%a census reluoet showing the cim ginned to October{ 19 ia to he ii (By Associated Pre C7OLUMHBUS. 0.. Oat 2.-Ar poration werne flied with lb. State today as followa: Cincinnati. Mitford 4t Blanc) Company. Cincinnati; 1551.001: itoulfalar and Htarry L. Goredn 'Econiomy Gad Company, Cle op Ct - Sct is. Co )a to: 9Cot 0 to S RAT 10/12/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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