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ï~~ I -rship s a good or su applicants is requested to coo mny member of t ymebro.ers of the Society:ee is comlposed of irman, Charles 06. ung Brown. )18. 1g Brown. 116. )n. F 'r t if.,,,.,,-, 1t f.. V B WEeIIÂ~IL2 COL THE )ICAL SOCIETY IL. p24,1.919 $1.00 per Annum -'Â~c mC litce at St. Louis, Mo., under the Act of Congress, March 3, 1879 1CU Q-0 OF ST. LOUIS MEL Vol -13. No. 17. APRIL Entered as second class matter October 4, 1907, at the Post Of Meeting of the General Society BARTSCHER AUDITORIUM 3523 PINE STREET Meeting convenes at 8:30 p. m. Scientific Program at 8:45 p. m. Wm. Engelbach, Pres. Albert F. Koetter, Secy. Louis, Mo., 191" n. )16. )15. 1907. 17. ore. )ital. 18. Brown. Saturday, April 26, 1919 The Relation of Wound Healing and the Reso lution in Pneumonia..-...Dr. M. T. Burrows Discussion by Dr. E. L. Opie Slight Elevations of Temperature and Clinical Significance......Dr. Chas. H. Neilson Discussion by Dr. J. Curtis Lyter HealthNews Time to get after that early brood of flies, says the c United States Public Health Service. Better to prevent the breeding of hundreds of flies now than to swat and trap 0 millions of them in mid-summer. Co The United States Public Health Service estimates that. over seven million people in the United States are infected z with malaria. &0 S0 "Public Health is purchasable," says the United States i Public Health Service, and adds that a first-class health protection service can be provided for one dollar per head per year. In fact some city health departments render 2 excellent service at a cost of seventy-five cents per head. Let's all get together and give better support to health work o in this community.. 4) 0) 4) Q. Estimates prepared by the United States Public Health Service indicate in the South the ravages of typhoid fever, o tuberculosis, hookworm, and pellagra, all together are nit as serious as those caused by malaria. E Still relying on the Patent Medicine Almanac? Better discard it and get the new one issued by the United States Bell: Lindell 815 Kinloch: Central 6837 Have You Voted? While a large number of members have voiced their opinion in regard to changing the By-Laws with reference to the meeting night, there still remains quite a number who have not voted. We would like to have the opinion of the whole Society on this matter so send in your vote before April 25, as the time for voting expires on that date. Our soldiers fought hardest in the last days of the war. Don't quit now. BUY VICTORY BONDS.

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