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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~I AT "II" OSTPONE Diany Organizations Affected by r' Attlon Taken on Accounit of Influenza. The annual meetinir or farmers and *'homernakcrs" 9f Minnesota for the short courses at the Untiverity Farmt, Which were sehtt'tledi Dec. 30 to Jan. 4, w~ill not 1,0 coitlteteit this year, it was annunced tonal- Or Prof e A. V. Storm, dIrector of short course, at the tTrtiver-sity Fe",rm. The stetson Is taken tyv the extension department of the ttnfveraIty of Nlnnesrta in order to prevent the 4rcad or the influenza ept(lemle which inigt rise from assembrling persons froni all arts of the state. The orelonittins nt hitch swere to hte Condct~ed their antuitl meetings are: If ortleoilt ti-nt society, Federat ion cot Ptumers cltubs, ('ro Improverment itsa*-ociatioti ht' rtin i)fr'oult iv atscoct. at inns; Li.vestockti treeterrs iseeSiamattion; s-wini- ltii'csl~rs. hi ireediers, I i-rio JItre-rders, Stacte \i-c~t's'aicl-ron-ers asisocil it, C'rec}niery Ma cager's, A biertileiitAltr us IIrI ticttr, t eretiotdt I-lied- k irs, Hisblt _in lireeders.t; iteric--y Itt-ee tai a, Rted Poll it--clera. A yrhtrc Tr() Breeders. Jer-sey llreeelri. Garden1 3-iower socilet y, Potato (.rowers acisoci- AJOR CARS. C.Wya3640 rtton, Be -keepe-ci assoc-iation, ogricul- home was formerly At 904 Murl ist-nrorsInhith elt~ol, nd v has been made, canip dxecu tural Biurie tr n hghscoos, and cer &it Camp: Cody; Now Mlt In-arm nunicitfhje. spnnrrto as learned today. An a captain Ir anoncngth ti~l)inn \,l o sWaver acmate h hr meetings that were to!save been con- sota wheaccompaniedothexico,~ dtt i n connection with the short been wit h the Third M~nfl.Ebt sose h s fUieriyhr a er." cilities for litter moetirigs, when danger fromt the ctiittOm~c has passed, Is offered by the university aal horlttes. Grocers to Occupy Te Larger Building..- R Tefirm of Gowan Lenning Brown c.%tq~4,wholesale grocers, will occupy0.A llngtbeoceda51-9 7-hlit-t st N, shortly after the first of l~e; year, it was learned today from A., R,.tbart, manager. 'Wlth the greater bustness facilIties xt'' c a trded bY the Iaraehnilin~r ad itse 08/12/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R MA

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