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Walker's pluralty, 47,283. ' { Sortary of state - Hugo, -$,,.837,378. Bard, D., 780,683. MAYI $'Stlt ' oan,04 uosp aiy 665 Comptroller- Travis, RI, $52,529. Coter, D., 816,202. Die- DesI ots. eis asing, 908. Travis's plurality, 36,327. --e 4: Treasurer - WelR-B, 831513. Cohen, D., 729,311. Die".tvlath missing, 111." Wels's plurality, 102,202.Bea Attorney general -- Newton, R., 827,395. Morschauser, D., bility of Â~'?72,2 16. Districts missing, 1059., Newton's plurality, 55,179. beas be M sate engineer and surveyor -- Williamni, B., 773,023. La Du, the C -VDX 750,091. Districts missing, 1224. Williams's plurality, otherp I< Q82" of Alflr The missingdirct are all Ujdtate.te boards. ALAYSCHOOLS 10 EHENCH DiPLOMATh ne to Qv Fuhas Dsappeared in EpieticM. Step a111m e to Speak couhed, are othc -frm and Moies Mg-eume Mendag Ev en o'he "french to m Their former Schedules Terms of Peace"a.pRE~l~l~wsIN HE CS Mooay evnin th '' sphity club ed witl rilli be addressed by M. titephene Lao vocter rpotomn ommi~saisa to the United iltetes. lt.manIni.Hoar of Etimae andAp Dr.a1o,,anne will 'apekon thes"French ticthit is-day Uuaelsseshiy Adopted D.TI~rnseof Peace.'"i oies esminentlytyt. serioasi Seat fs Recousmmendation That toai to discuss this subject. horn in Thr Quarastlse Be LIltd--S~hsse 187.1, he geaduatud frosm the Faculty of vots w, Have Bess Classed aed tat of ariaed took up the prolco- thuetll OtsIsteoted. stun of journailsos. In 1.808 at 2-4 be Cries ________ becesLondoios surepoodent fteir l _. lanteewochaving disappeared fro u thatLine1M1etis. 7 le wee cl c"s~e2 thei,-,' epideaic form, ths board ofaita o111a 7eebctuci ts, d5 fei;sn pt~sss~t~m or onin chief of lbs some puper.tie II{ing onreeommesda-tio fUa.Hatesvted himself to impremsiug shn ot11 rausosi tpe. Pelt o icr ant osac Prey-h people the dauger of thetires- sad li, ter ealtwhcis hr asilsed the schoolslat"ril.U icc forh e he oml claed tnanimousl. Whted thevsar broke out is 101tIhtoe some forooemothandunnimusl eteirJoined the coiors as terst lieutenant insotie-et to allow tise movies to apes uderthi eFenhan hs iea 01 Former.ebtltsies. beginsing. Macsday. h recormsy. An such liesevdimcaa The. movies hoes hqes open from 7 to 1i the hattie of the Macne ssdlter el o'ciock in the evening sie Thsrday. Verduso. In 1911 he was recaltiedt Commtesiooer (Frost reported to the solve thu French ministryr of foreigno ucha ho rd #- ser were stia is iwitte ae ad Inv steic he n ti ud r e oqOt ThursiN T'Jsut nte da,.ofthat pyeae c etee tothe tiutied und anl msear them el i.a nd n~ ano ~t head of the o~loist buresau of isi reps erWos reported up to nhoes to-tdny. Us Ib. cpeluin oauLtios. which puitios he sele, tihmiwfoseor said that he hearti{y en- ati oetlles. )ashas spoken at carious eastcan 4~isev te rcotw rn~ tn wade by 1WbOs htO.ioS uot the eastern part ofhacs r.' itauttul regihurt g the l igof the Psltd 'tats s and is the aut hor 4 eupoliti oll qucreintiac. a biok Sititied "Fighting Cruoc:'.%NUpton. *pasjdaepkaleu 5oeesiter of the breach Legio,f weren 8ited~d eopiiraen. Hiser ani s member of the Frenc o rio toen The iep.reantlh onus'the schoi baa high commission to the tUntled itolce oud oil been the longet tomast, yee'eu tn Ai- he is ahiy qualiied to speah n s, gesU: Miny. Ns'pl that tike epidemic is a thing sbeet. libeated of the pat es fareas Alhansy Is concern- - shinea ed, D)r. iRutter said Wdtad h dat hev.1,su(x)0.ob asem wissci to thansh Aihaniasefor fhhl i 'I1II tr r.E tee spiemild oojoersion. IV UnlDEIV atiee Dr. Sasitere tteeemmsedahise. 558U55,. tHND R ile rid, De. Neuttars iletteertto umwieaioner wuut ech e Frost, eomumsending the lifting of toohe. to iake eset wase as foiios: A lI JL uoit "alluen hiusddispeareel from the ISTE SEEN it1e emie form; a few seattering f ra cane l's etil reported. In view a AoNf ~ v is fact,?esy reeoiuuuenoictiaa is thabsi EI the quarantine ho roined." U r esolution.eib h or With the American Armty olthett The esoltioaadoped b theboar $tlanFot, Nov. I-ilty thu Auo,-i*o ltoiesolthut to aceordane with sled Press).-What In the use of staytbercomendtis of he s~sisaun-ing out there to be hilled on the lust or of public safety, the order cloning dy'wstocmeto crso schools padol ialon jtictisrqtheaters he prienr broughlto lesterday by the nout cpaciHued be op od mi 'tOt-night..odors. he bscaittared tiermano litard y, Nov. 9I. 11i18' whee a more disosuraged lot thanamust. EryPresastlee Tahes. Must of them decisced that sirce Aitroc vryIcwr oe, usprnedn their government Is qutting--and they yog hut Drt.ldad ueuprilsendentappear to be convinced that it i-tt tirant t of schools,.annoutsceado ond ln that all shooli was absurd fur them to negiect the up- Chicao will openen eda.ienigeengptatytsuene.wse sehool at schools 0, 14. 25- and the High pr l; osredr apsee Dr. C. P. MteCoed, health director of CL INT NI SON., TDI dend. scholafStlf lfl VS ET mursA n prubliceehoois. said that is preparsisIilIo i ldnlII ~ITitre fo h eoupsningof schoois ever pir-. wreckh eculus has hoes taeescam Ushe lalth 1 ntrrw nro ua r frlnrn Th. Rcan inalrman Unwww g Jo BERLIN':.. M6. P - S VIENNA.......i.5-P5 M. ~ Goernor W h Ib Was -ROME ~ete-W llW tcCont ggSANVINOPLEr P...II. PROTEST REJECTED VOTES x Â~'" r oresCasso s That Sme Balaeb With531 111L l abI. Croon Ware Thrawn Oul fLLtUL F Boauds Meat Be. Governed L II t by Voters' latest. Il 1 11O E se of 'their belief in tseponat- AlflhUI..IRI if foding malty voteso ht should [ALONU S! Ion counted fur (Governor Whit-, l aeocge A. Glynn, cha~limn of lbIT E II h~jer Dot npubtican state committee, and U REESE 15 iir party leaders said is New Yorhk fla.E. itsiapS 0elil wonid not concede,thea'election u fli LL Nl LIL, T ~hle~:Cas ed Ef. Smith asncovernor until - hi, so official canvass by tho county Lonlon, g ridz IThis canvass will begin on London, Nov. 9.-The British foroes ni--A-:gentral and n eery ouny to Rthave ca~tured the fortese of Many. gujijinlGermany in organioation wi be repro- bsege. Fietld Marshal" Hatg announced hageit" dispatch b lr n grs, ac-t-a.Sut fMue h rts rp optf are pushing eastward sod are well be- vices. to, the f one eiection district," said toe yond the Avosnos-Slanbesge road. Odpenhigen., -_ an. "I have heard of flee bat- British troops in Flanders hate' irked with a double cress, one crossed the river Scheldt on a wide APAI ftetosursajcn fotnrho ora n aeetb ernor Whitman's name, whlen leohed themselves on the east hash. Amhsterdamn,' eclared to be void and wire not.-solutq Unity; is d.Is anoiher election district LAST FRENCH FORTRESS. i rlihn 4apeoplot, e f at it six casee asd there Mueg asUets lsotn orneeahto - chi ercmsthat have been brought Mueg a h at hotn Cheello> 01r. a suret~~~es. French feetress in the bands of the te(emne The IntentGoens. Germnise. Before the war- It wss con- remain -calm--Â~'1 sidered a fortress of the firstclans' r.ecetvsl,in sn ire is a court decieion that and gltarded the Namsur-Charleroi route Berlin, reads: crssen are marked for Use same Into Fresco by the, way of the Sambre 'Foer moe th te for goeernor ia differentriver. Mau natiot, n a the candidate shail be credit- 'lTe townttis situted on both banka dured-, the moatoevtteitn fteofteSmr.Muog a ae bing leavor.ItheIteet of sbe owieSmbehebse o oe acrifices..onytn Y clo clar Iflv er lissiseby tile Germans after heavy fighting wheO only ON,5 one eto fon Governor Whit- with toe litish and brooch late j5 from tho entire tetch of the 7,205 electiun dis' August, 11014. The town rs within a dangers for'Itoi Inbt- state, It wottid tu my mind few mites of thes Belgian border south gives way enho by affct ithet result." of Hope, which Is l18 miles nortoward unforeeeeablt. - rIs a record of why each void by roil. An. indispeni uos thrown out that goes with decisive hours-ul he.FRNHAVNE eof feoand sod sntggeutiooe of vrpep'tr nrities dieti down yosterday. Paris, Nee. P. - Thso French armies tisnaneo of the.', Ott Kietlgg of ihe D eore l this morning resusmed tho forward under, voluntary committee aeheed the federsl msrch along the entire frent, the war citinen be. aIone hoig officers to toot Into eaiiegedl o~ce annoonced to-dsy. fulnellity' 'tow it Cayugts, Cileitlstsu, trange IAINFOT~'T fulfiuimenv t fto 'oheolcooboties. tharfcs ef itri. TLA RNTfUE.. eBaltd. wolid beoledged agfnint Itome, Nov. S.-"'No wee event Is re- MORE INS Of tie mworers fcr liepreets- ported on the Italian f root,'nays the Amsaterdami, I' art AtanonBI. tloughtton to Nt. war offce statement Issvued,under bet- subordination 4 nCrig asdaenTecniin f h r-aogteto Uniform Vote of 5,000, istico are being rarried out' d05 i tiso atool 151g to his estimate of not mct- WITH THE AMERICANS. northeast of Oh totalot 1500frteslirpatch from bSat of 1100 or itesodie -Wi~th the American Army on the Sot,ter voie. John J. Lyuns, sec- dan bract. Nov. 0, (By The Assosiated ' )reattive of too st.n'retsry of Press'.-The Asny rican army east of NXWfSPAI'S estimated yeerday toot Use the Dieu vestioiuki to-atitsame today Paris, Nov. 0i st shoot ncudig W.000;o deths'isrIn m then nersisanc, nck Americansabot 1,00; taten de Ist theAmsicae-o iahedsIithilr- t circiecicle tn ditrit. Inctluding Otlpllglen both earth and south of Damvi- revoltionw uthie Mitts, Merrilltetnl odler, t151-roeas.hat-arias capet n't to exceed.i,000 vo~tes. As Along tho tone of the Meltso, en the formation ~recess' treat obeykesloaiing stoitfrotlfrut omeserto iarineoitrt lst designiate'ht her wcetem cn.lots tsir. iy~tonsilt was a rheti by artillery ontd mu- Itno'arinrsepsbl 11cem a total of 2.000. 'Irees cie gnftn.amd the v coth e vsrisnaca itan unnstn.EI!liser, the al moonteog to no wnoe ton NEARING FRONTIER. teed a -committe Onih eenth~stim yeienoy(Summary' of!nto war news by ths men, soldiers' a Sth Il s e isobeeunsterday Associated Press.)i resets similar 1down oas ogIeniland for tile New Yot Not. 0.-Tm oF reacts Michoeista'! toil, and wiii mahe no l tiem to hone driven tho Germans from nearly e tip onsideraion of hi, p-allthlbsnaturai defenses ed of teo i oils sits For some lime. a rnco-Blgian border Ind It titUs eatd ocal none msintainsthe pace of th lsaoutotf40ryars' twu days the French aoouid reach held. public ler as M~i DT f to frontier at some poinlp before Hir Ifsa -a-nIbefasl. for havi publl ER41 REPORTLU - k:at of Use Meuse, en the aulto" many on.Tl21 **~ E AL right, the American troops are adease- her arm el 18 inn1II ta toward Montsmedy and- too Brief ing.Ct1entenee 1111 iron fields The forward movem fnt em fifecntllo rayt era. uicoth toward Sedan vaiton revolato there baa been only artllery and ma-.ACCIDENI ch ters fom ermansy are that th:0e rPR I in, his, oe 9A eal weireusngit m odreds of soldiers from C3amp abdicate. alno has esked Prince Max, only dlr >1w tu witness the football game at lbsechasrellor. to retain. office untl to-day,,Is re or o with the Camp Taylor sqsad the Emperor roaches a decision on his Hebover,;Olden 'eched tn a hood-on colson with future courpe. Aprentl the Hmperor Odeneisally'revQu eager lenin neor hors early thsis fears the reaction tort might result rieus dlstazbhpc.. Several persona are reorted should toe chanellor be permitted' to' Iepoirts fro edhv entknfo h einwieteamsie odtostw fV mu dendhav bee taon fom oeare nder conslditration, and. the' Koy- Schl t injured will number 20, troop rms elf wtot td * anucen orcefi es.pGat seil While the tltem~n governiment Is can- 'st"l'S 11/09/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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