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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~BURGTSBURG Theaters, T"7.all pubice'gtheringseiofed. Many lap cases'deported, but no deaths, OLD O--=Allchurches, theof Mel's. schools and ter piee of where, crowds are; AIkely to eon-m and gmete closed b? the board of e i- health.. Thirycasesreported. iree Twenty ases amog pupils of Our, Oh reral Laity of neels academy it Lyxus. S a.sre -ftipemic: serious at Bryant,A~doer ad Elk Riv0~, Junetin. John. B. Tucoings of Lyrons is In. son.;' dead from influensa. Na Inater liard roonss,' churches and: public +cal This meeting places Closed: lHundreds mtc stieso. ofcases in county and situation cui pros- regarded a serious. CEDAR RAPIDS-De aths7 from bei gulak1.influenza continue. moretans 'wtth- 1,100:'.case reported fin'citysad It; 'Unche ked Charles tin ublio---Hnry Moytragontfor:the Asuaer- toa pie- ica n Express eon 1 I iint pool a' result; of the disease. oul The old song "The Little Erown Lurch in the Vale" has an intering hit of history. It w"scoem0ed about a, real church located Bradford. two. nilesfro m ghuar The' church was the, first.the county''inl which I:t is. 10 -tedad wa-bult--under-t eoat: adverse and difficult cirOne of the member s.gave the sutiful' lots on. the 'Cedar riv er -At tho roa city coupni a, club last n: H-that-,sll-pi Ming, sachools, lurches, and d for ten days of 1 V: R ur~urnoiAULU.. lug one 'out con CIIERO KE 1t-As a precautionizus that ary, measure to 'guard.against tho * picked. sprea~d of Spanish influenza, the *" city board of health' here has to' what dosed all theaters for an indofias -the 'nite time.' Schools have not been family,". closed, but all parties aa social eonls of gatherings have been suspended. MYatus, It is reported that there are eight Rainbow,.cases in the city. and vicinity. n now in wounds 0i4 T ANE1LLE -- 3iooka,. fourth churches' and all other jubl,. naarchlng gatherings have been closed, Mere, le in_ the by order of the. town council, toawtth ouom-ofcesf Spanish influenza. - ',AfATHO-TI TON--The board of SUCSS health has Closed the sBools06 n bsordered- all public gatherings, closed until further- orders on acoelcount of the- prevalence of. Spanis Noel se h ~en There ire;between arnivat. twenty iv oand thirty04ses4n:the towrn:and imme iate vicinlty. Lo county,.flu bail d b Ylnrepotted Otier; 'ote "to him 'for.-;help. About Daily YI state hoard of health up:-toVon-t Gadabl eesn rm Bafr day:night. Of these!forty-two.11 n elWr gn rm Bafr had rcanltot!i p+h, his, congregation. The bell was carried I The, repor a came Â~from 2 1 * the personal git Of 1A:O"Om LCole, I-a. lte I tevft Refuse. t L Troops }_-Di Land v ~oa2Secau~e. Shallow Water In Iowa to Be o ~~ o~ ~~ Ltilhlod'Throu Iihl~c Pace, oo" 'if a. Mnera r',gs parents that the,overseaSl contingent of which he was a member, wano. all ow7e liah por e~t fw of tilthitundt nAlni otfluensa. The transport resathedta ter. t' p PLAN EIHEUAE FES~IYALE w t r III (own avi otiwr tributary to the Missl9issipp, way be used in the future for both 'Pleasure and -commnercial maotoring. at a speed of forty miles an hour through. the waters of the, ' issitippi 'along Wisconsin and Iowa~l shores,.: "going over the top'' of sandbars. and through wateso s-sllow theyar just short WiI um'ranc4 blowin

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