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ï~~ a par j~ving h r~ee Salem and Iti as an Iexample of eve price at WhIlhb the ting coi'#tracts. ihilktyy- qtrne. or two neettng was- no handt'Senator Dimick. came 'cha ber and rounded )rs leoould find, hile he reprqsentative; who a Friday afternoon for d.ournment. *ere Senators Dimick, ~rae, Laehmund, Stray Shooks. Pierce and ~trepresentatives SchueHughes, - Hanse. Eugene unalWh),Shpl toa an4 3 tfao~iah,was t nu { ax: heI'4 Ibon&..:ssue*.rwore ~jl m5d4 tQ'b r a heavy overhead ~pesse.tor the peta tewrd~ lobb r, h~ Ftte k n vw' thz a paving.lobl.y ould ~efound around the city council at; Acst~iris, and he dtd not- doubt a,few Sthe. paving~ lobbyists could be located n" Portlan~d apid some at Salem and other places in the state. Lobby Termied ""Inyious" "Mo'hre are various enterprises aroumnd e Notate which are absorbing more or less of this money," he declared. " Xom know;af lobby is a difficult thing on which to put your finger. It is an 'insid-,ous 'thing. President Wilson calls it an.Insidious thing, wfitle Elihu Root calls At the_ invisible government" In taking the state highway conmmis sion. to task for its various sins, Mr. Srnitlb referred to the statement made that the commission had sought to em-. l oldiers on a piece of highway con st nad copld get no response. ou which i offered to py the men (, dovd- en Pes rFive,,Column vio) - - - ------ LBERSi, + #..:.,, -7 cepted to Try Man Ity Charge Is.a of Germany, were 'passed for cause aptory ' challenge in the Albers on the charge he U. S. 4Istrjct court selection of the jury o 2 p. n., next Monday. porarily accepted were i,. of 'Cornelius. James J. M, Hart, Portland; B. tnd;JF. W. Bs tholorpew, n Frye, Astor'V; F.L. Henry Ball,'-Portland. culiar coineidonice that called froti the jury of Gerhat4'. Goetze a inty farmer,'who was merica when -he was 16 and took out' hits final re in 1896.;, Rep4injr to tthe' U.. S. district, athoe though: 'thll Vaited titledt ini.d }i'n$war lire' land *wid dthe sinking American ghips. ited that he laed been a nbter of the Ge a y: of Corneliup, btiad n it when the 9" ijted?age Eleven, Column 511), zed by w Carvi g1( it.Sentl3 r msN Ir SPILLED B iPORTLAND_MAYOR Senator Smith Says. Baker Hand ed legislature Gold. Brick; May Repeal Soldiers' Relief Bill, Salem, Jan. 25.-A bill will be intro duced in the senate next Monday morn ing to repeal the $100,000 emergency ap propriation passed for the relief of sol diers said to be stranded in Portland. This bill will carry the names of a group of senators o were highly In dignant when they r d the interview with Mayor George I Baker in The Journal Friday evening. That interview spilled a beans, so far as anything Mayor Baker may ever again hope to get from the state senate, with Its present personnel. Senators who agreed to stand sponsor for the bill are Thomas, Smith of Coos, Lachmund, Lafollett and Strayer. "Mayor Baker simply gold-bricked us out of $100,000," decared Senator Smith. M. Kirk, 1,ettte and prdtty, and'%rne of thie "thousands.-of; 're oh "lt reported to have bedi rpe. rides of American soldiers, reedntly -arrived at New York a# oard- the British transport Viua. She is the. iife of.Captain George E. Kirk,- an avia tor,- from San Francisco, who';lI now convalescing at a Paris hosit tal. Mrs. Ilrk, who was a nurse at the Red 'Cross hospital" at Issondun, nursed C~ptairt Kirk When he was taken there after being ijurt in an air d i~. The couple were mar ried on (arch. 2 last.' Learning that her 'husband might be sput to America soon, Mrs. Kirk hurried over on tl, Ulua, knowing that of ficers' and soldiers' wives would not be perni14sd to accompany, their husbands. Distinguished!arty Of Japanese Eo Envoys in the City Samuel 11111, former president of' the Home Telephone company and special commissioner of the United States government to Russia, arrived this morning from Seattle accLompanied by a party of hapanese commercial attaches en route to the peaio conference at Paris. Mr. 11111 returned from the Far' East on the steamship fussehirni Mara, arriving tn Seattle January 16. Through his influence the Japanese chose the route through America instead of through the Mediterranean to the conference. Members of the party are: Baron It. Konclo, president of the Nippon Yusen Kaisha and transportation commissioner to the peace conference; T. Okubo. son of the late Baron Okjibo; S. Kurokawa, in charge of foreign transportation; Dr. Y. Fujitnori S. Terashiina, statistician; M. Nogi and S. N.ikcs, assistant man ager' of the Nippon Yus;en Kaisha in Se at tie. The dlistinlgulihed visitors were the guests of Mr. 11111 while in Seattle and uon the Northern P'acif ic line to 'Port land. They were met' at the station by J1. I. Farrell, president of the O-WV. f. & N. company and enltertained at lunch eon at the Arlington club. A trip over. the rColumbia river highway Is lianned for this afternoon. The commissioners will leave tonight for the East, via Spokane, St. Paul and Chicago. salenofWool o c al p~a oongrbs" Fti r noon ti en & 8p00iAI4aOQ$ was a r&intedto fk The congress aotdrd tione voviding for: the apoi mthlft da speclI oot~mitee. investi ate the responsibilit kiO the w ir and'. brechlesoQ t4; nationa~l law In onnootipn Witti I ts co duct. Othler committee wvere uthorized to take Up tcrIlati pl labor legislation considter details of internationr~,.i~ zation of certain trtinsportat4 facilities..t Another committee will "t on "his eamnunt otparatioti tt1 ~enegnw:.countries Aught 40 and U'l en ati4tlzr, within ivwhich Ipaym~ent should *' Presdelnt Wilson opened dfsous". { slon of, the ieague of nations atj'.j 3:07 p. m. The league 'of nations was the filj subject taken up by the deiegates.- ' resolution was presented providing, 9t iConcluded on P's Two, Column Twe)"a> ARREST"OFrIGH D.Sm rTaeDrsctto En(orce R5g-ulations; SIfjl 4 Increase in Cases. i''ifty-six new coses of lnfiuensa.-atrd deaths were reported to the 'healmt" b' reau to noon today. A Mitght Viers especially in deaths, is records4' ov" yesterday's midday totals of 461 now ni' two fatalities. although-sa heavy cline from last week's record preVai s. Warrants for the afrest of tI~ Portland physicians.for failure tor port.ases of influenza will be lua ' today under orders of Dr.;p. A.. Sol neer~ director of the consolidated heal bureau, and sworn to by pr.J,4 Abele. city health officer il ef r tef ewhn" e lrtn J.. C.r(im. A. M. Wptbst r,. C I 'I do not know how any man could insult the senate more grossly than he ha%" said Senator Thomas. "It develops that everything tis said up here was; a lie. If he comes up here again he' ought to be kicked out."', "Wait until he runs for governor then we scan go after him," suggested Senator I.afolhett. "That is what he wants to do. No, he won't-~even get to first base." said Senator Thomas. Under tbe emergency,/ law $25000 of the $1 00,000., fund was to be paid over to the soldier's and sailors' commission upon requ st. It may be that this sum has.. been 'rwb ut if it hias the senators will endeavor to put through a bill whicju will cut off the expenditur'e of the bahsnde. When the senators who had listened to Mayor Itaker's -urgent plea for immedi ate action on the emergency appropria tion last week, read the mayor's state ment 'theX he was holding several thou sand ' dollars In a fund raised for the benefit' of- the soldiers, they, were about the "hottest" bunch of lawmakers one ever 'sees. Ths 1 interviewIijiited ~to was on aWw*elil the;question of t yi the state: Iasked 4o a ppropriate, n emergency fund fort takcing care of:returned a pi-. iers up, n4. why. the peopjO of Portland are 44M4 to subscribe'. tq. the.welfare fund whe '.the' emergency fund still 'lies 11/2 0/2 0 06 LIBRAI pects them,to live.up to The city ii Ceei y coojer e..*t. t i usit- t he army lb.s tgL *at I i ~In the Wilds of the Maiay Jing1e, G. Garveth Wells is now in Portland after six years ju the wilder,~a of Malay in the s rvice of the British government as airEt'gineer. ~~ account of the w, d life in the fastnesses of that region, =which wfit _b. publshed in TI' SUNDAY JOURNAL. tomorrow, is "thrilling forming.., R I "Shirtsleeve".Diiornay, Ds e This homely idea may be grat campaign'" stuff4 for aho i; nsgisto t. s.. ~f ~a 4" r^Park w'hrÂ~ the A merican neac6 commIY i*,Ii RY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R N ie pJ9rompt

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