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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~;,, ~.. _ Citleks to C. B.''REDWAY, Treasurer =,[. W. W. F r~ OUR SOLDIERS------8kRVE OUR SAILO OUT- ANOTHER CHEOK I,MERGENCY CALL. RESCUE OF THE UNITED WAR WORK DRIVE I re coming; we will make it. mericans never fail to do what we are asked when told Sjob that must be done. LOWELL MUST NOT FAIL. ist subscribe this money. Every cent you give helps to to the goal of $300,000. oys have done their job, and done it well. Is it going to e left them without the care they need? We must send organizations to them. those who can to DOUBLE UP on their subscriptions. and keep giving till over the top. into 119 Merrimack Street and make your pledge or cription. Telephone and we will call for it. OSE AT E AFFECTED BY P. M. ON TUESDAY I of next Tuesday at the { reliminary elections mustDIN POISONING aeen the hours of 12, noon. at night. ti'd ecauoe of the belief tersh he polls will lames. Kelly, 39 years old, o f 35 untl nine o'clock. The " hnlding of the eleclons Ash s reet, was taken to St. John's ssAo p. as the clIos- hospiltl Saturday noon suffering from iodine poisoning. His condition Is not S"v PLAI I;NTEREI). serious. no.os clothing ltore A t helly worked at the 11.. iartrldge n d l nover s ree s tw a nights nato en ofew vc'kso ago suffered i.' slet loloriay night or from Influnz. Sinos his recovery he aymorooning 15 soseat uhas not enjoyed the seat of health aluo 1::rin oneytakeo. En- though ho los worked most of the forctd lhrough the front time. nashin ne of the anes This noon he aled at a nelghorI rtornil t fle look fromr the hood drugstore and purchased a small ir -;rtw rking on the amount of tincture of iodinee and, reSturning ohis home.,fronk e contents of the fbol Ile. Some of the members of his family became awaore of his action and hurriedly called the amty Years Aco.a bulance and he was removed to She y hospital There it was reported late -- - - --- In the afternoon that his condition 1i16.6 was not considered critical. r 17--Topvrature at noon, HOME ON FURLOUGCi. Ih of the' lowell. whom Ensign Edward S. Cummings. fT. S. f, lr..'o hnoo'v.scured.. N.. I.. F. has returned to Lowell on a ton "all'-,of f[playing furlough of eight days. -'Se t, a-grad-- tonlfe, 'old. uate of Lowoel High and Lowell Textile schools and of the Officers Mater IR-( iusoay). rial school in Hampton Roads, Va. lie n tii:ntngt,n hall in ol1 was etnofloyo(1 in the Massachusetts mull.ocf,.nse fund, under the Mills when he enlisted. lie has been,rf 1 l'iollo.oHa:;gertv. assigned to the fifth naval district vh, participated were with headquarters at Norfolk. Va. rlooss;isloos Miss M. loer. T. o If..M l ugh. 'i..1. b'),nahoe Superfluous hair removed. l od ', I F' Martin 192 Merrimack street. -J uensa etween Ages or w I tCesitleiiqw 20 and 40 Years.raio -nDearly01ov~b~d dhr ba An analysis of the figures kept by his worrowtnf1a the board of healh' registrar, /durin,.: " o. the infae nza eplsesmic, shoW that,for MA' ' ' the mqtqs of Selttember and October, ' A re uieiimar when/it w s at Its worst, practically| soul' "of Mary' G. 50 pe cent. of all deaths from influen at St. Peter's za o lurred between the ages of 20 morning, Nov. 1 and tO years. Miss Jennie E Between the ages of 20 and 30 years known resident fully 10 per cent. of all fatalities took constant attendi place, while for the five year period church since it between 25 and 30 years of age about Saturday at her 15 per cent. of all the deaths occurred. street,.fter.a These figures do not show deathslsurvive 'by thr from pneumonia, but only those from nie, Mary and1 Influenza. A carefult compilation dem- brother. Willian onstrates that almost no ages were '" M free from it, however. Ten.children Michael Moore under one year of age died from the ing at his home. disease, while other figures show the leaves five son mortality rates as follows: James, Stephen One year, 10; two years, sx; three in France, and years, two; four years, nine; five to 10 years, five; 10 to 15 years, two; 15 Amos W. C to 20 years, 10; 20 to 25 years, 13;'25 identified with to 30 years, 22; 30 to 86 years. 21" 35 Co. of Palestine, to 40 years, 15; 40 to 45 years, 10; 45 to visit with Pit 50 years, six; 50 to 55 years, two; 60 stricken with p to 65 years, two; 65 to 70 years, one. brief illness die O tf he 143 deaths from the disease day, Oct. 11. M in the two months slightly more than of high ideals ai half owere males. There were 78 males his business and and 65 females. made him a lea The number of deaths from all caus- associates looks es for these two months was 848. spiration. He September had 253, and October 590. man of tremend These are by far the biggest totals for singularly keen deaths during similar periods in the traveled extens history of the city. tional entertains occasions the de Ill-ennlal Eleetions. that a life whos Those connected with the elections promisingly bsho department at city hall wiii naturally closed. His bed; be glad that the bi-ennial election soleum and rests amendment has been adopted-provid- tery. His wife, tog the matter is not later held up brother in foreii through referendum proceedings. Mrs. Crosman bs As matters now stand the work of Miss Mae Done the department, particularly the end elocutionist of of it entrusted to the city' clerk's ofice, start in June and there is no let- Mrs. Ovila De up until just before Christmas. The Trudel, aged 61 early start is made to take care of her home, 373 nominations which may come later on. leaves her. husb From then on there is always some rl of Lynn. ThOr form to be followed with respect to city y. Sister either preliminary or final elections, of Providence r May Affect Loans. Mrs. Eduard The sIgning of lt armistice and the Saskatchewan, ending of the war within a few Pierre Trudel of weeks or months may have a very di- Sister Mederic o eet effect upon the city's ability to dence of Washi borrow money neat year. e randchilren. Feeling that the war might go into rt Anne's Soda the middle of next year, if not longer, Sewing CIrcle. the officlals of the Federal Reserve C. sank, some months ago, decided to al- Frederick E. low cities to borrow only very necessary sums of money. And the terms dent of this o ito which were framed by the capital is- lg in Holyoke sues committee of the bank were such leaves one slte that practically nothing could be con- field; two bro strutted unless it bore a very close re- Frank M. Short. latlon to the maintenance of public body will be brs health or the construction of roads rial. havIng a real m~itary value. The local city government, having Everett 3. Is tasted the stringency of the rules of at the home of the committee, got all ready to bor- ens street, aged row only very small sums In 1919. The 2 days. Beside smbers felt confident that practical- lrs. Arthur J. ly all new work by the city would be vived by his I suspended. Mrs. Albert H. Now comes the armistice proceed- Isherwood. iogs, to be followed by peace declarations. and the' city commissioners are Patrick, Maho wondering if the officials of the Fed- at his home, 31 ral Reserve hank will lift the ban by his wife, Cather the first of the year to allow the city ter, Mrs. Bart S to borrow money for new work, was an old and St. Peter's paris Infant Mortality. Holy Name S Lowell's infant mortality rate for the church; also' week ending November 2, according to League. the federal bureau of the census, was - 24.3-the highest of any of the 45 cit- Samuel Gordo lesa reporting. Fall River was in sec- dent of Maine, end place with a percentageo of 19.2. noon at the her The rates in the larger cities of the 28 Whipple stre country were Boston,.3.6; Philadel- aged 69 years. phi. 12.6; Chicago, 12.2, and New ters in Seotlan York, 8.9. The lowest rate of all was Maine. The be that of San Francisco-3.4. rooms of Willis Only two of the candidates for elec- street. tion at the state election have conp lied with the law with respect to Miss Florence filing their expense accounts. Thomas teacher in Bills J. Corbett. Democrat, redlected in the St. John's hospi 16th district, and Henry Achin, Repub- is survived by lican, reelected in the 15th district, (Burke) Malony have filed these accounts, both stating don. of Charles that they paid nothing, nor did they was a niece of 3 promise anything to secure their elec- Sweeney of Clas ton. was taken to th James F. O'Dor Droth Rate, The death rate for the city during[ Leon Moors d the week Just closed was 12.62, corn- ary, Tewksbur3 pared with 17.82 and 30.34 for the prior [was taken toeth two weeks. The number of deaths was James F. O'Don 26, as against 37 and 63 for the previ-{ Mr.Amn OUS weeks. rs.Aad.Seven children under five years of of the late Aifr age died, and of thess five wars under iday at her hot one year. One died from an infectious y ears, 3 nionthe dIsease, and there were six deaths re-[ Was taken to ti ported from acute lung diseases. Two.noon and rein' deaths from infiubnsa and one from 00nu0 by Underi diphtheria were reported... |bauit,& Sons. oIfectious dIseases reperted were. s daughters, Eva foflowss Diphtheria, 10; scarlet fever, Iandone sister, two an..d tubercu.losis, four. {of Montreal. ', It Is understood that city workers l In several of the departments are to '.5 receive full time pay for Monday and".. Tuesday-the days of celebration. in Te--r iuea the" street department Commissionor Tefnrl Morse says that ho will pay for 'Moo- place Saturday" day, but not for Tuesday, because thes oeparents,': latter was declared a holiday by tthe (Flsmigcc governor.''Fltig)c Can., Joseph and Dr."f Canada; a sister, Rev. DEATHS. Df the Sisters of Provi- DESIETS-In this cityNov. 16 ngteo state and 12 DSL' -I hsctNv She as amembr of her home, 373' Riverside street, MI She was a member of Ovila Desllets, aged 66' years.,allty and St. Joseph's GORDON-In this city, No, r16, at oWhipple street, Samuel Gordon, ag Short, a former reel- 69 years. y. died Saturday morn- ISH3RBnWOOD-In this city, Nov. 17, e. aged 68 years. He the' home.of. his parents, Mr.' a; r, Mrs. Arthur A. Max- Mrs. Arthur J. Isherwood, 861 Ste thers, Harry W. and ens' street. Everett J. Isherwood, ag o all of this city. The 2 years, 4 months, 2 days. ought to Lowell for bu- Strictly private funeral services w be held at the home of' his parents,) and Mrs. Arthur J. Isherwood, on Tue serwood died yesterday day afternoon at 2 o'clock. his parents, $61 Stev- MA3ONF3Y-In this city, Nov. 17, 1 2 years, 4 months and his home, 33 Swift street, Patrs s his parents, Mr. and Mahoney. Isherwood. he is sur- Funeral will take place from I OUR SPLENDI ONE OF ARE HIG OELLEN2 FOUR RC SMOOTH VALUE i r VOTE FOR J N T. SHAW grandparents, Mr. and home Bixby and Mrs. Mary Servi humr will mnay died last evgntng atS. 8 Swift street. Besides qUErine, he leaves one sis- Jol Sheehan of Ireland. He nai d respected resident of Fu h, and a member of the mor e ociety of St. Peter's funes if the City. Municipal o'clo lot i _____ omit on, a well known resi-will died Saturday after- brotl me of Mrs. M. O'Connor, stree et, after a brief illness, the I He leaves two daugh- at 5 nd and one brother in from dy was removed to the RICI no A. Mask, 70 Gorhaso at bel se H Malony, a school mÂ~ eric, die4 atur4 sy 7I her mothr, sti.. y, and one brother, Obr' stown, N. L Deoesed R O Mr. and Mrs. William P. 'emont, N. 'H. The body e rooms of Undertakers yet nneIl & Sons.. ' SHO EI ied at the State indrm- b 5 y, Saturday...'Thebody,-N merooms-of Undertkers the On Candidate for ALDERMAN At the Primaries Tomorrow TUESDAY, N ov.19, 1 18 r " "..i:'.6:

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