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A00 shares. 2500 sharms. 90056shares. t331sarts. 186375,146 sta re. 54729 shared: Bars Ordered ClosedUJnti Further Notice oeeeeeessFrom First rap esSwr midnight RE POLICEMAN, toaidin he hecingof he t rilul lst Ig scavry Bee- e wv-of lnflsueza ad peuonatee police offier wy gines a iÂ~ whchas' beee sweeping, the tity~ gauge meek which be Is sxpected ho'd the State aed New Reglepd. 10towear if be should be celled I1tote ~ Clesskchee toe, have been "reqoesaed" a hees. were there are l1ef11114e11a4 Virr nqt "to epee their. door. for eic0es ptleifta as If. be shoeld be celled Ync tOl morrow smerning.?ls& edifices that Ifor ambeuaeca irrk. do Jeold serebces will he frsaned uon The patrolmen were cautiened.V: thse medicai aedhealth esthpritlts as tra fib. mtas4e aftereusing them slathers" is "the ampalpo to amp aud to Procerseothers Ifrem the x Chsmld n aegadtedekletnns heli of, men, women ad childena of- Tien New Ragland. tOes No.eielenM1st.011rasngand 4e -ycaehooked, eentnnellr due~4 aotaco tsns. lsssss Qeraisbl oal eefre "FROWNS ON' ALL SERVICES 18tO's etio ofthal e sefors-od ma Tedrttle eleesdruling foe afi the cent the fertisar spreuof tthe dttease.Ins.z nartoctslesseof pebtaagathertng cams 'bsheton sf tha stats authorities te Memo malg lbs nobssa epertabte c a hby y tca*5aeWdhdnrithoCrn te aure gtcesthe okt55 and teaesq authesityFrmtOseeto shakesthis draatio n.utlet scmp tpe,,sttmn rn ht Reot rmpicpl iisadre orbate sarnitds for eonesesattoestowns of tew napesdoeteled during BotO en the Shkfitatlsehould be ahbaddened. the letf4 beers recetvsd by the elate toml~ das adOsd~tlse ngdse.o ffitslap are:as flines: Fail Rteer, CeesI dispabse wttl O. eatosmsdagerentaa t?; 7w Bod tdke;Tacetoe, 17: b 4asd "O' the.ltteeese through the Breehtss l:;Cansprtdgs,!n: ttaverhll, fv eeeetsg spiteke,.winang ad ether I1;' goes, 5; 11[ ees, 44: Ftobber,, t digttsto~ f gpescs cr-124: -Lossbsate. Nothamp~ton. 15~ cioet as planned by -many enegrena- 0. thebo sgs sid Teresto, Nurses Strickes 6" q, Wesheulslalt eett Word reeiced "(a-t eight- hr Dr. et t'0ne 0gnt ott roe-Rn ro rctn Ifre i cae; -i~4 wthso setsreeaeto that theseof the eesswho eame treme m SQ ea sHeag a46 stecw ToronoIn rsseoeha in this Seats's sail seechNU IsJ" tst bet toc for ChMdhovehe tohewhte so he huehestOsenelrga. on.eowaneo s idyieg. r hbad hsstaatly, ol- Cptain Draper of the I.Iitsd elates Mfeet..' lb the rensofnOthe Puhits Hlsath 55,-elosa st Wish[ re-1' RWA4" duw.e. eNwt, 6unbap erbfuE T.. I d 1.sba~d Vli Y i"elco of eibm st ot as44 w AD VENTIST av.e j sts sOSasu.,s is *-.c -Atecfbets lswc.tpam 0t dod as follows! tTRAL CstReH, esotle 5oakcsetea crt. sthecs ciil A. 1wects. en %a1. sboon rcefar-eveS lllbb eiedl lay.445 swt, a -eemswilthas ssstl 6e sewnvoesle csistseettee. EPISCOPAL triaIce2sT I MootrTy. was oen thu Tampsa.' Mx hoe ae at Now Lonons. Cene. - NEW YORK CUR IOSTON CURB eacacce wa e tracy, Cone., hey. Its entltsted a ysa e go last Apoilad went eoversees It oembter. Primate Athaey Zidilils Privatee thoenr Ldlts, a member of ClOcebay.156thtnanet, bct ehen 86Usd Isnetlec Is Fresen,aoontg to werd retained yesterday by rcatvs to Nsa Bedford. Privae Zitlis was a draftee ad left for ovrsesafrtem Come Decees. Ht. made his rtsldscce at so Breat avne, New Bedford. Error Is Picture Corpoeal Jehn T. Devnes-f eIt Otei s5re0t.' Mdfcrd. asaimember of thaeeoch Infantry, hs bcobewoaccdedovearses. hreegh aensor tor etardays Pest the pltere cf Joseh Donansy of a erttlary Watt was erinted as bela that et CorporailabshnDaney of Medfoed. NEW ENtiiOYS ON CASUALTY' LIST (O~ihel is~t), I KILLED lta.ACTION Le. BoajomtsL Coctis.KPFaradt r5.. Pt. htleom A. Selvs. loIN iddlebero ace., EAST TAUNTON. Pt. Btsndon F. Deans, BEOWEEGAO, DIED OF WOUNDS set. Robert 0. Fletcer, K Ltceolc acs.. NORWICH, Cent., Pt. Eugene 0. dtagemtc5ttc. B Cocci at., NASHUA. I0 H. DIED OF WOUNDS (Previoasly Reported Wounded) Corp. lobe J. 6c~ntane, DORqOHEe SEVERELY WOUNODED 1.0. Clyde P. Vance, Seaee act.. IlORtWOOD., Pt. iHecry J. Cyr. ISProuesphEHeghts. MILFORD. Pt. Joshua Seedk 15 Marooeslast.. Pt. Franehe A. PaeorWPenamt.. PPI' I'. Peter E.ghoe015me Nw Vlegat., Fl-ADO FIELD. Cesqt., 164 Icf Pt. Joseph 5Cteehee. 5 ijareta ace.. JAMAICA PLAINt. {Pt. Haeey Lueb. 37D1IO -i.,Vt. Pt. Artinu.erd. ENFIELD. Pt. *Hegh Fllsasoens. me$IHoward ace.. NNW HAVEN. Cees..Pt. Willtam F. Besbe, 4045Bnk st.. N W LONDON, Doss. Athert Oceirtne. as1IRoxoory sat, KEENR N. It Pt. Aeton Erotleai. 5f Tfth s.. NORWICH, Cent. 1lt0Idne. Corp. Edward W. Mciaebe., 1lf lAm_ wood st., BROCICTON. Med. ot 5Ed F. A. Pt. WllilaseIf eCtik. FALL RIVER Pt. Joseh. iMcDericctt,210 Oauceti.1.. NEW HAVEN. it1d laf. Pt. Patrick bMcCue,.2N Eighth at., CAMUER.D05. 12th let. Pt. Charles MeKecea, 1 Washingtec at.. CANTON. U. Ce., 007th inf. Pt. Wtltam J. Met aughlle. Pinseat.. FO RDBT VILLE. Cece. 1ieeeIif. ye Jchn F. Ueleney, 53 Warrec at., MERIDEN. Ceec. eme If. Pt. lames Stratus, " Nope st.. Pt. Sense Vitale, 17 Parts.t..MSTs BOSTON. Ft. Atpheess Vesttsollle. U5Lafayette 44.. WATEKBUOST.Ceen. 1505 Ice. Ft. Thems F. Uslleey. 010Macto at., PROVIDENCE. S. L s - Ft. NelmnE. efrane.. Har t.. H.A.,E'ORD:A Cc.,.lath let. SEVERELY WOUNDED (Previously Reperted Misng) Pt. Joseph Mathe, FALL RIVE, The spldesato.esgsed *ttrsaetialty un- bans ret to as-rice. sikmeii iet cesrebe. ebsho r~tada-.denla te amotonislthem esdaceetand eelt'eMa. chedphemaeffsors onf be.aOt~telttss to lmst Report Ovescbrging sireeasrn o eeis oe~e it. Is Destob -the hseilt h ethert- Dr. EYley yesterday catoedstthaesaeoree enser.esam tisreported 143 deaths. 15 em thae saceral hetidred phrdalease adIshe em- eassa,-Itseec.:"rAlasnUC V eoyl ler e. msc on thse rsetnue 4d. Of these. 054 were,:lta 4the State thee they most not All servie sd e4sms 05 ofckr cta.oo frees Influecsa aed 0 freo m ele.e ot4nt t.fesfromsa -pdtiece. A Lfsaof1willtoeeiited eentar, Oct. aIt I5 beedi Tiew cre nsthe aunfhrttls bet them hans beea doing this, it has beenoft. Asi s eamsd5ed lte hops. 'tsp the pishlle gatheigs."aid. ' Casas haeesome to Dr. Keslys ce. rAce-c foArsscsuht.-At the sest waeteibsi- ttl4 or lest night. attseeion In which dlotore hoes eftesates cesmoc s-chits esisimC Stats Cemmlaisb of Neaith Dr. ohasted as mech as 13 for eight vcitso. mit"the n sillcit e. sesrviteesent i O55ft E-ugene SA. Kelley last sight tlamed Ia Dr. Welter P. fbowers.scrares-cBel th, table or {asawhtch ahe~ed lust how the heardo ebgstration in medtotae. Ceetew ATITRW sORMemsn. O(stOlbs. Imperative it.Ise that ocars-one, scery- detelsd thai If " desns eeud, be bre'.g--At ieth e aut ci ihe stats.5end A where,.comaply wath the sal of the asessted In this cosnotloeecotton cenid aetyeteeae ilb lrNa health ottais'to stop all pehto ah olbn h al scwdto eer,0.Oit. A rigera. epee-cir thsrinh servis. pertay lasaassn of oearhaging. NEW THOUGHT Dr. Keller mointed.o O hs folleelew arnWs-es Cmlsg '~eVccm RAL os )emaw M statisticn for Uessaehette;Mn ckrsCnss alti. eose"cilds.,ffcelsim at. Situeation at e Olasce Dr. Kelleys appeal is Washingtn 0Of Ne Verb Cty For asverat bundred serses was an 55 - o -2: -ce Thst Biets." Occ btedred end fSfty thoesaed to sotd etrayueuosva i ae- 1 MeA-ILtt 171,000 pusses affested. gaoedsterdng.the arfesetned mber: TOs p.m.. 'Alesciae-wbatr1, Flaenosand personcehano died, g r stilthe asesntetes ehec MILa. siecwonsce e.. mosLcms Sie thousand decores fighting tee - ofaerbr-l. eao er maei o h oiusililet eccts atSix-siicclii wll bs hesmoenr t il-e ite Tonbt bibtht uber useHassd ooNrsesRefsfacato Aid church. Fannicsl. 0 so ccuct steevos. iiu~r hundred and fOfty thesandi Sevca-al tcstaees wereresported yes- Ils:atdsat ac. m, ecble-t. 5"teecV "warcing" biltetinsa ciceeated. tescas- where graduate corse bad re- Ueelens of lhe tibol a ofGod" Fiehundred thoueaed entices Spprec bised S e{ cfr ta i amliq hrt eec -iieo-ct-cu 117. [ enecatusb ps-lesd to stomp net. the Oleseasa.., dath e mll-s-dDickIns eoe lwer ae ws ecle~na tsss. csshsi oaate. Fourt~ndre andfify "oom yte dedh ad ocured rom ndusa n frihsnsi eshlat. SirenS.aenu. Siass. Focled-e o vppeesdgDerett a trainedsnoose abe reome at see ceane. oIn the Ilate scary day. the HoeniPrescot0 had gc nrcr ~ul AII lism e lscoi Cemisaloser Wtodwtcs Ostatemean thea gonees egisry sreord IiNScl c tscll oNh ~ lace night pointed otathat Is tecity -acalltbisforarnyer barkenestthat ass. seeds., iO-i. 5, st a c. a. subte of Boston aess lnecanod penw-where the inclusecahas affected mon- "Scloesnd Reunsllion., moeaheskhlled.Ste qatuedays-t-bers of thOesily~ PReSVRA siSRAH 174 persoae. Tete~y aloethat mgtstry no7late were nme slewaaw in cen ttTrsmsrTeiAe fe"Cgilsurei deathSslnbered ide. The eeatisorecs- s. enatlg thi. ype esfsmppossd ecess. g wrrnetoa. ID. "ssen.A i. tested stne te a nret tre began a becntta thnsi fee serb shone"Cams "teu d os ae {tire5sas-idg seteehered smsre tand " Liquor Mmn Pro eet Immedily uOt.pen. This hoc. aamemsaest erel 5nasy. Clubs-.eeaapt ten thseir bar:cmteer- by of ceurs.e, anonls-beetored SWEDENSORGIAN ente whore xleuor isoens-ned wtlord bhs-the regstry. bet o~iclalS et carines t CiC cr TWIt aNsiRE gRatLNcol rnd so-alled "bottle seodrpe ats are satc 0t ec hngetGetR e. sathabeaOd cdthe slete R.seteT net aferted by the reaest sgtrder. ostos a as scaheentt said that Osay. pean:e is sesirdoees cithe motion" Ths liquores-dlereasleioo ad the thay hb e eregard for a ttnuebno aref bsccs~eets.Iie iste snoPiit bar-tender ecganlallas "btoterty op- hoe thea refosed'to eaelt IunObaeoull- etto. Ces ssue-e and ts Qeruetisposed ebac they termed dishoinkleleIg of the cIlltoce.etng on M.odaseiee1ccl le eslttsd. against hseopenbas-. Theyrpmisled out District Nurcss eroic IcAT~RAIAN te thoemaQirenoP Health cCoenmtta neeratwste riebepdm t~ns m ecceci Ornp nce. ceb. ia.- c that ic a hl oe eeewee upon distict cerses ced therawclsi- ce-bee c. Sec. i~ere. N cee-avcemsos.a tear is the sean enstaining grivilegetauntes eerywcele. Tbes comee.of all ay.Get. 6. Incrt e sdaily c.2 mstogathe ightiyad enlpiabaout ages and nf 4eliages ec iraining, bavo UNIVERSALIST ope tahies.workedctaeltlneaectly. day anrd c1aelsyRy I-. RceAUi9f enfluCR Ie rsfsrsce to the ehurches Chairm-neasgtgb, 1otheir seffrts to alisciale ths e,neiots ~s s ~ecs Harr 5.ldenamin * Eedlcalt eohe elate ssergessy Hualth sufferin-om eae tsecldy. aswedell x ro nil lbhahsOte aoteellShod this to sac; Iu moos- tccca ths dlitrictnrses acdal clssl"caiies c1ty. "Botiecs thsreawold he eseatest risk chuir. asistantehavs sorbed nalyris e -OWl n neesnieeaenicreOfithe In chiureos hotding ses-clee elot sue- bours eaoh dar for the post weh Ina lslvteeatlsf Cerceoifestncill a. Sc..,day. Leading doctore en our.beard all anto to inlae caesof all tha ocsesof ii iedsnsst 5iayinIs eecans cith the arese on this Stop -Advisealchuobrchefamlies to thair reepectlie te~relct on etof the5sicdo el is yourettsfly )t this $eot." where the Iloeam has oblained iereads. MISCELLANEOUS 478Ne eseI lee Othotic nunscavcc eeneseconted t i~iciee cnrS Is-CorseLtalas eodea 4773 NewCases inState n nthe workhofcmearcy. The aisers 87i0. PhblslestslNams' Uneday c l Outide ef Boston 51 deaths ereousned have aorked inoanst~l-to assit In15thea sis. snlui" sa aseaeii;Tr..1 yetrdcs-du to iflcus-rcouoseea werkandscatt fthornuarecelighbeeor. irk. ad fillnewsaw sesa were reported. an- exhaust"d owing to Oheir efforts. CAI)Tt-r i. 2[ seaioce t, O. Sm-Lescorditg- to lbs recordso f the State cc ci resioc rservices.t. 0anod 7:1e. health depactmmnt lest eight. Isslas. Appeal to Close Churches theRe. J esricet Teoaeat Bebetss. e tions pointed to a make feenes n ppalle.r. tesesos. a to lbes manler'eosossitie of lb. StatcASCAce ED aa IRe. IL erNise at 5 cad a grcduel 'dcereas e ' t13 larger Mayer Petes a lls Upoe All De- soerisesita ayslrest et.aesaco. 044.cte. '_nmntosoSusped_____ SPIRITUALISTIC MEETINGS ILL IN HOSPITAL cremssng ePulicWSsip UnGeibsITe Universalist Spiritual Cluirch (PsniastyRepnte Mista) -es-egSef eblti ss-bipUs 30 Huntlntton Ave. (rvusyRpre Misn) Daner Is Past 5tt ta Cambalers Hess Ft. CharlesP. Unves.CAM- Ur.ros- Pelore appeal farctohaand p BRIDGE. MyrPtr'apelfrteCo ing e tO. letreand tescsswceotill suely Ptofs a;Bur EE lE 0churches wastea follows: - Is coscerted f von eretices tI:i6. smitel Can. Chei s Tf. RsrDL? -tem "othe eI~ltrl~e aof the vceits '120 Atlthis mer ts-soncil bteblroles ns unoeiclics o lb ri tlernams asihel sft Ci0.etis ey. s-no FRS~E ftJ~ at tpresenet Is -esrisig frone A es-icrlt. crerect ciibe bal as(Preiosly Reperted Killed) thlbsmcst terreible'spidemic It presntciMC. Oeoogo Wilsat ell Uoiiirleaeaet. mt ao teeeaemery;:onepidecic thatlseriosly 1cat ie. asiS -omAll sill eis ee PL Jcob8tenkasp.BRIDGEPORT. lhretens the bealtb of te ommunecociy "em.,nIriet"asicclegscs endlaeauty "cc Cocn. 102nd tot. addeis- ea teteg t IsYs. -Thoaiso.i eosiduntol-sffrlingaIpre ilsoL 115 i-r lolieRURCt. ordaslnfne ter. ERRONEOUSLY REPORTED nu gieti fsie e sp r.iss-A. tipton, einisie, n oo e fep 4 edesaa aurceficiecy itocur Oreaci onal ci laces owrw KILLED struggle. Tn prsevsot thc further spread ueisJ C. wTl..Itli see15Tlsment sicsst. ligt lt~or Catrteede, WAER-af tisdiee eery posibalstepsould It-isteSloi 0,1051 1001-res rsero... coIt Ciloer:d Cblee AER-atakec condeery arifics should be day.c. R. Or r"Gs f"01 eab~"It ae.teeTn AL-sle.iia"o~es tt. 20 UNOFIIALLIT The iMayoraseergencrynesemitteses. CiLOUGH. UNOFFICIAL LIST andStha heath nespeminner of the olty t --~ Cf Boston haesboth, as a mesnurseof Psefesf - KILLED IN ACTION meedical emereay, urged me sto appeal Pt. JohnaIL.oseat, inID Fet in lbshechurc pthorlolas In suspeed all C.. S OODINCG te555 cEoeT PRGVIDESCE aR. I.A B en gthertngs af publico rehic. Neto -tco OAtitATs - Ngd F. A. misendfult af b thneed adsolace of re- P s- ATEN.~ Pt. Patrick Rilstae. Wdeeigta w.,ustesnat tais time. it ret seems leor Reic- r KRANKLIN L f 5t0 insto nomplo with evsry bealth ra- Afsin as7 ~ al~d nVe FRA.N8thLIN. u ot nthat the best iedhol dicto T salob" 05. se~te m Pt. Geot-ge aidsns. 96 Broth ass.. tlls t.swilltentonSIceset the spread- Lgs HEW BEDFORD. C Co..eSlohOct leg 44ofthis diseaea_ Leg_________ IA. EImmeess. Stootestt IEAST "I thsreeore cllspecns-en most us- nncerlo--n~c~eo OUED V. h On.. 5c0 Bngit.. u. a getly to suspend octue. nosugatherings THE ReeQtesIAL Mf C. of prItoe sorehip untilthe present erise is 71e7anrcna COMs-As-SYOFAMUReCA. Co.. Doath lad. r LTKS Sben passd &a ndldtaaona are given. e Is-ICBisehnrscT-pen s~lacsmnos Co. Os-sts1 ag.111LTOInl.! h epl ihsftct hm u~ ee maofsre e na witedms DIED OF 'Y11OUNDS sehnee cad tha e mealts-Cane mingileat inssomntemie e s tlb e gale cogether. 01itf OssNearkNec Jseys-.os.eawes (f reiniaIy R rtd oedd ANDSEW J. PT IS wevseatnd tie S Oeer te,1919. ayr i cles ctla orSpesns t.o bse roe! or, ed - Pt Fresh ILE ~llams.,ATHOL 0B___e___ McyW. nolsetieP ut"cas el bette s-by -,__.__. ar a rac te ssa ins oef

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