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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ 1FF I8 E3Y~CRIURLUTO f}E of the UnitedWilRm ntoHp Stte ubi Health Servie-~I IX" Please wire niames5 and addresses. Check Influenza. IR1N~TOTALof oil physicians who can be appoint "=IRMONTE TO SEVENTEEN. ed a cig army surgeons for tem. AOSHOE UV~U porY5ry doty. Cempeiiaatlon $200 per EOIs month, transportation expenses with IS R AT1UE4IT 01 CASES $4fi da for subistence during the Statemen~t Issued toil Ministeril L &*i 3 F G oB d V~on of eurice."innnaoY M~o~waAeEpeal pe d1 tinofsrv" Union Suggests Them - plan of SS I ff1 hould The call evidently Is sent out on ac- First Baptista and North Street Joep Rby Eif' through the, severity of the MehdssAeEpcalUst IO ~ AAIS SITIG availialie notify him at once by tile- tohe 1t on tayitcr " + rlc I. ~ 0t ~presentinir the circuat of inrlllicort;i r" 6k l " th:$0 osaA reBeing Made to 'prevent' ________________The ( ltilititttC cwiiu titicle I? f17I,. s< i n Street Cars and Streets OB E[Ir~tow, pastor of W Vti-er etjrrinCurhadIr"iii+"t II )1Ai' " '.. i 7 4 1 'ott-he Dths Attributed to OT T OBS RVE the iiaeii Siin:1ev.inf ie, X.A j. 1,2 1 Y.d e ea ICTyler, Ilukten ';llistilin (h i"h NES.~....70,780 In:>uenza and Its Developments iihIntf~ ~ 1ev. C. II. Rut. of tiele Itf rn D..J..1 700 C L M U DA ".......; 1,844* 1 Thiing the nt Month I.J.IJND i) iA insChuiirch; hRev. A. VW.ItE Oai.of LT the l1ih, A '-enie Btis ut (" i D ".i..r... 7,O f I~Iankln ry lt n ( ftof te ititt lteiu I. n g t I C a c edHi fIIfEI~ IIIEE ~ S E~E I' f tre is se e R at._ fo.-ef r,54rnjts.5IE-Ei-OM IEEcurE Iii. C:I i Ili rj'" a l f r e e....'.t. 7 92 "0pa n c I fl u n e r e r l ivu i1 y e te r ltn v C e l e b r a t i o n P l a n n e d f o r T o - o f th e t.-ti tt*:ti lr l ~I. r I t oE I h E r el U b r 4I K batth eeoftherle aenow motre than) ' h(-i llEowilE' laii "n sre tll-I., Ro k- osepb, Itohy acting health ontncer. E'illliAir. tllrrrv Eon IbelIlI rtl, Elf U- r., w~ esi~nt d ~ irslt totmak ee nesoworltler.A.HUETOBa'SDte"tiltll ~~l~tl~illlli inl o~ nree tn 4be f lbscases in Fioehter. It 1R that tlrlti;,itit "II,) t il ot t. i I i Icte tnte a i Ac mted n thelrcporiaibie elaws, only on Thursday ~we wicldItn tEitnforrn tlt-11: hes ttiaeut fesa hee s te dsas osiiltibcm i EEi i-E I~il l - lI hae p s w k the abeo tt beretandti tulsfar onlt ahut on-stub of the No Entertainme afrSldest ethe Pr'otestant tlirhuElElsE+"I it -13 W.II. hl HKiWS P re dent. h cl sin the 113 haiv'erepotedlttheir Held TIhere Because of wulEhpidemiEc.Sllij I ElE deatesyaniCosEpiemc. e)-operntlll r ni't I j 03 IEt lr lilt tt p 0 t, ejfo7 ae hia Ith ay ef easesa jit theile inth tiltreotI. "r i11}.I I Then were six lientihs'yesterday from hae 1urch Postpones Ohaarv- thnt nIL-lIt bin("(lE-EiE-:.l.l tl+l nt' ttl Cit I',II C K, in~uen a, brtnging the total for October to ance of Its 90th Anniversary Snii ftl iiss. (n, __ if nd. eventeps from 'this disease. ThusfrW No Protestant Servit n. LTI th ffteed persona have died from lbar rue celebration of Colomllos lay, wch SoIIfltr inkno wn al s-ru Il-I-;and D 5"- iiad lvn frm bonha 1?t p umca. in staing a total of torty-thred ad b teen paneKb Iteiatr t ElO himd-liE ll I N, ttt+l- 110 IE Iil- lt 'a r t a teopa i c oiety Uh diseas. duting October. hs4its id 7ntqypoeltposed. In r -un ~ rle IlliI El~EiElilI s ection to the' celebration, the Knsig4lla r I IlErinlI,' t- comili-..i!il willn t I+.el secne 'o pnd-I ~It l hol n Insftsco l ut~ enza is increasing andi prolbably Liberty Day. Jib lhedgesl a 131)toIlhlve A h e -stttnit~". " lp it s or mtsca( p olar shi $, i -. cM.oolwll tmnu we se far some time,'' poken isle-riotl,-iloll Ef iiEh~sill i d s )11 irinify,1 $ea pa ilusdt Exhihhi on! f his- Saki.Rb atngt e eiou n onto h eae- rse t h 'e lllei~ilE-ft, tile. Ilr111nr t d. tir lll Li eu, 9 -, to 5 P. It oy ls ih. Te eboa 0 i~ato ~epre-tt l iiltl h asIite f-Il E-Ilthe filll~onilm slllgttIe~ nfl e n e remostly thoso who did not to to tnflaenss lbs 1). A. R. Chapter tIlutle, nat flor 1us'e rfl tl- ly. lirl talrItElf IEulhi iIll r T I DA - I To- AY ei w en they first became Itt, if YiOtiNo. 190 Spring street, will le ellloelt us l. 111111111011+ir"! il tIi t ir 04 1,t obed and stay thers. Don'ttfor an entertaintllg solditers in eosierneit. "Sunday -t itllIlillsInlliil.--! qj B~ r ~oe rudtehns. Iici ih to-day and to-morrow. Ac sant ttrac- lie ia fine oIltu Cnity frli(r lCEtEif ICE) I Dtr Rge sip una asaouid remain Inbed for atleast tosOti prpredo hn ek Ie. - lin a vay *ned frti we- tetoe)tet is 'V viedats after the fey r hbe ieft and the l Peet e l tie' 0111 lire-sl+rnli' fur nd - tietura teecomie o ai.ed eitot eutle lIlEi l lIliy -day - lute i4ay of 'g - Thete leblE-fli tIf t itnfetiethl anniwer- de-votionsanod INishl nll)l ilern with for th reo tci~ Reports from the boaptltsowo theit 57 of Gonte. Ptercltyteiurn Church so-s to the;, do-s smoi i.:+EI, 1 i 1111 fromll e4 - ~~~~~~ ~ ~ t hcst o hse suiferiti from Influenza are haetknpo-11 Etty.Otte 1t te CorlP11 111 Iihlfl5jitill 1, " S eae a b~hme.Egtl tln s ber-n tlostpol:-l. In view of the prevail- to thte sic-kanodlonely. shoucil slirily plae1er i no s.d iread seen t 81.ary a hospiteal. Inn etpidemic n e ro, fconservation hart, right of way over il E ~id -E l-I-.ct -ether gslc ei n ee t t aysHoptl fReolise, thE ofltcers unllnlot sof the n~lutcElie 5s1cialtvicitluir.. iCrayefor the k he c~t onyeIo ltdM cipal Hoiital tal so iced semes n chhfeel lthatit ouflt lot '0-ultltio tand the Liberty Loa wil 1l le veryi k h o- yo t' r e s. c. "enption from tiele s t ht creoapplied to mc nhile n ~ 0~ Is Finch, of No 120 Ma on street, other otganinot~ons. i)rrbe~l-lts Ol'lEE lilC~l ICr lliCr~a n - ill l t fr or is 4110ig, to dmof nueiÂ~:a amapprectl' roc'csog 111 llllfIif6 oIt e g,,MllgtdidothRohsepuicrh o whthcopra mugthmilo\ nu iso Oso intS t. a r 'H o em aln i o fth h el h o c h I-lo Ch a b o dt n p-s Yesterday morning a hurry call Inlulenzas. The clases were heing ton- Centennial Exercises Postponedi. AA n ui~,61 i.. 9.._1 5A.., noon.... o E-lti nn o.... as w ileig ftlt l t hitf17'ifl llEtlEl kitei toto6 i a e t e building The schoeoi will be lunday-acisois, scheduled for Monday I nrnibo ton throogbout the United Stae' ithh r e r1:A sot-tteplang.l,et d i d vbf iga d today under the o.of A oci l laned Iby Gidin~g Star id b nengnaged1to epeak.' 1Swry. -a n,-on-r S w '1 ' 7 p 3 7 3 I t D) al t 91& I1/txi' hfoet -adce eft&LIade ANs. kAdnhiniL )) ' y'sA -........... o, u...... u...., So iii eoS lmm1 mE1 on-eoS eoos-csErrt~r 1 501~ilrs at o. l s eat, A08/24/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R Banks Will R Than Ave Days ROCHESTER TAKES $1 Pour hund l a11,ItlI ago to-day Ct tiliIs il ga.To (cwtgyeulEratl i orate pians ba ibeen it tl to-day as5 ilerty 1).1i the band the doh'Eon't-l to b.oost the fou~rth in 1 no-meless illsen Iiilii I ltochester.altsit-it11 caslled off because' if 1 influena. ootwitbsotatdiflg Ii, tens are called till l-Il-lirE soethan outpourinlgEol" wilt show the KalIEut that ihe Anteritlll ~iti the prfiilegeiof ivinin l itocheslltertEn-I 11~ E qutota ft tlf 31.lt1. lii f dal~as uhcititiln"lS C -i, million and thr E--'nl~t teen done. The illhri r ever. ernrtfilgitoI i li~a8 i h}-1111total sbtouldi have liit 'Tht. 51 let+"~rui El' il (clock for the lriol theg ru bc tl 1 11 111 +tl - tx leavin stil: ie-I 111 i Ca1) o"1pl tWr Service: Iec. Thisrront tOSIIE l.11. l~"1Oll II hs ) tt~l ilr e li-te ofah oo i~tr ilt tolni'1Ihli. tIbt O b l'.'lill ~ 1111 oil run sod llC -IUin tt, I-b: Oo1Oth iro~o St iI 0ill' ics --tird Olitl, Ill!11:;ll it1f1o1i.0. I. ti-II Mfichb "i o va 101111 I t Mt. UptI n n Eltl iEEEl W~hen te ee il00I-C 111 Mfr. Upton SllwliE I lv enwrhiyo n e El S ' has jut ti llyE ill Ii c., z....... 1 -.1: 1111,

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