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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~THLE SUN. BALTT3iOR SATU - Y MORN*G. U O 98 '; '_ - - -i--- - - - Ir 11 "FLU" NEU:~jd Forces AGR iron Page 1.)9. 9,549 AmericanL )I;t. TtuS A..t~rwanmtle te n cr.aeeeI. lt, ale we. IIIc i. i nY a- 7 i o ie. ansf~itaL. l n t. liurm. Jam. C.. Wseer.Cap } ewma5. at Loos. TAtdid&J. Cal Og 4 TmnuesR t. 1AIliatee kin. ow Jph i &ltaia.E P5.I Raet rhur. Ptnam. a. HT RI~ Robon.on R'.V Iarbtn Moat.llOcitober Drain 300tli Jseh ~ae V hemlrs t. IAl Nanad et. Stmoa. IaW15t. hMass. 1 Titos or 116 bombk, Sauel J. leaeeftstcnoa tsbo~buata.5isumsu5.Pased iOver Smith. Jospb. Eairlabmus. Il. _w.i lY tl JIendprnednl baesX-.n tsee aenDarien ee te a N. 1.-lmro.. Jrer.Los alP.. P*ttU1. L[Fro ThI l. F. aaa...K.Z iae".TA "s It.r~dIs r!li msat.1 Washlngtop. Oct. 'wt "bl"~. l~szSpanish influenza cal ItIUSeu.AdreFwJW1t IA.kb..Y toll of 'the American.ehla. Jaa.aoas.eN. Y.I man bullets since. ilece ti b toqe" zb. disease in this count tam mon ug leyJ s.1}sed for atimneall t tat n Y D)einrtineot for mi W1t'FO~5TÂ~ at'.pona s fla a owrn ttlT ~ ton, Alta.Mt*.t.;a. fest of Uermany abs! StI. Ito a.4 Swits 'ws!<h, Allthe October r le a i ' a.. have been suspended IgesoitoA l, t3 to, 'X.lT few hutndredrgistre taeChatS t'sr. kIted service. Unts. tell. lUI o;2', Minnt. iii i biteteet i t Ii the r. sod ts.}:, tjl decnia'. the.Noveuabs l~tora fesh t Ih. pa55nI d ver. This 1 1?2~sl' Isiu..W l lls b Ion t ar as ttalnnfl vs~oa Itdaf.. Mnt.F.rtuinatell, haove "ilaa InrActon. of Ilfutenza isthe. 9ANTV not held nit the mo oe o.tlrtnHw sa.'oete. F ~ their overses anrde " F"PltiN~l~tla'beganithts n nn-Wl 4 l h, CtleT "n4 revmer d '~ ~~~~ ~~?$gikeIoi. 'v~ ilt itl er Ut S t. tr.. 61 0. tb tsclad imaIOeo. 7 iona~aa. St, 0 tr l Ilkia sIn facts ties~ ba~p.l+'ra L ha tY. r. iotta to p lteet alt Pt~~a01 I:' ttin it, C oa ns the cen tr i { il~?. ' t f this, the tlroop mm 900. )3,i t a; ' 1'. -pawlabise xt nt., 1R'K b tlotseT The delay icd m L n, Kiael. i ean q i is r, as t1 oa IM. ill m! priedvs as A.. asei, sal to juIttf*.tue r dla ffaiS4 t1: Iq55yaa.J ee lea Â~_jlboInt 1 it itt bh t lL I. J ven tso, t~ bret; I 1 I t t a w rI x n fIS FPTIL &N4 BULLET~ *es Lost In.Bea DO Die In Army RontL. BARD IL Calted OR Ans sbsr Will B 'ale.s Epidemil essat In East. ea Burean.J 1t.--Not only ha en almost ss hen army as have Ge es outbreak of th y.but it has pa ec plans of the Wa rnhaling the add ed to make the d lutel - complete. lis ot drafted me exemept those for ts to engage in Iii there Is a decid rule of the ep calls also will ill put the dlepa two whole month er. the p~ae Ilitary tat11ips ha went of ina tet ).000 tro ops wee o tvitintry awaltInl when the l~til t ns espread. All til.4 to a g reater o ties not ntntitha catmp has been at owe that 8 ~sea of the disease (alu weeDeote iIe'.v er eo,as aainst 31,945 for thme N tjDEFENSES FALL', any aswee ofinolten tay. un receding w ek. I.;_ofpitysliiaa are i~ The numtner of cases of pneumonia.' tn05 onPos ot f hm ttiutbl o he. n F1 *'-'r aYFr te- - ok uten.m 'arae l~s astyIX ei~a Readies. Ja.. Oct. 11.-The at. A tot of.E were reported lasat day, timte d half-time rate for cxe eek and 4.3181 for the week before, at Gran Paint. Chive has also been time and a new system of cottferei ide from Influenza sod pneumonia the to n on working condittions were granted ealth of the army isi excelle nt. There n~ oru -scoeypt day 'to the Betnlehemi Steel Compan re but a few more than 5.000 casts o at jai a- lslypr nearly 1,004)etiploye'a here, retrant cknesa in all the camps of the country a tit enemy in retreat this morning1 to tober 1. through John P. Fro part from the epidemic. over neatly the entire front of his army general manager of' the Reading p Ysarly. T.000 Have Died. we t of tAnso toward the line of the Lebanon plant.* The ruling Is eimilar The tra gic part of the situation, of Suhape.. H:.a-upled lieea. ea thutt tot the Federal Car Board at Be unna and tinewnonis among the trops,. _. a.tokCoo. on._. he total cifthose who have died i ad a okCro.Mn S.ery700 h~'i lo t s ny1 ain ad amide an the Thualersealy,004.eTll.' tis alm son heChitelet limed line. id le ashe lostteior liso at e ma rn tilrvsigo 'i Atericana have ben killed in tilt. Suippe are in another attic in the fighting over a period of a doagrc ocioket. rear. or about 2.500 more than have died AOaiUwtCAN1%REPLMSA tlAI)l1D. t tau hpiasfo nuon I BelnOtII--mras oe n s than a wmoth. 'The total deaths from the eat hank of the River Mleuse yes.f eaIesso l ot:i h xeiinr ltd of the deaths at homne sine.' tbe saults wr re driven back, aaye todayis of. - l(L C thresh tat infite~na,' tIedl tement issued by the Glertan C I Notwithstanditig, the rave condition G)#ieral eadquerters fitafi'. I the Arm as reve.als by today's re-." Btw ii St. Etientie and, the itiver Combating OpiC rt, the d'utgeoo lneral held out Â~ a se" cWar til1es said.:our troosapa ensure of h9i11peto She country when he ha b~ee withdrawrn accortding to 1, an,I rpe b a, owed that the ci aye was distinctly to 15.ltli sin the rear." to the decline in th eat, where it lrat rigi )sh c a ale its appearance. Illnmsny of thos'e 1HA4 ERSTOWN FAIR OFF rgd aberzc Impg, he said, few ease. are being re- AsheLtlal i teAt wleeas It in at its height insPU AtbtawCBestWashlats. t o~ae of the Middle West. P!"iB ~tI Cseto st.lgrpglbre, This isn taken by the midical corps. to Health Board.. D~i hoe rtwo6g Iliate that thme epidemic Is isisinag ilk.. Coaa s ontd, c.I.Iaaa to bid.Covet up a Nave over the country. an dthst in. etiswi I instate F'air, saelteultcsl to, be eese toward "tien Iriaps a brief time. It will havrndusp l lOc els t 151, line been called (off by s"oebe.ontt jptared In tt asterti aectiot. And lthe the le gsde orom'entpind eea P~ perienc e oV the timmy maiy be dulpli" cof th u as. At a oeetill1 of Webh tal by tha of 'the' civilian population. Itigrpn unly Hfosib hi nd tie(after.. " The fihantcee" af" In other was 'Isa lioston,.'aIew nQ au11 Hetr was ittaunimooeul Iasse1al Yotrk. Illnide 11111w, laltilore anal Wash. provl hitsl g the haoldintg of the faifr. orf iiUS awil III~ toll "may fand the ephslemiel wanig ha T islea ion asotaken after the Health. *haaapt ggeons: motis'ihtme same diegree that it lass waned Tioa t"i hich' advertinyd that the meet;-.., Il tha.t Iastern nrmty camips. log i~ou I be opento tathe plihie ade IaTilr nu "1cr of new cases and heatdh1r unmenta fery411"0 against holding Avoid crowds. 'Cn~ re lu t i eli trLbIn e rnim"ito tetden am1jsoA. tcrown. '.St"suer 1.ei reoddl a f toe tmiteit ofieeal sOteth r*en an ThmsoA. own "r 'airdet ie arelee a wan lnace e In view of thei ot rmr' -utieco tle isitioa ol room by yourself, I b of camps io4 ltlfected arnd the pro, this iab' directors whi. tey stated,. If yon need a lauti gipass oftimte e p deatnicIn. thsar er S it ytrowvllng_-y be eorders' I' iwee, p train e - ta.' W qulotaq. Tile,.i.f~ that pham ' I..CiU t cone ofthe eiUdPe Fol s leo Wosa4 Ins x75b he axe esti iitiabt tuvad In hi#right eyS r+ blow whch th sod fi catadrat 6 lelying 'Across;hi4 be army will ho~,Oi thecmptt itn' tim0rt countZ. was round in bed eari o to P' I )ysit etda molinlng b his brot.ter, Alton 4 that te Wa Heahal He' was o~le to ~he Mercy is aItuatin,'if1Hospital at S Oo'cek yst mornie training Sca log and ailed dbdut am hour lit.r Wrthe it 'Whether thiyonma ieltest Iwith suicidal intent or whether his lo0t prots o jury.Was dna to 'accident- couldnoat be i e nees lt fo earnted and tone: itenharelt Ia mak. e e if h loai i ivsation. Hoshall 'Was 22 to, fuhleonf!o years old. atit b Â~s.or th Pwablag i an In Waoestee. tayobab Pocomoke ity. Oct. 1TSLiberty ill at LU '.

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