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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~.. C,,n. uJ uwaeo1,l~cuaotl., ' ~ WU'irllIty M~dton:..Mr y40 ou canrt reason civilation Into root, which it riosely resettes Oaths contrary It may he a sdljnt If. election had tlepeoded 0n+0 *y31)siity with Sunday., 7t.0 the, brain that conceives such ma and which ie in nowise superior cant and denislve detail In a new the bedbug vote ha coul4.ttae diy otly........ (ecep Brt 1.00to potato starch a. a" food for In- sedan, tess ti"te greates than ta~.i had any offlod In the cso h ~sOfomseen (eep eetcoe) trosiles to be perpetrated under fonts orral invalids Potato starch Th he hnsfotieand. o tmNaptlao La.ioe ver shor tm o s gr ndNorthemrnta ar4i~e ndtewl main andlrr T-h geoga n fi,* te iu tte. se adtewltoure.Te ersasee, ups and gravies- It is Frfadoe almost bait a century of I oing on be roa threr Daily with Sunday,. tee2.0 only veal reform is to toll that ver os diseated. easfrl a tidY. only........0Tetretngfrmread lito, vrshr m iF w + ~ P50 hew or etme pintsbrain out Into the disnfecting el eas trom. the Irish, for which uAs' It 5ti,0d5 today the 'urnas~' tNy*t0 Ou~ttr peid ls hn on year. meets ofpure air and sunshine. we should feel grateful' are the are,for the Smrst trns sonce the l4de" be o.hur ___________ DowWateaehtrthlon Irish otat, the food for mnllond: turned teon July Is, faning a sittion Mt Wltibe6 tc4 let dl,4 ' eretteAeieePrs, I 7 adsehiylo th rhcaayanoooial which is critisoJ from the Sob: dt deevore are dretdagainst ico prticlarlytbll pc and lovable beaes or harden, tteotkrsa be fte soite s t' Wes ot Mete.. Iecev re ~r--. ~shed? Not patual,"whose song thrills te heart,- and %i-, tasritishe~t~tt entitled to the use for rqpuiia- i --= - "." tre!os hc hudh I havt broken through the iaat o4rmi- A arsds, th nctnour lct of~5 eW alnews dspatour.Â~.-....i-pte n reTue ntede neat line pf German defences, the Q A uttint ordctionary to "it or net ottserwie credited in That 'emnarmistice coininie. wherever gaiter prevails. touc'tb of their lines stretched from says, 'The cockroach is the ths" - ermanasote oalhw Careen Ia the nanes of Irish the se to Irete. Having broken atural enemy or the bedbug. as eresa thMocl ane. sin hould, have no." trouble in moss or, as the Isei call it, this tine whets it mist the ScheIl itekr edtebg n disnaatchee herein are als e- reaching the fron. "The frost seems hnrsclpi.I os0 the Blr~tish are advancing antette of natural kg enemy.,imuha served, to ibe on Its way to meet tihem. rocks snd atones especially In it toward- Davis and. Maubeuige and. theymic ' ims~ ~water mingle.. In Scotland, where. war. Lane of anhapp m not. The M OtZsam sung of $64,'1 al N 1Y111UAI AVERAGE FOR. -. nb le60TotM. way cot 'lite, they boil Mast. gvaeuhrte 41n. tel inspector for zalarleis, of, pieot~. 3._____....-. irish lese' frywatel' ttfl-trkoeumw-- Ths.iil. dac I,-t raiy t epne.adr~ra ToasttD Be*enea d aira pieaoes.reen.40,,~g HA While It had already been pr-oved's tt loniktenc otrif ithrdg-n miek. In5~.out5pataiyfr os wd N u. tha red the'n vermin the -membe-fa~a ha aprsiaity by. ad * - to a demonstration, thls election Anything resembiog ormldge thear tine of t h Sedt, which mtitnust baeAa77,le'aurse'lrab yhv b-dt Past Cirsaisties....... 't o adds corroborativ e testimony tickles the faatO of altSltchmttn. ha teShed.. evacuated, and it Is approaching gone la o, hsmo ac ol feathd fegsnate n -mouses ~ / _______________ - Ths moss ters a 9sliy fter baitthe naslal aed river lines, which sup- hd ttpsnt n os blamed tool 'provision of the Pain, en hour's balling in twenty timsq, ply the at rem'aliig natual ith.. of the coming so08lon ap~ro s' No emma,-.o te flun le sesotq law which keeps the polls mks seit of,water, and the teity stasis to Allied advance until the line petals less than $50,000 yearly(f uni ocok There Is soelen poddiogs. of,Antwe-p-Ndamur is reced for the malntenanceof the ho UNCONDITIONAL open utl9olok ThrJsno pdigis meas, in tact, that the whale lel inspection department SURRP'NDER suilent reason for this prolong- Is I an snoetiest article of diet Northern or right' flank of the. 0er- they most be disowned,, and rag f te, vtin tim an man tooppose a tendency to nonstipa. I~,lgo hvtn iesdmny tn n uosolaln tfl mans has bees dislocated and 4 "to labeled, "The.;r - o n uonoiaio.I ly at. ughote. rVoeRqieCacatosound ones againat It. Othsr states without fattening, and o shuld bnh tyVoe eqirs popular -wherever the coret IS fI lay, to the Meat,. between tiwbunh graually have brought tdiward the use to camouflage corputentilj. Atone and the Mouee and astride the bdr Wittbecker euis four t., response to the steady stream closing time to a sans hour, hut The tmoan is very rich Is, mineral Mroeas, ouh Amec~op ths ervhe sas. Toid anI ce t tyof the fate of the prohi -Minnesota outs to truckle. atatter, containing prtcularly Gemndfneadt daeo o ehssi, I.whes you ~mI inquir couutine1 f rnaterl Iodiehy reach Germany, you meet with busasndment which poured legislatures aee too busy with p0. and sulphur. Becase - of tyr d~eanAonIeMueiae o thrtbnhy n eala e htfc this 4tflce yesterday, It must tubeal woneeentiali to take time tor iodine In Irish mass it should be laesal slet ateda tlle hayeua-d aen reimt tnt tht tac freely, used by personas tihI~itn. t-~ w-eeltrlslwa-ad ln i ooekc tt ta.some time, pt-oh- a few desirable practiosiltis like pi otro ihthus brought abotcmpes loa -Sttte that o wt a tendencyr to" Iton betwes -the enemy's tantsr 2nd liy sen W4te must eiapse before this. -ward goiter. - lhtedisleft. BeieI ogo ott Nh n i o ormation is availablei. -- ---d-,I 5 odtoet Attar tNun monthba of fifa h vt o n aantteQUSIN N ASab. Qrmi a e t xct tn!be_____________________ does not tell the rom- wevnuedt ugetr- aadleg the Pie, rte. fasks in peri and his cent'ia "MI'O T E PI N E, P E *eesoy Thcosiuine-costly. Americans do not like the Plas t(1 sit fMo tee oete atitn e n tds~er i be extylta PIS 15ee tha tea in slyo!o h s fth is danlpoon I~yae s A aticeedingly dangerous situ-it uestaamalrtfIattSueothfisprosipo oun. at uwC 1 # lottI~' anlan. Any local c ollapse- sow ' will catat the, election must be Aastlr-.is5 -,7511hb6555 5idn h'itbmy bring gMiett~l ruin. "VICTIM" INDL6ED A VICTIM: a Ieulcn asweeal erp aitn the affirmative to ratify Save the Refugee Deer. "~~e.~~~~ Any failure os either flank wilt pse-.e mite Oesrent, Is ase hr 4a is- ipithte a olosalt vapturs of Getmuan Perhaps His Name Begins With horn e. Eidnl h WadetItwill be only ea--a Ss Mitoopso amid the eWbetaptial ilittnss u "Yn Says tsids Defenlder. alasmtr~ thatite the (I. tv P. isrens oflhtyTteE ebtertrsetbihte y~ the rneatfreriall r etd mete s of b1 soseo r leass emir Toteio fth lne W5t ma 50.uu1.0w b~n eweu the "yes" votes and by' the great fire that swept Fsb t se iseer.just a fe w remarks to Mir, Victm datin akps~l ote(a through Minseentast North woodese i-e roe e s. as a rum-iripe~ Deilay Mesas Srasder.. *hn had the' serve to write op he isof:ds ihathises t ei total vote cast that the result slas lbs oo-et beassowM was tMerimdmnI hs oun ul three weeks ago, herds of wild smethroe. tu ra 1 a Wae n~a a It is ibeth this situation in theirralodmnIths -oimwutitne isneotts;tla hesa tod deraehddeLnsal aee th~~e aiete fe;ese Isea syse thtteGrmng'o net the ourage ta sign his sn. of sprtto.foeoeog be told. der are huddld In small atches s e n w Iof sese If ae thtth Gedsnopa ll e ae would1 like to inaorsit hint tlt h4 Is. exan tat eroat that thisv notedtema epl il v a Â~_- of standing timber where they isseassd tunesd Is etlinh ea be, Dpre she asmisties -terms of nations gbt- very mush mistaken in his ion sprang onyhs tO"r~koc eO~ thg them. In a slililar ialton Au - that persons with passes. get a re- withnt-tetmeotron t--fe arh4nx teal oght shelter from the coufiagts- edth d ahr r~he it iri delayed toe longo and badmnca l u htwill bedpsdYse ess nadc teamatawit kkn, doto ini palayar and Pullma car lbag ndntyt ooqe bedpndbybn 'ad were forced to remain he r the a detsoinenroe. It s hto ad 'ts doent Sd elthttwacrte moo wetic wtllbe the Colonel of cause of the destruction of feeding sold a wa'i sho~t aultiea or 'i5 ot her army u~o th bal fls. se"kow that these cars are neitherpeletnonrvietooe t nme from Texas. now repre- groillodtbfe tan ors ea otom s"~' tation ieso~ia now may remere. wood nor operated by the railroad Ahoilstikt enigtePeidngtteV ro unds Qa llsdeer al Isda tn thee-last frdagile battier which Inter. comopaois. I h eWl loodrc Hudrd Sfdescede nDw tLego. yenes beiwees the Alies and a Iom would like to oak Mr. Victim itatntstohefctathe( lies coun{cil, woligfherwyNrtwr ao I theare asp kast tase5 f otote plea te liLar decisio6n. It is hecausoo he envies the paseholder.iblnotansksgheD --the protection of ths refuges es" emit and to tores wtatehmntoot we sbulebt. bot l -is set wet tm e re s expect that the tl-ndman-w1l postpone " government. That is the osty reaaons sen t n- Ifo h a Astoteaeltroadotwise It litrami and Itasca homnusal ie, ifr.neTo his satreaetle tor the balanca, of the 1can bhlob of for such sarrow autd-setigwhnIsrnk Its _- Icounties many mere bined is sOwr ua mantnaIs,.,gni,, seson.sOodars-ohotteni, uetl uotnytwehr _tis bewis is eslr nfsrawi (W HAe wuI use the respite alltwed him Ijudge f roes his clesing remarks loyatfcino h eulcnp e a fthe fit. Paul De the flames, and today a new peril I o the b.,,.fsth lbs:,lrhbe esrave, py the season snd tescefu that it would he a very good idea for in tisat sa tuga h e ddos hnclslt is mjosns of hin troop to ihd Maeui. the Cosmlttee on Publtc Safety to..yswngcomlynw a es.t of Health; In connection confronts the refugee herds lthat re- a te t sth.ahwl i lb ea1r at ae enevrt tiyteteinvestigate his loyalty. o the Influenza situation, recalls main In the stricken district. 50. 1 t isd bn-so isk fosmIs tou Ct lie e r tmoiyM eh It seems to be onty inca the lbs ttpMbla labe means tr r m "o hemmie yuin s sot~t vese r"13tpra te"~r a nnethsMen to th chapter of the -Minnesota has deemed it wrise to see t its was al ribt ilbt as seon. rather thtan mill waos itmadehr ~e ohv o osMte uh h die owen weaetnh he andtl taket withr son to am atv twent dasec"Hlntottt~ efi9 hn I according to fit Matthew: restrict the bf ignaoe hunting seat Be-r- --t he will do th1n with the,., Int their h-ads that railroad men to ls o le ywryn "Te ehh n akt ih ent period oftet asec NOTORIOUS CROK ISSLAIN. me aept th Allied termse before haetomany prvileges. Why pick loyalyadptits elbwt lb. spring campaign tan open or e-n b stodsa -e te im et fL olte ~nhrh seven other apirita more year, fitate refuges for wild pane or corporations gilve their emnplayes "Uerbrbeatobr -sbkd tha hmsel asi thy hve ben etabishe 1m a dsesEddie Ray Believed Is Have Bees due senlis military defeat In lbs equal privileges. N,YUt itskkad~~~~ wohld alael aonor hhem that owing espablron Mion.n et cman;ebter It and dwell there. And counties, as-i other protectiob ban Msrdered by Owe Ganmg next wig fip Assatmd Pa.) New er N gnt bpring. to a recta e-trer it t Is mpesile to ass sateof tht an s ee afored lneeJosephd at obtain passers without good reasens. CAN PLAET.:H rattate frtha a 5 br fode isstswOlf Chicea, Nov. 1.-Edowrdsep We have fike thre poseeihilities: Evidently Mr. Vici m'a knowledge of wos hntens.through wine legislation suported Say, a wnrid notarious Br-oak and Immsediate military disetser n0w. railroad sffairs leas been sadly ned- Febn isAl sCb e aiialacy needs so titsa. byacnbeniuadiisrto nek robber. hgnwn as Edde fty, with aieearlly prompt surrende, lce.Btti.w utosio ugeeNrhDktn -was flusd shot aO death is &P alley audih as Autria has mads under sim. tefMa ehxn aeo ab Why, then, should Minnesota here today: There wasat bullet wound tier conditions then facth hoc so nam or mayb _____----^- neglect 1o prevent the sauglttsr iof Inhis head below theright ear. A Osetteseful escape from the preae." Hr. BENNjp rr. R04~flfj~kt~ ~Cl ore the election. Candidate refugee deer -now isolated from all a mebro i wn gang fottewing during the months of military stagr- ____st i udttadee lo derwood said: "It is a land- avenae at escape In the recently an arguIment 0vcr theolivtsloo of toot. satlln. CONFOUNDS ALI EGEO CONPU- himt aehssucso.M.' "Puidlme lttt ay's career of crime extends ove istally. after the winter pests of. -Ssli sotdoou pinesaa him, anptero e. tie It wan, hut slot ti hisgutdlme ittt America ansi parts of Europa. He tensive a surrender is atoance at the SI-:MleraPoiclHshpmtydsutdtepry 0.Possibly because lit the manifold be-sme International- knows ftt f-the-eatgn of 11ls. slut Ip Offeredi With intent to 'lla.u-u~ dietyrepnii frIe duiee confronting them In the fire yur-g~rtl~ an ae s os led e te h vos einste" Patriotic Woan, i taire ontigt l Paris with Mis-hey tIsason of ('hi' of ike nexttew htours, lb.e grealselr l 1 -country, stats officers sppamwntly c o for rohsry of a larls bask. Prussian dilsaster since Jana, lbs poe. To lbs Editor ef the ioeer Prop il scyu e-r a or(i j~ o uryfr e be ave overlooked thoe suggestion that '~hepollce estimate tht F5ahDu sitility of a negQedss, ies-ot this His Mother, In her hystericat ce tup,woeespdlig t r 1tole more than from bnstinte, in Ini vil ew-end Perehinesu peal fer ftepshlian t sten- elates se mndo i mtbsss sms abarred lone be sslahliehed in net throughout tke country. Irmy i sure to bele at such a deathhan lived a "lang life" end was heoro ink'mseesbe n nhnal ion ones from reports recemtly fisetosof Carlton, A-knad theConsipprby itw t,"ed.are that a slight reaction Pekead-nrm ne-lo f i ~~ayI *takn plce I Geran pblicSt. esuls counties. '-I osbytesigls olsIe ke lc nGra ulc There Is still time to act. The BEL EV THISo./F?ii NEIITH-ER DOC' AVEI fsseI rho c. for ne ndyathGrmamidbig game hunting season opens____________________________________________ yet: prepared for the inaevita Sna,'u'h burned area is by Imera ose threIsho.e Associated Press correspondetfl, MYosss 3wsc~ e-T1rante wits that refuge taint The llolehlbviki are bowling for Sassf ue thAw WHAT D YOU MGi BY,PA~dl MYH deaIs prsveaprioff W *fro.STM~,Â~ERsUA ~~:.H~y fe.emn around Vaicucceennes and peace. Ther howl can be fully ant W -u CPOES DBRdtA.PEhe sie sa,05 t o fi osyta 101i ttee'ttiasedtp'ino th5 se eCEin these -o -G - vo,OC Haf ~~St tS f~P-" i~.N.~ lAe~~ r o5~ yesrs of terror hare sys- T'TeRAr - i~yIoe h onr. After Cosmisiaoner. lcColl's y'. 't,e' rpart. "furniture,' curtainstosgetasarmd fr du lebold -tnili was sto's /na the-~ot Dof liodla-Uosymeedv r ttleee fines were a~ressed Ohl yard rabbit. "~ utnis wa tta ethn ota yie-\ OI SIIDE ER Pi Often they [eetn.roh " Towne ' e.ot., o-ui iri idteeN '~ kthe to)failed to respect- Brte Ton - ' eoffstr to, 1105-e n!e Geans. j us hale else' another dog not- Seem I:: T FV ER G c byelinod -until. d ' - ---- " 5 ) k etelnddidi Bri 'nd dship he has has received raspanking he kowe~~ iole IFYYAnSAO - hq ato be mails to vio invited It. -p o ' titt - t wutr' rm s WH~Y,. dt Ufl'-s-1 io __ tCtlCl~ n K thIFlia t P~lie.nars rv sc a.:; bridge r_-....": nc.. i;. an~ --. thstlI~,t sp flats pe the~ 10 1 / 0 6 LI RRemCO G E S N WS A E biR diof 10 1 / 0 6 L B A Y O.OG E S NE S A E. ~ e tQlnIL

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