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ï~~,.I;, ' S,, "I,..", UI,. 4. li 1+..,;,,,l 1! '1,4r i k'n,1= I" 1.11c "' f r.. 0A 79. NW HAVEN, CONE RIA,,NOMBR1198 bL Geran ltmatoni> Wy To Kaiser? r a ~i ai n ~yCopenhagen, Nov. 1.-The rumors or Emperor William's abdiation re at least premature, the Plerlin Vossiachie Zeitung says In Thursday's sue. It adds, howove'r, that the-:abi1cation cuestiohi was discussed at ie latest,meetings of the war cabinet, and it Is stated that -former Vice hancellor Delbrueck has left for the front on an important mission )r Chancellor Mvaximilian.. It is generally supposed, the newspaper says, that Dr. Delbrueck',,ill present the emperor with an. abdication document. The 1 aiser is said to be pn the way to general headquarters at the ont. J~f BiLE EPDEC -NOWI. SAI"D TO BEJVb 11 1E0; MORE m} COTOLHR I'll Health Officer Beieves Th.irt'r ~fthe Weetk Should Bs Ori a5 lMrked Ohange kin Oonditions. The cleadfoofowather f toUa ell S, It HomZe to the serious nftuenza' 'ideinlc which 1,._,, ].cast.,goom. er.1th c ityfrth ~+Is~ O.Ko~a. het si ~weeks erns.Itke t thie byicians killd.,- to wnae ed., '&t indertakei.busier than;at any is he. azith two U 4o4$*trtOW rsienjaa n~umber Qo_ years. The riuu.. o' hut.ors wr.the u 'atio t~cS. rornew cash reported to the health Bu ie ot17 maststeet 'as pr ent dropp 4 mifl over,100 kilra+crig o:alter to.7 yesterdlay, 'and only 28 niew cases i!r h leutenan, Th:, ~r ad ba re orded up tonontd. Bptx r of tiheon a dQt5 datb;.. ~; epoart 4yesterday: zInd;10 tsore}hi TE~ftIlh

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