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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ ______W o r d ReceivrTAter- *~t hi triot Can vrs to Start: Sat bbt.~lwe~. lling--C.: B;togers Pe4 tl.. s '.. 11 Cowxrnnd. 'The $pokeatnan &evlew s A~rctated I reee news of the lioi ttg of the arm THE DY I~ce was:learned at!11,i thil,orn - -were blowing througbh ut the city. 'edio5 toU cey~ ~ Crowds on hetreet sps~rang up as it by magit, -iliotesi-opbbes mere tilled 1zeek--Doy scouts and ciga r stores drgw patrons tr at: oue>ely. thought to have been ie bad. Ye~zt euddy. Yells of joy resounded throuhtout - the streets. Teephoe niirtltat WORKtlC 0ftAI. liayrdg.rnwn-fw anhour.bfreeare -drvlvestwtsrists-nttiee.pew. The new AD ai.wthX ueh speed that it was amainpg how the emldrtee peetlonars starts people had learned of the arenist ice - signing. sing~ the Second ward. DES REET _. - ni.The first three days ar btde devoted solely eis:ii$trlct and various Heart Disease. Takes William horning the nMain body Luehr, Early Day Saloon an armywill take tieOnr vdas tilt -residence dim-_____ e" eitijng -three days - with:tiet aate thorough- Witiguto iiiehr. age 60. a pioneer tracterisaed "its wontc in 'saloon man of Spokane. dropped dead rty holed drive..;very o h ieakna eodaeu kane will be vl~itded hid dwikna I cndaeu city is to have a end Jefferson street yesterday mornow-ie--or- her- olorsc in iniK. The emergency hospitai was f the comftort and he p- railed and Dr. P. C. Miiburn responder--ia_;to_ i fsihed a. it"tbi lr--0 eatlt- s-hen--heand.may accept rub- arrrved. ch.,. It fact,.cash pay- lie. N Ha grieve,.corneos, was auntat d~-< - - the oniy mooed and pronouinred death due to ngca- li~art trouble from which deceased -l a4-"been a sufferer for some time. - tLzelir resided at S22'0 AÂ~ ale street. t act ern the lie is survived by" an invalid Wire of the.:e bscrlption can and a slaughter. Mrs. (.odd, whose tonce "$0 per tent of the husband Is in the army at Camp be paid December 2. 26 Zarhary Taylor. nary 16 and thte remain- torn o re than 20 yeatra before the ct March 1. state went dry, buehr conducted the icSrd will be iaSU~d to old W--etr---satoon on Stecond evebing downtown and this iloe, near H-oward street. In recent at home the same as in! ears hr hadt been emloyed es pororid cam-paign, when the' terr,"t hirgitteyd's drug store. HeI s left at home for the. had been rift duty fur severat days -to pick up later-. beraise of heart trouble, but was on.anmounl required. $120.. his way back to work when ste:icken used that" thai-s must hbes~eterday. hoe who will gte cit. The body is at Stmit & Cc.'. No At. a days pay anti to fueral arrangements have been ore. moade, A EATFO T'I what is be lvdt eebe fit tor jealous ylhi s. Minnie Webster. _________ Iage 22. swallowed a small part of a smell bottle of tincture of aconite at Reported Yeterday.- Lm esidence W310 Third avenue, last niht about.6 o'-lock. The ties at Army post emrnc hospital, was ratted and fottnd her in hysterical- rendition. lI ong4. - - She was removed to the hospital. T - where tire. Ransom end flacon used tndito5a a greatly im- a stomach pump and fround tt a r-15006--W-rght--ant small trace of poison. A smatl hotlty; borth plsces reported le--of. bichloride of mercury tablets tow"ever, - four caes of was foundtitthe room and after she deyploped at port had been put to had In the hospital -~ - i- t still larger bottle was fotund by dmfot,- ltrWi ht Ware htt-c'husband hidden in her clothing. d ft wsine Oe tble frcneither bottle would tdl<$ haecusddetaccording t8 the the i tlt lc pyscias ti not thought that"fit-dY~sY all6he.too.. anyof them. - thosita. swallowing the aconite sre 61'-;cas rsf0 ifluenxa n wot a note to the effect that she boit'OVOh r-i ad 2-iwanted to die and that, nobody. was blseasemri a Z to.blame.but herself.= She spent the r dre'f ' matnf t evening at the emergency hospital,iloae I' y_ at than'ftre - l"and it Is believed she wilt recover. n mim hst.of Chlete- jhe was taken home before midnight. ilv o c hi P e b e r e n'o f t th e e - H s I f u n a 8eae ~webster, "PAPEIRS ALtdA rKnee! at ime OtIs. t Wosuld Detereai fIe, rea~ses Calgary:::. dl 12 - id oti e - h ao i....,i. 441 5t' -00 Clear-,.52 82.00 Pt..tldy Sre -rh2 i eca i--1n congress Edmontonr... ~. 4.6!iCloudy'u and of his resent raice jOf,. ongreain eii n "----------- 6055.4'.0th-Cleudy fo--, - ol the Fifth district, -even r1though de- Ra16pelt- --.,... 9 0 -0 Pt Play ins. th "vwear feated, C. C. Dill left late Saturday Las set s--...... 1!63.00 Clgar." - hn ln night for Washington lo response to irnneapolls.- -3. 35.0.-.t. - pot.itm6 ten.- Mr. Dill said as he, sat in his New Ycr- -,.,40 50.06 ClIeaer statihalth headquarters on Sprague avenue.North.Head'.-560 -4.11r1ore Cleai PrlnOe 6361.2 tQ 1bonfIWhy should there be? I made thiereidi'Ge 511 best race I could tinder the circum- St.raet----------4060.00 lea eotr't SLus4,a stances. My- friends lo od loyally- Oy -Sahteri ---.-5-0-.4-i.--i.--b-i assewa'd w me, and I regret defeat eyert more Hen Diego - 68 74. PW t. Ctdy maek on eiver on their account than my own. i Seatte-----------.6Oi 4 5420 Cloudy have plenty of time., tn-c had almost Spkane----------..is48 52.31' t. Clely Desk Selgef two terms in colgees. and f am pnt~v Tampa-----------.CSlt 10.00 Clfear neat.arrangeci 34 years old. Thai' is a record not t lii Wavlta - 02 62.00 Cloudy- that hroo ltedo Winie.......3 34.00 Clears - worn eapron many men can boast of." Y akima 411 ale.00 Clear -'one The congresseman. was making out - - Cl-ARLE S5TEWAAtT. grataden hie expense account as required by -- -- wihtebl law. He was stilt week from his at- _. tyeai--wI tack of the influenza. and, we xDEATH~SAND ~xRAS styerhi wrapped in his hea~vy overcoat, witO t AND zu BAx S Katy iand, his slouch hat pulled over his eyes- tTrCy tnr-akooFy weat. rngp.tC. Dlaee Flu for His Defest, age 15. who died November 8. wilt pital steward, "Dovot knw,"he nquredbe- he held this afternoon at 2l ocock pe wire ideifo uhnns ura ilbt Do yu kow.toeInqured fro Buhann's.Bural illbe t miilre a1 tween items he was dictating to a Riverside Panic cemetery.bedmotl Staographez4 '.:-I..hadns'tgJ. _t, fluhrIiimot) i'd liesbeaten Webster? 1d on tbf'___ 4t.--l.v-hind the ear: 1ev. his majority silt he much over Mosebeng, age 26, who dIed at Fort structure witf 2000 in the district, and there as a Leavenworth. wiU he held tomorrow gauze'. Thot normal majority to thie district of 10.- afternoon at 2 oclock teem the Hae- as easily asa 000. Considering alt the things 1 had zenn-Jaeger chapel. Burial will be in draperies hut to contend withI claim it was going Riverside Park cemetery. keep themn a some to cot thaot doutn to 200U. If Vsye--The funerat of -Mrs. Lucy mirotth. 1 could huve gotten AUt d~n. the! Frye, whii died Nevembher -8. will he }wer-aeles--'sl peoiple at the close of t1 ua n t held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from o would have turned overtearesn -Scheotenes. Iurtal will be at River- ttpanI four-tiet mash "To what do yoim attribute the fact side Park cemetery. during his to that the belated vote from the back Ball-The fineeal of 'Robert Ball.,ain~yt county went for Webster instead of whcidinettc wl eiri tltspectacles an toyu a xeceIo'cloctk this morning at Hazen-Jae- days when th All the Newspapers Resacted Webster.. ger's.The- Rev. - J.,t. Mct~ougall pcstilence. 1-1 "BecauseI couldn't gel out amongi will conduct the funeral. Burial will tin visitors the people. and t~eceilse alt the ne~ci-( be at Riverside Park cemetery. Commission papers in the distict were boosting Kollar--The funeral of Daniel M. tey dropped for Webster. The people tMd his side. Holler, age 02, who died on Friday v, itimout a ti and they didn't have mine. but if I in Colfax. wilt be -held this afternoon nerve to rebi could hsve gotten out amoing them at 2:30 niclock at the flaxen-Jaeger to take the Il there would have teen a different re- palr.Bra il so re-hi-reune sitlt- Yes,' he admitted. "I think ' I wood. Bra wlshea ren ruinghis got more votes then 1 would have re- Kirk-~Theu funeral of Pareteit C. I de-tumy to slip ceived a year ago. My &nr khaswo Kik ag 1,whdedStdyterbttc bark support of many whir wre ik ge1 hod dSaerayterholI e- a thaWim.'.nligt at the family home, 8243 T-Pr- tSestpco against me attht dareme te dt street. will he held tomorrow at during rte la Acng h t. couftd.most.deron- he ncilck from' tics New i tghand and eailnwits things thti coun 1i1te - ost srngyjoeo~vs. hV Rev. ir. tFry'will. offI-tt'leyat agahnstllim.ani"M: + o -elon the w r-of - rsy late and buiatl willT ie Â~OpphiiiZ -aT. "Uetii'. My vndaoonte the.s. rutcoe. on tycemetery.Goncr Outrie andstn n hedrft rt Ivoedoe loieemb-The tody of Merritt fbi- harry 0and wi the w"ars I sew tiings, arid as the ni ke people of toy district sRaw them at remit, who died in PSndpouint, Idaito. rtto.kt that tinme. I knew it would beat iec. Noventher 7, was re-elv-ed by Smnith The policet moldPunhotcer(hi seretrvi~ & Co. yesterday,. It aas accotnpaied Inlte w a tol Fukosr(i ertr)a odrt theme. And yet they say I have by li-i mother. Mrs. Florence Rlot- dr to ni nirt'twcooyge o- m~- onvctinscomb,ia brnit her.10.1.,iHolcomb, and at tetmpttoi Seems t ouTme m ote sh 'ows thti s sister. Mildred liolcomb, all of exptect littlet emeoplentyof orae.shBwit heaoit whom are at the tocur d'Alene hot-I 1Jatnitors 4if +egtinto war the financial i.t-Pending funeral arrangements. -aera a ate terects in the east were caching with l5'aisdwardn4Miro. Margaret.Wood-foieiuev all their power to draguaintsootai. wand, age 15. died yesterday at her I-ear i".ci utc're and I have never been able to 8srget hone. 8.12 Sheridan street. illil-ard. to im r. diegKt away frtm the feeling that t repre- She Is aurvived by her himsband, Glen mack. sent the plain people. I made my cam- Woodward. a rinild. hertuaronte andtil tirterentv paignm on a peace platform. 'and t was a brother and two sisters. The body tihe tiref,.'c elected on it. What wea going th is-at linmith & Co.'s awaiting. funeral trhiekt-reel ore dio? Rep-udiate my pledge.- to the arrangements. udrtcil people? F couldn't do_ that.. een Abrgh---fhe bodly' if F. Al- maignh h though I knew f-metnmy political bright, age 37i, who died, Novemnber eig act al deathls of Influenza, al tbhe shippril to:lor- ra~tiel pers Mr. 11ll said he was cumn ghack gao. Shdli., foe buriail1lHeisvidow iSa ~ O here to live, when his term expired. end four eildi-en are 011 ill at 1007 thil horlofte Scn avne13.aoleHae B een Good to ]fe. Fualler-1 mnteral sererices for It]rD nr esel his iii 'r hw souldnt T" hle asked.i-t0re Fule. ewolied at hs ors.W22? lu tnimL hence --beens good to.'me. - meg have not b arranged utlwr sr eiehdc sie etoensicors tarived from hise son. F. If. Fuller, who rangemint pe 'time when it' Was thea greatest petrled is in the navy sat San Diego. (at. unhitched fri t i hsoy;ftewrd ae Fx-Tefnrlo oaeH otfo h at laed tLtieprtyilo gd to take part in mne- and Frank Eidward Fox, sant of 0-toe-k vember breem Buntbjb ffli'o&-rht-v- are 17,I'.ox and Mrs. Emmna 2<t.-Fo~t roachunder t Txtett~suB.ttf irl, iloI tavwill be held at Wits Mansfield avenue toned an ee dut y-kr * O5!W t. e il't!dros politios for this afternoon at 2 ociock. They are tiu position, t a whtlie. I3-want toffpake.Home mooney survived by ther parents. one broth- thi-uaw ott adest- aarttblahed tii-tttua hare a.heatier.6-dof,.tr - -- -and twio et.t. ".. y cuterem the p= ra, antii t he._~nc tt aS thi'u Oniugit- n~td.j mnask rottit he regnirt a pair if glilsues inth rigfa trmough Oti ) )lnntnfavored lt a kand vic it cellglou~j7 u-n on siei t. Ttit it,, wipe the otrait from i d tong fritich good oldt epr itf I'ilt' Safety 'Tile. is liuring the- Oterroin tInL fui tt.uete anrnue withi ii Y' inniO tuk a fPettures Iit had eahetitr1111"ithiiand sit com{,lied i iithe ii-de uiminent iii5'7y tame'.y ''n tic-:" "s.r of Iiiisiitma autltmel t":-'cavil Oil '10 Orl ad nit'-inc kjl.y i ngafted to rote, iohti nte i I cl'ofit ntt have*-,1il, de ot n'flti's e r i. -.:. 44 try hats It litilt -,Iii hi-fiice het -tre - hl.ii I lir t.:teotti' re..I-tit;teInac ubli-at et". id ai eteo Scci i-. inotl tt c in etti--ii r Tarrd ona atpitro -- i i cii binilertnn t iriehillcant; mtie t'-i i- t.I nenctionm tl t I Ii ii liii- tias-i,nii- n ctit-tecask 'tok,.thiiciandit e Smict. thiuoiiiIi foiii Iehind i et typectif meet oisvintitihe o iring.the ie emulttiuiglice tuask liii - um tituc rar and itoie tee eel in the tirietk7Noae. fSie tok wincelit tie htitmeilwhet he-eltaco<uuvuttnd theitlk tl* bycot plying tlrl tisieiurert inrd his t 01 -.r -55pi Ip. ood exx ie Tfw;exto of ColvlteelrA ~ A. Feox. - Horace F. i GIO1gR iwife and Frcntk.0d-,, and J ittle baby, both LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RN

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