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ï~~ Mal im5liAdoo 'Sn Aq peloeloid eq Aew pue Adeed pain) e Aq eu!3!pGV o hieai l euo!ICN oauk Jo uoq10e1oo eW4p wi~edo SeM ebed Siq} uo ieee w eqj!k y; Vol. 7 AUGUST, 1920 No. 8 Monthly Bulletin Health Department City of Oakland, California F. F. MORSE Commissioner of Public Health and Safety August, 1920 Health Department KIRBY B. SMITH, M. D., Health Officer JOHN H. MELLON, Secretary STAFF: J. S. SULLIVAN, Market and Food Inspector C. C. WING, D. V. S., Veterinarian J. H. EUSTICE, Plumbing and Sanitary Inspector E. F. JONES, M. D., Bacteriologist E. H. BARBERA, M. D., Chemist LOUISE SCHMITS, R. N., Head Nurse i... I ~,' I! 1 _i I I I _,I il1

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