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The en- lh, 'renth dint. m tig-~- - APPII.I.ATE lYriSRT tlhl TPA' tre Vttv Glet f ad 0 ueta iethe etatWIv M.A. auditoritum Sunday after- TMcirr0OV*T U ebythe nominthoof e. by f ' '. a~y~n~siee. tjet, ur rtN*rn Pollowing te n int f i n itt"e nn corn D o n lie told of havinty seen the tltI loan I0.Itoppo. t. Syl weeHowe. Spea er as committee on ormlrtte,e, ionttetttee took i orm er kaiser when, he wall a bor and tJar CApit.asort ote ndwsnse n Rersnaier hil.Fro atthat time, h ad tekierde holet e said-rultng 0 e t totean!61 an45*u IY teempot. J'C. Brewer f+ sinwt l ob" ~ts iv "-i.1." The. 'Ity war made secretar> of this committee. nmitte smetiit! l t' d t e nvtioralc eerais. it- t S~'itt. Aha. iilr r s a member of the commoittee he rrot. for the -%ann ast M udy r tdd 141;oil Pat.. o resented7 the entire Indiana detegal(ton rules 4trnmltte }}}} iect.t,artd 1.. 0. Blazter san a ~l, ft ade a' Apy* lee * r b ef. and was authorized to cast the thirteen The real teat n ~ +ttboys decdeid to leco Ane earx ttnC!.of I100 Jothe T t. l etu e rlnte s frm Indiana wheneter a ballot i Monre" and th. rtleenlraTpu pleral * bariefs omas taken. Representative Moores &a)d Indlatsa de lgat who, l m~tt 4 ff01 for use 4 rel eed her Tru tof his ray ona oar IMlW Â~ $ *"S mon to Have -44wsrn~epand Dinner. "1~%srH. fveo ad 4k asos i ' ne.Ivao (:ipq n y haveisfaf,3,:lops f,1 r a h +*sewarming at il to b e t61 awd with asvfly flb;:1 Red Seal G ingham.s Apron Glv nghi In every wanited platn shade, includ. A standard fast co ing naty, mill leet.~ths of thcetwanted tolors. or3cquality, yard..... 5 checks of various si iFasbion Says Capes and Domans forcS The dolrnans of our grandmothers' day, flaring over hoops and starched skirts, would never recognize their descendants of today. Miss 1919 trips along in her new narrow skirt, smartly conscious that the long, voluptuous fold of her dolman give her exactly the silhouette demanded by fashion. Her sister with the tailor-made taste, dons her business-like cape of men's wear serge, over her one-piece serge dress, and looks just as 'smart as the dolmancla girl. Our lines of both are chosen to conform with fashion's laws, both as to colors and materal--the dolmans, especially, showing all the new tints --enna, Copert, Pekfb, rookie, taupe and cherry. Materials are all-wool serges, silvertones and velours. All sizes. addise AC tb Mse~uV11 -- 08/22/ 2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M4f* ~

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