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ï~~ F:E S:~ ONDAY MA6RN1NG. NOVEMBER 4,. 1918: MAP MAtI WANTEDFOR ARMY 'Y' TRAINING CohsWihu.ICS GOVERNMENT WORK SCHOOL RESUMES KEt NOF EUA ESO aCome-Back ROWEFOR CA RUITS. ___ R. & S. good clothes are somc Officer Pris' lo-en'-Wrkig- INFLUENZA QUARANTINE HAD - as to make the end of one ta s ian Canip eryhin is lIn readinesfor teca- STOPPED WORK - SEVENTY- ato h e inn fa oh r sr a Month's to recruit volunteers to take up the work HE OWArN IG so that the man who is onc sl oentsping te min'and hrmyareav S w ims the The omite Amiern the caransip After having been closed for several s alsa od w d e of Mrs W M Hnrick and ia comnposedl weeks, he-ause of the Influtenzas quarantne, hal ty sl, we d d per Outwits His ofnmany of the most prominent women of the Army Young Hen:s Christian Assocla- e tyt u lt nta ffit he Cunty. tion Training Scholor War Work, Campne ty oqu lyisea Tpurpose of thle campaign is to aa Travis. baa resuimed Its sessions. At the9 slat the United Stlates Employment Merv- jpresent class there are seventy-threp en leIe in supplying the tioota of:b700 men from tany walks of life whoe for the next ige c e snwt e --RESforT pln under (government control or month will undergo an Intensive training igec esn wt e x ei serso which arc bending every euetitrse In the many fontlions that a relt rnents I PRESDENT frt tomeet the etiutrements of the men trtan Ic worker l~t cape-"ted to perform, TORED ED asked to send tie tmrn by November:0, both here andi overseas. Three mett arce Sn S O PEOD asked to sendthe tieunt lyNsavenher:' 0, Antonio mn antiI itt hopedthattt San Aqitonnt will soil)- In tte tresent class are tntneteen mInts st--t-otui of;aUIt ttt its portion of tie tars, a manaoger of a sattatoriumt. eightt________________________________ quota. salesmen, Iwo battkers, oie trattsttrtaiion preparation, every Any nmon ovter IN vtearc of age wit an manager. one fattory' manager, three rait- O MEWS lot to escape eigitth-gra-ie eduit-atito who weighs shoot road inr, five leadhers, five Instiranve OUTFITTERI p 140 pou nda is eligible to fill the demand. turn, two real estate mt-t. five intrtauta,:d by the H-unJ The work is classiftedi tnder the bead of five lawyers, one of n-b-tm Isi tCounty At- I S E lng the prison 1o selil-skilteid labor, thr pay is good anti torney: a msnttfuttrlzg oltit-iso. a -otti - 1s seai there Is no hazard attached to the employ-, bank ctatbier. ai t atistlinn. a W O V NE T S O E g'adswaig, 1 ent. drutggist, an oil man, an abstractor.,aT O C NV N NT T RL ianclering about in tire. Hendria-ks'oolmttee will have 5ev- comnnercial searetant.iatcritit tian, a Blck orets-era) women stationeti at the employment roprsctor. an ei--finn, a plant foremtatn. teBakForests; office, 'x' Main Plaza, ant ia bantd will cc- a collector. onte cty Yosung MensatCtris- The only come-back to R. & 5. fine shoes is.d hunger, Lieut. company the speakers about tbe city, The usen Association worker, a mtechaniic anti tn cs of the United several apeakera will explain to the pub- clerk. tem nw ocm akfrm r leRhine and land- lit the mission of the CUnied States Em- The roster by States Incltudes the fot- temnw ocm akfrm r ployment Service, lowing: shofes of Switzer- At this time tat great ties] of interest From Texas-Nathan TT. Atlen of Ft Paso,.\Xthen you see R. & S. Shoes, the exceptoa attaches othe tl:of pes(e 1nnj David N. TBanta of Alvin. Eutgente Talairnes ult n upsig tlyuwl ge tie son-in-law of on this point lay; night Federaf lqreatortf WacouohnssinBilletyoeIlyotttwilow:arrohl tCabell, cout- W Lwsaitati taewcde- ard Berry of Dallas. Guy ittirnelt of Hous r-Department. His dlared between sit the belligerents tomor- ton, Jesse Kt. Carrell of Emits. Oscnar F. - that the R. & S. Stores have done moreta idc ih eea Ca- row the work of mtaking anupplies for the ('bastion of Autati. Arthttr A. Cot-he (tf~ircst dra witGnal ou soldiers and sailort would necessarily have Dallas, Thomas t. (ataieanti of Lon-.- their bti keepingprcst th ml earad dFhsortyrlios- to continue for another -year. Mr. Lewis view, Morris Cox tt 0anestl Ic. Wittlom it. earnedheoistoryice referred to the call Issued officially at Dallas of Ahitette.aintiri It. Dtavis of of he eric ffierWashington by the Ordnance D~epartment, D~allas, Walter I. iEarly of El i tist,.Gettrge camp In Villigen. which very learly sets forth that -work on F. Evans of Galveston, 1'. S. I-ox of ls as captured from the production must not cease at thts time. las, Bonner Friazeit of P'ales+tine. Fran -__________________________________________ 'hen she was struck Secretary Daniels was also quoted as hay- i-iait. Gatin of Texarkana, Fread A. (irif- _______ torturemove fom h g aidlcoataurwartatIsenaoverte there H woulaack1'. be plenty t reo-ofiscem-wa isoveathre oul beplety-fWe- aaukntncloofW alin erffanfan commanding offieer. ployment for the men engaged In Govern- Robert It. Hoopter' - e, 'Frank A. Ild- H R P I CC esaethlieo wetroutoplns i oF1Ps aF.Krea}ofthought prevented tI s a matter oY commen knowledge. sail tliftoni, lames I. -lne of It-t Pastt otatih u firing on his cow- the Federal director, that the history of H. l,nwsota of Shermttn.!tort-st MI. liry ia the Science that rtuaovees lbs-A-Ii - o elisis -- rithnt-t In. itfe raft'!,on tea.l--w.s---elvew--9t-t--the!- armies of- tht of San 'Antonitt. WtTfiFC.(_ leMcregor offuetaf itraogstar Satigery. Stnottt( iaotor itnt- hateth conquerors have hail to remain in the -en-' San Antoitoa George 1i. (;rot-er if (lt- tAUSE removetd. Get tet otatittant expert otiito of H~TE1 announced that he what I. country flir several years doing ville,.Tames A.;i-larof Itatias. Icratituy Plmetr 1hirojtrticttrc I Ill at Karisrube. tics, hti termed petiting. And the ilirectior A. liverasitfant Antonio, WllitisaB. Neill ii letters front hIin said further that it w il take a long time of Hotiston. tort S. Newton of litiats. Wit-" OUR X-RAY ANALYSIS y front her. A dis- to bring the coldiers back, and they most lia6te F. ['nine if Wiltsishtl, Eterilt it. was the first news Ibe provided for until every man is hack latterson of Isatmer.,-Johnot..lletagati ittif thi-re it a dt iireigartingteausof)urIsachsiha eaanInhsnaiesi.teuotEwr.ttc f ao erteastu aea Xln ua~i e of ttr ttattt.l5, - I'Iiis had arrived in The war is not over, and will not be on.-RW Robertson antI lames W. tohieon of Ratty is thei intention that tattid a itonsiletoe Itt.1 the IN - tit---Gerao--hssredre,-r ei llao harles IV. Itog el of San NMarie-a. MEN. This Is the iargset t Iinrtttatlitestabishmaent Inith eved acable statingi said, and even whie that time- has come lesseEF. Ritssel if ilarentdon. Getorge Muisli- " South anal the only one bavting Waomten Chiroitractors andth Paris, had been or-I we cannot let up is our production of ma- weed of Fort Wortih Arthutr L. Stronog of X-Ray equipment. ear Admiral Sims In terial for our soldiers.0 Greenville, Murray Aibecton of tollege-fl E..Z T h A U hen FL R.proceed to New Many of the women of the reserve' will port, John.Webater of Datugerfiel. J.F oarv hr bu eaogteseaeso h rgasp.Wzeo fDla, J e-aL. "PioneerPar'rdte ChJy ac toA AFe abelil will meat him anal Mrs. Hendricks wil wake public some Wohiforal of (Cranbury. - 4.6 East Travia Streest. Phase Ceroskett 7.0.86 ha will be abie to time today tlso pr( g"ram for the opening of 'Irom Arizona-George M. Acuiff. Horatio Residents and taxpayara in San Antonio eleven yeara. - Drt- Samt Houston. the campaign o I i esday. F Griswold-and George A. *Alkire of lPhoe-- pa Was Made, ____W55 nix. Nverett V. Horton of Clifton- Charles_____________________________________ enact Isanca'sescape -H"I[Prather of Tenotte. The terrible experi- r ri F*~~ rom Arkansas--WVilliam I. Agee of d apd terror of cap- UL L I IflH V Ozark, Emli Avis of Decatur, lames t.- The Backbone Is Health's make the narrative itrysat of Leslie, Ciharies A. Meak of I andi- gripping. IIIL U II Sparkmoan, Clytie A,.lImhoff of Cabot, o n ain been wade for the F-RFE D k)11N A 1rom Oklahoma-Rtotand L. Jordasn ofCO UL nouth ago. The plot Guardian, George A. Mlather of Wagon-ON T- San AnGrk.Tm ai oHg.Morso nlrAbr brptonosO it. Tlle guard, was LJ*3*3 *3 N * North of Tipton, John J. Fartain of Altus, KInd WuCh** thurt of Sktudk.,c O~*o~ti U~iE~iK Il1. U. Smith of Clinton. d-h tS of t td] mit o.. r - From Loutsitza-James W. Bkrof 7[ instalan sd1 ~ -rte'mto eXj A. Becker Nf ason3 - - il I# wren do *&Cto Thy. LA Ctruce s o Claude F. hareofs-.EgrB " I.

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