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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~-,., aJ., 4" F'= '',' ' '.,.,. r =. r '.. r 'd iii' z,. "? ie,.#ks. ' r'!5a+rk? 5 1.' i'rr' i.k.i:,._,,.:r.>....:,_.,...._. w.___,..... _.. _.. nl, n IIXET O A WAS SOMigs Quote-:='Oe -igher..Iecelptss of She Iand Lambs= at Fort Worth a hbe 2,000. ",AS NEVER HAD T IION T WAS URGED STIGAT - ATE-ININVESTIGATION..AREHN Sutcher Stock---Demand for cows, eifers and bulls was up to the requiretents Monda. The marllet started out la snappy fashion and a- good unddrane was in evidiehce all day. Prices emained fully steady on all kinds. Calves and Yearlings-Salesmen foundhe calf deal a stubborn affair Monday, ut when deals were made they were oted around steady. Stockers-With a fair demand and ales ih line with last weelk's prices, the skrketf remained steady. Hogs--The market showed a little pirit; -oing from steady to 10c highe'r. L decelnt offering of about 1,500 of top iuatlity was qulc ly disposed of. Sheep and Lambs-With receipts of tbout 2,000, half of which were feeding anbs, the market held steady. NeRf Steers -Prime to good $15.50112.50, meinm to fair $10.50 o.00, common $7.50. Butcher Stock.-Prime to good, cows $S.50@.50. cutters' $5.005c.50, canners $4.50@b.00, hbice to fair'helfers $S.00@10.00,. choice to fair tills $6.00@7.00, stags and oxen $7.00@10.00.. Calves and Yearlings-Prime vealers $11.00'x1 1.50, choice to fair (light weight) $8.50411.00, hoice to fair heavy $6.00@S.O0, common to fair 'ast Texas 5.004:6.00, Stockel-Cholce to common steers $6.00 49.00 hoice to commoi cows $5.00@6.50, choice to ommon betfers.$5:50@7,50, choice to common' aiyes $5.00 8s.50. Hogs--Choice to good heavy $10.235@19.53. hoice to good medium $18.75@190.25, common o fair East Texas $1L25(L16.25, pigs $9.750 6.25, razorback pigs $7.004d 9.50. Sheep and Lambs-Genuine spring lambs, cholce to fair $13.0041650, yearlings $13004 14.50, culls $10.50412.00. boals Angora shorn S.57@T.50, Mexlain $4 504160.00, bruhers $4.50 415.50, wethers choice- to fair $10.501113.00. eies choice to fair $9.00e$il.50, culls $6.009.00, canne's $5.0041.00. - Comparative recelpt: / C tle. alves. Hogs. Sheep. H.-M. oday..........-5 3000 1,500 2,000 1,0') We k ago...... 8,2 20O63 2,772 1,041 2,696t Year ago..8......5817 3,590 2,442 1,2133 2,696 September receipts: 11'13. 1917. ' Loss. Cattle............... 6,310 171,730 35,411 Calves _............... 47,450 50,43 2,979 I.ogs...... 38, s 0 5,G66Lt 26.(05 Sheep........... 23,481 27,S31 4,:151) Horse and mules... 13 )976 14,523 547, Receipts from Jan. 1: 191. 1917. Loss. Cattle -..............1,, 210 1 1n 'l,178,431 '170.221 Calves...... 201,7; 1I6,868 "14,705 Hogs...4 401.......7... t- 5:44,2 8-1-4102 Sheep.'3... 270(0 3i 8,452 04.5] tiorses ant' mules.' 35 57,234 6;646 *Gain. Official receipts by days SCattle. Calves. Hogs. Pigs. Sheep. Saturday........ 747 10,5.157 61 278 lve ptock buying for Saturday: Cettle. Calves. Hogs. Pigs.. Sheep. wift 1...... 36 80 1 46 -Armour....... 14 311 76 'eed ers''.......... 100 f epresentatlve sales: - Southet'n Steers-- No Av. Price.. No V, Price. No. Av. Price. 1i6.- 8:0. 14:00 1li, M $12.75 15 931 $12.25 40. 917 '1.75 21. 886 09.25 _28. 798 7.50 Southei-n Cows: 1. 1, 080 8.50 19.. 6 $7.25 18 819 7.00.o M n S 741 5.75 31.. C.6 5.75 Love Field and aviation repair depot are contemzilatig a n early iremoval of the qu'aitine:, It was announced yesterday from' Aviation Repair Depot that the qtiartantine, will \probably be lifted either today or tomorrow. Lieutenant Goetzs of Love Field said last night that a conference was held between the comman ders of Love Field Aviation Repair Depot- and the. medical authorities at Camp tick, and!hat the sftuation in regard to the post remafis unchanged. The quarantine at Love Field, it. was announced by Lieutenant Goetz.Sunday, will/ be lifted as soon as the dahger of an e! l emic in Dallas has passed, OrAers were issued yesterday at Camp Dick by Lieutenant Colonel Yount.instructifig all officer's, cadets, and enlisted men on the post, to report at least once a day to the infiilary fdr a sprdying of the throat. HeAds of the various commands_,are responsible for the presence of the mqn at the infirmary. Dr. A, W. Carnes, City Health Officer, said yesterday that Dallas has remftined in such a remtialkable condition of he Ith chiefly becauise of tip rare and attention give)re theil' colds by infected people. The chief danger of influenza, grip, ' la grippe, or.anything you want to call it, is the'ease with Which complications set iii," Dr. Carnes said. "Pneumonia is the mtost fiequent sequel' to grip, but often mastolditis and eye trouble follow the disease. It is highly desirable that tJie people keep up th eitr viligant watch 1n synptoms of the disease and keep it from endangering the health of our soldiers." DoctoTs are still,,urged to report all cases of grip to the city, as well as the discharged patients.. Dr. Carnes is keep= ing a close record of the prevalence afid behavior of the disease and will compile statistical statements of the condition in- Dallas duriing the epidemic scare. Sixteen, cases were reported at the Emergency Iospltal esterday, ma4d:ing a total of thirty-seven cases in the city. Dr. Carnes announced that the cases are spioradic anid do not indicate an infected district In the city. S -"Lend As Th.ty Fight"BAYLOR 'fEPARTMENIS. TO.BOLD OPENING TONIGH2. The eighteenth annual opening-of the 'hylor' University 'Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry will take place tonight at 8:15 o'clock at the Gaston Avenue Bap tist Church. SBesides.the 250.students who have apr plied for -adnmlssiont to the Students' Army Training Corps, the 125 studen nurses from the Baptist Sanitarium will also take'part in the exercises. The program -will be a patriotic one. Addresses Will be made by President S. P. Briookscf Baylor University, Captain J. S. Howe commandant, a Dr. J. S. 4.., i. 4 n "- fl -. u i q q The actiots of agents of the city of Dallas= in the various vice raids.and in the campaign against.-.vice" ilfWt11 e ltof D'Iallas have'been at the n staie e.of altliorized representatives thOc;Gov eminient of the United States.?i'eedlng thie attitude of -the city agtnits::i toward the campaign representatibbtlihavee been made by:these relite ietitative= f the Governmentt that grosslm irni; conditions existed in Dallas. -These ateminents were made by Maor Joe E Lawthey:yesterday. -Varibus conferences have been held between the Mayor and representatives -oft:-the Government: SomeÂ~of the charges1 against the morality of conditions in Dallas were made in these conferences. Others have been made in letters to M1\ayor Lawther, which are now ii - possession. "We have not gone nearly so far as we have been urged to go by these representatives," Mayor Lawther cone tinued. ':Everything that hasbeen done has bqen in the way of co-Operation with the Government and the representations they have made have beef, very grave and strong. Does Not Believe City Immoral; I have never, and do ot now, believe that Dallas is an i moral city, nor do I believe that there is the flagrant vice conditions here now or that there have ever been here, as has been chprged., In interviews with these representatives and in the correspondence I have had with governmental agenciesI have maintained this position, but, at the.ame time, these conditions have been brought to my attention as existing, and as Mayor Of the city I felt It my- duty to co-operate With the.GoVernment. Not 'believing that bad conditions did exist, at the sametime I could ee where no particular, harm would be done by acting against vice. As to the State law by which people have been held I will say that the agents of the city, as I understood it. have hot gone half as far as they could go under the wording of that law. "At a conference between the represelatatives of the Government, the State and th city it was decided that action should be concerted. As a c.nsequence, we have co-operated.. It should -be pointed out, however, that Vi the ma'h the arrests have been made by a Federal agent, in the employ of the Department. of Justice,- the city officers only co-operating and assisting. it is customary among peace officers to -Co-operate with other peace officers where the request is made." Says Pollee Make Arrests., -When aske yesterday afternoon if any arrests have been made at his instance on reports of cases of venereat disease, County Health Officer WV. M. Hale Jr. said: "No. The police make the arrests.". 'Dr. Hale was then asked if anydases are quar~ ntined other than by pacing in jail. I-e said he knew of o the cases placed in jail. When asked" t-.t What he has had to do with the e - forcement of the law with regard to venereal disease, he said that all he has to do,with it is seeing that blood tests and examinations are made following arrest. He was asked if it is possible to make all such tests promptly without holding suspected persdns in jail because of a rush. He replied that tests a re made on the day of arrest except when the arrest is made at night, and then that the tests are made the following day. Reports on the tests ate made within twelve hours, he said. Dr. Hale has ieet -in office only a little more than a month. SPLNDID LXW BE 'GRE / DROUTI A negro womar -War Risk lnsjir day, trtgically h charred fragmeni surance paolicy, burn up last ni saved. Kin youa was overjoyed w nants could be s exchanged for. a first treasured p Incidents-like war risk idsura: per, who is iht ch o?.Royall. R. Constant inqulri, polleles which ceived by the be ways delay in S( ",the beneficiary ance even if he cate, Mr. Kernpe ple lose their ce lose their allot by the Govern tastrophe is pr ernment. A ma -check if he can value of the on Mr. Kemper i giving false inf' a lowances. If mr4n has been from a soldier, has independoni requires that. amount he hasto which he is the ready mone out of the so: until full payn suming that m te Governmen allowances firs ward. Allotmets n diers which do Government al handled throug BUreau, but t General's offic' - "Leic 0FOUR-kINUT ASK: Four-minute the theaters i. Judge J. -E. C sure Dallas h er quota of I anted to be would be no I nounced that "We intend Pershing and,We want to qtired one da quota and we continue to b. shows his he handwriting sees it more ] the spring hdoWh the ba what he wo now his- tune to. know just to want. Al 'Kamerad,' n, Austria and self: Insteac look the Kai - into a cellar head. They of America, t

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